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    been into this this northern game since i was 15,was collecting as soon as i went to my first niter,there was no going back after that. whilst ive always enjoyed the chase of a record,im not a serious collector,when i get i bored of a tune,i sell it,and buy another,and sometimes buying back records 4 and 5 times over many years! and so the circle continues to go round and round. although many things have changed over the years with trends,values..etc..in the end,the record will always still be the record! may northern soul live forever! lee

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    lee edwards
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    macclesfield cheshire uk
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    j d bryant - i wont be coming back

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  1. thats right chalky! And the knock on affect is down the pecking order when us poor saps end up paying 3 times what it was going for the week before! Cos a lot of the time the auction price dictates the set sale too! I dont blame any seller for this,but we see it all the time “sold on jms auction £1000” “i will take £800” whereas the week before you may have been happy with £400!
  2. I think the lunatics are running the asylum mate Id want the red one for that!
  3. Well as we know nothing lasts forever,so my thought we be that if your a collector/dj and enjoy buying the records whatever the cost and your happy to take them to the grave then thats what you should do regardless of thoughts of longevity of value or the scene,however if youve been busting large amounts of money over the years trying to keep up with demand and prices but its affecting your everyday life,or your worried to death your gonna see your collection become worthless in a monetary sense,then get selling now! Before the market is flogged with not enough people to buy them!
  4. Week after week the prices on some 45’s are just simply crazy! No sense at all! But i do wonder if say...the bottom and company price looks and is a lot to us in the uk but to say someone in japan its peanuts?
  5. Also are the B sides exactly the same? Cos I’m sure by the quality of the song they had equally as much faith in that song too! im very well baz,hope you are too mate!
  6. Very detailed info baz,I know your good at spotting the tiny differences in records! I would propose it’s simply a faster recording,simply because I’ve recorded in recording studios many times in bands,and based on the fact we’re talking the 60’s analogue,to record the song again would not produce the same sound no matter how hard you try,the individual musicians wouldn’t even care about being exact in phrasing etc...this is before you get to the mixing,the mixing involves adding reverb etc to every individual instrument inc each part of the drum kit! In fact the easiest thing to do as a band
  7. Yeah I wasn’t after it,I’ve had this in the past,I just don’t recall the “tell me” side grabbing me in any way! But tastes have changed over the years
  8. Forgive me,but is this the saleable side? I’d have thought it’s the to the bitter end is the attractive side? Going on YouTube now to hear this side!
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bill-Cosby-Little-Ole-Man-Don-Cha-Know-45-rpm-Northern-Soul-Vinyl-Single/233812556553?hash=item3670507b09:g:fqcAAOSwOA9fzmcu someone should show this clown a guide....any guide off this planet,cos the guide this chap is using must be from planet have someone’s arse out!
  10. I thought as much Chris,I’m sure it was Andy Rix who told me that Herman Lewis is Herman Griffin,but I didn’t know his middle name was Lewis...good shout pal!
  11. You know what mate,I’ve just remembered years back on eBay there was an lp still shrink wrapped and the seller saying the lp DIDNT feel like it had a 45 inside it! Now this is food for thought,where could the rumour have started I wonder? and again it doesn’t make sense to have the 45 in with the lp when the lp has the track on it anyway!
  12. On tim browns auction he had the Mercury copy,and he noted that Herman lewis WASNT Herman Griffin? I thought he was? ive had the stone blue issue in the past,seen a few issues and a few white demos too,but the Mercury issue rarely surfaces! either way a gem of a record!
  13. A few questions regarding this lp was the single made way before the lp,and as an after thought,they decided to put it in with the lp cos they had boxes of unsold 45’s? is the 45 really gonna be rare,cos surely to warrant producing and lp there would have been 1000’s pressed up? why put “not me baby” on the lp(which I never knew was on the lp aswell) and put a single in of the same song? Looks like overkill? lee
  14. When I sell a record,I have one grade: ”it is what it is”

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