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  1. Soul from Blighty

    PM'd you lee..
  2. Hi all, anybody got a nice clean copy of Tony Middleton - ends of the earth / Aussie Polydor? Label and play must be at least EX++ condition, original bag always appreciated :-) if you have one come back to me on messenger with info and a price.. ...
  3. Esther Grant acetate

    Can you tell us about the history of this acetate?
  4. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    From a set I did recienty... found things...
  5. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Assorted snaps from the last few months, mates place on a Friday night, street scene in Granada, and that poor frog died by the way, didn’t like the chemicals in the pool :-(
  6. R I P Lee Vowles

    Very sad news, lovely guy, I’ll miss him on here... Rest in Peace Lee
  7. Camino De Saintiago (The way of St James)

    Haven’t seen the tv show but we have heard about it here, it’s quite an experience the Camino, but you never know till you go !! M
  8. Hi all, aware there is a TV show on in the Uk just now....... But just to say Liza and I will be walking the way of Saint James from either the 12/13th June, and fly out from Madrid on the 28th back to southern Spain.. Really looking forward to the walk as...
  9. Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    waste of your time arguing about crap that don't matter... Record day is a positive thing, very commercial but then that's what its about, selling records... Count yourselves lucky, no Soul Brother records here in Southern Spain, I'd have to travel ...
  10. Love the Frankie Valli Tony, very nice on demo :-) prectictably if you should want to sell it 😜
  11. deleting facebook - soul source account

    Just left FB last week and had much the same experience with various sites I’d used it to log in with... a right pain in the arse! my advice unhook your sites from fb before leaving FB if that’s what you are doing...
  12. Driverless cars

    Laughs... I’ll bite ! although there are all manner of bad drivers out there, god knows I’ve come across them in southern Spain, I prefer and insist in fact to be able to have full control of the vehicle I’m in. I repeat Driverless cars are not a good i...
  13. Driverless cars

    Driverless Cars... “Are not a good idea” Period !
  14. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Yeah I really regret selling that:-(

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