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    Real people who come from the heart...The history channel ...tea with digestives...Girls with a sparkle in the eye....silence after a long all-niter....Jerry Butler,Betty Lavette...Interior design 60/70s...Brown cord...Roy Hamilton..Huddersfield Town Football Club....Paul Weller..Nick Drake...Richie Havens..Dusty Springfield...Sunshine..Cats..
    Cheese and crackers..Spain...Walking..Double beds..Chilling with a good book...Four Tops...Nina Simone..Deep soul ballads..News 24.. cricket.. Growling ghetto grooves.. Dancing till dawn..
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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Issue 95 of the rare soul fanzine on sale now. Details follow... View full article
  2. Soul Up North Autumn 2017 Issue Out Now

    Issue 95 of the rare soul fanzine on sale now.. £3 plus postage, back issues available too.. PayPal available £3 each.. I can also post Europe... email stevecato64@yahoo.co.uk Issue 95s contents OPENING PAGE : CONTENTS – EDITORIAL...
  3. chuck armstrong.. Lonely man...

    Got a few copies of this wonderful 70s groover left.. All copies ex/ nr mint, unplayed... £25 plus £1.50 postage... email stevecato64@yahoo.co.uk A great take on the Spencer Wiggins classic...
  4. Different Strokes re-launch..

    DJ Times Different Strokes 2nd September Guest DJs Tolbert and Ralf (Hamburg weekender) + David Meehan (Dublin) 8-8.30 D.S Residents 8.30-9.30 David Meehan 9.30-10.00 Steve 10-10.30 Matty 10.30-11 Rich 11-11.30 Ralf 11.30-12 Tolbert 12-12.30 Richard Penrith 12.30-1 Matty 1-1.45 Tolbert Meisenfleischner 1.45-2.30 Ralf Mehnert 2.30-3 Steve Cato
  5. Different Stroke is back in Sept @ a new venue..

  6. Not sure if this as been posted already ?? Nothing that pulls up trees on the rare soul scene but of some interest i guess..... Or maybe not ??? https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/aug/23/northern-soul-10-of-the-best?CMP=Share_iO...
  7. The Webb's... Give in...

    Looking for a copy of The Webb's.. Give in... Cheers
  8. Different Strokes re-launch..

    Different Strokes is back in Sept @ a new venue.. A cool loft club with full wooden dancefloor, in house pa, air con... Guest djs Ralf Mehnert and Tolbert Meisenfleischner from the Hamburg soul scene, plus Dave Meehan from Dublin, Ireland... Plus the residents... Steve Cato.. Matthew Hill.. Richard Penrith... Sat 2nd Sept.... 8pm to 3am £6 on the door.... Revolution bar... Oxford Rd.. Manchester.. M1 5WH Manchester Contact email stevecato64@yahoo.co.uk Also find us on Facebook
  9. How you got into northern soul

    As a youth I was sexual aroused by men in vests, I had found my garden of Eden
  10. Robert Taylor... Time keeps ticking

    Looking for a copy of Robert Taylor...., Time keeps ticking...
  11. Manchester Soul Weekend....


    The launch event... Tickets still available..
  12. Manchester Soul Weekend....


    Look forward to meeting you Martin, come say hello... Tickets available for all events, there will be pay on the door too if we don't sell out..
  13. Manchester Soul Weekend....


    Dj times for Friday... Saturday... Sunday main events... Manchester Soul Weekender Friday Night DJ Times Revolution Bar Deansgate Locks 8pm to 3am.. £12 tickets...... 8pm - 8.30pm Scott Molyneux 8.30pm - 9pm Chris Gunnill 9pm - 9.30pm Lynne Girdwood 9.30pm - 10pm Ollie Lailey 10pm - 10.30pm Neil Higson 10.30pm - 11pm Mark Rickards 11pm - 11.30pm Dave Girdwood 11.30pm - 12am Greg Belson 12am - 12.30am Brian Phillips 12.30am - 1am Henning Borm 1am - 1.30am Geoff Rudd 1.30am - 2am Magnus Rams 2am - 2.30am Marc Forrest 2.30am - 3am Darren Sykes _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Manchester Soul Weekender Saturday Night DJ Times Revolution Bar Fallowfield 6pm... to 4am.. 2 rooms.... £8 tickets... Basement Bar 6pm - 6.30pm Chris Gunnill 6.30pm - 7pm Brian Phillips 7pm - 7.30pm Johnny Vegas 7.30pm - 8pm Stuart Raith 8pm - 8.30pm Jimmy Randall 8.30pm - 9pm Scott Molyneux 9pm - 9.30pm Mark Howell 9.30pm - 10pm Lynne Girdwood 10pm - 10.30pm Dave Girdwood 10.30pm - 11pm Calvin Lee Hughes 11pm - 11.30pm Finlay McDermott 11.30pm - 12am Jake Lingwood 12am - 12.30am Ollie Lailey 12.30am - 1am Henning Borm 1am - 1.30am Magnus Rams 1.30am - 2am Greg Belson 2am - 2.30am Marc Forrest 2.30am - 3am Richard Penrith 3am - 3.30am Matty Hill 3.30am - 4am Steve Cato Manchester Soul Weekender Saturday Night DJ Times Revolution Bar Fallowfield Upstairs Bar 7pm - 7.30pm Lynne Girdwood 7.30pm - 8pm Dave Girdwood 8pm - 8.30pm Henning Borm 8.30pm - 9pm Magnus Rams 9pm - 9.30pm Greg Belson 9.30pm - 10pm Marc Forrest 10pm - 10.30pm Darren Sykes 10.30pm - 11pm Finlay McDermott 11pm - 11.30pm Chris Gunnill 11.30pm - 12am Brian Phillips 12am - 12.30am Darren Sykes 12.30am - 1am Mark Howell 1am - 1.30am Scott Molyneux 1.30am - 2am Jimmy Randall 2am - 2.30am Stuart Raith 2.30am - 3am Johnny Vegas 3am - 3.30am Neil Higson 3.30am - 4am Geoff Rudd _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Amended Room one Manchester Soul Weekender Sunday 4pm – 4am Ark 3 rooms... £12 tickets... Upstairs Room 1 Classic Northern Oldies & Floorfillers 4pm – 5pm Brent Howarth 5pm – 6pm Magnus Rams 6pm – 7pm Jordan Wilson 7pm – 8pm Kev Murphy 8pm – 9pm Sarah Jane 9pm – 10pm Calvin Lee Hughes 10pm – 11pm Marc Forrest 11pm – 12am Geoff Rudd 12am – 1am Sean Haydon 1am – 2am Jake Lingwood 2am – 3am Henning Borm 3am – 4am Neil Higson Darren Amended room 2...Manchester Soul Weekender Sunday 7pm – 4am Ark Downstairs Room 2 Rare Uptempo Northern/R&B/Funk Edged/Gospel 7pm - 7.30pm Jake Lingwood 7.30pm – 8pm Stuart Raith 8pm – 8.30pm Finlay McDermott 8.30pm – 9pm Scott Molyneux 9pm – 9.30pm Brian Phillips 9.30pm – 10pm Johnny Vegas 10pm – 10.30pm Geoff Rudd 10.30pm - 11pm Greg Belson 11pm – 11.30pm Sean Haydon 11.30pm – 12am Dave Girdwood 12am – 12.30am Jimmy Randall 12.30am – 1am Henning Borm 1am – 1.30am Scott Molyneux 1.30am – 2am Neil Higson 2am – 2.30am Darren Sykes 2.30am – 3am Steve Cato 3am – 3.30am Chris Gunnill 3.30am – 4am Sean Haydon 7pm – 4am Ark Downstairs Room 3 Crossover – 70’s/Mid Tempo – Beat Ballads 7pm - 7.30pm Magnus Rams 7.30pm – 8pm Darren Sykes 8pm – 8.30pm Steve Cato 8.30pm – 9pm Ollie Lailey 9pm – 9.30pm Lynne Girdwood 9.30pm – 10pm Mark Rickards 10pm – 10.30pm Brian Phillips 10.30pm - 11pm Dave Girdwood 11pm – 11.30pm Johnny Vegas 11.30pm – 12am Magnus Rams 12am – 12.30am Marc Forrest 12.30am – 1am Darren Sykes 1am – 1.30am Steve Cato 1.30am – 2am Dave Girdwood 2am – 2.30am Ollie Lailey 2.30am – 3am Jonny Vegas 3am – 3.30am Lynne Girdwood 3.30am – 4am Henning Borm
  14. Manchester Soul Weekend....


    Also limited Sat night only tickets for Locks 91 venue... The Old Nags Head is sold out now...
  15. News: Manchester Soul Weekender - 30 Jun - 02 Jul 2017

    great offers here on apartments in the city.. https://www.airbnb.co.uk/