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  1. Hers is another Ive done this arvo, Psychy sixties with a dash of Garage, Hammond, JUMP and James Brown... Hope you enjoy it...
  2. yep, follow the link to Mix Cloud (Follow me) and the listing is there as a drop down.. I do like Ralphy...
  3. Hi all, I've been at that 'Mix Cloud' again, here's a selection of 'Wrist Slitters' and 'Tear Jerkers' ... Happy Sunday laughing Volume Two next week... Hope you enjoy em.. cheers Malc
  4. Just saw this clip again, check it out, it’s how Gene Chandler got his name(that man Carl Davis again) and how Carl championed ‘Duke of Earl’ fascinating especially coming from Carl himself :/)
  5. A sad loss to all who love ‘Soul’ always hard hearing these artists have passed, but my golly did she leave a legacy !! thoughts to her family, and RESPECT to her musical legacy! mal
  6. Hi all, remember that 'Soul Soldiers' Lp on Stax from the early 9ts? always liked it, four fabulous artists on two great sides, so here is a twist on that, Four of my favorite Soul Singers in one cool Mixcloud upload, Enjoy
  7. Happy Birthday Joan, have a great day :_0)
  8. Well at twenty pound a throw Per 12” disc, that’s still 20 quid over priced... dunno, great way to get it all, it would be fun! but that’s allot of dosh...
  9. In the 9ts he was in Bham on the ‘Good Vibes’ tour playing at Ronnie Scotts, I’d been up town Sat morning record buying and ran into him in a shopping centre, literally Roy, a bouncer a table and a pile of flyers and some lps... he was hiding behind the LPs making funny noises as folk passed by, it was brilliant.. I was chatting to him for 30/40 mins, loads of mates who walked past joined the table, It was great fun to get that time with him, and of course we all rocked up to Ronnie Scott’s on the night.. of you get chance to see him live, especially around this lp anniversary then go.., wonder who they will get to sing on ‘Take all the time you need’ ?
  10. He’s not aloof, he’s just a man of the people :/)
  11. Allot rarer on Coda as well:/). A few in there he went straight past on obvious labels of interest to ‘us’ and what was the Canterbury 45?
  12. Always Love the Hudson! which lp did that also come out on, was it ‘Closer to the source’?
  13. Think this was a big Soul Bowl discovery... I got the 1978 press, still super Bad!!
  14. Big into LPs these days, bought this great two step lp last week, all brill, but here is the title track, same track as Marlena Shaw..

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