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  1. Yes of course, I'll update when the release date is confirmed. What with covid restrictions, it's difficult to pinpoint an accurate date, as it's dependent on stores opening and when distribution networks are back on track. The project is finished and ready to go, hence my post here as a precursor of what's in store. This release will be widely available via all good outlets worldwide, so no worries there....date incoming asap.
  2. The set was actually posted on the website last week....this was the link to the page, which contained preliminary details...it's currently blank which means they're evaluating the release date. https://honestjons.com/label/artist/Savoy_Gospel/release/19541966 As they say, watch this space.....cheers!
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Presenting a three part compilation that focuses on the Savoy Gospel catalog of the legendary label through its glory years. View full article
  4. Time to make it official…..the completion of the project I’ve been working on for the last 6 years alongside DAVID HILL and HONEST JOHN’S RECORDS. I’m excited to announce the compilation mini-series; A Stranger I May Be – Savoy Gospel 1954 – 1986 (Honest John’s Records) Presenting a three part compilation that focuses on the Gospel catalog of the legendary label through its glory years. Whilst it’s practically impossible to assemble a definitive compilation for such a body of work, we decided to focus on separate periods that really exemplified the sounds that were evolving in the Savoy studios. Namely; Vol. 1 = 1954 – 1966 Vol. 2 = 1970 – 1979 Vol. 3 – 1978 – 1986 The tracks chosen weave their way across the r&b boards of the earlier output, heading into the funkier sounds of the 70’s, before highlighting the polished modern soul and disco era into the 80’s. We’re proud of the tracklisting we’ve managed to assemble and think it’s not just a great introduction for those that are currently unaware of the discography, but it’s a solid representation to those that are already connoisseurs. The compilation comes as a 3xCD set with a 60 page booklet…comprehensive liner notes are provided by the amazing Grammy nominated ROBERT M. MAROVICH. No stone was left unturned in his narrative. It’s a fascinating accompaniment to the music itself. Each Volume will be released on DOUBLE VINYL, two as a gatefold, all housed in high grade board with a matte finish. The liner notes are presented in a series of different ways, including sleeve notes, inserts and amazing photos of the artists themselves. Already released was the two 45’s and 10” single last year as a precursor to the compilation….still available are Jessy Dixon’s version of ‘Wade in the water’ (the first time on a 45), and the missing anomaly to the Savoy catalog for so long, Edith Moreno’s ‘Get ready for judgment day’. RELEASE DATE for the compilation itself is still TBA but please visit the HONEST JOHN’S website for more information. Cheers!
  5. And here's the Mixcloud Select archive to listen back. Cheers!
  6. Thanks to those of you that tuned in to the Divine Chord Gospel Show - JEWEL DEVOTIONAL SERIES 45rpm LABEL FOCUS. Here's the tracklisting....the Mixcloud Select Archive will be available shortly. Cheers! Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 104 – hosted by DJ Greg Belson and broadcast on 27th May 2020 – JEWEL DEVOTIONAL SERIES Label Focus Armstrong Brothers ‘Can you treat him like a brother’ (Jewel) Violinaires ‘Message to my friends’ (Jewel) BPS Revolution ‘Brotherly love’ (Jewel) Clarence Fountain ‘Me and Jesus’ (Jewel) Bill Moss and the Celestials ‘You’ve got to serve somebody’ (Jewel) Brooklyn Allstars ‘Let me lean on you’ (Jewel) Rev. Erskine Faush ‘Walk with me’ (Jewel) Sunset Travelers ‘Laugh at me’ (Jewel) Violinaires ‘I’m not worried’ (Jewel) Ernest Franklin ‘Trying times’ (Jewel) Southerners ‘I’ll wait on the Lord’ (Jewel) Talkset Stanley Winston ‘No more ghettos in America’ (Jewel) Mighty Stars of Harmony ‘Jesus prays’ (Jewel) Sensational Harmoneers ‘How nice’ (Jewel) Rev. Samuel Butler ‘We all have gone astray’ (Jewel) Chimes ‘Woke up this morning’ (Jewel) Violinaires ‘Condition’ (Jewel) Albertina Walker ‘Mama said, thank you’ (Jewel) Newnan Singers ‘Nobody knows’ (Jewel) Traveling Echoes ‘Tell Jesus what you want’ (Jewel) Sunset Jubilees ‘The old account was settled’ (Jewel) Talkset Vic Pitts Cheaters feat. Omar Dupree ‘Modern crucifixion’ (Jewel) Rev. Clay Evans ‘Everything will be alright’ (Jewel) Clarence Fountain ‘This little light of mine’ (Jewel) Meditation Singers ‘I love my Jesus’ (Jewel) Soul Stirrers ‘Trying to be your friend’ (Jewel) Brooklyn Allstars ‘A prayer for today’ (Jewel) Clarence Fountain and the Barry Currington Choral ‘Didn’t it rain’ (Jewel) Soul Stirrers ‘I’m praying’ (Jewel) Bill Moss ‘What a change you’ve made in my life’ (Jewel) Mighty Sons of Glory ‘Don’t forget the bridge (that brought you over)’ (Jewel) Dorothy Norwood ‘He’s a friend’ (Jewel) Bill Moss & the Celestials ‘Come on the Lord’s side’ (Jewel) Destiny ‘Nothing can stop me now’ (Jewel) Talkset Bell Jubilee Singers ‘Shadrach, Meshach and abednego’ (Jewel) Williams Singers ‘He’s got everything you need’ (Jewel) Rev. David Robinson ‘Jesus is not here, he’s arisen’ (Jewel) Masonic Travelers ‘I’ve got a home on high’ (Jewel) Ernest Walker & the Inspiralettes ‘Meet me in the golden city’ (Jewel) Bronner Brothers ‘Hold on to God’s unchanging hand’ (Jewel) Bobby Charles ‘Preachers daughter’ (Jewel)
  7. It's time to label focus once again, and for this session we're turning our attention to the quite frankly, awesome body of work that is; Jewel Devotional Series If you're not familiar with how these particular shows work, then check out our previous focus on the HOB IS GOSPEL label, here; https://www.mixcloud.com/gregbelson/divine-chord-gospel-show-pt-101-hob-is-gospel-label-focus/ Join us on Wednesday 27th May 2020 @ 2pm US PDT (10pm UK GMT) on dublab.com for a rundown of some of the finest music featured from this amazing catalog. We're running deep into the 45's released on this essential label, so pull up a chair, grab a pen....it's music you might not have heard before!
  8. In early February 2020, I visited Memphis TENN to hit the crates & dig deep into the well of unbelievable music created in that legendary city. I arrived with an empty record box when after 1 day in to the dig, I received an invite from 2 of the key players at this premo new DJ spot to play a set on the following Saturday. Pretty cool...3 days to dig out the goodness with a final 1 hour showcase at the weekend! I didn’t want to pillage the mighty Stax catalog as I know the local folks will have that on lock…..I wanted to mine the soul of gospel labels Designer, D-Vine Spirituals, Philwood & Prabay, whilst seeking out some soul & funk rarities next to the cheaper, overlooked business. It was a wild trip putting this together, & I ended up over running my allotted set time by 25 minutes! Thanks so much to Eight and Sand @ The Central Station Hotel, Otis Shredding, Memphi$ Jones, McLemore & Daniel Mathis that made this one pretty special.
  9. 8 and some odd years on or so, and still looking. Can anyone help, please? Thanks!
  10. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to the Soul Allnighter Takeover pt. 2 on dublab last night....here's the full 8 hour archive for your listening and dancing pleasure. Pt. 3 is already in the works, so keep an eye out for more info as and when it happens. Cheers!
  11. Last years Los Angeles Soul Allniter was such a success, that we decided to make it a 'thing'....a once-in-a-while 8 hour 'nighter style takeover, broadcasting from dublab.com direct to your listening device. Join us on Saturday 15th February 2020 at 10pm US PDT (6am UK GMT) as this time we take it global. People get ready....there's a soulful train a'comin' with a carefully selected clutch of open-minded DJ’s that push the soulful sound; Mr. Fine Wine (NYC, USA) Greg Belson (Los Angeles, USA) Miss Goldie (Melbourne, AUS) Henning Borm (Lucerne, Switzerland) Lars Bulnheim (Austria/Germany) Toni Rossano (London UK) Brian Poust (New Orleans, USA) Cazzy B (Bolton, UK) Expect rare soul in all its guises, gospel, funk, r&b, modern & late night disco! Here's a rewind on how the first session stacked up....a who's to what to yip uhuh of plentiful players that catch that sound; Dublab operates via donations to keep this non-profit creative hub afloat. If you like what you hear, please consider donating to the cause or become a member. Thanks!
  12. Here's the mixcloud archive of the Divine Chord Gospel Show and the HOB IS GOSPEL label focus. A two hour special concentrating on the 45rpm singles catalog put out by the essential, legendary label within the Gospel circuit.
  13. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to The Divine Chord Gospel Show last week, for the HOB IS GOSPEL label focus...apologies for the delay in getting the archive up and running. Here's the tracklisting...the mixcloud session is now available. Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 101 – hosted by DJ Greg Belson and broadcast on 22nd January 2020 – HOB IS GOSPEL Label Focus Southland Singers ‘Serve the Lord’ (Hob Is Gospel) Josephine Howard ‘How long’ (Hob Is Gospel) Singing Disciples ‘I need prayer’ (Hob Is Gospel) Messiahs of Glory ‘Just a little talk with Jesus (Hob Is Gospel) Prof. James W. Davis and the Sensational Cloud Davis Specials ‘He’s real to me’ (Hob Is Gospel) Swan Silvertones ‘If you think your God is dead (try mine)’ (Hob Is Gospel) Southland Singers ‘Trust him (call on the Lord)’ (Hob Is Gospel) Little Vicki and the Gospel Stars ‘Searching’ (Hob Is Gospel) Shirley Caesar ‘Stand the storm’ (Hob Is Gospel) Thompson Community Gospel Singers ‘Jesus is just alright’ (Hob Is Gospel) Brockington Ensemble ‘Try Jesus’ (Hob Is Gospel) Gospel Encores ‘My God’ (Hob Is Gospel) Elder Ward & the Ward Singers ‘It’ll all be over’ (Hob Is Gospel) Genetter with Derold Conway and the Bradley Singers ‘Right direction’ (Hob Is Gospel) Talkset Shirley Caesar & the Caesar Singers ‘People get ready’ (Hob Is Gospel) Harrell Singers ‘There’s a land’ (Hob Is Gospel) Voices of the White Rock ‘Baptized believer’ (Hob Is Gospel) Singing Disciples ‘Troubled time’ (Hob Is Gospel) Holy Desciples ‘Servant prayer’ (Hob Is Gospel) Trumpets of Zion ‘Dry bones’ (Hob Is Gospel) Deborah Thompson ‘City called heaven’ (Hob Is Gospel) Shirley Caesar ‘Don’t be afraid’ (Hob Is Gospel) Tyler Trio ‘What is this’ (Hob Is Gospel) Gospel Commanders ‘I can tell the world’ (Hob Is Gospel) Swan Silvertones ‘Nobody but the Lord’ (Hob Is Gospel) Richard Roquemore ‘Silver lining’ (Hob Is Gospel) Loretta Oliver ‘Nothing has been the same’ (Hob Is Gospel) Talkset Victory Travelers ‘Power Lord’ (Hob Is Gospel) Maggie Bell and the Maggie Bell Singers ‘Hold the light’ (Hob Is Gospel) Helen Hollins Singers ‘Deliverance’ (Hob Is Gospel) Gertrude Bowman ‘Standing ovation’ (Hob Is Gospel) Connie Pitts ‘Working people’ (Hob Is Gospel) Shirley Caesar and the Caesar Singers with the Thompson Community Choir ‘Put your hand in the hand’ (Hob Is Gospel) Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers ‘Pray on my child’ (Hob Is Gospel) Madame Tessie Hill ‘Where will you be’ (Hob Is Gospel) James Cleveland & the Voices of the Tabernacle ‘Somethings got a hold on me’ (Hob Is Gospel) Jewel Gospel Singers ‘Don’t pass me by’ (Hob Is Gospel) Five Blind Boys of Alabama ‘Running for my life’ (Hob Is Gospel) Greene Sisters ‘Rushing of a mighty wind’ (Hob Is Gospel)
  14. Thanks to those of you that tuned in live to the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 100...Trying To Make One Hundred. Here's the tracklisting....check the Mixcloud Select below. Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 100 – hosted by DJ Greg Belson and broadcast on 27th November 2019 Southern Gospel Singers ‘At the cross’ (Dayco) L.C. Stiggers ‘People get ready the train’s a coming’ (Friendship) Miss Linda Zeigler and the Zeiglers ‘Who! I want to be happy now’ (Marksman) Southern Trumpets ‘Good news’ (Better World) Melody Kings ‘He’s alright’ (Specialty) Sinsational Souls ‘Keep on praying’ (Lazarus) Oxnard Jubilees ‘I’ve been saved and sanctified (Two:Dot) Danny Myers ‘Lord plant my feet on higher ground’ (Salvation Is Free) Sensational Skylarks ‘Jesus, oh how I love you’ (Sensational Skylarks) Sensational Jones Singers ‘All he was doing’ (Kingdom) M&W Gospel Singers ‘My change has come’ (Antioch) Rev. Carlton Coleman ‘Share it’ (Brunswick) Rance Allen Group ‘Let’s get together and love’ (Reflect) Gospel Artistics ‘Time shall be no more’ (db) Kindly Shepherds ‘Lend me your hand’ (Checker) Sacred Four ‘Somebody watching you’ (Champ) Margaret Moss & the Three Stars ‘Don’t let it be too late’ (Three Stars) Alston Brothers ‘When all God’s children will be going home’ (DCGS White) Gospel Comforters ‘Yes God is real’ (Marcs) Soul Lifters ‘Wind nor rain’ (Soul Lifters) Singing Revelators ‘Walk with me’ (Soul Lark) William Singers ‘It’s so good to be alive’ (Checker) Heavenly Vibrations of Augusta, Georgia ‘I have a friend’ (Gospel Express) Highway QC’s ‘Be at rest (I’ll fly away)’ (Peacock) Harris Special ‘To make things better’ (Revelation) Master Keys ‘I done got on the right road’ (Co-Op) Etoy Bogart and Bogart Bros ‘This may be the last time’ (Philwood) Cliff Mason & the Gospel Truth ‘Get ready (Jesus is coming)’ (Spirited) Elder Ward & the Ward Singers ‘It’ll be all over’ (Hob is Gospel) Gospel Dynamics ‘Do you love him’ (Mark Five) Spiritual Four ‘If you think your God is dead’ (Sendus) P.J. City ‘Straight forward (Non stop)’ (Rise) Edith Moreno ‘Get ready for judgement day’ (Savoy Test Press) William and Jerome Croom ‘Hallelujah’ (William and Jerome Croom) Staple Junior Gospel Singers ‘God’s gonna trouble the water’ (Landmark) Sister Rosa Lee Smooth ‘Spread the word’ (BiCaRa) Gospel Tones ‘In glory’ (Audiofonics) Cliff Gober ‘A poor wayfaring stranger’ (Calvary) Silver Kings ‘Trouble the water’ (Bounty) Dynamic Golden Stars ‘There’s been a change in me’ (J&B) Chapman Family Singers ‘Pray on my child’ (Chapman Family Singers) Soul Searchers ‘Get that church’ (Juggy) Jame T. Horn ‘The Glory bound train’ (MoDo) Little Shadows ‘Time for peace’ (Zan) The Mixcloud Select archive is here;

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