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  1. until
    Here at DCGS Towers, we're excited to announce for 2018, a triumvirate series of Summer Soundclashes, featuring some carefully selected DJ's from around the world. Kicking things off on 27th June, we head to the Windy City to pillage the collection of one; DARRYN JONES (J.A.W FAMILY) Darryn has been plying his trade for some time around his home town, and now his musical wings are flourishing with triumphant sets around Europe. Expect to hear more from this discofied party rocker in the coming months.....we've decided to up the ante and keep both of our selections secret....if you wanna join in the fun and guess the titles then post away, and I'll add the tracklisting when the correct guesses come in. Keep 'em peeled for the sweet audio treats, and let the games begin!
  2. Greg Belson

    The North London Session @ Grow

    Following on from last years intense South London Session @ the mighty Gowlett, we're heading north of the river.....this Saturday 16th June, the natural raw will be crawlin' outta the record and blastin' loud and proud in one of London's finest new sound systems. A PA to take your breath away with records you might have heard before....your audio captains myself and Nacho Martin, will be taking the controls and grindin' out the soulful grit for your dancin' pleasure. Be prepared...we're gonna properly give you a work out.
  3. Greg Belson

    Divine Disco @ The Love Inn

    Divine Disco @ The Love Inn, featuring your top flight selectors; Greg Belson (Divine Disco/Cultures of Soul/Dublab) Divine Situation (Moton Records, Inc.) Paul Walker (Situation) James Small (Eat The Beat) Uplifting modern soul and rare disco business for your dancing pleasure! **Featuring the brand new release by Divine Situation 'The Problem Solver'....step out to sample the new hotness**
  4. Here are the dates for my European DJ Club & Radio Tour 2018....check 'em out! There's still a coupla TBC's to confirm and I'll get to that in due course. Meanwhile, this is how the summer is looking....hopefully get to see some of you out and about at one or more of the shows. Cheers all!
  5. Greg Belson

    DCGS pt. 81 D-Vine Spirituals 45's Label Focus

    Here we go with the latest Divine Chord Gospel Show....a lebl focus on the mighty D-VINE SPIRITUALS. A catalog offering heavy hitting funk, to proto hiphop beats and sweet sweet vocal harmony. Dive in if you're not incredible label featuring the production skills of Juan D. Shipp.
  6. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to yesterdays Divine Chord Gospel Show....a 45's label focus on the amazing catalog of D-Vine Spirituals and the various productions of Juan D. Shipp. Here's the tracklisting....the archived mixcloud link will be available shortly. Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 81 D-Vine Spirituals 45’s Label Focus broadcast on Wednesday 25th April 2018 presented by DJ GREG BELSON Gospel Wymics ‘It..
  7. until
    For our next broadcast on Wednesday 25th April, we've decided after a bout of positive requests, to continue with our series, focusing on some of the small but mighty gospel labels. For this session, we're featuring; D-Vine Spirituals A killer body of work lies here in with the legendary Juan D. Shipp manning the production helm. From tracks that have crossed over to the modern day dancefloor by Elder Ward to stone cold hard almost pimped out funk of the Gospel Four. It seems strange to utter those words for gospel records, but the rhythms were absolutely on point. Add to that a bevvy of sweet soul recordings to satisfy any die hard souly, and you've got a label that's well worth the focus. Set your e-dials here;
  8. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 80

    Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt.'s the tracklisting....the archived mixcloud link will be available shortly. Cheers! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 80 broadcast on Wednesday 28th March 2018 presented by DJ GREG BELSON Ernest Jones and the Gospel Stars ‘Coming again so soon’ (Last Stand) Rev. Dorosco Scarber ‘Traveling home’ (Sarbco Incorp) Gene Martin and th..
  9. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 80

    We broadcast next on Wednesday 28th March, and we're pillaging the crates like crazy. Your host has been diggin' around the States, scavenging for the next rare sound and this show will show some of the fruits of that labor. Set your e-dials here; Tune in to find out what lies in store, from funk-filled dancefloor cuts, to proto hiphop head nodders with immaculate drums.....hey, you know the drill by now. Big sounds, lil' records, nuff said.
  10. For set sale, delivery is $4 within the US, $13.50 worldwide. Rance Allen Group - I know a man who (The Gospel Truth) M- (Unplayed stock copy. Label slightly pressed off center. Record plays perfectly) PRICE IN US DOLLARS = $100 + shipping **REDUCED to $90 + shipping** No introduction needed on this consistently desirable modern cut....a classic in the making. Clip for reference only. Cheers! Clip;
  11. Greg Belson

    Ivonne and the Latin Connections-Latin Connection

    Played at the Manchester Weekender last year....I've been looking for a copy since then, and no luck. If anyone stumps up with two, then please lemme know after Darren. Cheers!
  12. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 79 Champ 45's Label Focus

    Here's the archived mixcloud link of the Champ 45's Label Focus of The Divine Chord Gospel Show. Get on board that gospel train and ride the rhythms from soul to funk to sweet to deep of one of the most desirable labels in the gospel fraternity.
  13. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live yesterday to the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 79 Champ 45's Label Focus. Here's the tracklisting for your consideration. The archived mixcloud link will be available shortly. Cheers! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 79 Champ 45’s Label Focus broadcast on Wednesday 28th February 2018 presented by DJ GREG BELSON Friendly Four of Selma, Alabama ‘If it wasn’t for the Lord’ (Champ) ..
  14. Greg Belson

    Low Rider Scene

    Tune in this Saturday 3rd March 2018.....cheers!
  15. until