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  1. From the UK please? Post office or indrpendent carrier?
  2. Tony Turner

    Question For Ady Croasdell

    @mike - Success?
  3. Tony Turner

    Question For Ady Croasdell

    Thanks Mike, I think I’ve done it
  4. Tony Turner

    Question For Ady Croasdell

    @Ady Croasdell - Great Kent 45 release in the Jerry Naylor/ Johnny Praye doublesider, will they be featuring on a CD shortly?
  5. Tony Turner

    Four Seasons 'The Night' USA 45 release?

    I have just got an Australian copy
  6. Tony Turner

    ‘Mysterious’ Instrumental

    Crikey!! Thanks for all the info.
  7. Tony Turner

    ‘Mysterious’ Instrumental

    In the early 80s I remember an instrumental that I think was called ‘Don’t Make Promises’. It was either by an unknown artist or possibly by A Stitch In Time. Does anybody remember/have any details about it?
  8. Tony Turner

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    Thanks for the replies. What are thoughts on price for a minty white demo?
  9. Tony Turner

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    Was this ever booted?
  10. Tony Turner

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    And this LP, aussie release.
  11. Tony Turner

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Few that I’ve picked up in Oz. None of the mega rare discs but I was pleased to find them.
  12. It’s hard to believe that it all happened nearly 20 years ago! What tunes do people associate with this fantastic venue? One from me is Barbara Lynn-Movin’ On A Groove.
  13. Tony Turner

    Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Festival Time got to number 39 in UK charts in 1971. So a reasonable hit no doubt issued because of popularity in early Northern Soul clubs.
  14. Tony Turner

    ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    Hi, any artist, any label. Just interested in that type of sound as opposed to the smoother 'motowny' stuff. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.


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