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  1. Here's the latest 45 Live Radio Show featuring my guest DJ FLORIAN KELLER, archived for your entertainment. Florian takes us into a journey of records that are celebrating their 40th birthday....a shrewd mix of sounds that hit the clubs and filled the floors way back when. From a dose of classics to some more underground cuts, this mix has gotcha covered for tunes celebrating their year of conception. Your host gets things moving with a dip into gospel and then keeping the modern side of the soul flowing. It's a celebration of the 45 rpm single like no other....joining the dots one lil' disc at a time.
  2. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 90 - Su-Ann The Starmaker Label

    And here's the mixcloud archive..... Following the success of our D-VINE SPIRITUALS 45's LABEL FOCUS, we've decided to shine the spotlight on the Hoyt Sullivan Enterprises subsidiary; SU-ANN - THE STARMAKER LABEL HOYT SULLIVAN was an interesting character, to say the least...he ran his umbrella label HSE, alongside a small number of offshoots, releasing arguably some of the most crucial material to appear in the gospel soul market. Here we focus on SU-ANN. He dubbed it The Starmaker Label....the dreams were big, but the reality was quite the opposite. Mr Sullivan has been rumored to be not the businessman he appeared to be consequently leaving his labels in various states of disarray. From funk to sweet to modern to deep....dive in!
  3. Apologies for the delay in archiving the Divine Chord Gospel pt.90 - Su-Ann The Starmaker Label Focus....here's the tracklisting....the mixcloud link will be available shortly. Cheers! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 90 broadcast on 23rd January 2019 presented by DJ Greg Belson SU-ANN – The Starmaker Label - FOCUS Royal Lights ‘Working on the Good Foot of Jesus’ (Su-Ann) Gospel I.Q.’s ‘It may seem strange’ (Su-Ann) Bishop Manning and the Manning Family ‘This is everybody’s song’ (Su-Ann) Ramada Singers ‘Wade in the water’ (Su-Ann) Golden Harmonizers of Brooklyn, New York ‘Jesus did’ (Su-Ann) Ponder Brothers ‘Keep on running’ (Su-Ann) Kings of Harmony ‘Jesus on the mainline’ (Su-Ann) White Star Spiritual Singers of Orlando, Florida ‘I woke up this morning’ (Su-Ann) Gospel Carolettes ‘I’m satisfied’ (Su-Ann) 5 on the LP sides – selected from 5 33rpm recordings Harmony Stars ‘Time’ (Su-Ann) Ramada Singers ‘Don’t condemn me now’ (Su-Ann) Louise Richardson ‘Why do men want to die’ (Su-Ann) Southern Four of Detroit, Michigan ‘Who is a stranger’ (Su-Ann) Rev. O. C. Sandidge & Rapture ‘The train’ (Su-Ann) Talkset Michigan Sensational Voices of Faith ‘God will answer prayer’ (Su-Ann) Rhyant Singers ‘Oh, Lord save me (Su-Ann) C Lord C’s ‘If you ever need the Lord’ (Su-Ann) Fantastic Six ‘He hung and died’ (Su-Ann) Golden Trumpets ‘Wasted years’ (Su-Ann) Trumpeteers of Joy of Bellamy ‘When Jesus comes’ (Su-Ann) Sensation Monarchs ‘Keep on praying’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Tenernears of Reidsville, N.C. ‘Won’t have to cry no more’ (Su-Ann) Evangelist W. M. Phillmore ‘Someone to care’ (Su-Ann) Luther Pou and the Gospel Disciples ‘Coming home’ (Su-Ann) Golden Crowns ‘Precious Lord’ (Su-Ann) Sensational Meadow Larks ‘I put all my trust in the Lord’ (Su-Ann) Talkset Baby Sister & the Gospel Echoettes ‘Up above my head’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Reverlaires ‘Lord remember me’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Starlites ‘My Lord and I’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Zion Trumpets Gospel Singers ‘Don’t leave me alone’ (Su-Ann) Josephine Dicks & the Rock Gospel Informations ‘Let’s study war no more’ (Su-Ann) Flames of Harmony of Brooklyn, N.Y. ‘My soul look back and wonder’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Gospel Singers ‘I found a friend’ (Su-Ann) Brother William & the Saints ‘Don’t forget God’ (Su-Ann) Gospel I.Q.’s ‘Waiting on you’ (Su-Ann) Gospel Persuaders ‘Love in the first degree’ (Su-Ann) Singing Crusaders ‘Who will be able’ (Su-Ann) Exciting Supreme Highlights ‘Jesus loves me’ (Su-Ann) Sensational Allstars ‘This may be the last time’ (Su-Ann)
  4. until
    This Thursday 24th January, I'll be presenting a 2 hour special on Soho Radio....Greg Belson presents 'Divine Disco'.....tune in at 6pm UK GMT (10am US PDT) for a journey through gospel enthused tunes played on 45 rpm singles. There'll be freedom music in the air!
  5. Here's the playlist and archived mixcloud link from last Saturday's show of The LA TAPES broadcast on 12th January 2019 hosted by DJ Greg Belson via Mi Soul Connoisseurs. Ray Manning Singers – Give him a chance Hellen Hollins Singers – He’s been good Metters Family – He is a friend of mine 21st Century Singers – Keep on pressing my way Shirley Caesar – Heavenly father Calvin Bridges & the Faith Tabernacle Voices – Turn it over to Jesus Mighty Supreme Voices of Dallas, Texas – Prayed for me Movin’ Forward presented by DJ Andy Cobb pt. 1 David Simmons – Hooked on you EKG – Give me love Admiral Ice – My Carolina girl Sam Butler – I can’t get over losing you Infinity – Put everything in place Johnny Guitar Watson – It’s way too late Seville – Show me the way Stevens & Foster – I want to be loved Movin’ Forward presented by DJ Andy Cobb pt. 2 Raj – Something inside California Malibus – Love in my life Tony Troutman – What’s the use Vessie Simmons – I can’t make it on my own Side Effect – Always there Lady Margo – Simply gotta make it without you Profascination – Try love again Mixed Emotions – Gold in my life Merry Clayton – Emotion Billy Butler – Play my music Terry Huff & Special Delivery – Just not enough love Roy Simpson – Tiger love Cameron – Funk down Chuck Jackson – Beautiful woman Bobby Thurston – You got what it takes
  6. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show - SU-ANN LABEL FOCUS

    We're stridin' into the New Year with another of our label focuses....the Divine Chord Gospel Show presents a 2 hour takeover all on 45 rpm single of Su-Ann - The Starmaker Label. Join us on 23rd January 2019 as we investigate this Hoyt Sullivan offshoot in detail, ranging from killer funk inspired cuts to the sweetest of soul and harmony recordings. As ever, we're broadcasting on dublab.com at 2pm US PDT (10pm UK GMT). Get your edials locked and loaded, notebooks at the ready. Seriously.
  7. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 88 - Strollers to Rockers R&B

    Link to the show is available here. Cheers!
  8. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to The Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 88....here's the tracklisting....a stroll through some vintage r&b. The mixcloud archive will be available shortly. Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 88 broadcast on 28th November 2018 presented by DJ Greg Belson Sparky Rucker ‘Gospel train’ (June Appal) Famous Tyler Trio ‘If you just hold out' (Music City) Reverend Gary Davis ‘Bad company brought me here’ (Prestige) Staple Singers ‘Masters of war’ (Riverside) Josh White ‘I’ve got that pure religion’ (Elektra) Highway QC’s ‘I can’t feel at home’ (VeeJay) Talkset Stars of Faith featuring Kitty Parham ‘Long as I live (Hob is Gospel) Bill Moss and the Celestials ‘Willing to run’ (Savoy) Dorothy Norwood Singers ‘In that little town’ (Savoy) Psalmeneers of Columbus, Ohio ‘My heart is fixed’ (Gospel) Gene Viale ‘Peace in the valley (Checker) Talkset Gospel Chimes ‘Miss me’ (Atlantic) Phillipian Gospel Singers ‘The Christian Army’ (Jewel) Roberta Martin Singers ‘You’ve been truly blessed’ (Savoy) Staple Singers ‘Wish I had answered’ (Riverside) Gospel Crusaders of L.A. ‘To be like Jesus’ (Songbird) Gospel Encores ‘On that morning’ (Hob is Gospel) Harris Family ‘Won’t it be wonderful’ (Hob is Gospel) Gospel Starlets ‘I’m a worker for you Lord’ (Hob)
  9. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to The LA TAPES on Saturday, broadcast on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs....here's the tracklisting along with the link to the mixcloud archive. Cheers! The LA TAPES broadcast on 10th November 2018 hosted by DJ Greg Belson via Mi Soul Connoisseurs Crackin’ – You’ll feel better D.J. Rogers – Secret lady Roy Ayers – 2000 Black Ace Spectrum – Moving on Booty People – To the one I love Carl Carlton –Smokin’ room Flokey Van Hook – Testimony Ad Break Movin’ Forward presented by DJ Andy Cobb pt. 1 Tyrone Davis – Overdue Lady Margaret & Perry Smith – Out in space Patrice Rushen – Message in the music Natural Four – Count on me Lonnie Hill – Galveston Bay Ernie Johnson – Mouth to mouth resuscitation David Simmons – Some day, some way Ad Break Movin’ Forward presented by DJ Andy Cobb pt. 2 Archie Bell & the Drells – Dancing to your music Members of the Staff – I wanna thank you Shirley Brown – Yes sir brother Le Frank ‘O – Keep on getting’ down pts. 1 & 2 Luckey Davis – It’s not where you start (it’s where you finish) pts. 1 & 2 Pockets – Come go with me Lost Family – Blow my mind Pockets – Nothing is stronger Ad Break 7th Wonder – Absence Alton McClain & Destiny – My destiny Gentle Persuasion – I’m gonna blow your mind Bloodstone – Shake the building L.A. Boppers – Life is what you make it Touch of Class – I just can’t say goodbye Chameleon – Come into my life
  10. Here. We. Go. Yeah, it's the 3rd ANNIVERSARY of the 45 Live Radio Show, broadcasting on dublab.com. Joining me in the studio, the DJ that helped start it all...JSTAR. It's a two hour celebration of the 7" single like no other. In this episode, your host pillages the crates and heavies up the Deep Funk for a top shelf selection of musical pearlers....JSTAR steers the ship into reggae influenced waters, poppin' the beats that send him globetrotting the club world with his own brand of the 'get down'. Then to round off, we're focusing on our own label, 45 Live Records....lend an ear. We be celebratin'.
  11. Thanks to those of you that tuned in last Friday to the 45 Live Radio Show 3rd ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL with my guest, the one and only JSTAR....here's the tracklisting for your consideration. The archived links via mixcloud, soundcloud and itunes will be available shortly. Cheers! DJ Format – 45 Live Theme Set One by DJ Greg Belson Joseph Raposo – Mother Ghost nursery rhymes Staff at De Mass Associates – Birthday song Naomi Bradly – A fool in love Sounds of the City – Stuff and thangs Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – A few more days Pervis Herder – Honkey tonk junk Re-Vells – I want a new love Little Ceasar & the Euterpians – It ain’t what you do its’ the way how you do it Hollywood Hurricanes – Have love, will travel Earl ‘Duke’ Jenkins – Misusin’ me Preludes – Somebody help me Explosions – I seem to be crying Little Stanley and the 5 Brooks – The P.W. Fabulous Fantoms – The Mau Mau Guest Mix in session featuring DJ JSTAR Jurassic 5 - Unified Rebelution (Upstate Remix) Band From Atlantis - Lost And Found Fred - Take It Back Aretha Franklin - One Step (Featurecast Re­Edit) Skinny Man And DJ Flip - Not Bonny And Clyde (Instrumental) David Whittaker - Strip Poker At Caesar’s Palace Rotation - Rotation Grabbabeer - Strung Out Kurokawa Art Of Noise - Close To The Edit Dedy Dread And Mr.Bird - Love On Fire Dedy Dread - Steady Thug Jstar - No Diggity Richard Ace - Stayin Alive Suzy Brown - Shake Your Body Malcolm Locks - Get Up Stand Up Winston Wright With Tommy McCook - Psychedelic Reggae Boogaloo Assassins - No No No Dynatones - Fife Piper Cornell Cambell - My Baby Just Care’s For Me Jstar - Boss Dub Jstar - Warrior Featuring Dark Angel Johnny Osborne - Salute The Don Set Two by DJ Greg Belson 45 Live Records Showcase Christian Madden – Everybody get in line Aeon Seven – Preliminary battle M-Tri & Leecy T – Trading places Boca 45 feat. Louis Baker – Soul on top Outlaw Posse – Enforce the positive M-Tri & Leecy T – Palo Santo (Aeon Seven Remix) Aeon Seven – Seven breaks Boca 45 – Diego’s theme DJ Format feat. Andy Cooper – Get on that
  12. Greg Belson

    Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 87 - Strollers to Rockers R&B

    And here's the mixcloud link....cheers!
  13. Greg Belson

    Rev. Edna Isaac: Beautiful world

    As I've already mentioned, everything released on Moton is an edit.....so generally, tracks that are re-arranged, re-eq'd with more often than not, added percussive elements. Bootlegs are straight lifts of an artists work....edits are a totally different market and mindset, pressed in small numbers, to appeal to a particular type of dancefloor. I doubt many edits are licensed, unless tracks like Blueboy's 'Remember Me' start to take off and sell many 1,000's....then a license would be required, f'sure.
  14. Greg Belson

    Rev. Edna Isaac: Beautiful world

    OK, so....Moton Records, Inc. is a re-edit label. Various producers under various guises rework tracks and turn them into club friendly records. They've been on the circuit for many years and have released a number of tracks that have become DJ tools. None of their releases are carvers.....they are pressed in relatively small quantities so to actually make any money out of them is virtually impossible. It's really done for the love, quite honestly. I've released two 12"s with them, re-editing a total of 5 tracks....re-arranging, eq'ing and adding additional percussive elements to beef the tracks up for a modern club setting. The track in question in this thread was reworked by David Hill (ex-Nuphonic) and sharpens the original Greene Sisters cut into a floor stompin', compact and concise winner. The identity of this track has been known for some time in clubbing circles, and only now is it trickling into the 'northern' sect....thanks to plays by Mr. Fish, and I guess me too....it's been a fixture in my playbox (for the relevant clubs) for some time. Hope that answers a few questions. Cheers!
  15. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 87....this time, we rolled out an hours worth of r&b business....from strollers to raucous and everything in between. Here's the tracklisting....the mixcloud archive will be available shortly. Cheers! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 87 broadcast on 24th October 2018 presented by DJ Greg Belson Soul Touchers of California ‘Touch by faith’ (Brownie) Sensational Harmonizers of Sacramento, Calif. ‘Wait on the Lord’ (Gospel Corner) Doulphous Singers ‘Day by day’ (De’Voice) Famous Ward Singers ‘I’m getting richer’ (Savoy) Chicago Gospel Stars ‘Hold me Jesus’ (Salem) Swanee Quintet ‘Race to run’ (Nashboro) Consolers ‘Almighty God’ (Nashboro) Talkset Spiritual Wonders ‘Have mercy’ (Spiritual Wonders) Voices of Light ‘Backslider’ (Holy Raiders) Heavenly Five ‘Make it in’ (Anderson) Gospel Harmonettes ‘Trouble’ (Exodus) Six Trumpets ‘Jesus Christ, the baby’ (Nashboro) Cross Jordan Singers ‘Jesus died’ (Enjoy) Universal Jubilaires of Chicago, ILL. ‘If you missed me’ (HLF) Bells of Zion ‘Do you know him’ (Peacock) Talkset Lynn Harmonizers ‘Come over here’ (Silver Cross) Taylor Bros. Gospel Singers ‘I’ll slave no more’ (Nashboro) Brown Singers ‘I feel it’ (Songbird) Mighty Gospel Giants ‘What have I done wrong’ (Minit) Original Joy Harmonizers ‘Teach me master’ (Orbit) Silver Tones Texarkana, Texas ‘Now Lord’ (Hosanna) Richard Roquemore ‘Shine’ (Hob) New Jerusalem Singers ‘Deep’ (Revelation Records, Inc.)


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