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    Real people who come from the heart...The history channel ...tea with digestives...Girls with a sparkle in the eye....silence after a long all-niter....Jerry Butler,Betty Lavette...Interior design 60/70s...Brown cord...Roy Hamilton..Huddersfield Town Football Club....Paul Weller..Nick Drake...Richie Havens..Dusty Springfield...Sunshine..Cats.. Cheese and crackers..Spain...Walking..Double beds..Chilling with a good book...Four Tops...Nina Simone..Deep soul ballads..News 24.. cricket.. Growling ghetto grooves.. Dancing till dawn..
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    Johnny Mcall.. I need you baby

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    Promoter and dj @ Different Strokes.. Manchester..

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  1. Looking for a clean copy of West Brook singers..
  2. until

    Any questions on the event, please drop em in comments....
  3. Can you text me yer number Steve 07752084878.... cheers
  4. looking to come from Manchester.. Getting the Tram, is far from the metro station ??? last tram is early, looking to share a cab back to Manchester with anyone, or get a lift ?. will sort out beers or petrol ..
  5. Last shout for tomorrow... Tickets available, see event... Upstairs bar is free entry.. Tickets required for main room downstairs... You can contact me on 07752084878 Steve Cato..
  6. Tickets on sale..Now... paypal Manchestersoulweekender@hotmail.com
  7. The Manchester Soul Weekender presents a NYE revolution... Back to the real all niter format.... An 8am finish... Two floors of The Peer Hat for your dancing pleasure. Upstairs bar freestyle 7pm until late Downstairs 9pm - 8am Confirmed Dj’s Joel Maslin Amanda Cottrell Geoff Rudd Sean Haydon Paul Grant Scott Molyneux Cazzy Burgess Residents Steve Cato Darren Sykes Neil Higson Please PayPal Manchestersoulweekender@hotmail.com £13 per ticket The Peer Hat 14-16 Faraday Street, M1 1BE Manchester, United Kingdom The link to the event on facebook.. https://www.facebook.com/events/1045648419159295/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1564775938752899
  8. We have pay on the door for each event but advise a ticket in advance... Any questions then drop me an email.. stevecato64@yahoo.co.uk
  9. Peer Hat... M1 1 BE Introducing Henning Börm Very happy, thankful and honoured I will be back to the wonderful Manchester Weekender for the third time. What I'm very much looking for is the familiar feeling, the great venues, the wide range of amazing music through the genres from well chosen DJ's and to meet lots of friends again I made over the last years!!! If you haven't been there yet I definitely suggest you book as fast as you can before you regret not being part of this another year! I made a little mix with what I will play, and you can expect some new tunes to your ears, some classics, both through all genres and lots of love and emotions from me. See you there. Henning https://www.mixcloud.com/Manchester_Soul_Weekender/henning-borm-manchester-mix/
  10. Our 3 venues.....
  11. Time to meet the Dj’s... Introducing Jo March Part time artist, part time dj, full time bumpkin. I grew up and still live in Cornwall. My early years were spent mostly on a diet of pasties and small town club-soul with a constant craving for something a bit more rarefied. A bit of an eclectic, I'm always been into a huge range of music including soul, funk, vintage r'n'b, country, swing and British dance bands, oh and English song cycles. More specifically and pertinent to this, I've been collecting and djing rare soul 45s with intent since 2005 and am a resident with Soul on Wax Newquay, and with the Atlantic Soul Collective who play different venues around Cornwall. For the last few years I've also dj'd at Dave Raistrick's Original Skegness Weekender and last year was pleased to play a spot at GOGO Children in Bristol. Delighted to be coming up to Manchester in July to be playing amongst friends old and new, at an event already noted for its commitment to quality and rare soul. Just got to save for the donkey's new shoes...
  12. Our 1st dj profile.... Let me introduce Jordon Wilson... UK... Despite being only 22 and a relatively newcomer to the scene of eight years, Jordan has an outstanding collection of original Rare Soul (That he has built up of his own back) and is one of the most popular and highly sought after young DJs on the Northern Soul all-nighter scene. Additionally, Jordan is a successful promoter, who has recently put together the incredible Empire All Nighter in his hometown of Wigan which annually gets in over 700 people through the doors. Jordan is becoming known for giving forgotten tracks a new a new lease of life and digging to find unreleased studio versions of popular Soul tracks on acetate discs. He spends most of his time searching for them forgotten sounds by listening to cassette tapes, scouring the internet and talking in the record bar, learning from some of the veterans of the Soul scene.
  13. All sales posted out this morning.. Please drop me a message when you receive them.. Around 20 copies left plus back issues... Thanks
  14. Just 1 change to the Dj line up.. Jimmy Randle will replace Dave Stabler.. Any questions folks then drop us a message on this post..
  15. Been away for a good while with work, back home now and recent sales posted out. stil got copies left if any folk want to purchase.. email stevecato64@yahoo.co.uk

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