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    Been into northern soul since 72, Much travelled to most of venues all over the UK ,still collecting today

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    Dave Walmsley
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    Bewdley United Kingdom
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    Lou Pride I'm Comin Home in the Morning

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  1. until

    Hi Simon, another excellent Saturday night but unfortunately didn't manage to stay the distance too long after midnight , a long day in the sun lots of alcoholic refreshments and birthday celebrations. Anyway in keeping with the 70s mood may I suggest please, Willie Tee -Teasin You Again -Gatur and James Brown & the jbs -People Wake Up And Live - Polydor, Here's to another cracking Saturday nights entertainment cheers Simon keep safe everyone,,,
  2. until

    Hi Simon, two for Saturday love to hear Albert Jones Fifteen Cent Love and The Poets Wrapped Around Your Finger cheers Dave
  3. until

    I'll second that, a great set and now seems so long ago , something for everyone cheers Simon
  4. until

    As promised and possibly quite rare nowadays, after Nigel's visit to the local tip. A mixed bag loads of great tunes and still plays, posted to me in 93 cheers Nigel
  5. until

    Talking of Friday night oldies alnighters at the Casino, Mr Ms 76 I think almost sure the night before the 3rd anniversary, All the djs turned up Richard,Keith M, Kenny S, and at least two others music blasting out within 15 mins only 3 punters, I unfortunately was one of them at the time living and working in North Wales and had made plans to meet others, Mike Walker suddenly like a man possessed came running across the dance floor waving and shouting shut it down, the djs all looked shocked and totally understandable, we the whole 3 of us having dropped all our gear could'nt believe was what happening, and five minutes later walking the streets of Wigan and not the alnighter we'd all hoped for. It may have 77 but it definitely happened
  6. until

    Hi Simon after the excitement from last Saturday night has calmed, could I please suggest a couple ,,,, Philip Mitchell - Little Things and Cookie Scott - I Don't Care cheers mate
  7. until

    Hi Simon and the the Crew just flicking( if that's the correct term) and a tune that's come to mind, Mel Britt She'll Come Running Back, that's it I know it's late can't sleep so excited just like the old days , if possible cheers mate
  8. until

    Hi Simon 2hrs eh and a Casino special from what I've read so far, sounds like Sat nights gonna be another cracker .my 2 for Sat if you can, Nathaniel Mayer Summertime and Johnny Watson It's Better To Cry cheers Simon see you Saturday night
  9. If only, bought my copy about 82 played it at the 100 Club and The Cavern in Brighton very hard to get the floor moving, but absolutely great tune, probably played at the Casino Mr Searling wish I never sold it. paid £12. To a mate of Kebs along with a few others bubbling under the radar at the time, Great times,,,,,,,,
  10. Hi Joe couldn't resist a look on discogs and the UK copies sell for around £40. But there is a Greek copy for over €690. About £640 I believe ,but it does have a picture sleeve good luck mate DaveW
  11. Hi Joe I actually played a copy last week in Mr Tees Kidderminster nice copy, it was for sale and more than likely still there. Try ringing or contact Terry on their Facebook page all the best mate
  12. until

    Saturday night another cracker and a good night had by all, if I may Simon Would love to hear " Little Miss Soul- You've Made Me So Very Happy " and it certainly will, another gem from the Motown vaults cheers
  13. until

    "I'm on my way " just finished dinner see you all there save me a spot at the bar
  14. until

    Ady long time I know hope you have a really good turn out for tomorrow, I don't do facebook so unless you can somehow put me onto another like mixcloud or Radioking I'm gonna miss it again. Good to see your still soulin on must try to get down there before it's too late and before I forget "where it's at" all the best mate DaveW
  15. until

    Well I don't know about you guys but I'm ready are you, "It's Gonna Be A Big Thing" forget the crisps and soup try some of this tastes great on malted brown toasted about 1.00am see y'all tomorrow

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