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  1. Lorenzo 2 step mix is the standout for me and have played out many times
  2. Missed it this time but Willie Hutch Deep in your love and Impressions Choice of colours superb!!
  3. track 6 is the stand out one but 8 a close 2 nd. some great Kent selects coming then.
  4. Previously unreleased atlantic track
  5. Hats off to anyone who gives up personal time to help keep the site functioning in a fair and unbiased way,we do appreciate all your hard work and thanks for all your contributions.I,m sure everyone would miss the forum if for any reason it was not around any longer.All the best.
  6. Original Threads Only please
  7. She worked under several names I'e. Bobby Hall Porter also on Marvins I want you album Dynamic Superiors Give and Take and Gloria Jones Motown album also linked with Bobby Huttons Piece of the action Lp as Bobbi Porter The first time I came across her name was on Bill Withers live album where he pays tribute to her on the great intro to Grandmas Hands
  8. Always went down a storm when Adam used to play at Cleethorpes weekenders Sunday party night in the 90,s filled the dancefloor every time!
  9. People who clap when the plane lands,what do they expect !
  10. https://www.discogs.com/Chi-Fire-Ice/release/3605315
  11. Very sad news indeed ,had some great unforgettable nights at The Frobisher and Wilton 2 great venues Rest in Peace
  12. Billy Stewart played here at same time he came to Donny Attic
  13. This was used as an army advert in the early 70's in the U.K. Rest in Peace Melvin

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