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  1. I prefer pre Internet if it comes to it or though both have + & -. Used to have hundreds of tapes which had been swapped with other collectors, that was another way to hear unknown records.
  2. I remember that list. It wasn't a list of record's for sale from the fanzine more a list of record's that had previously sold for those prices "For Millionaire's Only". No one would have all those titles for sale at one time. Thanks for posting brought back memories.
  3. You might be better off emailing Gilly direct. The first post has his email address for the book.
  4. Thanks Gilly both copies arrived - looking forward to reading it.
  5. Yeah must echo what a great set of record's. What is the story behind New World - Lolita notice copy went for quite a bit of money for a 2020 release? few weeks back.
  6. Flip side to Rising Cost of Love issue only as above. Just been released on Kent select.
  7. Brought my copy for Sweet Things years ago now prefer This Is A Groovy Generation.
  8. I was also diagnosed with prostrate cancer over 2 years ago, day after my 51st birthday. I had 20 sessions of Radiotherapy and hormone injections for 2 years after - hopefully ive had the last one. My PSA is 0.12 now which is good. I did have symptoms lots of blood so I initially contacted my GP straight away. Just like to reiterate what Jaco said get yourself checked out.
  9. I agree with the original poster you should ask for more information & any decent dealers will inform you. Tend to ignore lists where the seller vaguely states everything is at least vg+ or ex. If you want me to spend hundreds of pounds the least you can do is give an overall grading it doesn't take long.
  10. until

    Could you please play in request hour Sandra Richardson - You Can't Hide From Love. New World - We're Gonna Make It. Thanks!
  11. until

    Little Ruben is one of my favourites also - sounds like a Southern Soul record even though Detroit. I do remember it played. Look forward to Saturday, All the best, John.
  12. until

    Hello Bury folks Met Tom when I went to one of the Banbury do's - he has some fantastic 60's records also! Anyway have really looked forward too & enjoyed the online Bury nighters. Having spent most of the last 3 months indoors. Thanks all involved
  13. until

    If you still have room i'll request Sharon Ridley - Changin' (Tabu) Thanks.
  14. until

    Can you please add two from the RCA label Judy Freeman - Hold On Charles Drain - I'm Gonna Stay Thanks.
  15. Some big titles & classics in the 70's hour - enjoyed!

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