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  1. Welcome folks, was listening to an old Dave Godin interview, where I heard Fascinations 'Trusting In You'. I didn't have an MP3 so out went the call for the Sequel CD from 20 yrs back, the response from Alan T was phenomenal! Big thanks to you mate this week So I got the CD with all the Mayfield's recordings, thats the group the Mayfield's, & the Fascinations recordings that they put out, and then to top, a collection of Curtis Mayfield Camad Publishing Demos from 1970 / 71, so those were Publisher cuts to sell his songs basically, not for commercial release but oh so good ! Mix-clo
  2. I had many Lp's from Miami when I was there couple decades ago, that had literally just been shipped over, and a bunch of 45's I got another chap in Vancover who said to me he had bought the very same 45s from the Uk when he had visited last in the 8ts.. stuff moves in mysterious ways... Not least Northern Spain, allot of rare soul in Northern Spain...my favourite part of the world
  3. Three month slow boat, remember it well to Sydney... I could not give you the cost of transport now, but if you are looking to store things here in the uk while you are gone, try these guys in south Wales, Ive had stuff with them for years, they are the best and cheapest in the Uk, England is very expensive, but for a short drive over the seven bridge you can save loads over a year / two year period. Ask for Damien, he's the manager... https://www.thestoragegroup.co.uk
  4. Anybody got the CD, The Fascinations out to Getcha CD / Sequel ? and did 'Trusting in you' ever get a 45 release? **SORTED ** from a very giving 'Soul' Mal
  5. I got this some years back, I'm not sure whether it had been too far, other than from Australia, but those stamps made me very excited for a moment.... quite beautiful really...
  6. This second of three episodes from a recent interview with Dan Shaw discussing the consequences and impact of workplace bullying on our health and well-being. https://www.centreofheartwisdom.com/positive-change-podcast/ best wishes. Malcolm
  7. Great show this week, loads of great tracks Hope you enjoy the Music best Malc *********** Third Time Around - Soon Everythings Gonna Be Alright (instr) Willie Hutch - Theme by Foxy Brown Troy Keyes - If I had my way Willie Jones - My Baby Ain't No Plaything Black Satin - Everybody Stand and Clap Your Hands Tata Vega - I Need You Now Tempo Rhythm - Candy Gwen Owens - Lies Frankie Saunders - Take Another Look Laura Greene - I'm a Woman Maxine Brown - Baby Dont Leave me Robert Ward - My Love Is Strictly Reserved For You The Rockmaster
  8. Hi folks, my wife Liza recently reached out to a guy on LinkedIn, Dan Shaw, about a post he had put up about his experiences with work place bullying. Now I know this topic has nothing to do with Soul music, but it is something that is very prevalent in the work place, especially in these times. Dan spoke up about his experience last week on LinkedIn and within 6 days it's had over 400,000 views, 9,000 reactions and hundreds of comments. We have posted the first of three small interviews with Dan on Mixcloud, Buzz Sprout and Anchor which you can click and listen to below. I would invite
  9. my favourite form Mickey Stevenson :-0)
  10. Wow, great pics, love the scale of them...look bloody cold on top Went to my local again with my lad, again 6 Carp, this was the nicest of the bunch, sun was dimming but it was a very beautiful colour anyhow...
  11. Hi everybody Out and Out Northern this week, Happy Easter. Val Simpson, Barbara McNair, Darlene Love all unreleased, Linda Carr, Oldie thats never talked about now. The Tiaras was an Andy Dyson play, Rita Dacosta classic Ive always LOVED, Vivian Carroll is the full intro which never came out on the 'Mirben' 45, Had to have 'The Ambers' which meant I had to have Charades, Salvadors & Don Gardner. Gene Toones gives us a moody breather, Northern soul fans like Minor Key Vocals if you hadn't noticed! Diana Ross's version of Danny Wagner; Gene Redding, Rudy Love, Roy Roberts,
  12. I guess Ady Croasdell might know more having done that deal with Ted Jarrett or his estate. Be good to know if can add anything, think they have a man out there on the west coast Alec Palao? perhaps he was the guy.. anyhow, it's a fab track, and a favourite group of labels for sure :-)
  13. cheers mate, appreciate it :-) it didn't strike me when I recorded it, but I guess it is a tad "A prick up your ears " lol
  14. Unreleased, well that explains it, cheers for that. That said for such a great track, there is bugger all discussion on the web... do you think Maybe the Tempo Rhythms were a house band of sorts? M
  15. Hi folks, I come across this track on my i-Tunes every so often, I really really like it, but I cannot find anything about the group other than they were mentioned on an Excello release by Mildred Woodard And The Tempo Rhythms - Don't Let Anybody Know, which is a tough R&B 45...both in price and quality... Anyhow, I cant find the CD that I imported Candy from, think it was the 'Ref-o-Ree story' or something; is this this an unreleased track cause its not listed on the web in any form as far as I can see... Love to know more Mal

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