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  1. stevefrost

    Clovers - Try My Lovin' On You (promo)

    Cheers , have updated Discogs listing to include scan of label
  2. stevefrost

    Earl Cosby - Ooh Honey Baby

    I have these 2, I know the 1st is an original (same as a Manship listing, strong stamps in the deadwax) but is the 2nd a variance of the original or (probably) a reissue (weak marks in dead wax)
  3. can someone help me as to whether this is an official promo. I can't find any info on Soul Source, there are 2 promos on Discogs where 1 has a white label & the other notes a multi coloured label but with no picture. Mine has SELECT SOUND, 172763 & JOZ626 stamped in the dead wax.
  4. Manship's 5th Guide (postage £1.30), near mint Manship's Bootleg Guide (postage £3) , turned corners on cover, otherwise excellent just bought Manship's 7th guide so rather than throw these in the recycling I thought best to give to anyone who wants to pay the postage (both would be £3)
  5. stevefrost

    100 Club single wanted

    I know, had to chuckle about such a long apology by Ady for something that’s free and sells for multiples of the ticket price (I have the full collection & never sell mine)
  6. stevefrost

    100 Club single wanted

    My b-side jumps half way, I will pay more for one which doesn’t ... LOL
  7. June Jackson / September Jones ‎– Port Of Happiness / You Better Know WhyLabel:Kent Records ‎– 6T 30Series:Anniversary Special – 35th cheers !Steve
  8. 1 star, not enough Frank Wilson
  9. stevefrost

    News: Sad News Frank Wilson Has Died

    maybe overplayed but i guarantee we all slapped on a copy of Do I Love You when we saw the news.....looking forward to hearing the reception at Saturday's 100 Club anniversary. thanks for the great music Frank, RIP
  10. stevefrost

    ***100 Club Anniversary Single Wanted*** Now Sorted Thx

    just played mine......marvellous stuff
  11. stevefrost

    News: 100 Club Saved

    great night at the Xmas party, judging by some missing wooden floor tiles they had given up on maintenance for a bit but at least the 4 red light bulbs were still working to give that special atmosphere we all know & love. The new "no drinks on the dancefloor" signs certainly stopped the usual Xmas puddles. Business as usual....
  12. stevefrost

    Timmie Williams On Ebay

    he may not realise its value but i am gonna tell him
  13. stevefrost

    Timmie Williams On Ebay

    especially when he says "THIS VERY RARE 7" NORTHERN SOUL" so they seem to know its worth something then "WHAT A RARE BARGAIN STARTING AT ONLY 2.99 !!!!".....why not start it at £299 & get it noticed !!!
  14. stevefrost

    Timmie Williams On Ebay

    i bid very low on this then forgot about it until i got an email saying it sold for £366, surely this is >£1,000 or am i missing something here. I dont believe there are good boots of Mala perhaps its simply that it got missed due to listing it as "Wipe Away Your Tears" not "Competition" http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=370350339016&ssPageName=STRK:MEDWX:IT Steve
  15. stevefrost

    100 Club Xmas Porty

    i love a bit of snow & ice me, helped to ensure we didnt have the dancefloor packed like sardines ("For Foot Tappers Only"), more room to dance like dodgem cars...marvellous.


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