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  1. Tv Adverts & Northern Soul

    When I was in America a couple of years ago the restaurant chain ‘Chillis’ used Little Ann-Lean Lanky Daddy
  2. Top 10 All time Motown Dancers ?

    Originals-Suspicion Contours-Just A Little Misunderstanding Barbara Randolph-I Got A Feeling Four Tops-Shake Me, Wake Me Isley Brothers- Tell Me It's Just A Rumour Baby Kim Weston-Helpless Marvelettes-I'll Keep Holding On Ma...
  3. Sitting in a Jaguar dealership and on comes 'The Who Who Song' followed by 'Trying To Find My Woman'!
  4. Hi all Having been hospitalised with pneumonia, jaundice, coli cystitis and other ailments I won't be able to make the show for this great band. Therefore I have two free tickets for the first taker. The only 'catch' is that the tickets are in ...
  5. If there are any Barristers or Solicitors out there who could spend a few minutes giving some advice on a business matter I would be very grateful. It is about a dispute between myself and my business partner who each own 50% of the business. I woul...
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Yes, that's The Purple Hearts

    Great record, but no business being played at a soul night imo
  8. I had it on a tape many years ago but cannot recall what it was. From memory it was a late 60s/ early 70's thing, with a chorus 'Penny for them, penny for them'. Not a lot to go on but hopefully enough for somebody to identify it?
  9. Almost Forgotten - Early 80's Allnighter Sounds

    More great listening Sean, takes me back to when I was 16!
  10. The Stylistics At The Torch

    I've heard that The Stylistics appeared and were impressive. My knowledge of them is limited to their 70s hits and a couple of early 80s releases. Was anybody in the forum there? What sort of material did they do? I've often wondered.
  11. A great listen indeed, is there a tracklisting for part one?
  12. Could I have a copy of the list please - aat.ch@tesco.net
  13. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Hacksaw Ridge is excellent and a true story too! Lion is also very good and another true story.
  14. News: Motown Unreleased 1966 Released

    Although not from 1966, I really wish that they would give a release to Martha & The Vandellas - I'm Willing To Pay The Price.