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  1. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Thanks to everyone. Can always rely on this community to help out!
  2. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Thanks all! Got some very reasonable tix for this game (Charlton/Barnsley) online. Really looking forward to it. We are big San Jose Earthquakes supporters (for whom George Best played back in the early 80s!), so will be nice to see some soccer on our vacation!
  3. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Oh nice! I remember charlton athletic used to be in the premiership at one point? This sounds perfect. Thx!
  4. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Dang! Brentford/Bristol City is sold out. Millwall match is away. Premier league matches are crazy expensive. ... are there any lower leagues playing?
  5. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Millwall! I heard a Millwall fan single-handedly took on like 3 knife wielding terrorists?? Is that true??
  6. ljblanken

    Soul (or related) around London 19-22 OCT??

    OK - see an event in Sutton... will try and figure that out!
  7. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Thanks guys! Would love to see a football ground with an actual "standing terrace" (just read "Bovver" by Chris Brown... would be interesting to see...)
  8. My wife and I will be in Barcelona from 13-17 OCT and in Madrid the evenings of the 17th and 18th. If anyone can recommend a good night out (or good record shops??) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. I was looking through the events listings and didn't see anything that said "London" for these dates. Is there nothing going on? (or my knowledge of UK geography is just that terrible) If anyone can recommend any soul event (or R&B, funk, gospel or related) would be greatly appreciated!
  10. My wife and I will be in London from 19-22 OCT. Can anyone suggest a reasonable match that we can get to from central London? It doesn't have to be Premier League - just something to get the flavor of British soccer! Thx! - Leo
  11. ljblanken

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Love "needle in a haystack" - result!
  12. ljblanken

    Drapels Volt 114?

    Exactly! But who has a #114?
  13. ljblanken

    Drapels Volt 114?

    Soulfulkindamusic says that the Drapels "wondering/please don't leave me" was mistakenly released as Volt #113, when that number had already been designated for a Bobby Marchan single. It says "almost all" were given 113 (implying that some were released as 114 - its correct release number?) I looked at the pictures of previous sales on Popsike, but I only see #113s. Does anyone have a pic of a #114? Thanks! (great double sider, BTW)


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