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  1. Agree with crogger different records. The Johnnie Mae Matthews is a far better record in itself.
  2. Think ive got that CD in one of the boxes wasn't 'Deborah's Song' the good track. Just played it via YouTube still sounds good.
  3. Do you pop round with the record or do you still want postage costs!?
  4. Walking down the stairs of the 100 club & hearing Maxine Brown - It's Torture. Hairs on the back of the neck!!
  5. I think the Grapevine 2000 (2003) came before the Kent release. Says on the Kent 45 release taken from the Kent CD, which is a 2007 release. Great record one of my favourites.
  6. Already a number of copies (Sharon Ridley) on Discogs.
  7. Great dancer from Elbowed Out - All Men Don't Love The Same - from Soul Junction CD 'Everybody Get Up'. Worth buying the CD can't find clip on the Internet.
  8. The Federal Green release sounds slightly different from the Kayo original. Very nice release.
  9. I pick & choose mostly 70`s Soul new to 45.
  10. Some titles had local releases then national - America is a big place. This was explained to you very well. I guess Babyboy you"ve never collected records? As for your comment about being shot etc for playing such releases please let us know names of the half-wits who take this stance.

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