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  1. A fantastic night gone. When Tony & Mark considered & then asked me to become resident DJ, I was thrilled. Just one answer. When you stepped down the stairs into the cellar, you immediately knew the Greatstone was a venue to savour. All the guys &am...
  2. Hi Maria I was on auto pilot BUT it is tomorrow now! Hows Tony doing ,not seen him for a while.ATB Stevie Z
  3. Hi Tony and fellow Greatstoners see you tomorrow night for my once a month night out! Raided the shelves for a few I have not played out yet.Looking forward to seeing new faces and the usual suspects.ATVB Stevie Z
  4. Greatstone Soul Club - Saturday May 21St

    Hi Tony and gang. Looking forward to the night and seeing my mates for a superb night of quality soul.ATVB Stevie Z
  5. Greatstone Soul Club - Saturday 16Th April

    Hi Tony and guys.Its not me poorly this time ,my Mum is off to hospital late this week,bed available.Have a fab night and see you all for the next one.Stevie Z
  6. Greatstone Soul Club Saturday 19Th March

    Hi Mark ,fully recovered,well almost after last years nightmare for me.Really looking forward to everyones company and double decking with Paul. See you Saturday.All the best Stevie Z
  7. Hi Mark had to get the Oxford dictionary out to try and find out what "fetting" means Nearest word is fettle See you Saturday .Stevie.
  8. Hi Mace ,look forward to seeing you to,at a much happier event .Glenn will be listening in with his great sense of humour not far behind I've no doubt. 12 months since I snapped my achilles tendon and only just about better now.Look forward to your plays .A...
  9. Glen Hunter

    Dear Glen,I always believed as healthy as you are you would be the last soul collector in the universe.Jim phoned me last night to tell me of this devastating information ,that you are no longer with us.He could not stay on the phone because he is so upset as...
  10. The Greatstone Soul Club - Sat 16Th January

    Hi Tony,thanks for call earlier always good to hear a friendly voice for a few laughs You will have to make the cuppa's.Have a fab night .ATVB Steve
  11. The Greatstone Soul Club - Sat 16Th January

    Hi Steve,I look forward to seeing you.Gonna miss the gang and tunes to be aired.Thought about the issues of being on sticks ....traversing the stairs,down and then later up........after a few beers the loo ...I would need a volunteer to help! Then just knocki...
  12. The Greatstone Soul Club - Sat 16Th January

    Hi Tony,thanks for the phone call.Bet I can still wup you at badminton! Nev did phone ,great fella knows his tunes.Still gonna be on crutches the next couple of months.Can't drive ,can brew up but cannot carry my cuppa to the settee,try this on sticks .Be bac...
  13. A Taste Of Honey Xmas Bonanza

    Hi Chris gonna play a couple of acetate tunes only ,at High Noon ,with the guys from the GSSC See you Sunday Stevie Z
  14. Hi Julian I bet Mark is referring to all your cover ups..........MERRY XMAS ATVB Stevie

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