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    been into this this northern game since i was 15,was collecting as soon as i went to my first niter,there was no going back after that. whilst ive always enjoyed the chase of a record,im not a serious collector,when i get i bored of a tune,i sell it,and buy another,and sometimes buying back records 4 and 5 times over many years! and so the circle continues to go round and round. although many things have changed over the years with trends,values..etc..in the end,the record will always still be the record! may northern soul live forever! lee

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    lee edwards
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    macclesfield cheshire uk
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    j d bryant - i wont be coming back

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  1. I agree,brand new faces very poor....but bobby James doesn’t t really grab me either....it has to be the jimmy burns for in ya face impact!
  2. Always rated the Detroit & intruders tune,never see it,however the middle section is so close to “any day now” it takes my breathe away! Great record though!
  3. Any sound file anywhere? Of the the real one I mean,not that drivel on the YouTube clip haha
  4. What a vulgar display,at least pm haha
  5. My apologies fella’s,I hadn’t considered the “I’ll be gone side” so I suppose the “lady” is the cheaper way to get that side!
  6. Would 250 be for “lazy” and not this “lady” surely to god this is a 20 quidder?
  7. If anyone can’t stand the blokes voice but likes the tune,turn it over for the instr! maybe record your own vocal to it haha
  8. I got £2200 in 2005 on eBay with shit loads of bids,that was an ex copy,although up until then there hadn’t been many if any copy’s showing up for sale,but since then there’s been quite a few! I’d imagine on jms it will do 2.5 to 3k?
  9. I know 6 years have passed,but this is a shocking price for this deadbeat of a record! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313128762162
  10. Can get an original copy of f.nero for the same amount!
  11. Just kiddin mate,love loads of Xover into early modern! However once it leaves the 70’s into 80’s 0nwards it sound to plastic for me!
  12. I remember beware being more mid tempo? Falling is on YouTube but not beware?
  13. Cheers for the soundfile,not a bad tune that!
  14. Also I notice the “emeralds-beware” is on the list,would it not be the other side “catch me I’m falling” be the desired side?

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