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  1. This years is 2 days 12th Jun 17th July (Drop 1 and Drop 2) full list below https://recordstoreday.co.uk/media/1724465/rsd-full-list-070421.pdf
  2. Just got back from first decent walk for ages ,Mardale head up Riggindale onto High Street,Stunning weather and great views.
  3. R.I.P. Dave your contributions on here will never be forgotten
  4. Pre internet for me because i used to go all over the place into record and second hand shops,loads of great finds on market stalls .Used to pick out quite a few records with prices on then ask for discount for bulk buy can't ever remember being turned down and some beauties hidden among the lesser items. But at first internet was great for some bargains just every one became wiser with price guides being published. Not as much fun now.
  5. The map is very interesting or am i just really sad! 41 of us in Doncaster
  6. Frosty Doncaster walk today 1200 noon Doncasters very own Whitewall
  7. Have a great day Kev all the best Smudge
  8. david ruffin 1973 Jnr Walker 1978
  9. use this to join some confusion 2 leagues set up https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/v0bqyj

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