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  1. ljblanken

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Yup. And they don't proceed in a linear fashion - for example...first listen to "general black music" for a couple of years (for me it was Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, reggae, etc), then "popular" soul (Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Motown), then "rare" soul (northern, deep, popcorn, lowrider, etc), and then something really, really specialized (like for me... mid-tempo, female vocal, mid-sixties, beat ballads). That journey took me 25 ..
  2. ljblanken

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    I think you hit it spot on. Back then (the 1980s for me, as I am 46), scenes (mod, punk, hardcore, etc) gradually evolved and solidified as people SLOWLY accrued/acquired/absorbed culture (clothes, music, etc)... and made their own in response. Now, if a kid gets exposed to Northern Soul (or anything - Peruvian pan flute music, for gods sake) they can download all the tunes AND order all the appropriate gear in 2 days. Easily go..
  3. ljblanken

    Amsterdam - 5th May

    Lattimore Brown - so says my heart! great choon.
  4. ljblanken

    soul/R&B nights in San Francisco?

    Cool! Thank you. Like I said, I used to live in SF in the early 90s ... but have been gone for a long time. Working a bunch, but want to get back into it. Am in Detroit right now (for work), but found a copy of Matthew Barnett on Puff for really cheap! I guess there are still good records getting unearthed here... - Leo
  5. ljblanken

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    I think this is a big popcorn sound. Is the flip of "ain't that love"...
  6. ljblanken

    soul/R&B nights in San Francisco?

    Thanks all! Great suggestions!
  7. I just moved to SF last week - are there any soul nights going on now? I used to live there years ago, but have no idea what is cooking now. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  8. ljblanken

    Soul in the Hole, Sweet, Deep and Mid-Tempo room

    Great point! I am sure it was awesome and wish i could have been there.
  9. I grew up in Cincinnati and saw these bands back when I was in high school (the Raisins, Ricky Nye's various groups, etc). Cincinnati always had a great mixed race R&B scene - it sits right on the Mason/Dixon line, and was a draw for both hillbillies and black folks to try their hand at King Records. Used to go to bars and see bands like Big Ed Thompson and the All Stars and H-Bomb Ferguson belting out this kind of music all the ..
  10. ljblanken

    Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    can't believe neither of these has been listed. my two favorite tracks of his and both on same amazing 7"!!
  11. ljblanken

    Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    spending more money on fewer items - actually want to reduce my collection but have better stuff in it (got a lot of deadweight that can be trimmed).
  12. ljblanken

    Man /Woman or just confused?

    always thought "Tut" was a woman (but someone here posted a pic of him)
  13. I live in Cali - was just in NYC and was gonna hit them up again but didn't have time. I got KILLER gospel there last time - cheap! only complaint about the store was when I was in there the guy behind the counter was playing a beautiful copy of "since I found..." by the metros and I was like "how much?" and he was like "it's not for sale!" and I was like "then why are you playing it in a record store! play that shit at ho..
  14. I got mine at Northern Lights record store in Brooklyn about six months ago for $10. Maybe they got more? (I thought they had a couple copies)
  15. ljblanken

    Marie Queenie Lyons interview

    I didn't know she was a Buckeye!