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  1. Will be worth the wait young man when it arrived in skegness on Monday morning I started to flick though it, ended up having day off work couldn't put it down !!!
  2. Received book and CD beginning of the week , have to say if you haven't ordered a copy it is essential reading. Transports you right back to a time I'm sure lots of us wish we could have been there. Big well done
  3. Would never let Roy Robert's go still such a class record. Let a blue and green Rufus go many moons ago, think I got £50 and thought I'd done well. Cant be worth all that can it
  4. Had some top nights right back to the 70's in notts & Leicester also the half time orange 2000's Happy days indeed
  5. Had some great away days at filbet street back in the day you dont want any "sheep shaggers" at yours . Again big well done to your boys playing some nice stuff, wish you well
  6. Had some great nights here be such a shame if another iconic venue falls. Maybe these big venue nighters are going to be a thing of our history like so many others
  7. So glad to see the foxes pushing at the top again, big well done You lot want to try being a Forest fan
  8. Happy birthday young lady hope you've had a top day Mick n Mo xx
  9. Johnny, big respect fella, took a big set of balls to post. Sending you big hugs mr a hell of a lot of folks on here that know you hold with you in the highest regard. Stay strong young man Mick n Mo xx
  10. A very happy birthday to a top fella, hope you have a great day old friend. Been way to long buddy Mick n Mo xxx
  11. Still a great double sided 45, but 2k Still wouldn't let our gamble copy go tho .
  12. Roosevelt Mathews "you got me digging you" Of all the records collected over 40 odd years this is still my number one
  13. Big happy birthday young Kev hope it's been a good one sir Mick n Mo xx
  14. until

    Was always a pleasure to be asked Len Need to have a get together when all this crap is over buddy, got some excellent things you need to hear Mick n Mo xxx
  15. until

    Happy birthday young len Mick n Mo xxx Ps we played for you on the night of the "ice fist" a great nite was had x

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