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    Started my soul education in Liverpool at the Cavern and Mardi Gras clubs, Billy Butler was my teacher. Moved on to the Torch and also spent many a happy friday at the Raven in Whitchurch, Soul Sam was our guru then. Have been collecting Northern soul ever since those days but recently have started to sell my vinyl and collect tracks on Cd or digital now. Now live in Devon and Cornwall having retired in 2008 and spend my time with my 4 grandkids, eldest is 19 so he keeps me up to date with tracks and technology. My other big passions in life are Liverpool FC and surfing. Watching LFC win the European cup in Istanbul with my son was nearly as exciting as hearing Bobby Hebbs Love love love for the first time at the Torch Stoke!!

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    Tavistock Devon
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    bobby hebb love, love, love

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  1. Wow! this scene never fails to surprise. I've not heard this before, what a track. Been listening to and collecting rare soul since 1968, collected over 5,000 records and have digitised over 16,000 tracks and this has totally passed me by!! What a plonker. But it just goes to show what a broad scene this is and not to assume everyone knows what you do. I once dj'd to a reasonably knowledgable northern crowd where hardly anyone had heard Tony Middletons Paris Blues before, they thought I was genius til they spotted the Grapevine single I was playing it off. No OVO in those days. Dave Banks
  2. on holiday in Fuerteventura and this Great grey Shrike came to see us Dave Banks
  3. My first contribution. Not the sharpest picture but so hard to get a stoat to keep still! Dave Banks
  4. should that be Barbara Cooper "Whats one more tear" or is there a "no more tears" that I have missed? Dave Banks
  5. got to be from Williams and Watsons "too late" Don't need no woman to help me starve to death Dave Banks
  6. Wow, thanks guys. What a great site this is for instant info. What a scene it must have been in Detroit in those days. Great performances like this just almost casually created then tossed aside. And now with technology we can fortunately enjoy them again. Dave Banks
  7. Does anyone know the real story behind this recording? It was presumably cut by the Don Davis/Groovesville set up? Before or after Steve Mancha's version? And was David still under contract to Motown and just moonlighting perhaps recording a demo of the song. Apart from the CD releases on various compilations has it come out as a 45? thanks for any info, appreciated. Dave Banks
  8. Got rid of my 45s some years ago, along with the means to play them. Kept some old battered pop stuff; Beatles Stones etc lent them to my grandson who had acquired a vintage Dansette he was fascinated with. He's just given me some records back and in amongst the pop stuff was a copy of The Festivals Music, not rare, but a great track nevertheless. It is the only soul 45 I have got left. And I remember why it was kept now, as the B side" I'll aways love you" was a track I was trying to record with a local band. In fact the demo we had was paced even slower than the original and sung beautifully by the barmaid at our local! Exert of track attached if anyone is interested.02 I'll always love you part 2.mp302 I'll always love you part 2.mp3
  9. Currently "massive" in our house the Topics album Giving Up and the insanely rare Matt Covington album; and before my mates think I have come in to a fortune from somewhere, both these great rare albums are available for download from iTunes and probably elsewhere. But if I had to go for 1 track it would be The Temptations - I got heaven right here on earth; the original Eddie Kendricks 1965 version
  10. £665; Steve. The results are posted on the "northern soul" app. Dave Banks
  11. You did indeed sell me a copy of Eydie Gorme!!! What a memory you have. That copy now resides in a box in Mr Manships warehouse. All the best mate, glad to hear you are still into northern and stuff. Did you find many unusual sounds when you were travelling the world with RN? Dave Banks
  12. heard this used as as a last record many times. Dave Banks
  13. and for a modern dancer how about ; Billy Paul - People power Dave Banks
  14. the Topics - You've got the power from the Giving Up album Dave Banks
  15. James Carr ? Walter Jackson ? Surely both would be contenders, maybe we ought to compile a top ten Dave Banks

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