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  1. Searling made that point today on his radio show on Solar. Said it changed the tempo.' Looking back now, I think he was right.
  2. This was nice. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01gy7z7
  3. Read these: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/culture/37785/pills-bills-and-heartache-how-big-pharma-helped-create-our-mental-health-crisis https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/big-pharma-s-manufactured-epidemic-the-misdiagnosis-of-adhd/
  4. Vesion 6 is very good, taht's why midjourney is valued at 10 Billion- These are all AI. In the music field, somebody like Cannonball Records could clone Darell Banks's voice and generate a record.
  5. remeber the technology is new, within one year, you won't be able to tell the difference., mid journey showed that with images
  6. been on this site , as it improves , we will get legends like Darrel Banks/ Marvin Gaye singing new songs https://suno.com/song/fd3a3c87-6f03-45af-9b06-6a66f43cf1b7 This will open a can of worms.
  7. Belongs to Marvin's family, bullshit he gifted it to them. Marvin was known to be tight in giving credit/points on records. Take sexual healing for example, David Ritz sued Marvin Gaye for songwriting credit; Ritz received credit only after settling with Marvin Gaye's estate after the singer's death
  8. Thanks Greg I htink you're right, spot on. This is what I like about the forum, it's encyclopediac knowledge.
  9. Hope Alberto is recovering and look forward to the latest release. it's got that yacht soul feel, summer is coming
  10. Whilst I admire their musicianship I think they are missing a trick in not moving forward creating something new and fresh. If want to listen to retro, I will go to the source and not an echo of the past. Speaking of the past, who is singing on this gem:
  11. What's your best new northern record of the year 2023? Not a reissue or a discovery but a brand-new release this year. Here is mine.
  12. Corralejo 1.50 euros to 3 euros a pint of Dorado, food great, there are many places to eat and restaurant prices less than the UK.

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