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  1. Kent Anniversary

    This should take you where you need to be. Www.truesoul.co.uk ATB Gav
  2. Kent Anniversary

    Colin Law has a Hytones up for sale on his new site.
  3. One here. Ex. £110 inc special delivery.
  4. Please sign this

    Signed and shared.
  5. Late picking this one up, but so glad I finally have. Of the unissued tracks Eddie Frierson "You never had it so good" is the winner and simply fantastic to these ears. Packed full of quality tracks, just an outstanding compilation once again from ...
  6. He's Gone !

  7. He's Gone !

    Never imagined I'd say this but Mr Jefferies has produced another 45 version of a classic side, and I love it !!!!! (No I haven't been bribed or suffered a knock on the head). The Unsung Wonders return with a contemporary version of The Hamilton Movement...
  8. Soul Unique

    Can't remember when I last went to such a fantastic night with a superb music policy of truly across the board styles and tempos. Paul, Steve and Susan interchanged all night to maintain the flow and kept me on the dance floor (the whole of the pub😜). Will definitely be back for more. Well done guys Gav
  9. Jay T

    Blinding 45 https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4506365?ev=rb
  10. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Ty Karim on Romark, any day of the week. 70's version knocks every other into the middle of next week.
  11. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Sam Smith isn't suppose to appeal to our generation, him and all of his contempories are for the kids of today, not yesteryear. So in the words of Ty Karim "lighten up" 😜
  12. Sheffield Sunday Soul Sessions at the Mulberry Tavern

    You’re missing a blinding session 😁 x Baz can tell you all about it.
  13. Malcolm Hayes Billy Keene Earl Grant

    Paul can you reply to my pm please?
  14. Roosevelt and the Seven C's

    Pm'd ya