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  1. Third time luck , has anyone got spare for sale please Tony
  2. Has anyone got a decent copy going spare please Tony MAK
  3. Still looking for a nice copy of this please MAK
  4. Looking for a nice clean copy if anyone can help MAK
  5. Hi can anyone help with a nice clean copy of NORTHERN LIGHTS-HEY MAMA/KEEP ON DANCING . Thank you Tony
  6. I have a copy , cover ex - Vinyl VG++ , nice and clean just a few very light scuffs , few clicks but not over powering . PM me for price if intrested Tony MAK
  7. Looking for a clean copy can anyone help please Tony MAK
  8. Can anyone help with a clean copy of the above please . Tony MAK
  9. I hasten to add the record is not on here
  10. Can I ask , do dealers some think they are a cut above the rest . When I see a record for sale I am within my rights to contact the dealer and ask for more info , surely . But when you have made contact with the dealer numerous times and on numerous platforms and he/she ignores you query then I class that as being ignorant , am I right or wrong . Needless to say the inquiry is off .
  11. Help please , looking for a clean copy of THE MAJORS - LOST IN A CITY - BIG THREE
  12. Bargin , Keep Trying stand out track MAK

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