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  • Birthday 25/06/1953

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    Martin smith
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    south yorkshire
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    melvin davis you made me over Originals Baby I'm for real
  1. smudger

    This guy got about ... By George he did.

  2. smudger

    Dave Box RIP

    Very sad news indeed ,had some great unforgettable nights at The Frobisher and Wilton 2 great venues Rest in Peace
  3. smudger

    Retford New Broken Wheel

    Billy Stewart played here at same time he came to Donny Attic
  4. smudger

    Wah Wah Watson R.I.P.

    This was used as an army advert in the early 70's in the U.K. Rest in Peace Melvin
  5. smudger

    Record in Retention at Post Office??

    You usually get a card through the door to say owing customs tax and £8 post office charge
  6. Luck fellow on a 7" original Philippines ENVIOUS of Doncaster
  7. smudger

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    could it be this as it is found around you http://www.pyrgus.de/Utetheisa_pulchella_en.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utetheisa_pulchella
  8. Arrived today great record thanks Keep up the good work
  9. smudger

    45s used as stiffeners instead of cardboard

    I had it once and it was a copy of virgil henry on tamla,looked dog rough and was coated in something and played like shite,i gave it to someone who gave it the pvr glue treatment about three times and it was fine. i already had a great copy thank god.
  10. smudger

    100 Club single wanted

    They all do you should have a note from Ady with the full story on, and the b side will be issued on a forthcoming Kent single
  11. smudger

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Released in U.S. on Spectrum and U.K. on black and green Action
  12. smudger

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Bought Curtis 's last album when it was released didn't know Aretha was on this track so when she comes in towards the end shivers down the spine moment,just love it R.I.P. both
  13. smudger

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Whilst we are on UA and Cornelious Bros & Sister Rose fabulous group that made some wonderful music


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