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  1. Wow, Sonny Parker on HITTS for 810 usd, and the Sequins - Try My Love for 786 usd... hmmmm
  2. Hi all, this weeks mix a look back over some of the slow to mid tempo tracks that were trendy in the late 8ts early 9ts... nice Aussie Joe Hinton for you as well which came from the National Australian Film & Tv Archives... Happy days Malcolm
  3. This came from Sebastian on here ten or so years back, from a question from the late Alan pollard, do miss Alan on here Luvley guy On 24 July 2009 at 09:42, Alan Pollard said: Can anyone help me in identifying an original of Joe Valentine as against the legit re-issue from a couple of years ago please Sebastian wrote in reply: Original has got the following matrix markings: RDS 45-7225-1 DMRS 720603 Re-issue has got the following matrix markings: NR-21150-A RDS-33- 7225-A G
  4. I had a weird text yesterday looking to have originated from Pay Pal, asked to click a link which I didn’t, just binned it. Deffo allot of theft going on, best thing to do is link your credit card to all online purchasing, that way it’s the credit card’s money being stolen, not your direct bank balance. Good luck mate..
  5. Loads of favorite Soul Tracks, couple Eighties Indies, some Spanish Folk and a Country classic thrown in! They are all in this mix folks, the Jones Girls, Lisa Stanfield, Terry Ronald, Carol Anderson, Eloise Laws, Swing out Sister, Collins & Collins, Dee Dee Warwick, Margie Joseph, Doris Duke, Glen Campbell, The Sundays, too many to list... All of our favorites, I'm sure of that... Happy Solstice folks Mal
  6. Ahh shit, I really want this 45 shame about the distortion
  7. Hi everybody, this weeks Mixcloud mix is a day late, hence the title. I was in the sun listening to Richard Searling's Show that's my excuse! More Storming Northern Soul again, as last weeks show got some great feedback, if you listened in, thank you ;-0) Enjoy the Music Mal
  8. This Is great feature, thank you for posting
  9. I think it's one of those that doesn't immediately hurt your ears, granted its awful but nothing on this thread has yet to beat Burt Ward.... or so we thought
  10. god Zanetti, Ive never even heard any of those... gospel type stuff?
  11. Ted Wilson - I Can't Take no More, takes some beating. Such promise then that BUM note dreadful record. Flip is a better track...
  12. sent you a PM mate
  13. Hi all, hope your having a great Sunday:-) this weeks Mixcloud mix a tad late but all the better for it. No Jazz, no Funk, no silly shit, just straight 'Northern Soul'... Hope you enjoy it :-0) Mal
  14. I'm sure Soul Supply put it out... it deffo made one of their LP comps which most were offered in CD format... Mal
  15. Hi all, last Mixcloud Mix for May on this very sunny day, isn't it sweltering out there today ! As always a good mix of seventies and eighties soul, some later sixties and a few Jazzy things thrown in, hope you enjoy it. Pls remember to favorite and you can follow me on Mixcloud, just click through om my name below and hit follow... cheers all mal

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