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  1. John Siret

    Between the Two 'take a little time' (super disco edits)

    Brought a copy a couple of weeks ago. Wanted to say thanks for posting the video hadn't seen that.
  2. Juno had one earlier in the week could ask if they are getting any more. I brought the Leon Ware from them which they still as of now have copies of. Prefer Leon Ware version + you get Instant Love on the flip side. Could check frequently cdjapan they s...
  3. John Siret

    soul on internet radio

    Kev Roberts is Saturday morning 10 - 12 on Solar radio, think its requests if remember correct.
  4. Was only reissued again a few weeks back. Hope it sells well but I ain't interested.
  5. John Siret

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    If its on a Kent cd then obviously Kent have the rights to it.
  6. John Siret

    Witney Soul Club early set @ Christmas gig

    Hello Tom Great records played all night & all different ! Banbury was a fantastic night & very busy. See you soon, John
  7. I like looking at playlists so thought post up my part of early doors slot. Tata Vega - I Need You Now Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain Bloodstone - Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It The Adorables - Ooh Boy Buddy Lamp - Save Your ...
  8. Asked to play some rare records at a local fundraiser - half hour set.
  9. John Siret

    Mid 70's records help

    Is it not Gladys Knight Baby Don't Change Your Mind. Melba Moore Standing Right Here? Both Buddah 45s.
  10. John Siret

    John Siret

  11. John Siret

    Secret Stash - Midas CD

    Also received refund - Thanks, but it really didn't have to come to this.
  12. John Siret

    Secret Stash - Midas CD

    I have also asked Eric for a refund of the 2 remaining CD's MIDAS & TODDLIN' TOWN. Think this has gone on long enough don't mind dates being put back & waiting a few more months, but this has gone on for years with still no real sign of CD's bein...
  13. John Siret

    Secret Stash - Midas CD

    I'm in the same position as you & have e-mailed them with no reply. I've e-mailed Mark Bicknell regarding this (although the dates were altered for release before he got involved) with no reply. It's a shame as there releases are good.
  14. John Siret

    Top Motown Floorshakers?

    if interested you can listen to our Motown night on mixcloud a few weeks ago. Witney Soul Club. Please forgive the feedback I don't Dj regular on a few tracks.
  15. John Siret

    which was your fave unreleased?

    Sharpees - Go On And Laugh is my favourite. + Ben E King - Gettin' To Me. One of the best 70's unreleased has to be Street People - Your Momma Had A Baby. This should be played.
  16. John Siret

    Soul nights in or near Oxford

    There is a Motown night on Friday 2nd September at the Elm Tree pub West End Witney. Witney is twelve miles west of Oxford. I will play some more Northern Motown if interested.
  17. John Siret

    Which is the most complete Motown record?

    For me - The Temptations 'Since I Lost My Baby' like others have said so many classics.
  18. John Siret

    Motown Soundalikes

    Impressions - Can't Satisfy
  19. John Siret

    Japanese Atlantic Cd Re-Issues,any Info?

    I've brought loads over the last few years they've been releasing them. Brunswick albums have been released as well. Usually buy from ebay dealers or cdjapan. They are cheap,be aware if you buy too many in one order you will get asked for more money by cus...
  20. John Siret

    Mary Gresham Any Info

    It is the first release by the Hit and Run label the flip side to the 45 is excellent also. There was also a Cd titled -Voice From The Shadows on Soulscape.
  21. John Siret

    Whats Going On With Our Postal Service

    You need to read what you wrote again. You said 'throw this mail away' & then said later 'I have to put mail in postbox' - you can't do both so it is a contradiction. The mail won't get to who it is addressed to by writing 'NOT AT THIS ADDRESS' on i...
  22. John Siret

    Whats Going On With Our Postal Service

    Agree julesp1905. I like the way Rod says he can 'throw this mail away' & later says ' I have to put mail in postbox' - contradiction. Also it's all well contacting RM stating what names you want delivered to your home until you have guests or l...
  23. John Siret

    Some Big Detroit Wants, Cash Waiting

    I have an Yvonne Vernee i may let go. Condition M- with x on label, x is small, will send scan if still interested. PM me offer.

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