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  1. Cheers Mike.... Super fast service, highly recommended.
  2. A highly recommended super fast service. Cheers Mike.... well pleased with my purchase.
  3. Hey up a wee message fae Aberdeen's GotG's Alan Paterson:- 'Groovin' on the Green' lands really well this year on FRIDAY the 29th Dec !!! Tickets available from Sirene P 01273 818061 or 01224 637740 or The Old King's Highway P 01224 210952 if you prefer the personal touch, from yours truly. E alanpaterson1903@gmail.com Last year's gig went really well and therefore we're repeating it with spots from our local soul stalwarts Ian Copland and Steve Willox. In there as usual is the 'dark horse' himself Andy Hughes and me. Go get em’!! all the best Al. tfk
  4. Hi Folks, As we live in hope for an Indian summer, I'll remind you all of the next time we're 'Groovin' on the Green' - September 23rd. Tickets are available from the usual outlets (Sirene & OKH & from yours truly). This time in our efforts to bring the various tastes from around the country, our guest DJ will be Charlie McAneny from Banbury. I'm sure Charlie will delight just as Andy Whitmore and Dave 'Klink' Allan did so well at the last GotG back in June. Looking forward to seeing you all. atb For 'Alan Paterson' alanpaterson1903@gmail.com
  5. Tfk

    Grumpy Soul is back!

    spot on Dale , yes a fabulous night out in great company at "Grumpys" new home. in the words of Little Eddie Taylor " had a good time" with my baby. Well worth the journey down - Phew!!! tfk
  6. Bedford was good , also remembering these fabulous allnighters in Huddersfield about 1985ish ? From what i recall back then some of the crowd that attended these events were regular every weekend allnighter goers into Modern and Northern ..... we certainly were . tfk
  7. A Fabulous CD ..... Recommended !! interesting article too. tfk
  8. Just a quick note to thank those of you who managed to attend GotG on Saturday. Going by the reception you gave Terry Jones, Keith Money and our own Andy Hughes, you obviously enjoyed every minute of the night. I look forward to seeing you all again at the next one - Saturday, June 17th whereby we'll have Andy Whitmore back on again and Dave 'Klink' Allan behind the decks. It's sure to be another great night with the next cocktail of rare soul having you asking after. There's also a wee surprise package being prepared which I'll reveal in the next notice.In the meantime, groove on!!AtbAlan Pat
  9. Tfk

    Grumpy Soul is back!

    Great news guys and well done , looks a fabulous venue too ..... easy peasy to get to and only a stones throw from Shotton Railway station pronounced "Shotton" not Shotts-on! tfk
  10. 2 fabulous sides back to back on this 45 !!!! tfk P.N for those in the States 'Records by mail" now stock Soul Junction Records releases .... https://www.recordsbymail.com/search.php?q=&artist=&title=&label=SOUL+JUNCTION&item=
  11. Just to let you all know, now that March has arrived that's my lot of tickets sold out. If you know anyone who has indicated a desire to attend then please direct them to Sirene. I think Andy/Amanda have some left, if not try behind the bar at the OKH. Terry Jones is flying up on the day and I'm sure like Keith Money will be enthused at how responsive the crowd is to their own personal selection. This format is delivering just what I set out for i.e. freshness. I look forward to seeing those of you who manage to secure a ticket.Atb Alan [GotG]
  12. HNY folks,Hopefully you all had a good festive period.Thanks to all those who came to GotG on the 30th, a great turn out on what I'd describe as an awkward night just before the traditional celebrations. Despite everyone having their own Hogmanay plans, so many came to make it another great night, thank you. Special thanks goes to the two lads (Pepsi and Des) who were never going to disappoint. A great mix full of quality rare soul music imho! All warmed up nicely by Andy Hughes of course. I'm just heading out now with the usual allocation of tickets for the OKH bar to sell for the night on Ma
  13. memories from those youthful 70s floor shaking youth club days -defo early introduction into the groove... great footage btw

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