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  1. Mal C

    record shops in London

    London record shops are not what they were, you will find something in the center / soho Oxford street et al, but to my mind it would be better to get a west bound tube to Putney if you can, Soul Brother Records is always a good trip... otherwise there is a good shop in Camden just a short walk from the tube, think it’s called ‘out on the floor’ he has several boxes nothing really Rare but 10/20 quid originals and good selection of boots and lps
  2. Mal C

    Picture Framed Three Before Eight

    I do like a good run out groove as much as the next man Gordon, but the above post does make us all sound like nerds! Lol we know they are fake, but we want to know the ‘why’ of it.... mal
  3. Mal C

    Picture Framed Three Before Eight

    They must be lookalikes, surley... I can’t see anybody knocking out any number of these as originals, even back then you would have to charge a fair bit given their value, and what if you run out of any one title? You’re stuffed.., i cant see them up close but I’d say 99.9% lookalikes, but of course nice lookalikes at that mal
  4. Mal C

    Timepix uk map

    Random but one of those sites it's good to share, this has given me hours of fun looking at old maps of where the areas I've lived in got their name, timepix has done this in a very neat way by letting you view old ordanance Survey maps overlaid on your position on the map, real neat. pls check it out... https://www.timepix.uk/map enjoy mal
  5. Mal C

    45s used as stiffeners instead of cardboard

    Had this happen a few times over the years, think some of them have been soul 45s as protection, or in one case two more copies of the track I was buying, that was Ernie Andrews on capital that one, on the lp front I’ve had lots of great sleeves used as stiffeners of one bloke in the states, perfect nick but no discs:-(
  6. Mal C

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    deffo Lebonese, here's another
  7. Mal C

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Not mine, grabbed of evilbay, but very nice. I think this was Leabonese, but I cant remember now, didnt write it down just grabed the scans... I guess SLD had the Motown account.
  8. and Brokeback mountain?
  9. Not his best though Chalky wouldn't you agree?
  10. Mal C

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Not Soul but I heard 'Frankie knuckles - Your Love' the other day on an Insurance ad I think, I dont watch live stream telly so my exposure to allot of ads is limited, but just thought something so beautiful, so moving was wasted on this trashy ad, see don't remember the ad, just the song!! Lol
  11. Mal C

    ‘Wishing well’ Chuck Ray ?

    Might be something about the two in ‘Chicago Soul’ mines in storage,anybody take a look at their copy?
  12. Mine are near to Johns with small swap at the top. James Phelps voice is sooo good, but I don’t think it comes through on this song... btw, the white label demo of satin on the clip, mines a blue demo, never seen a white one, it that legit, ie not had a bit of photoshoping? Satin John Edwards James Phelps Nate Evans Magnetics .
  13. Im feeling this today..
  14. Mal C

    Ida sands

    Sorry mate, was here, I think that’s the top end of what it’s worth, so make your mind up on Ex condition https://www.midastouchsoul.co.uk/ourshop/prod_5299612-Ida-SandsYou-came-along-to-rescue-meChief-E.html


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