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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Russ is a top man in my books. Stuart Maconie is excellent value. Both Wigan men, I’d expect them to do justice to the subject.
  2. Fortunately, it was not my copy but it belonged to someone else who didn’t rate it. Think I read about it on here years ago. I wince in pain when I read these stories.
  3. Ouch... Nearly as bad as throwing a Magnetics on Bonnie off Cleethorpes Pier. Good luck with your search.
  4. Did you manage to collect every record played at Wigan? Sticking closely to the topic of the thread, would you say that the ‘best’ records brought the best out of the dancers at the Casino?
  5. Donna King, Johnny Hendley, Yvonne Vernee, Holly St James...still big sounds today but rarer than ever Thanks for posting. A great set of tunes.
  6. Necklace had a black fist. Sandy wore towelling wristbands and tucked a beer towel into the waistband of his bags. Probably did more than anyone else to present a much-copied dress style as he was an eye-catching dancer with a much-copied routine of acrobatic stunts in between stints of pedestrian footwork.
  7. A couple of tasty rare tracks here but quite a few poppy-soul sounds too. The Sharonettes were big in September 1974. Tommy Hunt given a big plug as the Casino’s house act. The chart reads like a sales listing of UK tracks and recently pressed bootlegs available. Some really popular tracks are not mentioned yet they peaked mid ‘75 eg Pye Disco Demand series.
  8. Not too sure about this. I think she’s dancing for the camera. She’s mixing up three styles of dancing with bit of showing off thrown in. Admittedly, the tune prompts a bit of doing the fandango, but the video star has got carried away methinks. There are better video clips of her strutting her stuff at other venues.
  9. Not convinced the warped record in the oven between two sheets of glass method works. I tried it with a Lonnie Lester and well and truly corrugated it. In the short run, you can increase the tracking weight of the tone arm, but this is a nuisance. In the long run, I would upgrade the record if it was a favourite that was played regularly. There are old record decks out there that play warped vinyl without significant deterioration so maybe need to sell on to another collector.
  10. Glad the thread is still running. Hottest topic on here for a while. Please keep it open as it is a great read with lots of good clips. AND we’re really looking forward to the next show...
  11. Some good tunes here. The answer is ultra-catchy up-tempo but not too fast. Would need to be well known as most dancers back off when confronted with ground-breaking tunes. Of the above, Delites or Marie Knight would do the trick. Constellations for sure. Joe Hicks ‘Don’t It Make You Feel Funky’ might be better than his rare track perhaps?
  12. Yep. Dancing on autopilot. The more proficient interprete the music and adapt their footwork. Shuffle to 70’s and stomp to 70’s... or is it the other way around? Some lads and lasses in the video clips mix the two styles up to good effect. And a big nod of thanks to Judd and others fir providi g the clips.
  13. Now there’s a title for the next BBC Saturday night prime time slot - ‘The Effortless Dancer’... But maybe not as we dance for pleasure and not the cameras, we dance to the music and not the judges, we dance in grungy subterranean caverns and not under the spotlights, we dance for ourselves and not a critical audience.
  14. He’s just mucking around in front of the camera after putting in a bit of serious footwork. The trousers confirm he has a sense of humour and knows a good tailor. Now the lass in the reddish-orange top is really showing how it can be done

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