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  1. Mal C

    Birthday Peter99

    Happy birthday Peter, have a great wkd mate:-) mal
  2. They still have to my knowledge tracks that have not been reissued or put out again, I maybe wrong but the first of the below two you can’t get other than on the orig 45, on a 45. If that makes sense. GS050 - Romona Collins - you have been cheatin / Martha Starr - No part time love for me The Sequins - Try my love / Majestics - I love her so much it... the early Soul Supply (pink beige) 45 that came out with Soulful kinda music and for collectors only. I treasure those 45s cause I don’t have the originals :/( mal
  3. Irma & The Fascinators, didn’t that get a released later on Grapevine as well? They did some great 45s really..... also I may have the title wrong but I thought Joey kingfisher above, didn’t that first appear on the flip of the boot of Paris / Doc the light green on that came out in the early 9ts... Mal
  4. The connoisseurs series had loads Andy, Pat Lewis - Genie and ‘If it hasn’t happened to you yet - Edwin Starr ‘ come straight to mind... i think they kept that series for the unreleased stuff and reissues to the goldmine 7s series... as always there are one or two that may have crept out before they launched the connoisseurs label. They also did 45s on white labels from their CD releases, Gotta find a new love - Inspirations and a Timmie and the Persionettes - got no time, were two they did, the Inspirations was not the acetate Butch was playing at the time that later got a benn-x release, two versions of the same song... They also did a lookalike label on Steve Mancha - he stole the love that was mine, groovesville from the CDs they did, all essential for your record collection see if I can knock the above into some sort of order, but will check discogs 45 Cat sites as I’m sure somebody has covered this already:-) Mal
  5. The little Johnny Hamilton looks like a boot to my eyes with that bevelled edge, best check the run out groove. Just a note on acetates, if they have a flip side check it against the official release, this isn’t an absolute rule but I have come across many very convincing acetates that have 2 songs cut that simply don’t belong together, I think those are vintage acetates likely cut by DJs or even collectors in the states as many did with EMI discs back in the seventies here in the uk, they smell and feel right, but are not produced in the process of getting the original track out on 45... if you get my meaning ... worth mentioning Mal
  6. Anguish guilt and self loathing, good subject for soul record... Silly thread really like allot of the rubidh we go on about on here, me included, each to their own init... m
  7. I dont think this will be heralded as one of his very best or remembered but I very much like Cornel Gunter / love In my heart on Together Heard sam played that first? Mal
  8. Mal C

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Sitting in The bar at the Conde Duque Gran Hotel in Madrid right now, having a beer and on comes Soul Time, and ‘Never Never leave me’ by Geradine Hunt on Roulette... followed by Gil Scott Heron, I guess it’s one of those streaming services, but hey that’s well cool mal
  9. Mal C

    The Servicemen

    Well now we’re talkin! I need to hear both side by side, but the mere mention of one Mr Butler... well yalls know!!! Lol
  10. Mal C

    The Servicemen

    Think Chalkey has done all this, plain then two cartoon releases, first flipped labels then second with tracks and labels the right way round,think that’s correct... the Royal Imperials / mellow town 45 is awesome isn’t it... better than chartmaker 45 by a long way... fab group the orher track everybody supposidy wants wants on cartoon label is shit IMO, no where near as good as Mamie Lee, Tobie bowe I think, so crap I done remember the artist name properly
  11. Mal C

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    2017 / 2018 were funny years as my collection was in storage while I travelled around Europe, I picked up a few things in the most unusual places though, Albox market being one, there are s few folk on here know where that is, but it’s a long way from everywhere would be a good discription. So another Vinyl Dreams orig 12 of Josolyn Brown - somebody’s else’s squeeze. Glen Anthony Harvey - Relax and Love Lp which I missed when it came out, like that an awful lot, great beat throughout and sparse production, great songs...all for a Euro each some great Aussie festival White demos which I have a panchant for, Willie Tee - Walking up a one way street being the best one, plain label but Georgous none the less. finally all the Disco edits, Kent and big man (One deaful) unreleased sides which have kept me going, all quality music at very reasonable prices.... in all it’s been great but I’m not really collecting any more, I just won’t pay the prices I’m afraid, simply become too expensive to collect original vinyl.
  12. This kinda reminds me of the four gents on Fros Ray, pink or beige is first, then a darker almost pink / rouge run that was confirmed to have appeared in shops not too long after the pink ones, simply a second run of the first release, and although sells for quite allot cheaper I don’t see em about much, love my copy esta differente! anyway back to counting bullet holes and sheep peeps.. let’s see more scans of original music mags! What this site is all about
  13. How many are you aware of? Greg and Dave got a copy each when they discovered it, think Greg May have sold his, kinda remember seeing a sales post somewhere. its all on Daves website but I think it’s the same mix...
  14. I’ve Not seen Dave Flynn post on here in a while, but this thread is gagging for his ‘red balloon’ magic tones 45 on solid hit... mal
  15. Mal C

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    always liked this theme tune...


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