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  1. at the Exciters live All Nighter Lto R Lee Franklin, brother and sister, Jane and Tim Blowers all from Melton Mowbray
    Second time to this nice local sunday souls session. Graham and Dave have put on a greta sunday afternoon treat. The venue just off the A6 in Hazel Grove and 2 minutes from the railway station. Plenty of secure parking on site and this former Conservative Club is warm welcoming and comfortable with plenty of seating and tables. The dance floor is pretty good and no need for any talc!! Graham was Djing all day as Dave was away and the music is all 60's and some 70's classic soul, motown RandB etc. Give it a try, well recommended KTF Tim
  2. hope to see you tomorrow, anybody want to try this its a great venue with good wooden dance floor, plenty of parking and just down from Hazel Grove station. nice selection of 60's tunes from Graham and Dave all on vinyl KTF PS cheap beer ;)
  3. yes agreed £200 is my target, living in hope , thanks cop sourced just a bit over the £200 but very nice demo in Ex thanks
  4. Fantastic always loved this band very underrated IMO cheers
  5. after an original issue or demo in VG+ or better Jeanette Harper Put me in your pocket - 20th Century-Fox records thanks Tim
    another fab day at the Wheel, guest DJ was superb Colin Curtis with a great Torch and Mecca memories set. thanks again to Pete and the crew ATB Tim and the Buxton Crew
  6. friendly local do with a nice dance floor and Titanic Ale on tap,
  7. thanks Pete,
  8. hope to see you sunday Pete my friend KTF
    Another great day at the TW club with the guest DJ the mighty Ginger Taylor. The updated venue has improved an already great venue. better dance floor in the main room, reasonable priced drinks and a fantastic sound system. Resident DJ's putting out the tunes in the 2nd room always give us a few new ones each time John Green Jock Heron and of course Pete Roberts. always a friendly crowd greets any newcomers to the Wheel. Ginger wowed em in the main room and what a collection of rare UK demo versions we heard. KTF Tim
  9. catch you tomorrow Pete, should be a packer mate

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