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  1. This focuses on the birth of jazz record collecting...pretty interesting... https://flashbak.com/bombs-jazz-and-junkers-the-birth-of-record-collecting-441959/
  2. James Kelly Duhon - "in school" on Jude. Lots of fun.
  3. I always wondered whether Bette Renne was the same as Betty Renay... I know they are very different styles, but could it be the same voice?
  4. I started a thread on this topic ten years ago (time flies!)... may be some good info there:
  5. I agree. That bootleg theory made no sense to me.... glad I have this on Priority. Bought it on a lark (no pun intended) for the "without you" side, but then fell in love with the flip.
  6. This is on Priority and Fairmount. Which is the first? Thanks!
  7. Yeah - that makes sense. And they do sound fully different (especially the lead for sure). I guess it just seems so crazy to me that major markets (Chicago and NYC) would be so completely disengaged from one another that you could have acts on such big labels with the same name at the same time (both sound like mid-60s., right?).
  8. I just got "I'll be there" by the Gems on Riverside. Is group related to the group on Chess? ("can't you take a hint"). The lead vocals sound different and there is the NYC vs Chicago thing - but I would have assumed they would have de-conflicted the name if they were different groups (on such big labels)?
  9. Ironically, I do not! Maybe I can call him...
  10. You know who would probably know the answer to this? Dick Vivian from Rooky Ricardos records in SF. That guy knows so much about girly soul and girl group stuff. He used to turn me on to so many records like that back in the 90s. Too bad he is not up on any social media (that I know of).
  11. Yeah that is weird - must be a type. This is not even close to being a male (as opposed to someone like Tut Sutton - who I assumed to be a female until someone on SS posted a pic of him!)
  12. Awesome. I am glad you are on the case! I love this style of singing/production so feel free to recommend anything you come across doing your efforts! (with or without Cholli Maye)
  13. I dug out my copy of "never get away" over the weekend. I love her voice. Did she record anything else? I can't find anything under that name.
  14. thanks! mine is stamped and styrene, so... crisis averted!

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