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  1. Happy birthday young lady hope you've had a top day Mick n Mo xx
  2. Johnny, big respect fella, took a big set of balls to post. Sending you big hugs mr a hell of a lot of folks on here that know you hold with you in the highest regard. Stay strong young man Mick n Mo xx
  3. A very happy birthday to a top fella, hope you have a great day old friend. Been way to long buddy Mick n Mo xxx
  4. Still a great double sided 45, but 2k Still wouldn't let our gamble copy go tho .
  5. Roosevelt Mathews "you got me digging you" Of all the records collected over 40 odd years this is still my number one
  6. Big happy birthday young Kev hope it's been a good one sir Mick n Mo xx
  7. until

    Was always a pleasure to be asked Len Need to have a get together when all this crap is over buddy, got some excellent things you need to hear Mick n Mo xxx
  8. until

    Happy birthday young len Mick n Mo xxx Ps we played for you on the night of the "ice fist" a great nite was had x
  9. Perhaps the greatest little soul cellar ever. So many fantastic nights spent there. Well worth the travel miles from skegness.
  10. Hi len such a great record, still my no1 and one we will never let go. Got a issue and demo copy. A record is only worth how bad you want it young man mick n Mo
  11. Buy a lot of records for that phil Hope your good sir.
  12. Looks a top night right up our street Well done Mick n' Mo
  13. Very few have both the York sides in the box John eh

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