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  1. Recall that soul nights were held at The George (beneath Baileys at the Haymarket) in mid 70’s, that proved very popular.
  2. Remember the dayers at Leics Tiffs, which I am sure some of those pics are from.
  3. If memory serves me right the main room was circular (or ellipse) with a balcony above and the main stage under a slight alcove. As usual I could be wrong.
  4. Went to the Painted Lady with Richard Lord and Jonah. Remember Seven Dwarfs being a big sound at the time, though Sam didn’t have a copy as he didn’t like it.
  5. MHR for today
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  6. theothertosspot

    Coalville Soul Club

    Coalville Soul Club at the Coalville Labour Club. Guest DJ this month is "Spanner" Well renowned DJ at The Stute, Asfordby Supporting dj's are usual suspects Come along to a great night of nostalgia and refreshing sounds from a bygone era Hear great oldies from Art Freeman, Bobby Sheen, etc, through to Current floor fillers.
  7. Is this an issue or demo as does not say it’s a demo. Thought issues were red, though I could be wrong.
  8. Ultra Sonic matrix, is that the same?
  9. Following the successful return to Coalville Labour Club, Coalville Soul Club makes a welcome return. Guest DJ this month is Sean "tea bag" Taylor Well renowned DJ at Ibstock Soul Club Supporting dj's are usual suspects Come along to a great night of nostalgia and refreshing sounds from a bygone era Hear such records from Sam and Kitty through to Current floor fillers.
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  10. Appreciations - I Can’t Hide It Forgot how good this is. https://www.google.com/search?q=appreciations i can't hide it
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  11. First time I heard Lover by De-lites was when Sam spun it at Notts Palis in the 70’s, though not sure if he had first play. Seem to think he had first play of Toni Basil, Breakaway, covered as Lada Edmund, break these chains. Think both are great tracks But as always, I could be wrong.
  12. Did JM first play this at the Manchester Ritz and it cleared the floor. He then promptly sold it to Ian Levine for £3. I think the copy then found it’s way to Sam who made it big (Also the Vicar had a copy) Think I’m correct, sure I’ll be told if I’m not
  13. Fantastic record, first played by Colin Curtis at Blackpool Mecca
  14. Coalville Soul Club Soul Night 19:30 until 00:30 (Bar until MIDNIGHT) Only £3 admission With resident DJ's. Ray Finney, Ken Sylvester, Malcolm Greenslade and Bob Gair This month's special guest - Mark Wilson (well renowned collector and DJ from Leicester) This event has changed venue and we have made a welcome return to Coalville Labour Club The club is a great venue having a large dancefloor, ample seating and bar area Easy access to the club and free parking For further info contact Ray F on ray53.finney@hotmail.co.uk
  15. Called 'canned laughter's, an American idea I think

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