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  1. oh! interesting.... I have no idea. I hope someone here has some insights....
  2. Hey - am in Stirling (visiting castle). Tomorrow night (Thursday August 22) will be in Glasgow.... any suggestions on what to do? Any pub nights? Thx all!
  3. Oh goodness. I literally have never even seen cricket (except in like movies or whatever). The rules seem crazy!
  4. My wife and I will be heading to Scotland in August. I looked on the "events list" but didn't see anything listed for our trip but was just curious if anyone knew of smaller things (weekly night in a pub, etc) going on in Scotland. We will be in Edinburgh (17-19 AUG), (near) Inverness (19-22 AUG), Glasgow (22-23 AUG), and then London [staying in Soho] (28-30 AUG). From 23-28 AUG we will be in Bordeaux, France (in case anyone knows of anything going on there). Also - if anyone knows of good record stores in these spots! Thanks!
  5. All, My wife and I will be in the UK in late August for vacation and I would love to see a football match. Last year folks on SS helped us find a Charlton Athletic game that was super fun! We are totally happy seeing a "non-premier" game (as I prefer the older, more traditional grounds to the new monster English Premier stadiums anyway - Charlton's grounds were really classic). We will be in Edinburgh (17-19 AUG), (near) Inverness (19-22 AUG), Glasgow (22-23 AUG), and then London [staying in Soho] (28-30 AUG). From 23-28 AUG we will be in Bordeaux, France (in case anyone knows anything about French soccer!). Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks! Leo
  6. choon! "The Desires - Oh what a lonely night (Starville)"
  7. Someone told me that the D and Fs were the same members as the Tears ("Good Luck my Love").... is that crazy? I can kinda hear some similarity in the vocals... but that's just a rumor I heard....
  8. Great song - didn't know it - just snapped up a copy for $30.... seems many on discogs are going for $100+ now...
  9. I got the Soul Majestics on the white AL-TOG label a few years ago for very cheap. I didn't realize the Chicago Music Bag label was worth so much more!
  10. It is the Followers "Gospel Meeting" and both Ashford and Simpson are on it (according to notes on back)... (was released on Roulette and Forum Circle, but not sure which was first) https://www.discogs.com/The-Followers-Gospel-Meeting-With-The-Followers/release/9440313
  11. We all know that soul is heavily indebted to gospel music, and that many soul songs are just secularized versions of gospel songs.... but how did the intellectual property rules deal with it? For example, I finally just got a copy of "I thank the Lord" by the Mighty Voices of Wonder (on the Revival label from Michigan... credit given to "A. Henry") and the song is largely the same as the Sam and Dave song "I thank you" (credit given to Hayes/Porter). Were they both based on some older song? Any thoughts on this? Other examples? How would this be dealt with today? Any different?

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