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  1. my mate Martin Redmond (Martin Red) said he had this in the box from release right through to the end of 92, thats five years, it was that liked Void's other biggie 'Running Away' was good too... but has dated, Doesn't 'alright' sound as fresh now as back then...?
  2. was playing that last night, did think about it for this thread... another good one is Salt Lake City - The Book, was a Big HAC tune if I remember.. however we gotta follow that with this
  3. and if I might link a track that just simply the best... sheer class:-)
  4. yep the Day Glow may have made the difference! lol I think the eclipse lot was later on though, Martin Red's SinDrome was there at the start, predominately everybody from Brum and Wolverhampton area, with a mix of bemused locals in for an early drink of the night, scared the F***K out of em! he used to have great guests too, Colin Dale, Steve Warner, Bod, Unknown DJ (Micky Rose) and allot of big names over from Chicago... Right next weeks Mixcloud mix is tracks getting ready to go out Dec 89!!
  5. and finally, i wont swamp the thread, I'm thinking Norvern screamers here, there are records Ive seen and heard turn people loopy, but this used to literally RIP the place apart at the Amnesia dos in Coventry, it did where ever it was played... ENERGY LIKE NO OTHER ! which is what Norvern is all about right?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juTdXa2Yen0 Happy Memories
  7. always been the track I thought could cross over, this was a MONSTER track at places like the Hummingbird in Brum, Shelley's in Stoke, and that place in Manchester :- / think Holy St James !
  8. The take your pick on The Ascots ‎– Color Me Soul LP, all bar 'The Graveyard Creep' which was re recorded by James Duhon, who was in the group, and released on Jet Stream as a 45. The Ascots ‎– Color Me Soul Color Me Soul Doors Mr. Fix It, The Repair Man You're My Salvation Gotta Feel Something, Baby Don't Say You Love Me The Graveyard Creep Let's Seranade Our Love She's So Indifferent To Me Now The Traveler
  9. Good show on You Tube this, check out the circumstance of the recording of 'Suddenly' quite cool... @ 32:15 Mal.:-)
  10. Ok, how are we defining this? if we say 'Northern' in the classical sense... Ooo Errr... then these brilliant 7ts tracks are out folks!! so whats it to be...? its all good though Not heard that one.. I'll check it out Mike..
  11. Hmmmm, there are moments of brilliance here, drums are well cool, but I dunno, bit corny in parts ;-/ kinda reminds me of Leslie Uggams - House Built on Sand...
  12. Here's one for you, I remember Tim Ashibende mentioned it on Dean Anderson's show, exists as a one off acetate as below, then got a release on a Phil Spector rare masters Vol 6 series LP, something like that, anyhow its Brilliant! here is a thread on this track from Pete smith back in 2014
  13. Pic & Bill - Baby Come Back Clifford Binns - I'm Human Too

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