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  1. Odyssey makes a nice one... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1392266-REG/odyssey_innovative_designs_k45060blg_black_krom_on_gray.html
  2. I heard this is considered a popcorn tune... (I spin it at rare soul nights)...
  3. This says Troy Dodds sold for $935,000?
  4. I have a different challenge (here in USA). I have young people that have never heard the term "northern soul", but have open minds and wanna dance. I need records with moderate tempo and have a heavy bass sound that they can start moving to. Surprisingly, this is my all time sure fire record to get a crowd from standing and staring to moving and grooving:
  5. I also got one of these Saundra Mallet 45s from the Gordy mansion (came with weird "certificate"), but bought it for the flip "gonna be hard times" - nice swayer for the lowrider set...
  6. If you go into getonup's feedback, there is now like 18 negatives... The answer to each is something like "sorry, we couldn't give you a 1000 record [or 400, or whatever] for 8 dollars". I wonder if there was some accident or malfunction that tried to give all the records away for opening bid or something? Weird...
  7. This dealer just canceled their whole list of auction items (Ernest Moseley, Marlynns on Daran, Notations on Tad). anyone know why?
  8. I used to collect rockabilly a bit and one time in Cincinnati (1990 or so?) three older doo wop collectors bought a tractor trailer of 45s that had been sitting in a warehouse in Tennessee for decades. after they cleared out the doowop, they sold the rest out of a storefront every weekend for a couple months. listened to thousands of records ... (got a minter of "bopping high school baby" by Don Willis)... I didn't collect soul back then (was a teen)... wonder what was in there... if I could only go back!!
  9. oh! interesting.... I have no idea. I hope someone here has some insights....
  10. Hey - am in Stirling (visiting castle). Tomorrow night (Thursday August 22) will be in Glasgow.... any suggestions on what to do? Any pub nights? Thx all!
  11. Oh goodness. I literally have never even seen cricket (except in like movies or whatever). The rules seem crazy!

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