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    Rare Soul, beautifully crafted visual design, stunning art and black and white photography
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    South Manchester, united kingdom
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    I can't wait until I see my babies face - Spyder Turner
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  1. Pedro FOLEY

    record stores in Pittsburgh?

    Fair play you have valid points l just love visiting out of the way nooks and crannies and been lucky enough to have family living in SF and the Bay Area so had time to explore and investigate. Trying to find an Aladdins cave full of soul, R&B and Jazz. The times I have been lucky enough to sift through thousands of records mainly C&W and various rock singles makes its more worth it when picking up the odd gem. All the best.
  2. Pedro FOLEY

    record stores in Pittsburgh?

    These trips were a few years ago so JM Guides were prevalent and used by record stores, granted with websites are used now for the latest prices. My point was tongue in cheek having chatted with record store owners and those loved the fact that us Brits knew more about their local music culture - labels and artists than most of the locals. To sum up record stores are aware of the value of vinyl so other avenues could be explored if you have time like: thrift/charity/church jumble sales. Happy hunting soulsters.
  3. Pedro FOLEY

    record stores in Pittsburgh?

    Been to various cities in the states always with a vinyl hunt planned and agreed with my other half, come to the conclusion that John Manship shouldn't be allowed to sell any publications in the USA. The times shop owners pulled it out was unbelievable. I was advised by a black guy who collected jazz and jazz funk was to get a local free newspaper wherever you are stopping find any church/thrift drives preferably in black neighbourhoods you got a chance doing that than crate hunting...just a thought
  4. Pedro FOLEY

    News: Pied Piper Finale - Kent Records - Now Out!

    Excellent..every track a Detroit dynamite. Thank you Kent (again)
  5. Pedro FOLEY

    Pedro FOLEY

  6. Pedro FOLEY

    Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    Hello Steve..my collection went over the years, I couldn't afford now to get them back unless the lottery comes up hahahaaaa...have a good day brother. Pedro
  7. Pedro FOLEY

    Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    Hope you've hung on to Esther...I've only ever owned Detroit - Kim Western, had a stock copy on Rakkim (spelling???) out of all of these delectable cuts. Had a job narrowing it down...Roddie Joy...Linda Jones...Tammi....Gladys loads and loads.
  8. Pedro FOLEY

    Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    You gave me love - Bettye Swann I'll just walk away - Delilah Moore I've got s shield around my heart - Lillian Dupree Nobody but you - Esther Phillips This is the thanks I get - Barbara Lynn Detroit - Kim Weston I know it's my top 6 not top 5 but this is the best I can get it down to. I could put another 5 in no probs. Pete
  9. Pedro FOLEY

    Rafa Club Newton Aycliffe 7Th Feb 2015 Ginger Taylor

    ...one of the best playlists I've seen for a while, a few of my all time favs...cracker!
  10. First time I heard 'Times a wasting' the Fuller Bros, which I had to pick up from Barry James Records in Dudley for my older brother and it cost £2.00. I was 13 and it was 1974, at the same time I bought my first copy of Blues & Soul with what he gave me for going...remember like it was yesterday. Pedro
  11. Ged, that was the grandaddy of them all especially with the huge backdrop of Jockey on the hockey...again genius.
  12. whoops I meant Clive, told you I'm laughing
  13. Absolutely genius this one...I am literally in tears, especially Dudley Moore on piano and hope Derek and Cline on background vocals.


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