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  1. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Thought the La Louisiana sleeves are pretty rare... m
  2. Well with the overwhelming reply to my question, I decided to say no to this acetate.... :-) next....
  3. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Sure, billy I’ll post it up.... on another note I’m currently teaching photography to a couple teenagers, I set briefs every week, the same ones I recived back at Bournville art college in the late 8ts, might post some of their work here, maybe folk ca...
  4. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    I know Robb, you correct me every time, thing is my spelling is dreadful, and i mean bad and I’ve never got either 45 to hand... m
  5. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Just seen your reply, wow that’s great praise, thank you
  6.  I now hate Frank Wilson, I really do....

  7. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Cat with a purpose :-)
  8. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Great sixties car, a Mercury
  9. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Thought I’d add a few here is Granada with the Sierra Nevada in the background, and the Alhambra at it’s best :-)
  10. Vonda Maria - Town Sound Studios Acetate What do folk think of this item? Original? Anybody Got any other Acetates from this studio, know immediately it’s dodgy, would this studio of dealt with Phil la of Soul releases? Any help greatfully received...
  11. Ray Pollard - Sad thing - booted?

    Think it’s fair to say that is 1000% a bootleg... Its a common 45, goes for 200/250 to 300 these days I think, that said it’s in vinyl and styrene, and the styrene ones are hard to get in good condition, one will come up...
  12. johnny truitt -question?

    And here I believe is the later reissue by the company.... they do share the same release number, but I’ve seen that done before, I’ve got a 7ts released Liz Lands - midnight Johnny which shares the same Cat no, but deffo released a second time by Motown.
  13. johnny truitt -question?

    Grabbed of my I phone, but this is my orig copy
  14. johnny truitt -question?

    I think, as with allot of Abet 45’s the company reissued this in the early seventies, the first press, is the brown / yellow grey label design, the later ones are those green / yellow / black labels... othef than that I guess it may have received a recen...