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    been into this this northern game since i was 15,was collecting as soon as i went to my first niter,there was no going back after that. whilst ive always enjoyed the chase of a record,im not a serious collector,when i get i bored of a tune,i sell it,and buy another,and sometimes buying back records 4 and 5 times over many years! and so the circle continues to go round and round. although many things have changed over the years with trends,values..etc..in the end,the record will always still be the record! may northern soul live forever! lee

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    lee edwards
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    macclesfield cheshire uk
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    j d bryant - i wont be coming back

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  1. Surely his “love really hurts without you” is more “northern” than the red light! I recall youth club days and at the local disco if someone said “put some northern on” it was “love really hurts without you” invariably came on!
  2. I have an unsettling feeling that its gonna be true!
  3. That cant be right! A bag of sand for the drifters!
  4. Gee white label with black lettering!
  5. Yeah mercury label certainly likes its garage/soul acts!
  6. You know what mate, i was expecting a white fella! Burning bush has that blued eyed feel to it! But then again before the power of the internet i thought jimmy radcliffe was white too
  7. I agree....this is the dullest bit if of trivia ive read today..so far! kiddin mate,im always interested in the beginnings of artists and the songs! Nice one Pic of the lp?
  8. Never had or heard of it! Maybe it has an overlooked b side?
  9. Bloody rare on that red issue though! Only seen it a couple if times before!
  10. Im sure i had a boot of this in the early 80’s
  11. Considering all the traditional “northern soul” tunes have gone through the roof,the donald lee richardson looks cheap now at 250 quid! I wish id had a punt on it now! the johnny meastro isnt cheap considering a handful of mint demos have been floating around at 700 quid!
  12. 5k for one and 7k for the otherwell why not
  13. On the grand scheme of things this was a flippin bargain!
  14. Never even seen one of them! Is it same label as arin demain?
  15. Ive just checked on popsike,and i sold a vg+ copy in august 2017 and got £2k for it! I do think 7k is excessive!

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