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  1. Wigan 1-0

    Not sure about this... Football’s always been divisive. Soul music unites us. Football fans and soul fans are both passionate and emotional but the former can be violent, criminal and evil. The World Cup this summer will possibly display the darker side of ‘t...

    Yep, another batch of serious big-hitters, some of which were on offer earlier so presumably there are multiple copies of a few titles. Looks like a distributor buy-out given the breadth of titles. In the earlier batch, one buyer, e***e with a rating of ...
  3. Wigan 1-0

    Great match. A fantastic goal. Will Grigg’s On Fire is the chant of the century so that’s what stood out at the end. Wish I’d been in a Wigan bar after the match to enjoy the celebrations... Too many teams have given up against City instead of battling on whe...
  4. Valuation / going rates

    Tranells £2,000 Larry Davis £100 Vibrations £200+ but could be more as an in-demand classic oldie Hope this helps. Are you buying or selling?
  5. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    To enjoy this record at it’s best, you need to hear it in a dancehall, on a loud system, everyone up for it and in the mood to dance. This is not Ball Of Confusion, Papa Was A Rolling Stone etc, another Motown packaged tune on an oldies radio station. Neither...
  6. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    If you were impressed, that that counts as an excellent record in any language. If a record impresses on the first listening, it’s probably because it is very good and will sound better and better with further spins.
  7. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Pray tell me, which are Dennis’ best tracks? Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad soul record, it’s just that some are much better than others...
  8. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    You’re correct, it was pressed up in the 90’s. Labels were the right way round but some may have been faulty. The original has red and black details on a white label easily distinguished from the plainer pressing. I think the pressings were done in Detroit - ...
  9. LOU RAGLAND I Travel Alone NOW SOLD

    Record on hold. Thanks for the messages on this one. Lots of interest shown so sorry to disappoint anyone.
  10. LOU RAGLAND I Travel Alone NOW SOLD

    COPY NOW SOLDFor sale, a G+ copy of this monster tune for £250 including free postage and insurance to UK address. A similar copy sold for over £500 on eBay and Manship sold a cracked minter for a bit under £900 recently. On the deficit side, the record ...

    Sealed copy of this sought after double-sider for sale at £65 with free postage and insurance to UK address. Tamla Motown green sleeve release with booklet. PM to reserve or for further info. Payment via Pay Pal preferred, buyer to pay fees. Thanks for looking.
  12. Dennis Edwards R.I.P.

    Awesome performer. Unforgettable music. Sad loss. His spirit lives on in the music...
  13. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Saw three films in January, all excellent. Mollys Game, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Post. As it’s the pre-Oscars period, expect a surge of better films, some of which will net awards in the months ahead.
  14. ebay to drop paypal as default in 2020

    Drat. I’ll have to stop buying records altogether. The Silicon Valley Boys have rigged the system so they win-win-win whatever. Any change in future would benefit their businesses rather than improve customer service and satisfaction. I wonder if the EU stanc...
  15. Comedy goalkeeper of the day

    But the beauty is, they take it in turns to amuse, or should I say bemuse, us... Mignolet is way better than Karius, but neither inspire total confidence.

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