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  1. theothertosspot

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Appreciations - I Can’t Hide It Forgot how good this is. https://www.google.com/search?q=appreciations i can't hide it
  2. theothertosspot

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    First time I heard Lover by De-lites was when Sam spun it at Notts Palis in the 70’s, though not sure if he had first play. Seem to think he had first play of Toni Basil, Breakaway, covered as Lada Edmund, break these chains. Think both are great tracks But as always, I could be wrong.
  3. theothertosspot

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Did JM first play this at the Manchester Ritz and it cleared the floor. He then promptly sold it to Ian Levine for £3. I think the copy then found it’s way to Sam who made it big (Also the Vicar had a copy) Think I’m correct, sure I’ll be told if I’m not
  4. Fantastic record, first played by Colin Curtis at Blackpool Mecca
  5. theothertosspot

    Coalville Soul Club Soul Night

    Coalville Soul Club Soul Night 19:30 until 00:30 (Bar until MIDNIGHT) Only £3 admission With resident DJ's. Ray Finney, Ken Sylvester, Malcolm Greenslade and Bob Gair This month's special guest - Mark Wilson (well renowned collector and DJ from Leicester) This event has changed venue and we have made a welcome return to Coalville Labour Club The club is a great venue having a large dancefloor, ample seating and bar area Easy access to the club and free parking For further info contact Ray F on ray53.finney@hotmail.co.uk
  6. theothertosspot

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    Called 'canned laughter's, an American idea I think
  7. theothertosspot

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    None the less, other side to ‘Focused On You’, is also very good, it’s needless to say. Excuse the pun.
  8. theothertosspot

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    Was played at Stafford, reviewed by Carl Fortnum in Shades of Soul too. Was a programme on BBC 2 a few years ago about the people behind the record label, good viewing too.
  9. theothertosspot

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    Nine times out of ten I would throw Murial Day in room 101, but the one time .....
  10. theothertosspot

    Adam's apples info

    Recall Simon (Sid) Bray telling me he had a Canadian Brunswick (issue/demo?) of DTIOOTW that he sold to Tim Brown a number of years ago.
  11. theothertosspot

    Best Intro. To Record

    AMBERS - I LOVE YOU BABY Just love this intro, so full of excitement imo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RQCDtvG66ho&vidve=5727&autoplay=1
  12. theothertosspot

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Naivety I guess
  13. theothertosspot

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Paid £5 for the Buckinghams - Don’t You Care in 1977, without the picture sleeve. Was a lot of money then, and I could perhaps buy it for that (or less) now inc pic sleeve
  14. theothertosspot

    Coalville Soul Club 26th October

    My plays during the first hour Surrounded by a ray of sunshine - Samantha Jones - United Artist (UK) The Slow Fizz - The Sapphires -ABC-PARAMOUNT You got me baby - Bobby McClure - Checker Show me the way - Martha Reeves & Vandellas - Tamla Motown Lonely Lonely Girl Am I - The Velvelettes - VIP One more hurt - Marjorie Black - Sue You turned my bitter into sweet - Mary Love - Modern Let me give you my lovin - Maxine Brown - Wand Lights Up - Larry Atkins - Highland I'll Be loving you -Soul Brother Six - Atlantic I was born to love you - Herbert Hunter - Spar What Can I Do - Lorraine Chandler - Giant Nobody but you -Wooden Nickels - Omen How Good Can It Get - Jay Lyle -Angel City Cant Satisfy - The Impressions - his Masters Voice (UK) This Thing Called love - Johnny Wyatt - President (UK) That's alright - Ed Crook - Tri-Sound Wait till I get to know you - Bobby Treetop - Tuff Sweet Darling - Billy Butler - Brunswick Try Love (One more time) - Sparkels - Old Town I'm Catching On - Betty Lloyd - BSC Showstopper - C ashmeres - HEM First time - The Ember - jcp Baby I need you - T J Williams - Josie Stolen Hours - Patrice Holloway - Capitol Look at me now - Terry Callier - Cadet I'd think it over - Sam Fletcher - Tollie Had a thoroughly good time playin the above, and as per, thanks to Ray for having me
  15. theothertosspot

    Chalky. Birthday

    Many happy returns, hope you have a good time


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