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    been into this this northern game since i was 15,was collecting as soon as i went to my first niter,there was no going back after that. whilst ive always enjoyed the chase of a record,im not a serious collector,when i get i bored of a tune,i sell it,and buy another,and sometimes buying back records 4 and 5 times over many years! and so the circle continues to go round and round. although many things have changed over the years with trends, the end,the record will always still be the record! may northern soul live forever! lee

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    lee edwards
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    macclesfield cheshire uk
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    j d bryant - i wont be coming back

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  1. could be many copys of darrell banks on black london out there?
  2. a chap that i know and and a few others on here also know him, purchased a load of jobete acetates from pete lowry in the late 80's early nineties? reportedly in that bunch was a 10 inch acetate of frank wilson,the acetate had the instrumental and 3 mixes of the tune,it also came with the sheet music and notes? he was invited onto the richard searling show to play the acetates,i didnt listen to the show so i dont know if the frank wilson was played! i purchased a few acetates from him in the mid nineties that were defo originals...patrice holloway for the love of mike,brenda holloway lonely boy,and a jimmy ruffin and something else i cant quite remember! if it does exist,then that is a serious item!
  3. is there anyone on the scene that young?
  4. i first heard many tunes off the soul supply lp's and then went on to try and get the originals,but there were dissapointments, for example,i used to love the tune 'soul inc-what goes up must come down' on emblem,i eventually got the 45 just to be dissapointed,because there are 2 45 variations,the yellow copy is a live version and much slower,to which back in the late 80's just wouldnt have done me at all! the version on the lp is upbeat and a studio version, and as it turns out, extremely rare and hard to find. both youtube variations here.
  6. is that price right for the cindy gibson? it sounds like a lot of record for very cheap money,a quality oldie for under 100 quid these days is very rare!
  7. god they have even spelt the name wrong on the label,thought it was just your typo..haha
  8. whilst £6800 is a lot of dough for any record,i honestly thought inspirations would get past the 10k mark?
  9. hi, a few reissues to go postage £2.00 first class paypal or bank transfer 50 pounds for the lot plus post!!! 1. eddie spencer-if this is love-light in the attic- limited reissue m- £15 2. lenny curtis-nothing can help you now-stardust088 m- £15 3 elgins-heaven must have sent you-tamla uk 771 ex-£3 4. martha & vandellas-jimmy mack-tamla uk 599 m- £4 5. ruth swann-tainted love-spark 1124 yellow&blue ex £5 6. jackie trent-send her away/you baby bw family affair love hustle-casino classics 4 m- £5 7 .allnight band-the joker/six by six-casino classics6 yellow vinyl ex £4 8. mods 79-green onions/high on you love-casino classics13 m- £4 9 .diana foster-gonna share it with you/autumn-time out-casino classics7 white vinyl m-£4 10. ron grainer orch-a touch of velvet/joe 90-casino classics5 blue vinyl m- £4
  10. i dont shit about modern,but that mister 45 is on there twice,so either someone got a right bargain,or someone has had there arse nailed to the floor! i agree the jesse davis was for nowt too,i suppose the tune is out of step at the moment.
  11. my copy here shows it was 77 of 500 pressed,i had 2 copies a few years back and sold one on ebay,think i got about 50 quid for it
  12. yeah this is the motown one i attended,i knew i had gone to 3 weekenders around 90/91.i recall martha reeves and edwin starr being the standout acts for me. which was the god awful weekender with sam ward,lou ragland,francis nero all singing to a rubbish backing tape? at least the acts at yarmouth were with a real band!
  13. is there a flyer for the motown weekender then for 89? also didnt the pa go dead for chuck jackson and he sung accapella? i seem to remember a glittery gold jacket he was wearing? gene chandler had some king costume on?

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