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  1. A welcome return to Coalville Soul Club now at Hugglescote Social Club.
  2. The “alternate” version of Velvellettes “These things etc” released on Motown.
  3. Emanon’s Orch - Bird Walkin’ Pretenders - I Wanna Be All Brothers Ex cond £35
  4. Gene Chandler - I can take care of myself Constellation 169 £50 + P&P
  5. That’s the one with a “V” @ 14 mins past and an “I” at 25 mins past. Other one has an “H” (RCA plant was msg earlier) Regards
  6. This buyer must now be disappointed I bet. Crazy isn’t it Regards
  7. I have a real one with proper stamps in matrix, I got other two recently and noticed difference. Not too sure but one label has to be incorrect!!!!
  8. Apart from the obvious, what are the differences between these two releases? Both are “bell Sound” stamped, one has an H in runout, the other has an A (or V) in runout. I do appreciate they are legit? reissues but can’t figure out different label layouts. Any thoughts?
  9. Possibly one of the best double siders ever. Lester Tipton - This Won’t Change Masqueraders - How £100 + P&P
  10. Danny White Cracked Up Over You Decca issue £45 inc P+P
  11. The Present - Many’s the slip ...................... Mercury Records £20 + postage
  12. Contacts - You gonna pay Quadran Records - vg cond Record has lots of light scuffs Plays loud and clear Katie written on labels £145 + p&p PM if interested please Contacts - You gonna pay.mp3
  13. PASSIONS - JUST LIKE A ROLLING SEA - TOWER 424 Price and condition if you have one to sell please
  14. Recall it being played around November time in 78 but could have been earlier, but definitely 78. Regards

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