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  1. I’ve been meaning to get round to doing, it but have not mastered the technology. The plan is to do a separate thread on it captioned ‘Try phoning this number for a free copy of George Lemons’. Scooterboy also has the same sleeve so he might be able to scan his.
  2. Drat. Missed it. That would have been really tempting had I known about it. I expect a few will be offered from collections in the coming months - can’t see too many people stumping up 2K or more for Patti Stokes, even though it has two decent sides.
  3. I thought it was a mis-print. Another world-record broken.
  4. No... Never... I’ve been watching it daily, but was focused on Georgie Boy. Apologies to readers for this careless oversight.
  5. Not me, boo hoo I was gutted when John’s last copy went for £300-400 and had been waiting patiently for the next nice, affordable copy to surface... Trouble is, a lot of people still want this record pretty badly.
  6. Not as lucky as me as I have a George Lemons and the Magnetics on Bonnie...
  7. Try owning it - you might change your mind. I was never overly fond of Eddie Whitehead until I found a copy a few years ago. Then I started to appreciate it. Later on, I went to a Soul Night and John Manship spun it to a great response - since then, it just gets better and better when I play it. Compared to what...?
  8. I made it 19. One copy is double-counted as the bidder did not pay so it was re-auctioned. Patti Stokes was the auction surprise finishing at c£1,500, jumping from c£900 in the closing seconds.
  9. Even if a dozen or two Soul Source members have the record, and some quite possibly own those listed on Popsike, it is still a very scarce record. I rather thought the Professionals was a harder one to come by but I’ve not checked Popsike on this one lately; probably seen more Professionals offered on Soul Source than eBay in recent times.
  10. Finished at £3,717. No frantic last minute activity on this one. Surprised it did not go above 4K. My particular interest in the record was largely due to owning a copy in similar condition. The sleeve of mine has been customised by Gold Soul and hand-stamped by a rubber-print stamp. I paid $1,300 for it about 25 years ago, top-whack for what it was fetching in those days. Pleased my investment was worthwhile in more ways than one. John often gives a little back-story on the prime pieces he auctions, but not this one...
  11. If you read the whole thread, you’ll see that it is not. I already have the record and I would never sell it. Ted, that's pocket change for a collector like yourself. Hope you’re well mate.
  12. Thanks Mike. Definitely some superior copies here. Maybe Soul Source is the best place to find a really nice copy of George Lemons
  13. Bidding now at £3,637. Less than three days to go, so it looks like the 4K mark should be passed.
  14. Bidding now at £3,117. Thought I’d do a statistical analysis of the 19 sold on Popsike 2005-2019... penance for oversleeping and missing my ‘O’ Level Statistics exam that I’d not revised for anyway... VG- = 4 copies, VG = 5 copies, VG+ = 4 copies, VG++ = 2 copies, Ex = 3 copies and M- = 1 copy. Many had grubby labels, a few had WOL, one was warped but all were in acceptable playable condition without skips, cracks, chunks missing etc. For those who are quite fussy about condition (like myself), 10 copies were of a nice enough condition to bid on without too much hesitation. The Median value was <VG+ ie the central value of the ranked sequence of 19. The Modal value was VG ie the most commonly occurring grade. The Mean value was VG+ ie the average grading. So, the copy up for auction is probably the best to be put on the open market this century, with only two copies in the survey of 19 (M- & Ex++) approaching the near perfect condition of the one that will sell on Wednesday 5th.

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