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    Been into northern soul since 72, Much travelled to most of venues all over the UK ,still collecting today

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    Dave Walmsley
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    Bewdley United Kingdom
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    Lou Pride I'm Comin Home in the Morning

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  1. until

    It's the least we can do, come on folks got to get behind this, fill that form in you know it's worth it,,,
  2. until

    Hi Simon and team, 2 from me please, Major Lance -Wait till I Get You In My Arms and Billy Wells & The Invaders - This Heart These Hands,cheers Dave
  3. The plot thickens if you look closely at the Supremes a rough edge to the label ?
  4. until

    That's a great idea Simon, you know I like a good old fashioned Motown tune or 2 , The Isles Bros, Little Miss Sweetness and one that's really growing on me, The Originals, Ooh You ( put a crush on me) , would be wonderful cheers Simon
  5. Could have been water damaged, lots of flooding over the years, a lot of them no release dates either
  6. Very interesting Rick, the only acetates including the Tony Clark above that I was ever lucky enough to find, came from a collection of records previously owned by a Pye company rep. who sadly is no longer with us but so many acetates and promos and rare releases from associated labels.
  7. until

    No doubt about it, "It's Gonna Be Big Thing" , Ist BVAN Of 2021 part 2 Best of 2020 Lockdown Special, and no vaccine required
  8. Bill Withers -Better Off dead -b side to Lean On Me, totally mind blowing tune with an ending like a Stephen King movie
  9. Recently found one of these on a charity eBay site, looked like it had been nailed to a wall at some point in its life, and it was priced albeit reduced over £300. Great pity not a copy of "Landslide " This is not the above mentioned copy Lol
  10. until

    Hi Simon the Bvan team and regulars unable to attend last nights New Years Eve special, family celebrations etc. Just like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you're all safe and well. Will there be a re run Simon on Saturday a chance to catch up or anything to tune into, cheers Dave
  11. until

    What a bloody great night of music, these young guns can mix it up and keep a dance floor moving, Happy New Year to everyone,,,, til next time stay safe and take care X
  12. Hi Ste, just had a look on eBay white demo one up for £600. Starting bid and even an O.O.T.P. £ 49.99 ,unbelievable !
  13. until

    Hope everyone had a Merry Xmas and a safe and Happy New Year to come, looks like this project the Bvan is heading for it's first anniversary barring another miracle, See you all later folks fingers crossed no power cuts ,,,,

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