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  1. Rhythm-and-Soul45s.com Website Update - July 6th 2018 66 x new stock 45s recently added to the site - all with sound files and label scans of actual 45s on offer. See new stock on link below.... http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1486022-NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES.html Plus, plenty of great 45s also still available in other categories! Hope you find something of interest, but if not, please check back often.....plenty of great 45s to add in the future months! Regards Mace
  2. Just updated my website with 93 x New Stock 45s....many of which I've just brought back from my recent trip to Austin, Dallas, Houston and Chicago. All listings with scans and soundfiles from actual 45s on offer. Plus, lots of great 45s still in existing categories! New stock 45s (All genres) can be viewed on link below....enjoy! http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1481382--NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES-.html
  3. I've recently updated my website with 93 x New Stock 45s.......all with scans and sound files of actual 45s on offer. Another great mix of styles and prices! 'NEW STOCK' can be viewed by clicking link below, but there are lots of great 45s still in stock in all the categories. http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1477195--NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES-.html Hope you find something of interest, but if not, please check back around midnight on Friday 1st June for my next update.....plenty of great 45 to be added over the next few months! Regards Mace
  4. Does anyone on here know much about this 45?Bought it blind recently...half a dozen hits on Collectorsfrenzy etc, not on YouTube or Discogs and a soundfile for the mediocre flip on SirShamblings site?Uptempo driving funky soul...punchy as fcuk....must have had plays?
  5. Feel free to PM me an offer in private......I obviously have no idea of true value but a handsome offer is always worth chancing! Won't be offended either way, skin of a Rhino me......
  6. Oh.......sorry for mentioning that then
  7. Incidentally, and quite interestingly, I found this at Nottingham Record Fair (Belgrave Rooms) last Saturday for less than the cost of 2 cheap hookers, a bottle of Thunderbird and a greasy kebab in Crewe town centre (apparently ).......which kinda proves that things do still pop up at the better UK Record fairs, so worth dragging your arses out of bed, leaving ebay alone for a few hours and getting stuck into piles of dusty 45s.....old school stylee.......
  8. Yeah, I put it on FB rare soul valuations as well, but had more replies on here.....had a few nice offers, but been advised to send it to Jason @ Carolinasoul and let him work his magic with it.......which may well be the way forward to be honest.
  9. To be fair, I did include the words 'silly offer' !
  10. Now if you'd got it right with 'Oatcakes' instead of 'Oat cakes' we might have had a deal....however, your apparent lack of respect for our local delicacy has left me feeling rather bitter and incredibly disappointed.........so geddafuckouttahere!!!!
  11. Open to silly offers if you need to fill a gap in your label run
  12. Yeah, I know the big one......this actually seems far more obscure, but prices are usually dictated by DJ demand rather than actual rarity and quality.....
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty58VCRNZ3c
  14. So, I've seen the 2 copies that sold way back in 2012, but have no further idea on how rare or indemand this 45 by Joe Jama is....nice tune, even for a clotheared blues lover like myself....aware that this sort of stuff is very popular at moment, so hit me with good news folk !
  15. Rhythm-and-Soul45s website update I've just loaded the site with 72 x fresh 45s for this months update...all 45s listed have scans and soundfiles of the actual records on offer. As always, you can be assured of another great mix of styles and prices. New stock can be found on the link below, if link doesn't work, then just copy and paste the link into your browser. http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1473144--NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES-.html Hope you find something of interest. If not, don't worry!......There are plenty more great original 45s to be added next month, which is planned to go live late evening on Friday 4th May !RegardsMace


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