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  1. Loads on discogs.
  2. Six absolute belters for your consideration. Youtube clips for reference only. Scans below are of the discs for sale. All exclude £8.00 special delivery in UK. At cost insured overseas. 1. THE SUNGLOWS “Honeychild” Sunglow Ex Wol £250 Dog rare RnB boogaloo dance floor dynamite. 2. CHANNEL 3 “The sweetest thing” Dakar W/D Ex £160 SOLD SOLD SOLD A classic floor filler that really shouldn’t need any introduction. 3. GARLAND GREEN “Ain’t that good enough” Revue M- £140 A true classic in near mint condition (bb hole makes it M-). An essential playbox stable. 4. JESSE FISHER “Your not loving a beginner” Wayout (multi label ) Ex- £130 SOLD SOLD SOLD Guaranteed floor packer up and down the country. DJ dynamite. 5. CLEO JACKSON HUCK & THE SOUL PATROL “I’m the reason” Mar-kee” Ex- £225 SOLD SOLD SOLD A true rarity and an absolute gem. Featured by Ady on Kent’s classiest rarities. Reduced from £300 so a steal at the price and watch it soar in value when a big name jock sticks it on his playlist. 6. FREDDIE SCOTT “I’ll be gone” Shout W/D M- £90 Incredible dance floor banger that’s been tearing up floors for the past couple of years. Sublime condition. Pm any enquires please and all will be answered. Cheers Gav
  3. Sold a Soul Majestics for £35 couple of years back. I feel sick
  4. Pm'd you.
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  5. Reductions on all of these from recent sales lists and a few new added. There are some real bargains here, so don't sleep on them. Pics of all discs below. Payment by bank transfer, PayPal (f&f or add 4% please) or concealed cash. P&P £7.50 special delivery £2.50 1st class recorded in UK. Overseas at cost. Joe Douglas Playhouse issue Ex++ £185 Gene Vito Decca Demo Ex £35 SOLD SOLD SOLD Rick Thompson Columbia W/D Ex+ £85 Soul Gents Fros Bros Ex+ £85 Cleo Jackson Mar-kee Ex- £260 (very very rare) Gail Anderson Salvador W/D £200 (so tough on demo) Willie Hightower Capitol Demo Ex £60 Porgy & the Monarchs vg- (3mm edge crack) £50 Joneses Epic demo Ex £20 Angus Bell W/D £80 Otis Leavill Brunswick Vg+ £55 Danny White Decca Ex £40 Jackie Edwards Veep W/D Ex £20 Willie Hutch Modern W/D Ex+ £50 SOLD SOLD SOLD Bobby Joy Tangerine W/D Vg+ £30 Emile Griffith Tangerine W/D Vg++ £45 Beverley Ann Gibson Jubilee Vg (plays like Ex) £75 Dan Folger Elf Vg £60 SOLD SOLD SOLD San Francisco TKOs Kent Ann Ex £180 SOLD SOL SOLD Freddie Scott M- £100
  6. FIVE PROPER MAIN ROOM NORTHERN DANCERS Postage £7.50 special delivery or £2.50 recorded. Payment by bank transfer, concealed cash or PayPal as f&f please. YouTube vids for reference only, pics of discs below. Freddie Scott "I'll be gone" SHOUT W/D M- £125 Massive banging floor filler in superb minty condition that's hardly seen a turntable. SYMPHONICS "No more" BRUNSWICK Ex+ £75 SOLD SOLD SOLD Bloody fantastic dance floor Killa and sadly unplayed 45. Sounds like a four figure disc. WILLIE KENDRICK "Give me lots of lovin' / You can't bypass love" RCA W/D Ex+ £75 SOLD SOLD Two sensational sides back to back that really shouldn't need any introduction. Definitely Real Deal Northern Soul. WILLIE HUTCH "I can't get enough / Your love has made me a man" MODERN W/D Ex+ £60 Superb double sider from one of the greats of the soul hall of fame. In absolutely fabulous condition. EMILE GRIFFITH "Goin' goin' gone" TANGERINE W/D Vg++ £60 Dynamite uptempo Northern dancer. Plays fantastic. Cheers Gav
  7. Six more crackers to go ALL PRICES INCLUDED EITHER SPECIAL OR RECORDED DELIVERY. PayPal (f&f please), concealed cash or bank transfer YouTube clips are for reference except where stated. WILLIE PICKETT "On the stage of life" SOULSPOT NM £180 SOLD SOLD SOLD Sublime modern day classic and very much in demand and in pristine condition. ALISON "Born to be a lover" KING Vg+ £85 ON HOLD Proper banging funk dancer or real quality. Plays fantastic. YouTube clip below is the disc for sale. OTIS LEAVILL "Baby / Can't stop loving you" BRUNSWICK Vg+ £70 Two oh so soulful slabs of soul back to back. Heavy vinyl plays perfect. YouTube clips are of the disc for sale. ANGUS "Something to sleep on" BELL W/D Ex+ £110 Highly recommended 45 under the radar crossover. Superb production values as you'd expect from one of the majors. Please check my my listing here for a sound file THE HYTONES / SANDRA RICHARDSON "Runaway girl / After you give your all" KENT ANNIVERSARY NM £35 SOLD SOLD Two stunning sides that should grace every collection courtesy of Mr Crossdale. THE JONESES "In love again" EPIC DEMO EX £25 Such a fantastic feel good slab of 70's soul and as good as anything this superb group released. YouTube clip is of the disc for sale. Cheers Gav
  8. All records £7.50 special delivery / £12 Europe Payment by bank transfer / PayPal (f&f please or add 4%) or concealed cash SIX FLOORFILLING OLDIES UP FOR GRABS CHARLES FARREN "You've changed my whole life around" HAWK Ex £130 SOLD SOLD SOLD Absolutely superb 45 fro the Stafford era that shouldn't need any introduction. Disc is in tip top condition. THE JIVE FIVE "You're a puzzle" UNITED ARTIST W/D Ex+ £100 SOLD SOLD SOLD Just one of the best group sounds ever imha. Immense production and vocals. A taste of proper northern here in its birth sleeve. It's hardly seen a turntable so plays lovely and is a proper bargain at this price. STEVE MANCHA "Friday Night / Monday thru Thursday" GROOVEVILLE Vg £150 SOLD SOLD SOLD Forget the grade as the music completely overpowers any background noise that might be there and is one of the greatest double siders ever released on the label. Just an immense tune and an essential disc for every budding northern DJ on the planet. WILLIE HIGHTOWER "Because I love you" CAPITOL DEMO EX £75 Evergreen classic. Disc looks immaculate and comes delivered in its birth sleeve. PORGY AND THE MONARCHS "That girl" MUSICOR Vg- £70 Massive tune back in the day and never fails to bring the masses to the floor. Disc has had lots of play, has styrene hiss and a 3mm edge crack which doesn't effect play, so not the prettiest of examples, but still sounds fantastic when played out over a big system. LILLIAN DUPREE "Hide and seek / "Shield around my heart" Ex £90 A truly fine example of this belting femme dancer with a great flip side, and I believe it's the cheapest on the market!
  9. All discs £7.50 special delivery UK or £12 Europe Youtube clips are for reference only. Pics of all discs for sale are below FIVE ABSOLUTE GEMS FROM THE PLAYBOX. Cleo Jackson Huck & The Soul Patrol "I'm the reason" MAR-KEE Ex- £300 Incredible vocals on this fantastic rarity, as featured on Kent "Northern Soul Classiest Rarities Vol 5". Gail Anderson "Be proud / Let's fall in love all over" SALVADOR W/D Ex £225 Absolutely fantastic double sider. Both sides ooze with class here on the much rarer W/D, which very rarely comes up for sale. La Reine La Mar "That's not the way to love" CLOUD Ex £225 SOLD SOLD SOLD Top draw femme classic. Should need no introduction. Nolan Chance "If I could only be sure" ABC W/D M- £150 SOLD SOLD SOLD A game changing sound from back in the day. Absolutely beautiful copy in its birth sleeve. Elsie Dickson "I'm a big girl now" DOMINO Ex+ £110 SOLD SOLD SOLD Killa booming vocals from Elsie on this mid tempo gem PM any Enquiries please. Gav
  10. THE V.I.P's "Strange little girl" Congress W/D Vg+ £100 £80 now £60 inc p&p in uk (at cost overseas) Fabulous mid tempo sound.
  11. JOE DOUGLAS "Crazy things / Something to brag about" Playhouse Ex+ £200 ovno Fantastic double sider and always in demand Lovely unblemished condition. £7.50 special delivery UK / £12 Europe insured Youtube clips are for reference only, NOT from the disc for sale.
  12. LOUIS CURRY "You're just plain nice" Reel Vg £150 £7.50 special delivery posted or at cost overseas Signed copy of this superb classic 45. Plays with slight styrene hiss, but unnoticeable when played out. Books at £400. Have reduced this big time to move it along Youtube clip is not of the disc for sale. Enquiries by pm plz Gav
  13. SOLD THE BLACK EYED PEAS "Smallest man alive" Ex+ Ultra City £125 + £7.50 special delivery (outside uk at cost) Proper Northern banger in beautiful condition.
  14. Sage "I'm alive / Song for Yvonne" Head M- £150 + £7.50 special delivery. Superb modern double sider at a bargain price Pm enquiries plz. Gav
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