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    Started my soul education in Liverpool at the Cavern and Mardi Gras clubs, Billy Butler was my teacher. Moved on to the Torch and also spent many a happy friday at the Raven in Whitchurch, Soul Sam was our guru then. Have been collecting Northern soul ever since those days but recently have started to sell my vinyl and collect tracks on Cd or digital now. Now live in Devon and Cornwall having retired in 2008 and spend my time with my 4 grandkids, eldest is 19 so he keeps me up to date with tracks and technology. My other big passions in life are Liverpool FC and surfing. Watching LFC win the European cup in Istanbul with my son was nearly as exciting as hearing Bobby Hebbs Love love love for the first time at the Torch Stoke!!

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    Tavistock Devon
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    bobby hebb love, love, love

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  1. The next bay along, showing my daughter in laws "family" seat and the fields opposite part of her farm. I just fish off the rocks. North Cornwall no where better when the sun is shining.
  2. feeling a bit "stuck in" this morning, what with lockdown and non stop rain. Dreaming of being here in North Cornwall, where I am usually to be found in the summer. Decided to listen to all of the Impressions A and B sides today, in order, seems appropriate given the current times Dave Banks
  3. Of course back in those days there was no sat nav and stuff. Shortly after the Torch all-nighters started we set off from Liverpool, 7 of us crammed into my Dads Hillman Husky with the seats folded flat so we could all lie down. Get on the M6 to the classic conversation of "I thought you new where it was"? No "I thought you did" Several hours later we get there and had a classic night. Coming back was a bit scary as I was driving and kept falling asleep. Only to be kept awake by my mates singing hey hey brother Times a Wasting at the top of their voices. Happy days. Dave Banks
  4. lucky to live in an area where I can cycle down lanes like this. Only a mile down the road from me but finding flat cycle routes in Devon is tricky. Dave Banks
  5. With too much lockdown time on my hands I have been listening to stuff long since stored in my loft. Filed in the box marked must get rid of some time. Anyway discovered that the version of Rosco Robinsons Thats Enough on the Japanese LP reissue is a different mix to the Gerri/Wand release. It has an added piano riff. I'm going around quite excited about this discovery, but now 20 minutes later realise how sad I have become. Must get out in the garden tomorrow and give my ears a rest! Dave Banks
  6. Just read on devonlive about a London family who drove through the night to go fishing in Torbay in the middle of lockdown!!!!!! Fined and escorted out of county. Unbelievable Dave Banks
  7. Why is this particular Kellmac release so rare? After all its not many releases after the huge success of Michael a mere 7 releases earlier. Dave Banks
  8. Used to listen to AFN all the time in the early seventies on a tiny tinny tranny, signal can't have been that bad, I was on merseyside. Do remember first hearing the ChiLites Power to the people and being blown away by its contrast to the Motown and sweet soul I had been listening to before, and not Brown type FUNKY. Happy days Dave Banks
  9. A stunning live performance, you can feel the soul and pain in his voice
  10. Back to the birds and here is a picture of one of the rarest birds in the world. Its a Takahe, once thought to be extinct and now only 300 left in the world in New Zealand. This one had been tempted out of the forest by a feeding station. Flightless and thus prone to attack by introduced mammals like stoats. of
  11. a few waves later it all ended badly with a damaged shoulder!! Dave Banks
  12. As most of us are stuck in. I thought I would post a few archive photos of interesting stuff. This photo of my son bodyboarding in Cornwall was taken by a mate of ours. Scary big day Dave Banks
  13. Not many people who went to the Torch drank beer!!!! In fact it was a few weeks before I realised why!! I was young and innocent then. Dave Banks

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