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    an old git from yorkshire

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    Martin smith
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    south yorkshire
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    melvin davis you made me over Originals Baby I'm for real

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  1. Have a great day Kev all the best Smudge
  2. david ruffin 1973 Jnr Walker 1978
  3. use this to join some confusion 2 leagues set up https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/v0bqyj
  4. So far 10 of us barnstoneworth utd martin smith Zu Zu blues peter milsted Barry’s Brigadiers Barry Pitcher Melchester Rovers David Hancock Moura the Same John Pugh Gollivans travails Darren Marsh anfield iron gary farrington GirthsBangers Gareth Donovan Atletico Sherlocko Mark Sherlock BellaCiao Franco Criscuolo
  5. Girth gave me a nudge ,this years soulsource league please click on the link https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/v0bqyj All welcome just for fun and humiliation if its me.
  6. Hi Joao this took me to Vol.1 and 2 thanking you all superb ! 10 out of 10
  7. R.I.P. Lou very sad news indeed and thank you !
  8. It looks very similar to the signiture on the front of In and out album considering it is done on the label of a record
  9. oops link to international iv previously posted by Chalky here are a few cheapies https://youtu.be/g-WPohVA97I https://youtu.be/0S1PXHiLlo8 https://youtu.be/F4Zxd2n-X4o https://youtu.be/lqpe5NiMVXQ good luck and envious so much to discover that's new to you
  10. Good photo's ,tried to load them on here but too small to see and couldn't enlarge,can see clearly and enlarge on your links though. Thanks My copy same as this one bought it for 50P on Doncaster Market so always thought it was a boot
  11. Only 15 (17 really) surprised these didn't get nominated Curtis Mayfield or Impressions Teddy Pendergrass Billy Stewart Temptations although P.W. and D.R. got individual nominations I suppose you could go on and on. great idea though how about Queens

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