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  1. Sorry I can't help with a copy myself, but here's an FYI....the 45 is much harder to find than the LP....and if you're not too bothered about format, the LP is cut nice and loud, so plays really well. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the comments so far....here's the full 8 hour mixcloud archive of the entire set.
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  3. The LOS ANGELES SOUL ALLNIGHTER 8 hour takeover on dublab.com was one for the books. Featuring DJ's, Cut Chemist, Greg Belson, Andy Smith, Jon More, Music Man Miles, Mike Noriega, Jackie Hoodoo and Lady Celeste, here's the in order playlist of how it all went down. The mixcloud archive will be available shortly. Cheers! Los Angeles Soul Allnighter Takeover – 25th May 2019 - TRACKLISTING GREG BELSON - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (10pm to 10.30pm) Johnny Heartsman & Delilah – A worried feeling Hightones of Racine – Glad to be here Miss Linda Zeigler & the Zeiglers – Who! I want to be happy now Friendly Travelers of New Orleans, LA – I’ve been toiling Danny Myers – Lord plant my feet on higher ground Gift of Love – When I look at the world Mighty Travelneers – Liar Southern Trumpets – Good news Dixie Nightingales – I don’t know Sensational Jones Singers – All he was doing Silver Trumpeteers – Understanding MUSIC MAN MILES - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (10.30pm to 11pm) Lionel Robinson – Steppin’ out Fantastic Johnny C – Let’s do it together Stacey Lane – No ending Raeletts – It’s almost here Los Africanos – Together people (Pamoja Watu) Ray Barreto – New York soul Yakety Yaks – Soul night Mona Lisa – I can’t stand myself Richard Marks – I’m the man for you Jean & the Darlings – How can you mistreat the one you love John Timmons and Funkshun – Love at first sight Harris & Orr – Spread love Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington – Mary Jane LADY CELESTE - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (11pm to 12am) Ann Alford – Got to get a job Joyce Jones – Help me make up my mind Emotions – Blind alley Jackson Sisters – I believe in miracles Esther Williams – Last night changed it all Brenda George – I can’t stand it Invincibles – So much love Kool Blues – Can we try love again Charles Bradley & Latoya Jackson – Luv Jones Johnny Otis Show – Watts breakway Soul Survivors – Mama soul Brother to Brother – The bottle Exits – You’ve got to have money Lee Williams and the Cymbals – Lost love Cynthia & the Imaginations – Love is real Rodger Collins – Foxy girls in Oakland Bobby Bland – Yum yum tree Dusty Springfield – What’s it gonna be Valerie & Nick – Don’t you feel sorry Johnny & Lily – Suffering city Montclairs – Hung on your love MIKE NORIEGA - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (12am to 1am) Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron – You’re the only one Fantastics – Where there’s a will (there’s a way) James Fountain – Seven day lover Billy Hambric – She said goodbye John and the Wierdest – Can’t get over these memories Herbert Hunter – I was born to love you Ruby Sherry – Feminine ingenuity Bobby Mac – Shy guy Honey & the Bees – Two can play the same game Montereys – It hurts me so Falcons – Love you like you never been loved Trips – Love can’t be modernized Pat & the Blenders – Just because Lewis Clark – I need your lovin’ so bad Preludes – Deeper than that New Yorkers – Don’t want to be your fool Four Gents – Young girls be aware Sammy Campbell – I never thought (I’d find anybody like you) Anita Anderson – Secretly Atlantics – Baby I need you Jades – I’m where it’s at Fantastics – That one oul Communicators – Those lonely nights Barbara Mills – Queen of fools Freddie Chavez – They’ll never know why GREG BELSON - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (1am to 2.00am) Willie Dale – Let your light shine United Sounds – It’s all over (baby) Rance Allen Group – Let’s get together and love Gospel Artistics – Time shall be no more Erskin Mobley with the Individuals – Lucky man Frisco Singers – Ain’t no sun since you been gone Little Woo Woo – Harlem shuffle Benny Gordon and the Soul Brothers – A kiss to build a dream on Billy Watkins – The rooster smash Oz and the Sperlings – Dance (Holes in your shoes) Jimmy Hanna Band – New York Philly Joni Adams and the Fenderman ’70 – Las Vegas Jackie & Jean – Do a favor Cliff Gober – A poor wayfaring stranger William & Jerome Croom – Hallelujah Spiritual Four – If you think your God is dead Bishop Croom & the Family Croom – Something amazing P.J. City – Straight forward Voices of Heaven – Voices on the move Edith Moreno – Get ready for judgment day Kenneth Owens – Road lizard Mr Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus is on the mainline LADY CELESTE - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (2am to 2.15am) Dells – There is Symphonics – Guilty Monica – Freedom J. J. Barnes – How long Voice of East Harlem – Cashing in CUT CHEMIST - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (2.15am to 3am) Apple and the Three Oranges – Love brings out the best in you James Knight & the Butlers – Save me Dome City Rock Orchestra – Quiet village Energetics – You make me nothing Inell Young – What do you see in her Johnny King and Fatback Band – Peace, love not war Everyday People – World full of people Carrie Cleveland – Make love to me Total Experience – Contradiction Holzer & Pure Love – Pure love Shuwr Co – Hi, hi, hi, hi Russel Blake – Land of love Jerry (J.G.) Green – I finally found the love I need Tickled Pink – Reach out (and give me your hand) Slim & the Soulful Saints – Fish head One and Onlys – Long day Kimberly Hunt – Action Curtis Liggins Indications – What it is? Mel Davis – Just another smile Lloyd W. Williams – Be mine tonight Fabulous Impacts – A thousand years JACKIE HOODOO - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (3am to 4am) Southern Sons – I need the Lord Fabulous Counts – Get down people Explosions with Juanita Brooks – Garden of four trees Johnny Holiday – Tormented Exciters – Beg Reachers – Black soul Bossmen – Watch my baby do it Art Grayson – Bad dreams Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – Come on home Ruby Lee – I’m gonna put a watch on you (24 hours a day) Dixie Nightingales – I would not be a sinner Capitol City Stars – Shad-rack Rivileers – I want to see my baby Little Oscar – Empty bottles Objectives – Love went away Bunny Sigler – For cryin’ out loud Paul Sindab – I was a fool Isaac Prince – If you want me Johnny D – Strange love Silver Kings – Trouble the water Billy Hambric – Talk to me baby Professor Shake ‘Em Up – Why you wanna leave me Tommy Bush – Come on now Triumphs – Workin’ Buddy Ace – This little love of mine JON MORE - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (4am to 5am) Johnny Nash - (I'm So) Glad You're My Baby Liz Lands - One Man's Poison Gene Stridel – Let Her Go Dick Jordon - I Want Her Back Gerri Granger - Stay Close Drifters - Drip Drop Susan King - Building A Wall Around My Heart Ben Joe Zeppa - Ridin Herd Chris Columbus & the Swingin’ Gaites - Tighten Up Richie Havens - I Can't Make It Anymore Melonie Waters - Let Love And Peace Live Within Larks - The Penguin Sextette Unlimited - Boot That Thing Pt 1 & 2 Gamith - Darkness R.D.M. Band - Butter That Popcorn Freddie Wilson - What Would It Be Like - Pt 1& 2 Gus 'The Groove' Lewis – Let The Groove Move You Jimmy Ellie - I am Going To Do It By Myself Nancy Sit - Shakin' All Over Terry & Jerry - Mama Julie Billy Blackwood - Gospel Drums Ricky Allen - Cut You Lose ANDY SMITH - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (5am to 6am) Lee Rogers - How Are You Fixed For Love Majestics - I Have A Girl Isley Brothers - Got To Have You Back Freddie Chavez - They'll Never Know Why Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See Eddie Parker - I'm Gone Rosco Shelton - Running For My Life Gigi & The Charmaines - Guilty Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Aint Gonna Move Darrow Fletcher - What Good Am I Without You Ambers - Another Love Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before Vala Reegan - Fireman Vibrations - Cause You're Mine Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes The Q - That's The Way Autographs - I Can Do It Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Show Me The Way Shorty Long - Baby Come To Me Two Plus Two - Look Around Delights - Lover Nomads - Somethings Bad Soul Incorporated - My Proposal Vel-Vets - I Got To Find Me Somebody San Francisco TKO's - Make Up Your Mind George Benson - My Womans Good To Me
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  4. Greg Belson's Divine Disco 2 is in stores everywhere today! Check out this great review from one of our favorite retailers Dusty Groove ... "A pretty fantastic selection of rare disco tracks from the American underground – all of them infused with a spiritual message, but served up with grooves that go head to head with some of the best underground club of the time! The mix of positive energy and upbeat grooves is wonderful – and if you've ever heard the Clark Sisters club classic "You Brought The Sunshine", then you'll definitely know the spirit of these tunes! If you're worried about the message being one that you're not into, don't – because there's sort of a universal spirit going on here – one that gets past conventions of the church, and which really goes for a general uplifting message that's totally great – almost a precursor to some of the positive house in more recent decades. And speaking of house, there's less of that here than you'd expect – as most of the instrumentation and production are strongly in the best New York underground modes from the disco years – with less of any 80s or electro soul elements." Divine Disco Vol. 2 digs deeper into the privately pressed, independently distributed gospel music with that dancefloor touch. Shining the light on these amazing artists for the first time! Available from all good retail outlets both physical and online NOW! And you can check out a promo mix for the compilation right here; Thanks for your support!
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Divine Disco Vol. 2 digs deeper into the privately pressed, independently distributed gospel music with that dancefloor touch. Shining the light on these amazing artists for the first time! View full article
  6. Here's the mixcloud archive of yesterday's Divine Chord Gospel Show, the HSE 45rpm label focus, broadcast via the mighty dublab creative hub. Notepads at the ready.....from funk to soul, to deep to sweet...all the bases covered with a whole buncha soul you might not heard before. And the tracklisting is here; Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 93 broadcast on 24th April 2019 presented by DJ Greg Belson HSE – Hoyt Sullivan Enterprises Label - FOCUS Lonnie Riggins & the Freemount Travelers ‘No one to love me like Jesus (HSE) Sensational Friendly Four of Selma, Al. ‘Rock in a weary land’ (HSE) J.J. Farley and the Original Soul Stirrers ‘Troubled times’ (HSE) Thompkinaires ‘Jesus is my sunshine’ (HSE) Arthur Richardson and the Starlights ‘Treated so bad’ (HSE) Weeks Sisters – I’m going away’ (HSE) Sensational Wonders ‘Oil in your vessel’ (HSE) Bethlehem Gospel Singers ‘Joy to the world’ (HSE) Stanley Winston & the Soulful Sisters ‘Bright sunshine’ (HSE) Luckett Brothers ‘Lay down these old burdens’ (HSE) Talkset James Sanders & the Gospel Legends ‘Gonna be hard, but we’re gonna make it’ (HSE) J.J. Farley & The Original Soul Stirrers ‘Time has made a change’ (HSE) Golden Tones ‘Right on time’ (HSE) Steward Gaskin and the Sonics ‘I’ve been changed’ (HSE) Gospel Commanders ‘It’s time to pray’ (HSE) Willie Love and the Voices of Nashville ‘Learning to lean’ (HSE) Week Sisters ‘He touched me’ (HSE) Willie Pringle & the Meditations ‘Lord help me to run this race’ (HSE) Mississippi Nightengales ‘A message to Jesus’ (HSE) Florida Spiritualaires ‘If I could hear my mother pray again’ (HSE) Harrison Gospel Singers with Rev. Squeaky Morgan ‘A change to keep’ (HSE) 5 on the LP sides – selected from 5 33rpm recordings Willie Banks & the Messengers ‘Satisfied’ (HSE) Sensational Gospelaires of Deatsville, Al. ‘Won’t it be grand’ (HSE) Thompkinaires ‘Listen to the Thompkinaires’ (HSE) Voices of Nashville ‘Tell God’ (HSE) Alston Brothers ‘When all God’s children will be going home’ (HSE) Talkset Tommie Wilson and the Flying Clouds ‘Runnin’ for a long time’ (HSH) Heavenly Stars ‘Going home’ (HSE) Sensational Starlight Singers ‘Love lifted me’ (HSE) James Sanders & the Gospel Legends ‘Born in the country’ (HSE) Gary Moore & New Joy ‘Until the end’ (HSE) Spiritualettes of Lake City, Florida ‘Sinner man’ (HSE) Norris Turner ‘I feel the spirit’ (HSE) Rev. Curtis Brown & the Heralds of Music ‘Jesus is the sweetest name I know’ (HSE) Morning Echoes ‘House of mercy’ (HSE) Kings of Melody ‘Wait’ (HSH) Willie Banks & the Messengers ‘For the wrong I’ve done’ (HSE)
  7. My second (small) sales list in some time….so please check the soundclips and descriptions. Delivery will be from California, USA….worldwide shipping @ $14.50 (standard airmail), $4 within the US. Paypal as friends preferred, please. PM to reserve. Grading as; M-, VG++, VG+, VG, VG-, G+, G. PRICES IN US DOLLARS GOSPEL FUNKY SOUL – Johnny Peoples and the Exciting Gospel Crowns – I want to be free (Rae-Cox) VG++ 60.00 Boss raw funk sound on this dancefloor worthy cut. Seems to work on many different floors….strong instrument, strong vocals, quality 45. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ba5r1f9me12ffo/Johnny Peoples - I want to be free.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL HARMONY/CROSSOVER – The Gospel Leviticus – Do it for Jesus / I made it over (Starbar) VG++ 40.00 Solid two sider, with a high quality midtempo harmony ballad leading the way….flip it over for a nice slice of crossover soul. All copies are pressed with a slight background hum, but both sides play loud and proud. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/hv5wxagh2d0hdbg/Gospel Leviticus - Do it for Jesus.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL R&B – Original Joy Harmonizers – Keep on going (Hi-Way) VG++ 30.00 Nice under the radar r&b midtempo r&b mover. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ibtf8leqrzsss0/Original Joy Harmonizers - Keep on going.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL FUNK – East St. Louis Gospelettes – Have a talk with God (Birthright) VG++ 30.00 Killer midtempo funk take of this boss Stevie Wonder tune. Black issue which is the rarer of the formats to find. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1qsgoje6qu5k3m/East St Louis Gospelettes - Have a talk with God.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL CROSSOVER SOUL - The Mighty Wings of Zion – Please sir Jesus, stand by me (Sagitarrius) VG++ 25.00 Excellent midtempo crossover cut out of Boston MASS. Still to have its day, but surely, that’s not far away. Label pressed slightly off center. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4wes08xzf5u0tf/Mighty Wings of Zion - Please sir Jesus%2C Stand by me.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL SWEET SOUL – The Chimes of Joy – Look at Jesus on the cross (KSS) VG++ 20.00 Quality harmony with a modern edge, which should get picked up by those into the sound. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/ekfuhq30c6cdj4v/Chimes of Joy - Look at Jesus on the cross.mp3?dl=0 ……….end of list
  8. My first (small) sales list in some time….so please check the soundclips and descriptions. Delivery will be from California, USA….worldwide shipping @ $14.50 (standard airmail), $4 within the US. Paypal as friends preferred, please. Pictures available on request. PM to reserve. Grading as; M-, VG++, VG+, VG, VG-, G+, G. PRICES IN US DOLLARS GOSPEL R&B - The Freedom Riders – I’m on my way (CORE) VG++ 250.00 Undocumented and super rare version of the cut Barbara Dane made famous. So far, ungoogleable apart from my radio show. Boss, stripped to the bones finger snapper. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpc2xymxp88ifvm/Freedom Riders - I'm on my way.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL FUNK – Sister Clara Cubbage – What a friend (Teams) VG++ 125.00 Quality uptempo funk business out of Boston. One hit on popsike reveals a copy popped at $179 last year….that’s it. Under the radar, and then some. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/75qhgxhyqhnja3a/Sister Clara Cubbage.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL SOUL – The Rance Allen Group – I know a man who (The Gospel Truth) VG++ 80.00 Classic, staple sound in great shape. Check the clip for the accurate playback. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/4del8ji7f6hgpse/Rance Allen Group - I know a man who.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL FUNKY DISCO – Soul Searchers – Save a soul in every town (Nashboro) VG++ in company bag 75.00 A quality underground sound for a few years, now having its rightful place in the sun. Nice dancefloor burner. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/g39uvj5bvmd0s0e/Soul Searchers - Save a soul in every town.mp3?dl=0 MIDTEMPO GOSPEL SOUL HARMONY - The Positive Gospel Singers – When will it end (Roy) VG++ 50.00 Killer harmonies on this rarity our of Dorchester, MASS. Practically ungoogleable with only one previous sales hit coming from a coupla years ago. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/v9db7jepim1ax9p/Positive Gospel Singers - When will it end.mp3?dl=0 LO-FI GOSPEL FUNK – Sunset Jubilees – Who (Lewis) VG++ 20.00 From the same label that brought you The Relatives, comes this worthy gospel funk offering. Sounds like a bigger tune than the price tag merits. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/pspr8cyu87ygn1v/Sunset Jubilees - Who.mp3?dl=0 GOSPEL SWEET SOUL – The Sensational – Jesus gave me water (Skyway) VG++ 20.00 From the Offe Reece stable, another quality downtempo offering out of Chicago. Clip; https://www.dropbox.com/s/qirs4lxyr6imlvw/The Sensational.mp3?dl=0 ……….end of list
  9. Getting ready for Record Store Day 2019 when Divine Disco Vol. 2 will be released in Europe and the UK. Here's a promo mix containing a bunch of the tunes included in the set. We've got Double Gatefold Vinyl and CD formats hitting the isles, so wade into the audio waters this Sunday here, to sample the goods! Tracklisting here; The Converters – I’ve been converted Wisdom – Change Calvin B. Rhone – I believe The Mighty Clouds of McCullough – He’s right there Johnson Family Gospel Singers – Imitations Psalms – Praise the Lord Bishop Croom & the Family Croom – Something amazing Paradise – Keep the fire Prophecy – Take it to the streets Mr Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus is on the mainline Mr Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus is on the mainline (Steve Cobby Remix) Harrison Jones & the Voices of Harmony – On that other shore (Divine Situation Way Over Yonder Rework) Divine Situation – Music in the air Wisdom – Let the Lord come in your life The Birds of Harmony – The Birds of Harmony Theme
  10. We’re excited to announced that our second volume of the hugely successful Greg Belson's Divine Disco series will have an official Record Store Day release in Europe and the United Kingdom. Check the official Record Store Day web page to see if your local store is participating. Here is some information from our press release: Although gospel and disco music seem like polar opposites—one is secular while the other has embraced a hedonistic culture—the marriage of the two genres has birthed the uplifting spirituality and dance floor thump found in gospel disco. By the mid‐'70s many established and independent gospel artists started creating records with a tight four‐on‐the‐floor beat that touched both churchgoers as well as patrons of the drug‐fueled establishments of the '70s. Cultures of Soul Records is proud to present the second installment of Greg Belson's Divine Disco. Belson is one of the world's leading authorities on the funky gospel sound; for this collection he dug deep into his crates to undercover the rarest independent and private press gospel disco records ever recorded. Greg Belson's Divine Disco sound is one that's been heard around the world from his DJ appearances at Glastonbury's NYC Downlow stage to LA's Funky Sole to soul nights across Europe. Many tracks are under the radar or recently discovered such as Harrison Jones ‐ On that Other Shore, Converters, I've Been Converted and the super limited self‐released 45 by Mr Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus Is On the Mainline. Only 50 copies were ever pressed. This volume even includes gospel disco from the UK with Paradise's brilliant "Keep the Fire." This compilation also includes remixes and edits by Steve Cobby (who was a member of Fila Brazillia) and the Divine Situation production duo of Greg Belson and Paulo Fulci. So support your local record store on April 13th and pick up Greg Belson’s Divine Disco 2! Be sure to check our webshop to see if we have any copies left for sale. Thanks for your support!
  11. Here's thge playlist for the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 92 broadcast on 27th March 2019 presented by DJ Greg Belson Benjamin Special ‘I’ve got to serve the Lord’ (PK) Rev. Lesure and the Christian Brothers ‘Tell heaven’ (Dee-Jay) Trumpet Aires ‘Lord, ease my troublin’ mind’ (Acca) Songbirds ‘God’s amazing grace’ (Songbird) Jessie May Sapp ‘That’s worrying me’ (Delden) Gospel Creators ‘Come on to the church’ (Gerim) Talkset Gospel Souls ‘Lead me o’Lord’ (Sound Hut) Chicago Travelers ‘Master show me the way’ (BGS) Shelby County Travelers ‘Heaven is open to me’ (Tropical) Starlight Singers ‘God loves little children (Why can’t we let God love us all’ (Goldleaf) Friendly Gospel Singers ‘Jesus I love you father’ (Miracle) Talkset Brother Richard Montgomery and the Spiritual Singers ‘King of the throne’ (Croton) Cumberland River Singers ‘Hold on’ (CRS Productions) Taylor Singers ‘He’s right on time’ (Talk of the Town) Mighty Wonders ‘Let’s stay together’ (Mighty Wonders) L.A. Travelers ‘When the Saints’ (Golden Key) New Testament ‘(This is the) turning point’ (Multi Media) And here's the mixcloud archive.......
  12. Here's the latest 45 Live Radio Show featuring my guest DJ FLORIAN KELLER, archived for your entertainment. Florian takes us into a journey of records that are celebrating their 40th birthday....a shrewd mix of sounds that hit the clubs and filled the floors way back when. From a dose of classics to some more underground cuts, this mix has gotcha covered for tunes celebrating their year of conception. Your host gets things moving with a dip into gospel and then keeping the modern side of the soul flowing. It's a celebration of the 45 rpm single like no other....joining the dots one lil' disc at a time.
  13. And here's the mixcloud archive..... Following the success of our D-VINE SPIRITUALS 45's LABEL FOCUS, we've decided to shine the spotlight on the Hoyt Sullivan Enterprises subsidiary; SU-ANN - THE STARMAKER LABEL HOYT SULLIVAN was an interesting character, to say the least...he ran his umbrella label HSE, alongside a small number of offshoots, releasing arguably some of the most crucial material to appear in the gospel soul market. Here we focus on SU-ANN. He dubbed it The Starmaker Label....the dreams were big, but the reality was quite the opposite. Mr Sullivan has been rumored to be not the businessman he appeared to be consequently leaving his labels in various states of disarray. From funk to sweet to modern to deep....dive in!
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  14. Apologies for the delay in archiving the Divine Chord Gospel pt.90 - Su-Ann The Starmaker Label Focus....here's the tracklisting....the mixcloud link will be available shortly. Cheers! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 90 broadcast on 23rd January 2019 presented by DJ Greg Belson SU-ANN – The Starmaker Label - FOCUS Royal Lights ‘Working on the Good Foot of Jesus’ (Su-Ann) Gospel I.Q.’s ‘It may seem strange’ (Su-Ann) Bishop Manning and the Manning Family ‘This is everybody’s song’ (Su-Ann) Ramada Singers ‘Wade in the water’ (Su-Ann) Golden Harmonizers of Brooklyn, New York ‘Jesus did’ (Su-Ann) Ponder Brothers ‘Keep on running’ (Su-Ann) Kings of Harmony ‘Jesus on the mainline’ (Su-Ann) White Star Spiritual Singers of Orlando, Florida ‘I woke up this morning’ (Su-Ann) Gospel Carolettes ‘I’m satisfied’ (Su-Ann) 5 on the LP sides – selected from 5 33rpm recordings Harmony Stars ‘Time’ (Su-Ann) Ramada Singers ‘Don’t condemn me now’ (Su-Ann) Louise Richardson ‘Why do men want to die’ (Su-Ann) Southern Four of Detroit, Michigan ‘Who is a stranger’ (Su-Ann) Rev. O. C. Sandidge & Rapture ‘The train’ (Su-Ann) Talkset Michigan Sensational Voices of Faith ‘God will answer prayer’ (Su-Ann) Rhyant Singers ‘Oh, Lord save me (Su-Ann) C Lord C’s ‘If you ever need the Lord’ (Su-Ann) Fantastic Six ‘He hung and died’ (Su-Ann) Golden Trumpets ‘Wasted years’ (Su-Ann) Trumpeteers of Joy of Bellamy ‘When Jesus comes’ (Su-Ann) Sensation Monarchs ‘Keep on praying’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Tenernears of Reidsville, N.C. ‘Won’t have to cry no more’ (Su-Ann) Evangelist W. M. Phillmore ‘Someone to care’ (Su-Ann) Luther Pou and the Gospel Disciples ‘Coming home’ (Su-Ann) Golden Crowns ‘Precious Lord’ (Su-Ann) Sensational Meadow Larks ‘I put all my trust in the Lord’ (Su-Ann) Talkset Baby Sister & the Gospel Echoettes ‘Up above my head’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Reverlaires ‘Lord remember me’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Starlites ‘My Lord and I’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Zion Trumpets Gospel Singers ‘Don’t leave me alone’ (Su-Ann) Josephine Dicks & the Rock Gospel Informations ‘Let’s study war no more’ (Su-Ann) Flames of Harmony of Brooklyn, N.Y. ‘My soul look back and wonder’ (Su-Ann) Mighty Gospel Singers ‘I found a friend’ (Su-Ann) Brother William & the Saints ‘Don’t forget God’ (Su-Ann) Gospel I.Q.’s ‘Waiting on you’ (Su-Ann) Gospel Persuaders ‘Love in the first degree’ (Su-Ann) Singing Crusaders ‘Who will be able’ (Su-Ann) Exciting Supreme Highlights ‘Jesus loves me’ (Su-Ann) Sensational Allstars ‘This may be the last time’ (Su-Ann)
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  15. Here's the playlist and archived mixcloud link from last Saturday's show of The LA TAPES broadcast on 12th January 2019 hosted by DJ Greg Belson via Mi Soul Connoisseurs. Ray Manning Singers – Give him a chance Hellen Hollins Singers – He’s been good Metters Family – He is a friend of mine 21st Century Singers – Keep on pressing my way Shirley Caesar – Heavenly father Calvin Bridges & the Faith Tabernacle Voices – Turn it over to Jesus Mighty Supreme Voices of Dallas, Texas – Prayed for me Movin’ Forward presented by DJ Andy Cobb pt. 1 David Simmons – Hooked on you EKG – Give me love Admiral Ice – My Carolina girl Sam Butler – I can’t get over losing you Infinity – Put everything in place Johnny Guitar Watson – It’s way too late Seville – Show me the way Stevens & Foster – I want to be loved Movin’ Forward presented by DJ Andy Cobb pt. 2 Raj – Something inside California Malibus – Love in my life Tony Troutman – What’s the use Vessie Simmons – I can’t make it on my own Side Effect – Always there Lady Margo – Simply gotta make it without you Profascination – Try love again Mixed Emotions – Gold in my life Merry Clayton – Emotion Billy Butler – Play my music Terry Huff & Special Delivery – Just not enough love Roy Simpson – Tiger love Cameron – Funk down Chuck Jackson – Beautiful woman Bobby Thurston – You got what it takes

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