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  1. Carnival VG+ 320 GBP PayPal friends and family or Bank Transfer Best Stuart
  2. And so it came to pass. Great set btw
  3. Please PM with details. Cheers Stuart
  4. My take on this. OVO policy can not be ‘reasoned’ and it doesn’t need to be. It is part of the culture that has formed over years. If this aspect is ignored then those involved cannot authenticly claim to be part of that culture. Some try but are bound to fail. I doubt they are having a great time as a result and it doesn’t affect anyone else and therefore easy to ignore.
  5. Looking for the above. PM if you have one you will consider parting with. Cheers
  6. Dino Terrell - you can do it. I seem to remember reading that LB rated Dino very highly and his life was cut short but I maybe imagining all this.
  7. Hello, hoping some sage can enlighten me. I notice there are two different label designs. Can anybody shed light on the nature of the differences and if either has a better mix quality. The version I have is not great I'm sorry to say. Thanks in advance
  8. Who would have thought we've been doing this for 10 years! From the heady days of Mackies its come along way but in many ways stayed the same. So in true Ghettospheric fashion we've got some great DJ's playing records over a good system for lovely people to dance too. Our line up is mixing old and new, we've got some old favorites from the Ghettospheric family and some new friends joining us, on the night we have,James Pogson (inner city soul)Tina TurnTablesMr N (Bethnal Green Soul Club) Matt Doggs+ moreExpect the usual Modern Soul, Boogie, Disco and Rare Groove
  9. Duke


    In celebration of the successful run of the play 'SOUL' at Hackney Empire an aftershow party has been arranged with music supplied by some local East London based soul club DJ's The event will be held in Hackney Empire's Stage 3 venue and your DJ's will be: Dave Duplock (Walls of Heartache) Stuart N (Bethnal Green Soul Club) Chris Foster and Nadean D (Longing for the Soul Train) Everyone Welcome. We will be playing records from throughout the era of Marvin's career and picking up all on all his influences, collaborators and musical styles. Music Start 9.30pm and we will run on until 02.00am get to this 2.pdf
  10. Watch Car SOS. Much better programme if you are into cars
  11. Duke


  12. Duke

    SoulShakers weekender ~11


    Just Brilliant.
  13. Turntable spindle adaptation of the highest order. Thanks Ray

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