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  1. Make sure you avoid Smart Meters as they cause problems when swapping suppliers. All the energy companies are in it to drive prices up in true oligopolistic style. Thatcher’s mates got rich carving up public utilities amongst themselves. Life was better when the CEGB took care of our electricity needs. Nowadays, we depend on foreign power as we don’t generate enough to be self sufficient. Energy policy in the U.K. is a total shambles...we’ll be using wind-up record players in a few years time.
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  2. So, why no credit for Snow White on lead vocals? Maybe Warwick Davis is bidding for the thing as he likes small records? Amazed this record is even worth a serious mention. Definitely a Guilty Pleasure. Never heard it played out. Do not anticipate ever hearing it in public. Some really bad records were played at Wigan but that’s no justification for reviving them. Actually, pleased that someone likes the record sufficiently to want to buy it.
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  3. The Nashville run-out stamp at first sight appears to read Mains on the genuine record. You really have to look hard at it before allowing it could read Matrix. In the case of the record under consideration, the word Matrix is etched so clearly, there is a possibility it has been scratched in by hand.
  4. Ronnie - You’re The One...
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  5. We are drinking in the last chance saloon. If you don’t smash and grab the classics now, you ain’t gonna ever own them. Any aspiring DJ needs two dozen of these titles so it makes sense to splash the cash. I deeply regret not buying some of them when they were cheaper but sure ain’t paying thousands for records I can get by without.
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  6. ‘Floorfiller’ suggests a record that prompts a mad-dash to a near-empty dancefloor, a real firestarter, rip-roaring dancer of a track, irresistible to the onlookers who stampede to strut their stuff. Constellations ‘I Don’t Know About You’ perhaps? Maybe ‘Seven Souls ‘I Still Love You’. Mel Britt, Joe Matthews, Del Larks, the list goes on. Not too sure of current floorfillers apart from Turley Richards, Barbara Lynn and Rubin but there must be others being spun up and down that we’d like to hear about.
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  7. Two very good tunes Ted but still outclassed by Martha Jean Love’s ‘Old Time Lover’, Joseph Webster, Walter and the Admerations, Parisians and a few others. Of course it depends on the tempo you prefer at whatever stage of the night you’re at, but whether it’s an exclusive to Butch or one of three known copies, he sure has the magic touch.
  8. Available from Barnes and Noble bookshops in the US for $39.95 (and 10% off for members) make this a good buy in the States. Not yet taken the shrink-wrap off mine but it looks a top-notch production and superior to most Motown books I’ve come across.
  9. Almost went to Liverpool uni but decided on Manchester in the end. Best choice really as 1975-1978 were great years at the Casino and Wigan was part of Greater Manchester. The last train from Victoria to Wigan Wallgate was a real buzz and amped up the mood nicely for the night ahead.
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  10. Cheers Billy. Long time no see. I was hopitalised and due to head off to university in 1975 so missed the second anniversary. Will always be a major regret as I was at the first, third and fourth. Off to college down south in 1978 so this meant the fifth anniversary was scuppered. Just got back from Texas with 100+ records so the flame’s still burning as strong as ever.
  11. Ted Cassidy - The Lurch went for £84 - I saw a nice UK copy for $40 in Doc’s Records at Fort Worth on Record Store Day if this helps the underbidders. There were also two VG+ copies on Capitol for $40, perhaps a tad overpriced, but I took a third for a nice discount.
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  12. Thanks for this. My CD collection needs updating or at least playing it a bit more.
  13. Woman’s Liberation by the Topics on the Castle label. I remember being up on the balcony by the snack bar and asking someone what it it was. Bought it soon after as it was available as an original issue. Great tune and one you never hear played out. Don’t think it’s been put on any compilation LP or CD to the best of my recollection. Wondering if the group is the same as the Topics with a string of good records?
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  14. Just started it. it is very different to other books as it is an academic tome written in hard-to-fathom language. It is a tough read, but for the serious devotee, worth the trouble and no-doubt some Open University credits.
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  15. Musical taste is a very personal thing. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Some records sounded great forty years ago but their appeal fades with time. The records I don’t get are tuneless pop tunes without any merit ie. they lack melody, harmony and rhythm. By way of contrast, many of the 60’s soul 45’s that were commercial failures have considerable appeal, sometimes for reasons that are hard to fathom. Your question is a valid one but essentially it boils down to why are some records more likable than others? Neither is it negative to question a record’s popularity - we all do this on an individual basis when we listen to music, liking some tunes but passing over others. Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad soul record, just that some are better than others.
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