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  1. Feminine Touch - Groove me - Fem-Touch - Ex £100 + postage. Soundclip and label scan on link below. No need to PM me......you can purchase direct from my website via same link.....paypal, credit card...
  2. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Also both have a small mark on label just to top right of P on V.I.P........definitely same copy IMO
  3. I've just updated my Website with 96 fresh 45s added to stock. All 45s listed have scans and soundfiles of the actual record on offer......as always, you can be assured of another great mix of styles and prices. New stock can be found on the link b...
  4. Rhythm-and-Soul45s website update I've just loaded the site with 96 x fresh 45s for this months update.....all 45s listed have scans and soundfiles of the actual record on o...
  5. Oops.....only just seen this post.....apologies for repeating. Temps version on Youtube.....
  6. Thanks again Robb, the date seemed odd because the DFTMC lists it as April 1962 Pic below), but you had mentioned in a previous post that some Motown acetates were made a few years after the Jobete publishing acetates, so guess this could be the case here? ...
  7. Just re-reading this information.....could you clarify if the pic below of the Eddie Holland acetate is what you described as a Motown Corp. Acetate or the Studio Demo Boot.......think this was the only one with the 'Hitsville Sound Studios' stamp on the labe...
  8. Rhythm-and-Soul45s website update I've just loaded my site with 96 x fresh 45s for this months update.....all 45s listed have scans and soundfiles of ...
  9. Thank you Robb, I appreciate you taking your time to share your knowledge with us. These are in pretty good shape considering their age and fragility....some surface noise as mentioned by Andy Rix, which seems to have been evident back in the 80s. I...
  10. Apologies for keeping it so short, I'm sure it will be available to hear in full sometime in the future, with bootlegging so rife nowadays I'm just trying to avoid the obvious.
  11. So Robb, are these the ACTUAL acetates you had access to, or is it likely that more were produced? Also, were the artists names written on them at the time you saw them, as I presume Andy thinks they have been added since? Many thanks for adding more inf...
  12. Send me your email addy by PM and I'll email you the MP3.......or have you tried your phone?
  13. Hi Andy, thanks for some additional info! These were purchased in Austin, Texas from a dealer who had come over from L.A. Whilst I was listening to the discs, Craig Moerer was speaking to the guy, and I guess he was discussing the background history...
  14. Having just returned from a U.S. digging trip, I was fortunate to acquire 8 x Jobete Acetates of Motown tracks that were never released on 45 format, though most seem to have been comped on various LPs/CDs over the years. I've had quite a few requests to...
  15. The Federal Club R&B Alldayer (Crewe)

    Saturday 15th July 2017 is our next Alldayer.....11 solid hours of Rhythm & Booze mayhem! Main Evening Guest DJs - Damian Hewitt & Ted Couldstone. Resident DJs - Bill Kealy, Mace, and Clive Read. Afternoon DJs....... Frank Gannon Craig Simpson Michael Hawkins David Callister Nicola Hanna Neil Gibson Ricky Bean Neil Youdale Gerard James Keith Banks Venue details.... Upstairs at Crewe Amalgamated Anglers Club 7-9 Beech Street Crewe CW12PY 2.00pm til 1.00 am £5 admission.