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  1. Lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    I want to thank everyone who came to Wrong Crowd last night. I really hope everyone liked our new venue, I think it lends itself very well to our night. It was so nice to see everyone enjoying the music and lovely to see so many friends there to support us. We really cannot thank you all enough. Many thanks to our guests Martyn, Robbo, Chalky and Dean and to our residents, Simon, Derek and Dan. You gave us all a night to remember. I'm hoping to give you all details of the next Wrong Crowd very soon and once again, thank you everyone
  2. Very much looking forward to this as always. A brilliant club and offers something different every time.
  3. Lankytwang


    Wrong Crowd IV, when our guests Lenny Harkins and Gis Southworth join our residents, Simon, Derek and Dan to bring you another night of great music, following our play what you love ethos. Be there...
  4. Really looking forward to this as ever
  5. A fantastic event we look forward to every time. We cannot wait until 13th July to be back in that wonderful quirky venue amongst like minded people for a night of Cleethorpes magic.
    Always a great night at Burscough, one of those must do, stand out events. Brilliant time as ever amongst like minded folk and roll on next month and the anniversary, I can't wait .
  6. Lankytwang


    Thank you so much. We can't wait for part 2
  7. Lankytwang


    Thank you so much, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and roll on July 6th
    Another outstanding night at one of my favourite venues.
    Great night from start to finish as expected, for the sheer diversity of the music and the vibe. Perfect.
  8. Lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    I want to thank everybody who supported us last night. I have spent the day reading the feedback from everyone who came and, my god, what a night. A huge thank you to our DJs for their inspired sets. Truly brilliant.
  9. Lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Thank you
  10. Lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Wonderful Chris, looking forward to welcoming you to our new club
  11. Lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Yes, thank you very much

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