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  1. Clarence Reid - I refuse to give up

    Cheers guys... I'll take another look round the dealers sites, Ebay and discogs.... but if your reading this and have one get in touch... mal :-)
  2. Clarence Reid - I refuse to give up

    Ok, so either Reid or Wand copy wanted, always prefer the first release of course m
  3. Used to buy loads from Mike In the early 9ts, he lived in North Wales, but think he was originally a midlander, met him via Joe Dunlop who I think used to put his lists in with his own... Is Mike on here at all, anybody know if he's still about? Ma...
  4. Clarence Reid - I refuse to give up / Wand Cheapie but Great track by Clarence, want an issue or demo, doesn't matter, must be a good label, Ex+ and above.... drop me a pm if you have one of these.. malcolm
  5. How you got into northern soul

    went to the last one Ted, it was really good... I thought the Mod boys played some crazy blues stuff as well, Id never heard before, as always with Tony's do's, just good fun :-)
  6. don't get it, this is a 10 tune... why is it now worth 70 plus... ?
  7. Reasonably rare 45, but Big Maybelle's is better on Port....
  8. How you got into northern soul

    Went out with one of the Nuneaton girls, that was until I found out she was seeing somebody else :-( and we did that mod cafe every week, had a really good record shop next door, Second City Sounds, had loads of stuff out of there... the joy of youth! Lo...
  9. How you got into northern soul

    See, bunch of tossers...
  10. How you got into northern soul

    Wow Rob, your journey sounds allot like mine, Im 47, so I'm quite sure we probably met or kinda knew each other back then? I was from South Birmingham... we all got chased around town by Skin heads and Zulus on a Sat, Bunch of tossers... It's a gr...
  11. How you got into northern soul

    Great stories all.... for my part, I was a mod at secondary school, into collecting Kent Lp's and sixties stuff, I never liked revival stuff really..... in the mid eighties morphed into a scooter boy, by the time I left school I was going to the outrigg...
  12. U S A Records (Chicago - Paul Glass)

    Very interesting thread, sorry I can't add anything to the Roburt"s original question, but I would like to find out what folk know about Tut Sutton and his one release on the label? I can feel the tears / No appreciation/ USA 852 Mal
  13. Casuals - out of tune?

    Couple of these for sale reciently, I know It's always been around, so I thought should I pick it up... on listening to it again, I think Linda / whatnauts is better, and the flip although sounds good on a first listen, I know I'd get bored of it and nev...
  14. don't agree Steve, that was one evil cover version by soft cell, and the testitiment to that is it sold millions and folk love it today as they did back then.... it's an awesome song and soft cells version is brilliant in my opinion, I love Gloria's original ...
  15. vinyl related wine?

    Touch of Pinot cant get over this Merlot I'm sure there are dozens more :/)