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    Marina, California
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  1. ljblanken

    Earl Cosby - Ooh Honey Baby

    Just DJ-ed in NYC on Saturday and dug this out to spin. Went over well!
  2. ljblanken

    Earl Cosby - Ooh Honey Baby

    whatever the status.... this is one of my top "living room dancers". I love this track!
  3. ljblanken

    60's Dances

    I agree 99%! The only person who I would make a case for having been better (P4P) was Henry Armstrong... and one reason was (Mods - trying not to not get too off topic) because of his phenomenal footwork! If you are interested, watch this amazing video and imagine what kind of dancer this fighter could have been!
  4. ljblanken

    60's Dances

    Yup. Sugar Ray Robinson always said "if you can dance you can box, if you can box you can dance". When I was doing heavy amateur boxing, I got a lot more confident in my dancing...
  5. ljblanken

    Sue Label variations

    Cool - thanks guys!
  6. ljblanken

    60's Dances

    If anyone wants to learn American dances from the 1960s - stop into Rooky Ricardo's in San Francisco. The owner (Dick Vivian) is not just a soul expert, but was in the scene in the US in the 60s and 70s and was (and still is) a wicked dancer. He can teach you the mash-potato, the cool jerk, the boogaloo, shingaling, etc.
  7. ljblanken

    Sue Label variations

    exactly. two color is with an annoying organ track and three color (better in my opinion) does not have it.
  8. ljblanken

    Sue Label variations

    I was curious about Sue label variation - namely the difference between two color (orange/black) and three color (orange/white/black). This website suggests that it changed over time (3 color, and then 2 color), but was there also regional variation? (like east coast versus west coast?) I have two copies of "if you go" by Derek Martin and they are different (one is 2 color and one is 3 color). Thanks! http://www.cvinyl.com/labelguides/sue.php
  9. ljblanken

    best under priced record under 20 pound

  10. ljblanken

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Flip for a song of equal quality! (two-for)
  11. ljblanken

    Timmion Record Carving?

    sorry. you are correct. an acetate.
  12. ljblanken

    Timmion Record Carving?

    Received the carver and it sounds great!
  13. ljblanken

    SAN Francisco

    check out this venue called "The Makeout Room"... if you look at the January event calendar, there are about 15 DJ nights in that month alone that span soul/R&B/funk/reggae/disco ... http://www.makeoutroom.com/calendar.html
  14. ljblanken

    Clydie King R I P

    One of my favorite spins on the home turntable:
  15. ljblanken

    80s All-nighter footage

    Thank you!


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