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  1. the disc that sold for £310 by a seller with no feedback to someone with only 1 feedback who beat someone with only 1 feedback has been relisted at £210 or best offer …. shows that prices being manipulated.
  2. just been looking at the winning bidders , most are “won” by a member with no rating and beating someone with almost no rating. Be interesting to know if any seller got paid.
  3. I’ve bought a couple recently for £15-20 inc last years Smith Brothers. I have all the anniversary singles but happy to pick up cheap if I see them. I see Roger Banks just sold a load for prices well below Discogs & eBay prices.
  4. Not as good as Paramount Four which goes for £80-100. Eventually in a few years it could get a Kent Select release then it won’t be worth £300.
  5. any idea why so many (I have seen probably 7-8) are going for £200-300 on eBay. Usually they go for £50-60 immediately after the night then eventually down to £25-30. Was tempted to sell mine & buy back later but have an odd emotional attachment to the one I was given personally.
  6. Every year, I get my freebie the check to see the panic buying over the next few days . But after a few months sanity returns and prices fall to £25-35.
  7. yes, I think this changed a couple of years ago but you can still see an edit version eg a 6Ts anniversary single is currently £205 (eerrr !) so I looked at the bidders , looks like someone is trying to ramp the price given the last 2 bidders have no & 9 feedbacks
  8. matrix number is tricky to read but looks like its correct 66-3002. The only other label shot I have found is on Discogs & it differs. Saying that the Discogs version looks slightly tatty round the rim. My cable is clean on a raised edge like other Mirwood issues.
  9. Hadn’t really listed to the flip, thx Mark enjoyed that tip!
  10. certainly looks like it but may just a rough label. "Bell Sound" elegantly scratched in the label.
  11. hope someone can help me, is this an original ? no mention in Manship's bible or Discogs
  12. Cheers , have updated Discogs listing to include scan of label

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