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  1. All good here thanks Ezzie…...hope same for you pal......might even be a couple of old purchases from you on this mix! Hope you had a good Xmas pal, best wishes for New Year to you and yours!
  2. So, my first attempt at mixcloud, ! Over 2 hours of obscure R&B, Soul, Popcorn, Garage & Blues 45....! https://www.mixcloud.com/Mace1968/a-faceful-of-mace-end-of-the-decade-mix/
  3. I picked up a nice copy of this 45 ('Phases of time' side) at Nottingham record Fair, some 18 months or so ago, and mentioned it on here at the time.....anyways, long story short, I got a few nice offers, but decided to hold onto it for a while as knew it had the right sound and it genuinely seemed quite rare. Then this happens...... So, if anyone out there was involved in the bidding for this, and wants to offer me similar $$s then I'm all ears baby! Pretty sure its M-, but will dig it out and check if any serious interest for it. Also.....probably a good reason to get out your armchairs and go digging at Nottingham record fair on Saturday 7th September.....can't be there myself as got my Federal R&B Weekender on that date.....but hey, you never know what could turn up!!
  4. 90 x new stock 45s just listed on my website......all with scans and soundclips from actual 45s on offer. Plus lots of great 45s in all other categories….. Enjoy! https://www.rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1500670-NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES.html
  5. Forgot all about it if I'm honest......stacked in a pile somewhere.... was hoping Carolinasoul would source and auction a copy sometime in the near future so I can establish some kind of current value......
  6. Recently updated my website with 88 new stock 45s. A great mix of genres and prices....plus, all 45s listed with a scan and soundfile of actual record for sale. Link to new stock below, but please check out all the other catagories as lots of great 45s always in stock! https://www.rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1494687--NEW-STOCK-45s-ALL-GENRES-.html
  7. Rhythm-and-Soul45s.com Website SALE ending soon ! ! Up to 25% off - ALL stock reduced! Finishing on Monday 27th August, at midnight to be precise. 45s on sale include... Kurt Harris - Emperor of my baby's heart - Diamond promo. Ace Holder - Wabba Suzy Q - Vanessa Johnny Guitar Watson - Big Bad Wolf - Magnum Major Burkes - Break these chains - Gulf Baby Boy Warren - Drummond Marie Adams - That's the way to get along - Encore Patti Austin - Someones's gonna cry - Coral promo Buddy Ace - Screaming Please - French POP EP Sharon Soul - Wild Deuce Buddy Lucas - Beulah - Carlton Shirley Lawson - Enterprise Doctor Ross - Numbers Blues - Hi-Q Soul Brothers Six - UK Atlantic Eskew Reeder - Undivided love - Instant Tambi Garret - Ascot promo Faye Reis - Don'tcha break my heart - Candix Tim Rose - I got a loneliness - UK CBS Garlon Davis - Oh my soul - Progress Jean Brooks - Tomorrow never came - G-Note Joe Simon - Just like yesterday - Irral Johnny Hunter - If the things in my room could talk - Liberty Johnny Maestro - Phone booth on the highway - APT Junior Lewis - Tears on my face - Columbia Lisa Page - Checking out - Eon Lloyd Price - Oh, lady luck - Monument Marie Knight - To be loved by you - Addit Michael D - There ain't nothin' to it - Key Rickie & Delvations - PAL W. Virgil Blanding - Rip Tip - RVA Mickey Denton - Now, I'm Mr Blue - Amy Terry Clark - Coleman Varetta Dillard - Scorched - Triumph Willie Gauff - There's a girl - Watts Way Plus lots more goodies.....access site from link below! https://www.rhythm-and-soul45s.com/
  8. Seeing as I've had so many requests for soundfiles of The Satin Dolls version of Jon Tee's 'You made a lover out of me' since recently picking a copy up in Alabama, it seemed easier to upload both sides to my website for all to hear......limited them to a 75% clip (for obvious reasons)….so click link below and enjoy! https://www.rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/prod_6491477-Satin-Dolls-You-made-a-lover-out-of-me-vers-of-Jon-Tee-bw-Soul-Duck-Jaytone-M.html
  9. Rhythm-and-Soul45s.com Website Update - July 6th 2018 66 x new stock 45s recently added to the site - all with sound files and label scans of actual 45s on offer. See new stock on link below.... http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1486022-NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES.html Plus, plenty of great 45s also still available in other categories! Hope you find something of interest, but if not, please check back often.....plenty of great 45s to add in the future months! Regards Mace
  10. Just updated my website with 93 x New Stock 45s....many of which I've just brought back from my recent trip to Austin, Dallas, Houston and Chicago. All listings with scans and soundfiles from actual 45s on offer. Plus, lots of great 45s still in existing categories! New stock 45s (All genres) can be viewed on link below....enjoy! http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1481382--NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES-.html
  11. I've recently updated my website with 93 x New Stock 45s.......all with scans and sound files of actual 45s on offer. Another great mix of styles and prices! 'NEW STOCK' can be viewed by clicking link below, but there are lots of great 45s still in stock in all the categories. http://rhythm-and-soul45s.com/ourshop/cat_1477195--NEW-STOCK-ALL-GENRES-.html Hope you find something of interest, but if not, please check back around midnight on Friday 1st June for my next update.....plenty of great 45 to be added over the next few months! Regards Mace
  12. Does anyone on here know much about this 45?Bought it blind recently...half a dozen hits on Collectorsfrenzy etc, not on YouTube or Discogs and a soundfile for the mediocre flip on SirShamblings site?Uptempo driving funky soul...punchy as fcuk....must have had plays?
  13. Feel free to PM me an offer in private......I obviously have no idea of true value but a handsome offer is always worth chancing! Won't be offended either way, skin of a Rhino me......
  14. Incidentally, and quite interestingly, I found this at Nottingham Record Fair (Belgrave Rooms) last Saturday for less than the cost of 2 cheap hookers, a bottle of Thunderbird and a greasy kebab in Crewe town centre (apparently ).......which kinda proves that things do still pop up at the better UK Record fairs, so worth dragging your arses out of bed, leaving ebay alone for a few hours and getting stuck into piles of dusty 45s.....old school stylee.......

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