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  1. AndyG

    The Springfield All-Nighter 2020

  2. AndyG


    Just about recovered from what was a fantastic if not a little stressful night ( The Beer helped) thank you for all who attended you are the ones who make it worth while, and what can I say about the DJ’s except Wow, Wow, Wow, Thank you to each and everyone of you from the kick off at 1pm through to the finish at 6am, all 3 rooms and the bar were rockin’ so once Again THANK YOU.
  3. AndyG


    Had a few calls about the afternoon warm up, yes it's on we start at 2pm through to 6pm
  4. AndyG


    Room now gone
  5. AndyG


    Hi guys we have had another double room become available for tomorrow night if there is anyone not sorted yet
  6. AndyG


    I've just had a message from Cliff Steele and I'm sorry to say that due to work commitments he is unable to DJ for us on Saturday. We will let you know asap as to his replacement.
  7. AndyG


    Hiya guys I've got a room become available for Saturday if anyone is not sorted yet. Now Gone
  8. AndyG


    Room 2 8-9 Chico 9-10 Dave Lucas 10-11 Keith Money 11-12 Cliff Steele 12-1 Chris Anderton 1-2 John Roberts
  9. AndyG


    DJ times for the Main Room 7 - 8 Paul Shirley 8 - 9 Dean Anderson 9 - 10 Chic 10 - 11 John McDonald 11 - 12 Roger Banks 12 - 01 Kitch 01 - 02 Keith Money 02 - 03 Colin Law 03 - 04 Cliff Steele 04 - 05 Mark Speakman 05 - 06 Calvin Lee Hughes Hope these are Ok Guys
  10. AndyG


    Just waiting for the Modern room times
  11. AndyG


    Good to see you're on the mend Gilly, It'll be great to see you both next week & better still you're both in The Room of cool.
  12. AndyG

    Nice Bunch Of Northern

    Nice Bunch Of Northern Originals This is a set sale so no offers thanks Pay Pal as a gift or add 4% U.K. Postage £2.75 up to 3 records, Europe & USA extra. Yvonne & The Sensations – I Can’t Change – Junior VG+ (sticker & WOL on Flip) £70.00 Delcos – Arabia – Showcase (Red) VG+ - £40.00 Vontastics – I Will Always Love You/ Why Must We Part – Chess VG+ - £50.00 Black & Blue – What I Got – Mercury W/D – EX - £80.00 Spellbinders - Help Me – Columbia VG+ (slight wear on label) - £70.00 Thanks for looking PM me if interested
  13. AndyG

    A Few Nice 45's To Go

    A Few nice 45’s to go This is a set sale so no offers thanks Pay Pal as a gift or add 4% U.K. Postage £2.75 up to 3 records, Europe & USA extra. The Dealers – You Got It – Big Bunny – VG++ - £100.00 SOLD EJ Chandler - I Can't Stand to Lose You - SOS Ex £80.00 SOLD Jean Carter - Like One (Decca promo) note that like most promo copies the sound is a little low-Fi , £200.00 VG++. SOLD Deletts - Look at me Blue Rock W/D Vg+ has a cue burn for 3 secs - £280.00 SOLD Black & Blue - What I Got - Mercury Demo EX £110.00 Thanks for looking PM me if interested
  14. AndyG


    you'll be able to go in the restaraunt after 10 for a bit of quiet time and a chill


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