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  1. I agree entirely with this; what we have is a dance scene that is predominantly based around what is often referred to as soul music but the huge number of clearly no soul sounds that have been played and more importantly, danced to, show how the dance element is the key. Long may it continue as a dance scene, even if the trips to the dance floor get less frequent and there is more going on in my head than in my feet as I get older. Steve
  2. Is it just coincidence that these are nearly all tunes that were played and popular in the mid to late 70's ? Clapping in the right place can make a live sound and clapping in the wrong place, intentionally or otherwise, can be amusing with friends in the know.
  3. Looking through the records that have been mentioned is a proper trip down memory lane and a reminder of what got me interested in the first place even if tastes and preferences have moved on since then. For me the first to really stick was Deana Barnes - If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life. I have been stuck as a fan of girlie dancers ever since. Steve
  4. Hi Martyn I thought that you had explained to Lynn that the B sides are hers and that she can only play the A sides with special permission. regardless of that it looks to me as if you should be taking that list with you next time you are allowed out to play as it is as good a set as many, specially like the girlie dancers!! TTFN Steve
  5. Martyn When all is said and done, there is normally more said than done! Who is the "70" you are feeling and does Lynn know? See you Friday
  6. steve s

    steve s

  7. steve s

    Mojo R n B Club(Hull)

    Martyn just make sure you do not spill your curry before you set off and you'll be fine. see you Saturday. Steve
  8. steve s


    Great range of music and some great people to listen to it with. Anyone not there missed out on a treat for their ears. Steve
  9. Hi Dave I am not sure why you are suggesting that I need a seat, I am still capable of standing up for the first session, although not sure about the second one!!! I will save one for Martyn who, although slightly younger than me, needs to rest when it gets late. Looking forward to the night. Steve
  10. Hi Martyn I always expect to be late, especially when traveling and with Lisa. TTFN Steve
  11. What time do you expect the first set to start? Thanks Steve
  12. I keep telling Lynn that she should stay off the gin! This was a really good night with some great records that do not get played often enough and quite a few that I had not heard before so what could be better than that. Also great hospitality from the landlord and staff which makes it all the easier to travel somewhere again. Looking forward to the next one which I hope will be just as good and will have more stuff I enjoy and some more tunes I have not heard before. New stuff is what keep me and may other interested even if it is only new to me. Steve
  13. Martyn Are these your black trainers or your more special brown ones? I know that you have only ever had one pair of trainers. Steve
  14. This was a really good night, all of it spent in the "under £25" room. Heard lots of stuff that I had not heard for a while and a lot that had either passed me by in the past or I simply did not remember!!! Not a bad tune heard all night, thanks to all that played and organised this great night. Steve
  15. If you give me a ring I will tell you when their birthdays are.... I bet you daren't forget Lynn's!!!! TTFN Steve

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