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  1. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    I want to thank everybody who supported us last night. I have spent the day reading the feedback from everyone who came and, my god, what a night. A huge thank you to our DJs for their inspired sets. Truly brilliant.
  2. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Thank you
  3. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Wonderful Chris, looking forward to welcoming you to our new club
  4. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Yes, thank you very much
  5. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Look forward to welcoming you and Mr M to our event.
  6. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Details to follow
  7. lankytwang


    Wrong Crowd II - No introduction is needed for Chalky, neither for Bolton's finest, Paul Johnson. Derek, Simon and Dan will be your usual suspects. The music policy is 'play what you love' so expect a variety of sounds and styles from a DJ line up we are once again honoured and humbled to present.
  8. lankytwang

    Wrong Crowd

    Opening night. Music policy is 'play what you love', so expect a variety of styles and sounds from a DJ lineup we are honoured and humbled to present.

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