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  1. Is this like a bi- desert island disc Fest? Lee Bates - why don’t you bite, and Chuck Jackson - Bowl me an over...
  2. Mal C

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Here is your mantra for this topic: ”I must stop thinking of soul records as a price tag” repeat, breath....and once again repeat...
  3. I know allot of singers were body builders, remember there was a great picture of Timmy and the Persionettes on a Kent cd... the Ben Lee productions one... hope I got that right, cause there is also Timmie and the Empires on there, same Timmie/y?
  4. Mal C

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Believe you can regularly get a copy of the Ballads - Wish I Knew for twenty quid... WOW! how about ‘ Majestic - Send my baby back to me’ still get one for 20 quid!!! ‘Platters - Love you a thousand times’ and ‘Oscar Weathers - prove I love you’, has always been talked about and still cheap as chips... had Yvonne Daniels - gotta get close to you/ Red Lite the other week, twenty quid... all the above are musically on par with ‘the’ big ticket 45s.... there are thousands of these great soul 45s, but then ‘you’ know that Mal
  5. Mal C

    I want a fabulous Dancette!

    Cheers Andrew, I can get to you quite easily as I’m just outside Newport... so the Bermudas are made by GPO right, so they are up to date, the others all vintage? Mal
  6. Hi all, record collection now out of storage after two years, but little room for my technics amp etc... So I’m looking for a really quality Dancette, a few issues, recent ones are crap, sixties ones are cool but I worry about the stylus and generally picking up expensive 45,s on it... I guess sixties 45 s were throw away so the kit wasn’t much either.,, any suggestions as to the best one out there, and if you should own one, wanna sell it? best mal
  7. Mal C

    Billy Butler & Infinity ‎– Hung Up On You Pride

    A most fabulous song that, cheap an all...
  8. Think I sold you that one Swaggy, on here.... Got it off somone on here as well which had come direct from Clem Price shame id missed this, I’d have loved to buy it back mal
  9. Voted Camero’s But I like them all, have stack karen S at the bottom though, that said just listened again, and I like that version too...
  10. Mal C

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    First light from an early train
  11. Mal C

    Michael Bell / Saru

    Cheers bud...
  12. Mal C

    Surely not

    Was showing £13,120 odd this morning..: awful record as well
  13. Mal C

    Michael Bell / Saru

    Michael Bell - Can’t make it without you / Saru Hi all, loved this track for ages so gonna get me one, if you have one over an Ex+ grade get in touch, must have a nice label, I don’t like to buy buggered 45s.... Thanks in advance Malcolm
  14. Mal C

    Surely not

    https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/shop/new-arrivals/brother-love/?product_id=7361 Lol
  15. Wow, pretty one sided vote, I went with Precisions obviously but Gloria’s version I thought just illustrates what a great song it is, that and we love Dale Warren !!! Took me a while to get Gloria’s 45 it’s s hard one, but it will turn up if you know what I mean. remember speaking to Bobo (Bob Abrahamian) about it on here, he was genuinely surprised it was considered rare...


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