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  1. davebanks

    Male Voices

    James Carr ? Walter Jackson ? Surely both would be contenders, maybe we ought to compile a top ten Dave Banks
  2. davebanks

    News: Mello Souls - Fisher Harmon R.I.P.

    One of the greatest performances ever committed to vinyl. A privilege and a pleasure to listen to such a great record. Dave Banks
  3. davebanks

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Yes I remember Paynes Cafe Royal. Who was the DJ there? Bought the Incredibles nothing else to say off him back in the day it was a big sound. Was well pleased at getting it for 75pence. Dave Banks
  4. davebanks

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    I thought that was Tony Petherbridge from Whitchurch, promoting the Raven and other events in the area. Certainly when I used to speak to Tony in his shop in Whitchurch he used to complain that he should have copyrighted the term Northern Soul!!!! Maybe wishful thinking Eh. Dave Banks
  5. davebanks

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Are you saying that the Young brothers was played at the wheel ?? Never heard that before. But then you live and learn. Always thought that was an 80's discovery. Dave Banks
  6. davebanks

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    this one always reminds me of the wheel, what an absolute monster it was. The sheer power in the backing track I irresistible, such a common record now but hard to find back in the day. Dave Banks
  7. davebanks

    Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    link to Dennis Edwards talking about how he came to record Johnnie on the spot. Dave Banks
  8. davebanks

    soul on internet radio

    With a plethora of stations to choose from now on internet radio what are soul source members listening to ?? Dave Banks
  9. You know what its like: late at night after a few drinks too many and probably a row with your partner. You reach for your favourite sad record to wallow in and play very loud. Maybe a bit of Walter Jackson or Luther Ingram or BB Kings the Thrill is gone if its really bad. Just recently been hammering William Bells LP this is where I live. But for the depths of despair I go for something by Little Anthony like hurt so bad. Of course it doesnt make you feel any better for very long Whats your go to sad song? Dave Banks
  10. davebanks

    The Stylistics At The Torch

    Well I was there with my missus and a bunch of us from Merseyside. Must have been 1973. The band where over here to promote their second UK hit Stone in love with you, but it was the b side that was played at the Torch, Point of no return. We had known of the band from Stop Look and You are everything both non hits here in UK but played at most clubs in the north. They were the sort of band you wooulkd see every week in those days headlining at the local working mens club eg Drifters, Gems, Fantastics etc. As I recall they did not light up the Torch!! Certainly not in the same league as the Major or Junior Walker. It was also a time when top US soul acts regularily toured the UK, by then we had seen the 4 Tops, Supremes, Temptations, Martha Reeves and Stevie Wonder all the original lineups. So maybe we were hard to impress. We had also seen many of the fraud groups touring UK in the early 70s eg the Fabulous Impressions the Original Drifters. In fact if we had known that the Original Drifters were in fact the Invitations we would have been well impressed at the time!!! Dave Banks
  11. davebanks

    Cherished record casualties

    Just knelt on a copy of Sandy Wynns - Loves like Quicksand on Canterbury and its cracked all the way across, Doh! I know its not that expensive to replace but I liked that copy, had it since 1972!!! Anyway whats your cherished record casualty. We have all heard of Frank Wilson being left on the chipshop counter and the Len Barry album flying off the top of Richard Searlings car, everyone must have similar tales to tell. Lets hear them. Dave Banks
  12. davebanks

    First all nighter record that you remember most

    Whilst we had heard quite few good sounds at various clubs around merseyside, like kittens and Jimmy conwell, what blew us away was hearing "unsatisfied" Lou Johnson at the Torch. That massive intro and rush to the dance floor then the syncopated claps which we had never experienced before, we were hooked. It was a life changing experience no less than that. The opening lines became our call sign Oh baby don't you turn aside, when spoken anywhere on a bus in a pub got the chorused response "don't you leave me so unsatisfied" happy naive days Dave Banks
  13. davebanks

    Anyone fancy posting

    Are you saying that Verlie Rice was the lead singer of the Chicago Inspirations, didn't know that. He wrote a few other songs as well. That inspirations track is one of my favourites as well, the drumming is fantastic. Does Verlie know who played the drums on the track by any chance? Dave Banks
  14. davebanks


  15. davebanks

    Uk Tamla Motown Issue vs Demo

    Smokeys tears of a clown came out on demo and first few issues with you must be love on the b side before the b side was changed to the current USA hit. The name of which escapes me now as I am away from me records, sunning it in gran canaria. dave banks


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