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  1. Please PM or e-mail me at illusiveoldsoul@yahoo.co.uk with any enquiries or offers. You'll never know unless you ask!! All records sold with a no hassle return & refund. Buyer pays return postage. All sound files are from the actual discs for sal...
  2. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 for a pressing ! And it seems the seller had another one he sold for £45 !
  3. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Spot on Mike. I simply wanted to know what particular record the poster was referring to when he stated "well it sold"
  4. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    What is? Asking a legitimate question about a posters comment to understand his previous remark "well it sold" ? And why get involved if you've nothing constructive to add ?
  5. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Well I figured that much out for myself. But given that there a thousands of records identified on this thread I thought you might wanna point out which one you were referring too 🙄
  6. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    In relation to what ?
  7. Marvin's unadulterated take of "Its not unusual" sounds fantastic, but the pillock that's added the beat, bells and whistles to this pile of shit wants strapping to a rack and whipping.
  8. Now I'm not averse to listening to the occasional remix of a classic oldie, providing it's done with respect for the original. Some add a different dimension or a tempo change might open the tune up to a new audience. BUT today I came across this ab...
  9. Kent Anniversary - Now Sorted

    This should take you where you need to be. Www.truesoul.co.uk ATB Gav
  10. Kent Anniversary - Now Sorted

    Colin Law has a Hytones up for sale on his new site.
  11. One here. Ex. £110 inc special delivery.
  12. Please sign this

    Signed and shared.
  13. Late picking this one up, but so glad I finally have. Of the unissued tracks Eddie Frierson "You never had it so good" is the winner and simply fantastic to these ears. Packed full of quality tracks, just an outstanding compilation once again from ...
  14. He's Gone !

  15. He's Gone !

    Never imagined I'd say this but Mr Jefferies has produced another 45 version of a classic side, and I love it !!!!! (No I haven't been bribed or suffered a knock on the head). The Unsung Wonders return with a contemporary version of The Hamilton Movement...

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