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  1. Hi anyone got one for sale ? VG+ or better - price and cond please !
  2. It is being re-issued against the grain of recent other limited new releases so you can get a 2nd issue I think in March
  3. I missed the 45 release - after a copy if anyone has a spare for sale - Cheers Mike
  4. Supremes + four Tops - Please pm me price and cond - cheers Mike
  5. From the cheap as chips (or too cheap to play?) school of thought Denise LaSalle Do me right Silvetti Spring rain Ernie Bush Breakaway Now I'll get my hard hat (that's not a fourth 45 for those thinking I don't understand the question)
  6. Anyone got a sensibly priced 7" VG+ or better - prefer Canadian RCA but UK also...price and condition please !
  7. There is a big difference between owning the odd bootleg vs making and distributing them ... this will blow over and nothing will change IMHO
  8. Thanks but there's a lovely one on eBAy for 30 quid less :0)
  9. If he was selling the 45 on Instagram I can understand why he was peeved. Posting stuff that undermines a sale on a sales site is not on in my view. If it was not for sale on Instragram it's childish however. Just my view...

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