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  1. Etta James - Can’t shake it aware this is on YT with a flying witch label, can’t say I’ve ever seen one for sale, did it come out? If anybody has a FW copy or white label dub, I’m interested, Sound quality must be excellent... thanks in advance ...
  2. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Not really, Such discussed and debated release I’d imagine some Motown nut might have suggested a test press? Anyhow very exciting, looking forward to finding out more....
  3. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Looks like all the action is going on in FB.... we wait till tomorrow to find out from where ...
  4. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    172 views, one reply.... folk ain’t touching this one: :-) where from Pete, and how come nobody has ever mentioned it before?
  5. Spooky & Sue, chuck’s is great in parts but I hate the opening, moments sits in the middle to my ears....
  6. New Soul collecting phenomenon!!

    Of course, you pay for tracks within your budget. Ive always thought record collectiing kinda mirrored other things in society, you know in a very basic way, I’m sure folk reading this would agree, it’s fooking madness at the moment everywhere! Lol ...
  7. New Soul collecting phenomenon!!

    Very true, always lots of lesser known at affordable prices....
  8. You can say the same about all his Soul Galore 45s... every one a winner...,
  9. New Soul collecting phenomenon!!

    I won’t name them, but there are a few dealers it’s actually become harder to buy from... and thee are a few folk that obviously play polka, they wait a few rounds then trump every value by to the power of ten! Just my view of course, but if I’m f...
  10. Asking the value of your records on Facebook groups and forums! Does anybody think there is more of that than actual sales going on? Should be.a pre cursor right, well it’s well and truly taken the fun out of record collecting, because after you have h...
  11. Pure Pleasure - by my side

    You may need to know that this has two label colours, red more common, blue allot less and generally goes for more...
  12. Eureka ! Unidad Records

    So this really is s lone track, says No. 10. Which could be the first release, gonna check a few deep sites cause if that was their bag at Unidad, there should be more...
  13. Hi all, this is slightly random; but I'm learning Spanish at the moment and was reading some course work when the opening chapter said 'Unidad' with an illustration of a handshake, obviously being a Label geek, my brain instantly returned an image of the bri...
  14. This Gets me evey time, very raw
  15. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Met this little chap in the Campo :-)