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    Been into northern soul since 72, Much travelled to most of venues all over the UK ,still collecting today

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    Dave Walmsley
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    Bewdley United Kingdom
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    Lou Pride I'm Comin Home in the Morning

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  1. Hi Martin, Simon and Team, would like to request 2 recent new to me tunes, which have been added to the collection and I've never heard out yet, Frank Johnson,, Love Slave and Jo Jo Benson,, You're Losing Me, hopefully one day soon will get too ,cheers Dave
  2. That Alex Walmsley not bad either for the Saints, no relation
  3. Very Nostalgic and a great idea Andy, infact you should contact the breweries and and offer to sell them or the pubs direct great advertising mate
  4. Now that's a good reason for a knees up Happy 18th Birthday Celebrations to the Triplets Martin, Here are my 3 extra requests , Now I'm in a dancing mood Syl Johnson, Do You Know What Love Is, Billy Hambric, I Found True Love, The Monticellos, Don't Hold Back, Thanks team Dave
  5. Whatever the reason, info, vinyl, events, catching up with old mates and new mates, keeping up and not a Kardashian in site, SS , I thank you, Just wish I'd bought a laptop earlier (2 yrs now) cheers to all of the team
  6. Sorry Pete have I got it wrong regarding number of selections, on one page it definitely says 4 and above I've just read it again and it's 3 , May I keep my 4 for pointing this out lol
  7. Hi Pete, OK 4 from me, been on about it all week on the forum, 1st one,,,, The Temptations, Gotta Find A Way (To Get You Back) , 2nd ,,Jackie Wilson, You Left The Fire Burning, ,,,, requested and played before but, Billy Stewart, Crazy Bout You Baby best £5.00 sound around, and 4th ,, I know it's messy but The Moments, The Hurts On Me Baby, one for dancers in the future maybe. Cheers Dave
  8. Yes Mick, but how did a 60s ,,,circa 66track end up on Cloud Nine,,, then 16 Big Hits,,, Temps Motown Special, various CDs and still avoid being released on a 45 , where was it a big hit in the first place to warrant being included on volume 7 big hits, Great tune
  9. Revisiting The Temptations, Gotta Find A Way (to get you back) , now know of at least 3 Motown album releases, but can't find any info on a legit 45 ? And 2 of them are greatest hits albeit 1 a compilation doesn't make any sense
  10. As anyone mentioned yet, The Temptations,,, Gotta find A Way (to get you back),, available on a greatest hits and an album thatI know I have ,so that's at least two album releases, but if a 45 only a boot ?,, after checking again I do have both albums
  11. until

    Not a religious man but if it helps, I'm hoping and praying this is not the end of a great journey,,, long live the BVAN ,, ,,, ,, ,,,
  12. Yes Steve, I only listed the senior leagues yesterday , he went on to have quite a career around the world and non league too, Legend
  13. Great character, Great player scored 24 goals for B. W. F. C. season 78/79 , I think top scorer for div 1 that season, RIP Frank , here's a list of all UK teams he played for during his illustrious career and England (not listed)
  14. Good morning Andy, have just found the storage jar with the bottle tops in , well preserved, the weight 400 grams, going into Kidderminster later will bag them up, pm me with your address mate , I hope there's a good variety for, not great beer drinkers until the sun comes and then we usually have a mini beer festival lol Dave
  15. What a great idea, this whole bar, tables, chairs and even floor tiles / slabs in the right environment under cover, well done Andy will pop in the workshop to get the others in the morning , ho yeh Joolz (the Mrs) loves it too . A project for the summer months we are currently doing is converting nice bottles into lights, wine, gin, coloured or motifs moulded with the battery /led lights, safer than candles and actually produce more light, and don't burn your fingers trying to put them out lol, Goodnight mate let you know tomorrow, Dave

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