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  1. Somebody on SS put the following links up in earl 2023, fascinating guy. Churton Fairman aka Mike Raven passed on 4th April 1997 in Blissland, Cornwall aged 72. In later years he was a commercial artist, mainly sculptures - a committed Christian his art was primarily religious. He seems to have fitted a great deal into his life . His obituary is fascinating. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-churton-fairman-1270037.html http://www.bodminmoor.co.uk/churtonfairman/obit.html
  2. Your absolutely correct, but i'm a huge Roots & Culture collector, Soul has always been first for me from my first Northern love from 1969 to early 2K Soul, it's very rare you meet collectors that like both and the people i know are all based in the South, i was just wondering. The heavier Roots music gets the more i personally enjoy
  3. Are you talking Roots & Rockers material?
  4. Tried it with me on Friday, my eldest works for Slack, so a no brainer. Of course Discogs never replied, gutless.
  5. Genuine Japan CD on Disk Union's KTI own label, Withdrawn shortly before release date early 2015, a few sneaked I have a few spare, Not the Chinese Boot. All sealed and also in resealable Japan Mini-LP Sleeves £29-99 UK Shipping £3-50 Europe £11-00 USA £13 Shipped in Sturdy Packaging Payment Paypal F&F TRACK LISTING 1 A Woman Will Do Wrong 2 Thrills And Chills 3 Wrong Or Right 4 You Got To Be A Man 5 Sure Thing 6 Willing And Able 7 What's In The Loving 8 Like A Baby 9 China Melody 10 True Love Don't Grow On Trees 11 You Got To Do Your Share 12 I'm Controlled By Your Love BONUS TRACKS 13 Pain In My Heart 14 (Without You) Some Kind Of A Man
  6. Rod Dearlove & Jan Barker shaped my life, two of the most emotive writers it's been my pleasure to read. Voices (for me personally) the Best Soul Magazine of them all.
  7. Has anybody got a copy (CDr) or a download available for sale, any help truly appreciated. Thanks for looking. 1.Lover For Life 2.Tomorrow Starts For Us Today 3.It's Only Love 4.Just Don't Count On Me 5. Precious Stuff 6. Second Chance 7. What A Way To Put It 8. Help Yourself 9. Claim Another One For Love 10. Send For Me 11. Don't Get Scared 12. Don't Start Nothing 13. Thanks, But No Thanks 14. Am I Dreaming? 15. The Homecoming (Original)
  8. Early 2K Mary Made a couple of CD's for me. "His Servant Am I" (Only 7 Tracks) which she signed both disc and insert & one titled "Secular Material" (4 Tracks), these were for sale on her Website at the time both on New Judah Music label. Both are CDR's and in the thin CD cases, not Maxi CD type case. Single Crude Artwork. Excellent Sound Quality.
  9. CD's ~ SOUL ON THE REAL SIDE Vols 3, 4, 5, 6, & 10. Eddie Hinton – Live In Porretta - Soulsville Records – SSM 007 Please confirm Price & Condition, Originals not CD-r's
  10. Looking for: CD - TEMPESTS - WOULD YOU BELIEVE Condition & Price Please
  11. Eddie Hinton – Live In Porretta (CD) EX+/M condition required
  12. Anybody got a spare copy? Richard Caiton – "Reflections" ~ 20 Tracks From A New Orleans Soul Hero ~ Grapevine – GVCD 3008 pref Sealed
  13. BARGAIN BUNDLE Some Sealed, See Below 16 x CD's Modern Soul etc For £25 inc UK ONLY Shipping PAYPAL GIFT 1. Chante Moore - "This Moment Is Mine" - Rare MINT Very Limited Edition 1999 Promo CD on Silas/Universal Artist: Chante Moore Title: "This Moment Is Mine" Label: Silas/Universal Year: 1999 Ref No: UMD-9951 Condition: MINT: Very Limited "Promo" CD, (Black & White Rear Insert Only as Photo) 2. Joe - "Better Days" - 2001 Advance Promo CDR on US Zomba Artist: Joe Title: "Better Days" Label: US Zomba Year: 2001 Condition: Nr Mint, Comes In Card/Paper Sleeve as Photo 3. Luther Vandross - "Power Of Love" - MINT 1991 CD on Epic Artist: Luther Vandross Title: "The Power Of Love" Label: Epic Year: 1991 Ref: 468012 2 Condition: MINT 4. Marion Meadows - "Keep It Right There" Artist: Marion Meadows Title: "Keep It Right There" Label: US Novus Year: 1992 Ref No: 63131 Condition: VG (Punch Hole To Bar-Code) 5. Roger Smith-"Consider This" Autographed incs The Temptations - MINT Artist: Roger Smith inc The Temptations Title: "Consider This" Label: US Miramar Year: 2001 Ref No: 23153 Condition: Mint /Autographed/Punch hole through Bar-Code) 6. Various Artists - "Seattle... The Dark Side"- NEW & SEALED Artist: Various Title: "Seattle... The Dark Side" Label: US American Recordings Year: 1993 Ref No: 45382 Condition: New & Sealed 7. Angel Grant - Promo Advance Copy - 1998 - New & Sealed Artist: Angel Grant Title: Promo Advance Copy (in Digipak) Label: US Flyte Tyme Year: 1998 Ref No: U3P 1305 Condition: STILL FACTORY SEALED 8. Ernie Watts - "Afoxe" - 1991 CD on US CTI Artist: Ernie Watts Title: "Afoxe" Label: US CTI Year: 1991 Ref No: 79479 Condition: Mint 9. Bruce Purse -"Bruce Purse"-1991 CD on US Next Plateau (Glenn Jones etc) Artist: Bruce Purse Title: "Bruce Purse" Label: US Next Plateau Year: 1991 Ref No: PLCD1031 Condition: EX+ 10. Portrait - "All That Matters" - MINT 1995 CD on Capitol Records Artist: Portrait Title: "All That Matters" Label: UK Capitol Year: 1995 Ref No: 28709 Condition: Mint 11. Pru Renfro - "Pru" Artist: Pru Renfro Title: "Pru" Label: US Capitol Year: 2000 Ref No: 724352312009 Condition: New & Sealed Promo CD 12. Calloway - "Let's Get Smooth" 1992 CD on US Solar/Epic Artist: Calloway Title: "Let's Get Smooth" Label: US Solar/Epic Year: 1992 Ref No: 75326 Condition: Nr Mint (Punch Hole To Bar Code on Rear Insert) 13. The Affair - "If Only You Could Be Mine" - UK 6 Track CD Single - 1995 Artist: The Affair Title: "If Only You Could Be Mine" Label: UK 4th & Broadway Year: 1995 Ref No: BRCD 312 Condition: Ex 14. Jerry Butler – "Simply Beautiful" - 1994 CD on US Valley Vue Records Artist: Jerry Butler Title: "Simply Beautiful" Label: US Valley Vue Ref: 22006 Year: Condition: EXCELLENT : Marking to Front Insert, No Cut-Outs, Drill Holes, Saw Marks, Punch Holes etc 15. Luther Ingram-"Let's Steal Away... "- Japan CD + 5 Bonus Tracks on P-Vine Artist: Luther Ingram Title: "Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway" Label: Japan P-Vine Ref No: PCD-2297 Year: 1991 Condition: MINT no OBI, No Cut-Outs, Punch Holes, Saw Marks or Drill Holes 16. Eboni Foster - "Just What You Want" New & Sealed - 1998 CD on MCA Artist: Eboni Foster Title: "Just What You Want" Label: US MCA Year: 1998 Ref No: MCAAD-11750 Condition: New & Sealed (Punch Hole through Front Insert, see Photo)

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