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  1. News: Ebay Auction Soul High Flyers - Results November 2017

    A quiet month and evidently fewer big Northern sounds turning up on eBay. Quite fancied Ernestine Eady, first time seen for sale, but out of my league. Still, there are a few real obscurities here proving there are good and rare tracks still to be dug up.
  2. News: Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Volume 6 - Kent Records

    Thanks for posting - it’s now on my Christmas List.
  3. Northern Soul In the Mainstream

    No, definitely not mainstream, well not yet anyway. A little bit of media coverage does not automatically mean popular culture, particularly as the dim-witted journalists/presenters just don’t geddit. Yes, we all get sick of pathetic puns on ‘Northern Soul’ h...
  4. News: Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Volume 6 - Kent Records

    Was there a Volume 5 on CD? if so, I must have missed it...
  5. Northern Soul Fashion Revival - Footwear Solatio OR Brogue

    Right on. Joe public was wearing Cuban heels 1972, 1973, 1974 and perhaps a bit after. Brogues were the choice of skinheads, suedeheads, soulboys and country gents. The Allnighter population embraced leather trenchcoats, brogues, baggies in tweed or cord, car...
  6. Northern Soul Fashion Revival - Footwear Solatio OR Brogue

    I recall long leather coats particularly being soul related in the mid 70’s - they were especially on show in Wigan 1975 onwards. Even leather jackets were not all that common outside the soul fraternity in the mid 70’s as they were relatively expensive - Chr...
  7. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Great find Pete and a terrific story unfolding. Not an expert on this, but the Quality Control stamps on the sleeve, Test Press and demos appear identical. The hand written date and the OK appear to be penned by the same hand. The sleeve of the Test Press loo...
  8. Nicely put, but you missed the badges...lots and lots of them stuck on their tops to convey vast experience of dancing at Allnighters up and down the country...
  9. Much ado about nothing... Saw a big Northern Soul CD in the background... A bit of Nashville line dancing mixed up with Run DMC breakers and some of the cast of Fame...sub-standard Junior School Christmas Concert fare... Over in about three mi...
  10. Trying hard to look on the bright side, I think it might be quite comical. Sure, it’ll be watching-through-one-eye cringing behind the sofa stuff, but the last laugh is ours. Here’s a trashy TV programme put on by a useless TV company, fronted by washed-...
  11. Import duty?

    Best to have records sent to a convenient point in the States and have a mate post them in batches. If the import duty is ridiculously high, just don't pay it; leave the packet at the sorting office and it will be sent back to the States. The seller will...
  12. Northern Soul Fashion Revival - Footwear Solatio OR Brogue

    Brogues were traditionally considered to be skinhead wear in the 70’s and the bizzness with a crombie - leather soled versions were ideal for dancing on wooden floors. For a time in the mid-to-late 70’s, the ‘crossover’ style featured above and the Neale ‘toe...
  13. How Rude

    Thanks for this Rick. I know where you’re coming from. Going out of your way to research something for someone who can’t manage alone, warrants a big thank you in my book.
  14. Records that never quite made it....

    It was big at Wigan back in the day. Possibly a Mecca spin at first but then on the ‘newies’ conveyor belt at the Casino with Prince George, Black Nasty, Kim Tolliver, Lloyd Michaels etc. A good tune then and now, but dwarfed by the sheer weight of later 70’s...
  15. What's your favourite End of Night finisher

    Can’t remember the title but it’s by someone called Dean... Think he used to be in a group with Jimmy and Tobi but not sure - confused really as lots of places just play Dean or Jimmy or Tobi at the end of the night.