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  1. Like yourself Rick, I enjoy thumbing through the boxes when I’m in the mood, and what a great feeling it must be to hold a copy of Johnny Hendley or John and the Weirdest. Two great records way up high on my Wants List. Sorry, no info on the artists but I bracket them together with Johnny Hampton - only stumbled across the three of them in the 80’s and they all feature on a ‘best of the best’ mix-tape I did back in the 90’s.
  2. A bit like the Executive Four on Lumar - another ‘overrated record’ and the whole of Motown’s Detroit output, recorded in an echo chamber of a studio? Try reading Temples of Sound by Cogan and Clark to find out about the 60’s recording industry. Maybe visit the Sun, Stax or Motown studios and see the equipment used to produce the sounds. And hats of to the ‘overraters’, the know-alls who don’t collect records but think Aquamen, Manny Cockadoodledoo and Al ‘Snake’ Wilson are the greatest ever as they play You Tube clips on a smartphone. You’ve convinced me - chuck Arthur Willis in the dust
  3. Compared to what? There’s only about five copies in existence and you rarely hear it played out unless it’s one of the top DJ’s. A record I can only dream of owning...
  4. But dead, dead rare and an awesome floor-filler. Perhaps one of the late, great discoveries on the scene. When you can’t buy a mint copy, you have to settle for second best and sort an upgrade out later.
  5. Absolutely gobsmacking... Went for more than three times the usual amount. Buyer must have unlimited amounts of dosh to blow on records. Great tune by the way.
  6. A few nice, affordable US 45’s, conservatively graded. PM to reserve please. Payment via PayPal, buyer to cover fees. UK postage £2.50 or £7.50 depending on below/above £50 insurance; overseas postage by arrangement. Thanks for looking. Shirelles-Look Away-Scepter VG++ DH £25 Jimmy Delphs-I’Ve Been Fooled Before-Carla VG++ unplayed store stock needs cleaning £30 Sherwoods-Ice Cream-Kapp WD M- £30 Sean Taylor-Too Late To Turn Back Now-Magic Touch WD Ex small ink mark on both labels £30 Richard Brown-Sweet And Kind-Steeltown VG++ blue label £20 C L and Pictures Talk
  7. Ah ha... Outsourced low-wage labour reading off a card, passes for customer-service in bonus-oriented corporations. Well shabby.
  8. You were lucky to be able to contact eBay and deal with a real person. eBay are THE problem. They impose the VAT. They factor in extra VAT on postage charges. Is there any evidence this US TNC pays taxes after diverting revenues via tax-havens? Some US dealers have found a way around the eBay imposition whilst others do not seem to be able to disconnect. Switching addresses has become increasingly complicated, and after one cancelled sale, I managed to amend my primary address to the US, preventing the falling through of another sale. US dealers must be getting fed up of this restrictive pract
  9. All the Price Guides are now out of date, and that's what they were, simply a rough guide, not a price-list. Each time a rare record sells nowadays, it fetches more than the previous copy, supply decreases further so prices rise. On John's website, the condition of auction items makes a huge difference to the final sales price but there’s the assurance you are buying from one of the world’s top dealers. That’s why you see ultra-rare records like Paulette up for auction on John’s site.
  10. Thanks for posting as usual. Sparkels worth more than this, such a great record, virtually priceless, don’t expect to see many of this one up for sale in the near future. Kenny Carlton also a quality sound, hard to find in nice condition, someone will be mighty pleased with this purchase. Some really good records up for auction in the next few weeks so more PB’s expected. Full marks for John for livening up Wednesday evenings.
  11. Some decent sounds. PM to reserve. Payment by PayPal please, buyer to cover fees. UK postage £7.50 fully insured: overseas postage by arrangement. Thanks for looking. Barbara Lynn-I’m A Good Woman-Tribe DJ VG++ £175 Orlons-Envy(In My Eyes)-Cameo VG WOL on reverse (Thanks & name) £60 Original Bluebelles-You’re Just Fooling Yourself-Rainbow Ex one small label stain £90 Sonny & Phyllis-I’ve Got Something On My Mind-Soft VG+ couple of scuffs £100 Delcos-Just Ask-Sound Stage 7 WD VG+ £75 Gwenn Stacey-Ain’t Gonna Cry No More-RCA Ex one small mark WOL on reverse
  12. A small but select batch of good sounds. PM to reserve. Payment by PayPal please, buyer to cover fees. UK postage £2.50 insured up to £50 or £7.50 insured up to £500; overseas postage by arrangement. Thanks for looking. Commodores-The Zoo (The Human Zoo)-Mowest WD VG- £20 Edwin Starr-Time-Gordy VG++ £75 Contours-Just A Little Misunderstanding-Gordy M- £25 Stevie Wonder-Ain’t That Asking For Trouble-Tamla VG+ DH £15 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell-Two Can Have A Party-Tamla VG++ £15 Temptations-(Loneliness Made Me Realise)-Gordy VG+ few light marks £15 Temptat
  13. What an awesome piece of music journalism this is. Great photos, interesting summaries and handy links to the records. If I was in an airport right now, I’d buy a copy of Rolling Stone for the flight. Articles like this remind us what a phenomenon Motown was back in the day, and of course, going forward, every single day on the radio, all around the world. I think a Motown Top 1,000 would be entirely possible, and we would still be hearing lesser known tracks, familiar to later generations. For me, the Detroit years were the best; Motown went in a new direction as Berry headed for La La Land.
  14. ...and TV adverts with BBC currently using an instrumental version to plug itself. I’ve got the Eddie Foster boot, the UK reissue and purple vinyl test press so admit to liking it a little. It certainly was great back in the heyday, and is worthy of its place in folklore.
  15. Hi Tim. I’ve fallen a bit behind then. I’ll check them out on Amazon later, thanks. By coincidence, I just ordered a book from Amazon 10 minutes ago after steering clear of them for two years after they charged me for Prime which I did not want.

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