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    Started my soul education in Liverpool at the Cavern and Mardi Gras clubs, Billy Butler was my teacher. Moved on to the Torch and also spent many a happy friday at the Raven in Whitchurch, Soul Sam was our guru then. Have been collecting Northern soul ever since those days but recently have started to sell my vinyl and collect tracks on Cd or digital now. Now live in Devon and Cornwall having retired in 2008 and spend my time with my 4 grandkids, eldest is 19 so he keeps me up to date with tracks and technology. My other big passions in life are Liverpool FC and surfing. Watching LFC win the European cup in Istanbul with my son was nearly as exciting as hearing Bobby Hebbs Love love love for the first time at the Torch Stoke!!

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    Tavistock Devon
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    bobby hebb love, love, love

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  1. I'll say !! Bought a UK copy from a Mr I Levine of Blackpool in about 1972/73 at the Top Rank Hanley for £5 and then I debated with myself all night as to whether it was worth it. Loved the sound, but £5 !! About £55 in todays money. Had to borrow the money as well off my girlfriend. Luckily she became my wife and not sure I have ever given her the money back. Sold it on a few years later for £25. Thats record collecting, there's always something else you want. Dave Banks
  2. And in the pop auction Prince Buster Sunshine with my girl went for £734 WOW! Dig out those old reggae/ska tunes Dave Banks
  3. My first record request I'm sure was asking Billy Butler that legendary Liverpool DJ "what was that you just played?" . We new nothing back in 1970 about rare records; or even common ones come to that. Sad to say I think the first actual record I asked him for was the Newbeats Run baby run. Because not long after I persuaded him to part with a copy. I know; pop to the core, but it was huge at the time in the clubs. As usual Billy had records strewn everywhere behind the decks, give me a moment its here somewhere was almost his catchphrase! Dave Banks
  4. Went to Va Vas a few times. My main memory is the small dance floor and buying the Producers Lady Lady Lady there. At the time I had not heard it and I said to the seller what's this? He says its the instrumental to What kind of lady. No way!!!! Its on a different label and doesn't say "Instru" on it. With that he gives it to the DJ who plays it straight away and the floor fills. I of course buy it straight away for £1.25. Maybe overpriced for the time! For a few weeks it was the wonder of our local club. Sunday nights at the Old Wirralians rugby club. Great days. Dave Bank
  5. Went to the Raven nr Whitchurch, Soul Sams local venue at the time (early 70's) the week before he had played Bob Relf Blowing my mind. First time we had heard it. Pretty sure it was one of the first plays in the country but others will know better than me. Anyway we take along a cassette tape player to record said song. We ask Sam first if we can and he says a generous yes after seeing the crappy cheap recorder we have. We set it up on a table and when the record comes on we press play/record and fill the dance floor. Listening to the tape on the way home we can clearly hear in the
  6. Maybe an on this day/week type topic covering 1960's and 1970's . Could even be publishing the billboard charts for that week for comment. Not sure about copyright for that! Dave Banks
  7. How about Curtis Mayfields' haunting "Back against the wall" from the movie/album "Short Eyes" about a child molester in prison. I like it ;and as one reviewer said "it cuts deep" Not sure it got many radio plays! Dave Banks
  8. DAB reception in Devon and Cornwall is rubbish, unless its just my car. But the car is new (2020) and has a Bose system, so it should work OK. Anyway it has 3 USB ports so I have a stick in each port with 2000 tracks on each stick; a soul one a northern one and a reggae one for the wife. Trouble is can't go anywhere during lockdown to listen to them!. Dave Banks
  9. All my stuff is digitised and on Laptop/iPod. I do listen to CDs and internet radio via a Marantz system which gives good sound quality. But have just discovered (Doh!) that you can download thousands of tracks onto a usb stick and just put it on random play; this is great in the car. And I now find myself listening to tracks I'd forgotten about or sometimes not played at all if they are on an album bought for one or two tracks. Dave Banks
  10. RIP Gerry you left us with a host of memories. Saw him many times at a host of local supper clubs, we would move across from the adjacent disco to watch Gerry and everyone in the club ended up standing on chairs and tables singing YNWA at the show finale. Was also privileged to be in the Ataturk stadium at the champions league final 2005 to participate in the loudest and most moving rendition of YNWA ever at halftime and boy did it work!!! Dave Banks
  11. We did have it all to ourselves and often do when we are there. It is a bodyboarding wave, very shallow over a lava rock reef. It is not a wave to learn on as its very fast. The good thing about FUE is the water is a warm 20 even in winter and the air about 25C and the waves a plentiful and the crowds sparse. It is very hard getting good surfing shots from the water, not only is the subject moving fast, you are in danger of being pummelled by the wave and you can't look through a viewfinder. And in my case cannot wear your specs. So luck plays a big part. Dave Banks
  12. Watching the snow fall here in Devon too. Made me think of sunnier and happier times when I snapped this shot with an underwater housing on a digital camera. My son in Fuerteventura earlier in the year. Dave Banks
  13. What happened to Barbara Cooper record seems to have disappeared off the site? Dave Banks
  14. this seems appropriate in the UK at the moment...... Christmas Tiers Dave Banks
  15. Oh wow. I'd forgotten just how good this track is. What memories. We had this on a reel to reel tape with a player that worked off batteries so we could take it in the car. This was before cassette tapes, never mind Walkmans, iPhones and the like. We would sing along when heading to the Torch Cats or the Raven, trying to replicate the Superlatives harmonies 'love you, need you, want you". Don't know who put that tape together for us but only recently found it when clearing out my mums house, been at the back of a cupboard for 50 years. Tape player still worked as well, but what a busines

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