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  1. dobber

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    yeah this is the motown one i attended,i knew i had gone to 3 weekenders around 90/91.i recall martha reeves and edwin starr being the standout acts for me. which was the god awful weekender with sam ward,lou ragland,francis nero all singing to a rubbish backing tape? at least the acts at yarmouth were with a real band!
  2. dobber

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    is there a flyer for the motown weekender then for 89? also didnt the pa go dead for chuck jackson and he sung accapella? i seem to remember a glittery gold jacket he was wearing? gene chandler had some king costume on?
  3. dobber

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    i went to the yarmouth weekenders,i was only around 19/20 at the time, i was more into the dancing and the records,and the djs were like something that fell out of the sky,but in all honesty seeing the acts didnt really interest me. i recall ray pollard and some female artists,but i seem to recall chuck jackson,hb barnum,jj barnes,lorraine silver,martha reeves,tony middleton,when were these acts on? but i dont recall seeing ben e king,but i doubt i would have been that fussed about that. there was other motown acts too,who were they,anyone know? i seem to recall 3 weekenders around them couple of years 89/90/91?
  4. dobber

    name that tune?

    thanks pal,thats the bugga! sounds suspiciously like jimmy radcliffe though?
  5. dobber

    name that tune?

    beat ballad from the late 80's,seem to recall it being an unissued thing by supposedly chubby checker,but it sounds like jimmy radcliffe? i can hear it in my head but cant remeber who it was? ta dobber
  6. dobber

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    5 big ones for j d bryant on shrine,funny how a record sounds better the more you pay for it!
  7. dobber

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    is that the original male vocal inspirations? cant be many of them,t massey has one doesnt he? serious money!
  8. dobber

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    1330 quid for jay d martin....haha only kidding,wasnt me honest!
  9. dobber

    Jay D Martin Winning Bid: £1,337.00 !!!!!!

    i suppose if the usual rate for this is 200 quid,and the usual rate for sam williams on tower is 1200 quid,does that mean the buyer would be happy to pay about 8k for sam williams? haha
  10. dobber

    Combinations - Kimtone

    ive had the multi coloured copy twice,and both had the bubble in the vinyl,and in the same position! didnt affect the play at all! ive also seen the red issue twice before,im almost certain they were styrene! red issue much rarer than the multi. decent enough tune,but you soon tire of it,it doesnt go anywhere,the break in the middle is the same as the intro and then its over!
  11. its harry moon,he has a tune called “womans man” on the incredibly rare sin label,then later came out on jenges!
  12. dobber

    Morecambe 1984 Hearsay

    yeah im not so sure it was a weekender come to think of it?
  13. dobber

    Morecambe 1984 Hearsay

    yeah i went to that,they were singing to a tape machine,not a band,bloody awful! sam ward had a big cowboy hat on,he signed my boot of sister lee,funny ole chap. werent a patch on the great yarmonth weekenders prior to this one.


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