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  1. PASSIONS - JUST LIKE A ROLLING SEA - TOWER 424 Price and condition if you have one to sell please
  2. Recall it being played around November time in 78 but could have been earlier, but definitely 78. Regards
  3. Apologies for the late notification but this event has been cancelled at the last minute. Ray has turned up at the Labour Club with all of his equipment only to be told by a committee member that the event would not be going ahead with no valid reason given. I have only just been informed hence the late post. Ray has asked me to apologise on his behalf, but it was unforeseen and out of his control.
  4. Why not come along and listen/dance to sounds like these.
  5. Just come across this topic. Have had both Chuck Corby (Fee Bee) and Rhythm Rascals (Sonic) for years and to my ears Chuck Corby has trumpet/horns in backing whilst Rhythm Rascals has saxophone. Also Rhythm Rascals does not have as much base. Couldn’t choose between them as I think both versions are great.
  6. Coalville Soul Club makes a welcome return to Coalville Labour Club. Guest DJ for this event is Simon Hunt Regular DJ’s Ken Sylvester, Jed Purkis and the Two Tosspots £3 entrance 8PM - Midnight
  7. Yellow demo of this with correct stamping in dead wax. Record is a bit beat up with crackles and pops on intro, but plays better than looks. £220 Money back guarantee if not happy
  8. DJ times (as I have been informed) 8-9 Ray Finney + Kenny Sylvester 9-10 Rob Gray + Stefan "Bob" Gair 10-11 Guest DJ - Alex Gallagher 11-12 Ken Sylvester
  9. What are DJ times please?
  10. Whats the current going price on this record on original lovelite records?
  11. R.I.P John, a true legend to all genre's of music. Condolences to his family.
  12. Amazing, A Touch of Venus released on UK Fontana, which got first plays at Catacombs Wolverhampton
  13. Whats with the Rydal, Pennsylvania connection, with regards Doc Records, Champion Records (distributed by Tollie (is that part of Vee Jay, Chicago?)) Pipkins, Ed Cobb, Jobete? or is there no correlation!

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