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  1. Mal C

    News: Dean Johnson R.I.P.

    Rest in Peace Dean, sincere condolences to his family & friends.
  2. Much the same responce I got from Rene, seems tis one may or maynot happen eeek!!
  3. Mal C

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    cool track, kinda jazz influenced I think, those changes and violins are great... did they do anything else?
  4. Hi all, I follow Rena Scott on Linked in and she has been advertising an event she and Garfield Fleming will be singing at on the 20th October, Ive sent her a few messages but no responce, and I cant find any actual info on this do at all, Ive found 'Soiree Soul Funk Sensation' but not featuring Rene and Garfield, anyhow the info is below, is anybody in contact with the organisers or can point me in the right direction, I want some tickets, I should say I'm not on Face book and any of that any more, so website / email / number probably better for me. Rene Scott and Garfield Fleming + Teddy Pendergrass Tribute band Soiree Soul Funk Sensation - Douai City hall, France - 20th October 2018
  5. Mal C

    Poll: Version Battle - Run For Your Life

    Luther for me as well Derek
  6. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    MIcky, there was a Dj with your name on the house scene back in the late 8ts / 9ts, that used to spin in and around the midlands, Amnesia, shellys in stoke and allot of the raves back then come to mind.....are you he by any chance?
  7. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    brilliant track isnt it... quality beats, pauses, piano, violins and Sandy were the 10 vinyl or acetates Mark?
  8. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    Same label as Landlord - I like it, think it might have been Canadian? anyhow instant Piano pleaser... a really good one.. Sin dub was the one that got played out back in the 9ts..
  9. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    always fun...
  10. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    would not be a House thread without a left field tune, well in terms of soulful stuff this is.....so here goes... Lights Go out, Clown screams!!! and some proper MADNESS ensues! You know you love it !! lol
  11. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    remember the weekend this came out, it got plays everywhere on the Friday night... mixes nicely with Don Carlos me thinks..
  12. Mal C

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    back into this again this week...classic original, and remixs... take your pick on the mixes... btw anybody know whether it got a Vinyl release? only audio file via BBE at the time... if anybody has a vinyl one, Im in!!
  13. Mal C

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    another Master... sadly departed...
  14. Mal C

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    He did... it was brilliant, I thought it was 'The Travel Programme' with Judith Charmers but he said she was ITV, and he wrote the theme to that as well... I love 'Lucifers Cage' but as there were so many Guitaristas on, they only only got three songs a piece...


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