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  1. It is the Followers "Gospel Meeting" and both Ashford and Simpson are on it (according to notes on back)... (was released on Roulette and Forum Circle, but not sure which was first) https://www.discogs.com/The-Followers-Gospel-Meeting-With-The-Followers/release/9440313
  2. We all know that soul is heavily indebted to gospel music, and that many soul songs are just secularized versions of gospel songs.... but how did the intellectual property rules deal with it? For example, I finally just got a copy of "I thank the Lord" by the Mighty Voices of Wonder (on the Revival label from Michigan... credit given to "A. Henry") and the song is largely the same as the Sam and Dave song "I thank you" (credit given to Hayes/Porter). Were they both based on some older song? Any thoughts on this? Other examples? How would this be dealt with today? Any different?
  3. My fave by them...
  4. a really fun stormer - her vocals are killer
  5. I spin this every so often...
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  6. Is that a phone handset (brown thing) on top of the mixer? What is that used for?
  7. This is an interesting topic. I have been over to England maybe 3-4 times and visited maybe 6-8 soul nights and I am shocked at how loud the music is. Seriously. I was at Crossfire (London) some time last year (2018, maybe September?) and the Boogaloo room was SO LOUD! It was crazy. The music was amazing, but many of us were cowering behind the DJ (there was an alcove behind the decks and speakers) and it was even too loud there. I know my ears are damaged by years of loud music (I am 47), but some of the other folks there must be straight up deaf. I DJ small spots around California (bars, pubs, small halls) and I have a little set up in case there is no PA system. It is from a company that may no longer be around ("Phonics"): 500 watt amp and two passive 15" speakers. I also use a basic Stanton M203 mixer and two Numark TT1 turntables (the limited edition ones with the chrome plinths - not because they look flash, but because they are super heavy!). Also use the basic Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones.
  8. this makes me bummed out. such a sad thing...
  9. The church for her funeral service was right next to my high school. Wonder if she was from those neighborhoods (East Walnut Hills, North Avondale)
  10. she was from Cincinnati?
  11. gonna spin this next time out...
  12. ...when a local dive bar names a drink after you! I was at Virgil's in the Outer Mission in SF and I noticed the "local heroes" cocktail list has a "Dick Vivian" (owns Rooky Ricardo's Records on Lower Haight)... and he comes in only two spots behind Sugar Pie DeSanto...
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  13. "I got to space" was also done by the Classetts on Ultraclass records...but it has different writing credits...
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  14. Hi, I just won this on eBay. The copy I won just says "Joe Simon" as artist, but I've seen some that also say "with Eugene Blacknells Band" (see these two images I got off the interwebs). Also each has different writer credits... Just wondering what the difference was.
  15. Its a pretty easy hack for US (big hole) 45s: - Put the 45 on the platter (with the adapter in) - Remove the 45 adapter - Turn on the turntable and watch the 45 spin. You should be able to see the hole spinning as a circle and the grooves spinning around "off center" (as an ellipse). - Take your finger and keep "tapping" the edge of the 45 as the widest part of the ellipse spins past your hand. - When the grooves look like they are now a circle (and the hole will now look like an ellipse)... just drop the needle and check how it sounds... and then play! I can do this in about 10-20 seconds, so I can play off-center 45s in my DJ sets!
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