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  1. john-o

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    Thanks, It certainly looks the same colour as old newspaper would.
  2. john-o

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    It,s exactly the same as mine in every way apart from the colour of the paper. Mine is beige ( sepia ? ). I,m referring to Page 3 which is all I,ve got I think. Bugger !!!
  3. john-o

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    I,ll dig it out . Pretty sure we can sort it. I,m useless at tech stuff though.
  4. john-o

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    I have a U.S copyright certificate in Barney,s name registering Lady in Green as his work. Not sure of it,s authenticity as I bought it in a batch of memorabilia. Anybody else seen/got one or similar ?
  5. john-o

    Smoky Brooks NOW SORTED

    Still looking for this , Thanks.
  6. john-o

    Smoky Brooks NOW SORTED

    Looking for Smoky Brooks, Long time ago, P&P. Thanks, John
  7. john-o

    Joe Bataan SORTED NOW

    Chick a Boom/Cycles , Vampi soul, 2004 1st issue
  8. Full Flavor . A love song . Forte. Price and condition please. NOW SORTED. THANKS
  9. john-o

    Little Jimmy Ballard

    Looking for a clean copy of Little Jimmy Ballard . Guilty [ of love in the first degree ] A.B.C. P.M's please.
  10. john-o

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    The Gladiators. That Miami Sound. Still got an Emidisc with Johnny Bragg on the other side. Of course it,s a mash up of the Centuries , Jack 23 surf instrumental but huge for a month.
  11. john-o

    London Fog On Virtue

    I,m still after this . Thanks, John.
  12. john-o

    London Fog On Virtue

    Still looking for this.
  13. john-o

    Ronnie Mccain Triode

    P.M Sent.
  14. john-o

    London Fog On Virtue

    Looking for London Fog. We got us. Virtue. Price and condition please .Thanks, John.


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