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  1. ljblanken

    Timmion Record Carving?

    Emailing Sami worked, and now am sorted. Thanks for everyone's replies/help!
  2. ljblanken

    Timmion Record Carving?

    I know I could play the LP (which I do at home), but hate dragging around one single LP along with my 45 case when I am getting around to DJ spots. I was interested in Timmion because people said it was really high quality.
  3. ljblanken

    Timmion Record Carving?

    Cool - thx for info! Will try these other email accounts.
  4. ljblanken

    Timmion Record Carving?

    Hi, I saw some recommendations on here to use these guys. I have a great gospel LP with some great LP-only tracks on it and I wanted a high quality 7" made. I contacted Timmion. A guy named "Jukka" emailed me back and gave me instructions on how to transfer the WAV files and gave me a PayPal address to send the money. I did both as instructed and have not heard back from him for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know these guys? I just want to know if they are working on it, or missed the emails or whatever. I think the money is sitting in their PayPal (but not claimed?). Thanks - Leo
  5. ljblanken

    Northern Soul & Motown Venues California

    I don't know anything about SoCal.... SF has events like Sweater Funk and Alcatraz Soul Club. I think they spin at venues like the Beauty Bar and St Mary's Pub. there is member on here called "themichael" who is way more knowledgable about the current SF scene than I am (he is connected to Alcatraz). For some reason I am better connected to the New York scene right now than SF ... I'm actually sitting in a NYC hotel room right now, about to DJ in a few hours in Brooklyn (if anyone is in NYC tonight, we'll be spinning at the Hard Times bar in Bushwick!)
  6. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Was a really great atmosphere - and weather was perfect! All around great afternoon out! (even got a pint at local pub after - very friendly folks)
  7. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

  8. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Thanks to everyone. Can always rely on this community to help out!
  9. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Thanks all! Got some very reasonable tix for this game (Charlton/Barnsley) online. Really looking forward to it. We are big San Jose Earthquakes supporters (for whom George Best played back in the early 80s!), so will be nice to see some soccer on our vacation!
  10. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Oh nice! I remember charlton athletic used to be in the premiership at one point? This sounds perfect. Thx!
  11. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Dang! Brentford/Bristol City is sold out. Millwall match is away. Premier league matches are crazy expensive. ... are there any lower leagues playing?
  12. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Millwall! I heard a Millwall fan single-handedly took on like 3 knife wielding terrorists?? Is that true??
  13. ljblanken

    Soul (or related) around London 19-22 OCT??

    OK - see an event in Sutton... will try and figure that out!
  14. ljblanken

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Thanks guys! Would love to see a football ground with an actual "standing terrace" (just read "Bovver" by Chris Brown... would be interesting to see...)


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