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  1. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to the Soul Allnighter Takeover pt. 2 on dublab last's the full 8 hour archive for your listening and dancing pleasure. Pt. 3 is already in the works, so keep an eye out for more info as and when it happens. Cheers!
  2. Last years Los Angeles Soul Allniter was such a success, that we decided to make it a 'thing'....a once-in-a-while 8 hour 'nighter style takeover, broadcasting from direct to your listening device. Join us on Saturday 15th February 2020 at 10pm US PDT (6am UK GMT) as this time we take it global. People get ready....there's a soulful train a'comin' with a carefully selected clutch of open-minded DJ’s that push the soulful sound; Mr. Fine Wine (NYC, USA) Greg Belson (Los Angeles, USA) Miss Goldie (Melbourne, AUS) Henning Borm (Lucerne, Switzerland) Lars Bulnheim (Austria/Germany) Toni Rossano (London UK) Brian Poust (New Orleans, USA) Cazzy B (Bolton, UK) Expect rare soul in all its guises, gospel, funk, r&b, modern & late night disco! Here's a rewind on how the first session stacked up....a who's to what to yip uhuh of plentiful players that catch that sound; Dublab operates via donations to keep this non-profit creative hub afloat. If you like what you hear, please consider donating to the cause or become a member. Thanks!
  3. Here's the mixcloud archive of the Divine Chord Gospel Show and the HOB IS GOSPEL label focus. A two hour special concentrating on the 45rpm singles catalog put out by the essential, legendary label within the Gospel circuit.
  4. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to The Divine Chord Gospel Show last week, for the HOB IS GOSPEL label focus...apologies for the delay in getting the archive up and running. Here's the tracklisting...the mixcloud session is now available. Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 101 – hosted by DJ Greg Belson and broadcast on 22nd January 2020 – HOB IS GOSPEL Label Focus Southland Singers ‘Serve the Lord’ (Hob Is Gospel) Josephine Howard ‘How long’ (Hob Is Gospel) Singing Disciples ‘I need prayer’ (Hob Is Gospel) Messiahs of Glory ‘Just a little talk with Jesus (Hob Is Gospel) Prof. James W. Davis and the Sensational Cloud Davis Specials ‘He’s real to me’ (Hob Is Gospel) Swan Silvertones ‘If you think your God is dead (try mine)’ (Hob Is Gospel) Southland Singers ‘Trust him (call on the Lord)’ (Hob Is Gospel) Little Vicki and the Gospel Stars ‘Searching’ (Hob Is Gospel) Shirley Caesar ‘Stand the storm’ (Hob Is Gospel) Thompson Community Gospel Singers ‘Jesus is just alright’ (Hob Is Gospel) Brockington Ensemble ‘Try Jesus’ (Hob Is Gospel) Gospel Encores ‘My God’ (Hob Is Gospel) Elder Ward & the Ward Singers ‘It’ll all be over’ (Hob Is Gospel) Genetter with Derold Conway and the Bradley Singers ‘Right direction’ (Hob Is Gospel) Talkset Shirley Caesar & the Caesar Singers ‘People get ready’ (Hob Is Gospel) Harrell Singers ‘There’s a land’ (Hob Is Gospel) Voices of the White Rock ‘Baptized believer’ (Hob Is Gospel) Singing Disciples ‘Troubled time’ (Hob Is Gospel) Holy Desciples ‘Servant prayer’ (Hob Is Gospel) Trumpets of Zion ‘Dry bones’ (Hob Is Gospel) Deborah Thompson ‘City called heaven’ (Hob Is Gospel) Shirley Caesar ‘Don’t be afraid’ (Hob Is Gospel) Tyler Trio ‘What is this’ (Hob Is Gospel) Gospel Commanders ‘I can tell the world’ (Hob Is Gospel) Swan Silvertones ‘Nobody but the Lord’ (Hob Is Gospel) Richard Roquemore ‘Silver lining’ (Hob Is Gospel) Loretta Oliver ‘Nothing has been the same’ (Hob Is Gospel) Talkset Victory Travelers ‘Power Lord’ (Hob Is Gospel) Maggie Bell and the Maggie Bell Singers ‘Hold the light’ (Hob Is Gospel) Helen Hollins Singers ‘Deliverance’ (Hob Is Gospel) Gertrude Bowman ‘Standing ovation’ (Hob Is Gospel) Connie Pitts ‘Working people’ (Hob Is Gospel) Shirley Caesar and the Caesar Singers with the Thompson Community Choir ‘Put your hand in the hand’ (Hob Is Gospel) Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers ‘Pray on my child’ (Hob Is Gospel) Madame Tessie Hill ‘Where will you be’ (Hob Is Gospel) James Cleveland & the Voices of the Tabernacle ‘Somethings got a hold on me’ (Hob Is Gospel) Jewel Gospel Singers ‘Don’t pass me by’ (Hob Is Gospel) Five Blind Boys of Alabama ‘Running for my life’ (Hob Is Gospel) Greene Sisters ‘Rushing of a mighty wind’ (Hob Is Gospel)
  5. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 100...Trying To Make One Hundred. Here's the tracklisting....check the Mixcloud Select below. Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 100 – hosted by DJ Greg Belson and broadcast on 27th November 2019 Southern Gospel Singers ‘At the cross’ (Dayco) L.C. Stiggers ‘People get ready the train’s a coming’ (Friendship) Miss Linda Zeigler and the Zeiglers ‘Who! I want to be happy now’ (Marksman) Southern Trumpets ‘Good news’ (Better World) Melody Kings ‘He’s alright’ (Specialty) Sinsational Souls ‘Keep on praying’ (Lazarus) Oxnard Jubilees ‘I’ve been saved and sanctified (Two:Dot) Danny Myers ‘Lord plant my feet on higher ground’ (Salvation Is Free) Sensational Skylarks ‘Jesus, oh how I love you’ (Sensational Skylarks) Sensational Jones Singers ‘All he was doing’ (Kingdom) M&W Gospel Singers ‘My change has come’ (Antioch) Rev. Carlton Coleman ‘Share it’ (Brunswick) Rance Allen Group ‘Let’s get together and love’ (Reflect) Gospel Artistics ‘Time shall be no more’ (db) Kindly Shepherds ‘Lend me your hand’ (Checker) Sacred Four ‘Somebody watching you’ (Champ) Margaret Moss & the Three Stars ‘Don’t let it be too late’ (Three Stars) Alston Brothers ‘When all God’s children will be going home’ (DCGS White) Gospel Comforters ‘Yes God is real’ (Marcs) Soul Lifters ‘Wind nor rain’ (Soul Lifters) Singing Revelators ‘Walk with me’ (Soul Lark) William Singers ‘It’s so good to be alive’ (Checker) Heavenly Vibrations of Augusta, Georgia ‘I have a friend’ (Gospel Express) Highway QC’s ‘Be at rest (I’ll fly away)’ (Peacock) Harris Special ‘To make things better’ (Revelation) Master Keys ‘I done got on the right road’ (Co-Op) Etoy Bogart and Bogart Bros ‘This may be the last time’ (Philwood) Cliff Mason & the Gospel Truth ‘Get ready (Jesus is coming)’ (Spirited) Elder Ward & the Ward Singers ‘It’ll be all over’ (Hob is Gospel) Gospel Dynamics ‘Do you love him’ (Mark Five) Spiritual Four ‘If you think your God is dead’ (Sendus) P.J. City ‘Straight forward (Non stop)’ (Rise) Edith Moreno ‘Get ready for judgement day’ (Savoy Test Press) William and Jerome Croom ‘Hallelujah’ (William and Jerome Croom) Staple Junior Gospel Singers ‘God’s gonna trouble the water’ (Landmark) Sister Rosa Lee Smooth ‘Spread the word’ (BiCaRa) Gospel Tones ‘In glory’ (Audiofonics) Cliff Gober ‘A poor wayfaring stranger’ (Calvary) Silver Kings ‘Trouble the water’ (Bounty) Dynamic Golden Stars ‘There’s been a change in me’ (J&B) Chapman Family Singers ‘Pray on my child’ (Chapman Family Singers) Soul Searchers ‘Get that church’ (Juggy) Jame T. Horn ‘The Glory bound train’ (MoDo) Little Shadows ‘Time for peace’ (Zan) The Mixcloud Select archive is here;
  6. Join us on 27th November 2019 as The Divine Chord Gospel Show spins into its 100th Episode! Tune in to live for the 2 hour extravaganza featuring some made classics by the broadcast, to a slew of new discoveries, as we like to do We'd like to take the time to say a huge heartfelt thanks to dublab who took a chance on this specialist show back in 2011, and had the vision to stick with it. Also, we wanna thank these fine folk who have appeared on the show over the years, as part of our various initiatives including the Summer Gospel Soundclashes and the Club Sessions. DJ's that think outside of the box to bring you the sounds from records you might not have heard before; Eli 'Paperboy' Reed Horse Meat Disco Red Greg Kevin Nutt Tone B. Nimble Brian Poust Darryn Jones Skymark Toni Rossano aka The Showfa David Hill Aaron Bushman Tony Troffa Boogie Monster Situation DJ's Austin Boogie Crew Paul Sadot Troy Hurt Black Vibration DJ's Sebastian Gerstung Listen in live on the dial at 2pm US PDT (10pm UK GMT) as we celebrate reachin' triple digits. 100 long, still goin' strong!
  7. Here's the 2 hour Mixcloud Select archive of yesterdays Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 99, hosted by Eli 'Paperboy' Reed featuring a slew of new discoveries of the vintage variety, whilst shining a light on his Harlem Gospel Travelers project and their brand new LP released on Colemine Records. Dig in, here! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 99 – EPR Takeover & spotlight on the Harlem Gospel Travelers new release ‘He’s on time’ broadcast on 23rd October 2019 hosted by DJ Eli “Paperboy” Reed LM&W Specials ‘Jesus, Jesus’ (TYC) Spiratual Jubilairs ‘Have You Got Good Religion’ (Nahum) Bogard Bros ‘He’s Coming Back’ (Philwood) Mighty Mellotones ‘Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray’ (JAS) Singing Stars ‘Time Made a Change’ (Singing Star) Talk Set Salem-Naires ‘Call on Jesus’ (Salem-Naires) Staple Junior Gospel Singers ‘God’s Gonna Trouble the Water’ (Landmark) Mighty Gospel Five ‘Let Your Light Shine’ (AJW) Little Doodley & All in the Family ‘Swing Down Sweet Chariot’ (CMF) Gospel Ambassadors ‘Prayer Changes Things’ (Prayer) Talk Set Brothers, Sisters & Cousins ‘Sinner, Have You Been There’ (Nasco) Rev. Coli & Choir ‘Will to do Right’ (Positive) Timmy Wells ‘Help Your Brother’ (Negi) Flying Eagles ‘I Know a Man’ (Pathway) Singing Philadelphians ‘God Never Changes Things’ (Newlight) Talk Set Dynamic Mighty Wings ‘Going to a City’ (No label) Kirkpatrick Brothers ‘Lonely Jesus’ (No Label) Kingdom Seekers ‘Oh Jehovah’ (Goodie Train) Dynamic Traveleers ‘Walk out On the Water’ (No Label) Traveling Sons of Washington, DC ‘O Ship of Zion’ (Mark) Spotlight on The Harlem Gospel Travelers ‘He’s on time’ new LP released on Colemine Records Harlem Gospel Travelers ‘Oh Yes He Will’ (Colemine) Harlem Gospel Travelers ‘Am I Doing Enough’ (Colemine) Harlem Gospel Travelers ‘Do You Know Him’ (Colemine) Harlem Gospel Travelers ‘If You Can’t Make It Through a Storm’ (Colemine) Talk Set Houston Harmony Aires ‘They Struck Him Down’ (Soultrack) Robert Broun & The Melody Aires of Joy ‘Martin Luther King’s Last Journey (Pt. 1)’ (Keith) Sons of Harmony ‘Story of Elijah’ (S.E.L.) James Williams & The Gospel Paraders ‘I’ve Been Running for Jesus’ (Champ) Doyle Sherman & The Fabulous Doylettes ‘He Brought me Through’ (Sher-Mar) Talk Set Golden Crowns ‘Where Could I Go’ (Crown’s Labor) Mighty Skylighters of Baltimore ‘When Jesus Comes’ (No Label) Gospel Twilights ‘Sinner Where You Run’ (Vanessa) Mighty Thomas Gospel Singers ‘Steal Away’ (No label) Clefs of Faith ‘Lord Jesus’ (Paradrome) Talk Set Eveready singers ‘Glory, Glory’ (Memorial) Steward Gaskin ‘Time Ain’t Long’ (Mohawk) Peerless Four ‘He’s All I Need’ (JOB’s) Soul Seekers ‘Wrong Doing People’ (Apano) Talk Set Walter Hall ‘I Know a Place’ (Holy Ghost)
  8. Great to meet you, Carl....can only echo 'bout the quality of tunes played whilst I was there. Just to add my playlist...this is what filled my hour long slot. Greg Belson Playlist – Color One Tear Black – Sunday 13th October 2019 Sensational Seven Angels – So many years (Coastal Recordings) Vivian Hill – Turn on your love light (S.B.I.) Rev. Robert Welch – He holds tomorrow (Champ) Elois Scott – Broadway love (Carol G) Mighty Jubilaires – Could it really happen (House of Joy) Little Caesar and the Euterpians – It was love (Trail) United Sounds – And when it’s over (United) Amazing Aires – His will (Van) Youngeraires – God is still on the throne (MRC) New Corinthians – Soldier (Corinthian) Fabulous God’s Creation – Starting all ones again (Hummingbird) Rev. Harvey Gates – Price of love (Acquarian) Mighty Stars of Zion – My prayer (Star Disc) Reynolds Brothers – Who do you have? (Reynolds Brothers) Christian Travelers – I love you so much (Mega) Bill Murphy & Mistery – Praise his name (Spirit of God Records, Inc.) Valdons – Love me, leave me (Twin City Movement) Fabulous LB’s – I need Jesus to walk with me (L.B.) Religious Souls – Sinner man (H&M)
  9. Here's a brand new mix commissioned by the amazing 'Human' Mix Series via Mixcloud Select. 45 Live crew member Greg Belson is in the chair, selecting the big sounds on little records that put power moves on the dancefloor. All 100% original vinyl 45's heavying up the party, assembled by the compiler of the acclaimed 'Divine Disco' compilation series available on Cultures of Soul Records. Tune in for 2 hours of 'Essential Gospel Disco 45's'!
  10. Gospel 45’s for set sale…delivery is from California at cost and prices are in US DOLLARS. Cheers! Lash Melton - The storm is passing over (Azbill) Weak VG Price in US DOLLARS = $100 + shipping Clip not from my copy….same Las Vegas label that released the Tonny Hymes version of ‘Time ain’t gonna do me no favor’ Positive Gospel Singers – When will it end (Roy) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $100 + shipping Clip not from the copy on offer….listed elsewhere on the ‘net at $150. Gospel Singers - When will it end.mp3?dl=0 Sister Clara Cubbage – What friend (TEAMS) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $100 + shipping Clip is not from the copy on offer. Clara Cubbage.mp3?dl=0 Johnny People and the Exciting Gospel Crowns – I want to be free (Rae-Cox) VG++ Price in US DOLLARS = $60 + shipping Clip is not from the copy on offer. Peoples - I want to be free.mp3?dl=0 Gospel Echos – Oh what a time (Echo) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $50 + shipping Clip not from the copy on sale. Gospel Leviticus – I made it over (Starbar) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $30 + shipping Leviticus - Do it for Jesus.mp3?dl=0 East St. Louis Gospelettes – Have a talk with God (Birthright) VG++ Price in US DOLLARS = $25.00 + shipping Clip not from the copy on sale. The Sensational – Jesus gave me water (Skyway) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $25 + shipping Clip not from the copy on sale. Gospel Leviticus – I made it over (Starbar) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $30 + shipping Leviticus - Do it for Jesus.mp3?dl=0 Mighty Wings of Zion – Please sir stand by me (Sagitarrius International) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $15 + shipping Wings of Zion - Please sir Jesus%2C Stand by me.mp3?dl=0 Chimes of Joy – Look at Jesus on the cross (KSS) M- Price in US DOLLARS = $15 + shipping Clip not from the copy on sale.
  11. For set sale....4 nice 45's available...prices in US DOLLARS. Delivery from California at cost. Little Stanley & the 5 Brooks - The P.W. (V.R.) Condition = VG++ (or Ex, if you're in Europe) Price in US DOLLARS = $800 + shipping **SOLD** Clip is for reference only and not from the copy on offer. Bobby Blues Ray - Soul (Ross) Strong VG+ Price in US DOLLARS = $450 + shipping Clip is for reference only and not from the copy on offer. Teddy Reynolds - Drop that gun (Newman) Strong VG+ Price in US DOLLARS = $400 + shipping Clip is for reference only and not from the copy on offer. Soul Searchers - Save a soul in every town (Nashboro) VG+ Price in US DOLLARS = $75 + shipping **SOLD** Clip is for reference only and not from the copy on offer. Thanks!
  12. Sorry I can't help with a copy myself, but here's an FYI....the 45 is much harder to find than the LP....and if you're not too bothered about format, the LP is cut nice and loud, so plays really well. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the comments so's the full 8 hour mixcloud archive of the entire set.
  14. The LOS ANGELES SOUL ALLNIGHTER 8 hour takeover on was one for the books. Featuring DJ's, Cut Chemist, Greg Belson, Andy Smith, Jon More, Music Man Miles, Mike Noriega, Jackie Hoodoo and Lady Celeste, here's the in order playlist of how it all went down. The mixcloud archive will be available shortly. Cheers! Los Angeles Soul Allnighter Takeover – 25th May 2019 - TRACKLISTING GREG BELSON - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (10pm to 10.30pm) Johnny Heartsman & Delilah – A worried feeling Hightones of Racine – Glad to be here Miss Linda Zeigler & the Zeiglers – Who! I want to be happy now Friendly Travelers of New Orleans, LA – I’ve been toiling Danny Myers – Lord plant my feet on higher ground Gift of Love – When I look at the world Mighty Travelneers – Liar Southern Trumpets – Good news Dixie Nightingales – I don’t know Sensational Jones Singers – All he was doing Silver Trumpeteers – Understanding MUSIC MAN MILES - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (10.30pm to 11pm) Lionel Robinson – Steppin’ out Fantastic Johnny C – Let’s do it together Stacey Lane – No ending Raeletts – It’s almost here Los Africanos – Together people (Pamoja Watu) Ray Barreto – New York soul Yakety Yaks – Soul night Mona Lisa – I can’t stand myself Richard Marks – I’m the man for you Jean & the Darlings – How can you mistreat the one you love John Timmons and Funkshun – Love at first sight Harris & Orr – Spread love Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington – Mary Jane LADY CELESTE - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (11pm to 12am) Ann Alford – Got to get a job Joyce Jones – Help me make up my mind Emotions – Blind alley Jackson Sisters – I believe in miracles Esther Williams – Last night changed it all Brenda George – I can’t stand it Invincibles – So much love Kool Blues – Can we try love again Charles Bradley & Latoya Jackson – Luv Jones Johnny Otis Show – Watts breakway Soul Survivors – Mama soul Brother to Brother – The bottle Exits – You’ve got to have money Lee Williams and the Cymbals – Lost love Cynthia & the Imaginations – Love is real Rodger Collins – Foxy girls in Oakland Bobby Bland – Yum yum tree Dusty Springfield – What’s it gonna be Valerie & Nick – Don’t you feel sorry Johnny & Lily – Suffering city Montclairs – Hung on your love MIKE NORIEGA - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (12am to 1am) Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron – You’re the only one Fantastics – Where there’s a will (there’s a way) James Fountain – Seven day lover Billy Hambric – She said goodbye John and the Wierdest – Can’t get over these memories Herbert Hunter – I was born to love you Ruby Sherry – Feminine ingenuity Bobby Mac – Shy guy Honey & the Bees – Two can play the same game Montereys – It hurts me so Falcons – Love you like you never been loved Trips – Love can’t be modernized Pat & the Blenders – Just because Lewis Clark – I need your lovin’ so bad Preludes – Deeper than that New Yorkers – Don’t want to be your fool Four Gents – Young girls be aware Sammy Campbell – I never thought (I’d find anybody like you) Anita Anderson – Secretly Atlantics – Baby I need you Jades – I’m where it’s at Fantastics – That one oul Communicators – Those lonely nights Barbara Mills – Queen of fools Freddie Chavez – They’ll never know why GREG BELSON - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (1am to 2.00am) Willie Dale – Let your light shine United Sounds – It’s all over (baby) Rance Allen Group – Let’s get together and love Gospel Artistics – Time shall be no more Erskin Mobley with the Individuals – Lucky man Frisco Singers – Ain’t no sun since you been gone Little Woo Woo – Harlem shuffle Benny Gordon and the Soul Brothers – A kiss to build a dream on Billy Watkins – The rooster smash Oz and the Sperlings – Dance (Holes in your shoes) Jimmy Hanna Band – New York Philly Joni Adams and the Fenderman ’70 – Las Vegas Jackie & Jean – Do a favor Cliff Gober – A poor wayfaring stranger William & Jerome Croom – Hallelujah Spiritual Four – If you think your God is dead Bishop Croom & the Family Croom – Something amazing P.J. City – Straight forward Voices of Heaven – Voices on the move Edith Moreno – Get ready for judgment day Kenneth Owens – Road lizard Mr Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus is on the mainline LADY CELESTE - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (2am to 2.15am) Dells – There is Symphonics – Guilty Monica – Freedom J. J. Barnes – How long Voice of East Harlem – Cashing in CUT CHEMIST - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (2.15am to 3am) Apple and the Three Oranges – Love brings out the best in you James Knight & the Butlers – Save me Dome City Rock Orchestra – Quiet village Energetics – You make me nothing Inell Young – What do you see in her Johnny King and Fatback Band – Peace, love not war Everyday People – World full of people Carrie Cleveland – Make love to me Total Experience – Contradiction Holzer & Pure Love – Pure love Shuwr Co – Hi, hi, hi, hi Russel Blake – Land of love Jerry (J.G.) Green – I finally found the love I need Tickled Pink – Reach out (and give me your hand) Slim & the Soulful Saints – Fish head One and Onlys – Long day Kimberly Hunt – Action Curtis Liggins Indications – What it is? Mel Davis – Just another smile Lloyd W. Williams – Be mine tonight Fabulous Impacts – A thousand years JACKIE HOODOO - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (3am to 4am) Southern Sons – I need the Lord Fabulous Counts – Get down people Explosions with Juanita Brooks – Garden of four trees Johnny Holiday – Tormented Exciters – Beg Reachers – Black soul Bossmen – Watch my baby do it Art Grayson – Bad dreams Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – Come on home Ruby Lee – I’m gonna put a watch on you (24 hours a day) Dixie Nightingales – I would not be a sinner Capitol City Stars – Shad-rack Rivileers – I want to see my baby Little Oscar – Empty bottles Objectives – Love went away Bunny Sigler – For cryin’ out loud Paul Sindab – I was a fool Isaac Prince – If you want me Johnny D – Strange love Silver Kings – Trouble the water Billy Hambric – Talk to me baby Professor Shake ‘Em Up – Why you wanna leave me Tommy Bush – Come on now Triumphs – Workin’ Buddy Ace – This little love of mine JON MORE - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (4am to 5am) Johnny Nash - (I'm So) Glad You're My Baby Liz Lands - One Man's Poison Gene Stridel – Let Her Go Dick Jordon - I Want Her Back Gerri Granger - Stay Close Drifters - Drip Drop Susan King - Building A Wall Around My Heart Ben Joe Zeppa - Ridin Herd Chris Columbus & the Swingin’ Gaites - Tighten Up Richie Havens - I Can't Make It Anymore Melonie Waters - Let Love And Peace Live Within Larks - The Penguin Sextette Unlimited - Boot That Thing Pt 1 & 2 Gamith - Darkness R.D.M. Band - Butter That Popcorn Freddie Wilson - What Would It Be Like - Pt 1& 2 Gus 'The Groove' Lewis – Let The Groove Move You Jimmy Ellie - I am Going To Do It By Myself Nancy Sit - Shakin' All Over Terry & Jerry - Mama Julie Billy Blackwood - Gospel Drums Ricky Allen - Cut You Lose ANDY SMITH - Soul Allnighter Takeover – Dublab – 25th May 2019 (5am to 6am) Lee Rogers - How Are You Fixed For Love Majestics - I Have A Girl Isley Brothers - Got To Have You Back Freddie Chavez - They'll Never Know Why Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See Eddie Parker - I'm Gone Rosco Shelton - Running For My Life Gigi & The Charmaines - Guilty Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Aint Gonna Move Darrow Fletcher - What Good Am I Without You Ambers - Another Love Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before Vala Reegan - Fireman Vibrations - Cause You're Mine Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes The Q - That's The Way Autographs - I Can Do It Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Show Me The Way Shorty Long - Baby Come To Me Two Plus Two - Look Around Delights - Lover Nomads - Somethings Bad Soul Incorporated - My Proposal Vel-Vets - I Got To Find Me Somebody San Francisco TKO's - Make Up Your Mind George Benson - My Womans Good To Me

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