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  1. Chin up Andy old son! Pull yerself together..... we'll be back
  2. Hi Boys and Girls Valatone warm-up sessions are all cancelled for the foreseeable (due to the newer early starting 6t's Nighters).... We'll be back later in the year with some stand alone gigs plus maybe an alldayer or two.... obviously we'll be offering the same high-quality-badly-behaved knees-ups that you've grown to love.......Thank you all for your loyal and good natured support for the last seven years See you very soon Johnny xxxxx
  3. Ouch....everything hurts...had a great night as always! got to go can't look at this screen any more think I'm gonna vom
  4. I don't understand...... you're bringing poppers and things with veins to blow..... is it just me.....or.... never mind
  5. I shall be in the Tottenham at 8pm enjoying a civilized hour of acohol and cigarettes before the the big push... do feel free to pop in and give me presents Johnny x
  6. Have just posted up some photos...although they were all taken quite early on in the evening just before the camera battery gave up the ghost... tsk typical

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