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  2. Thanks, Dean! Here's a contemporary review of "Look At Me Now" (Negro Digest, January '69). Actually "...Candy Man" was seen as the plug side! http://books.google....callier&f=false
  3. "1962-1963: At the age of seventeen, one of his visits to Chess Records pays off and Callier signs his first record contract. Four tracks were recorded and one released, a single entitled: Look at me now." This CADET 7" dates from 1968. It could never have been recorded in '62 imho. In that case Callier would have predated the sound of the whole Chicago soul scene including the Impressions by several years. Also the mature lyrics of the song are quite influenced by mid sixties soul and folk developments. And he does not sound like a 17 year old boy. My guess is that the story of an early CHESS hit by the name of "Look At Me Now" from 1962 is one of the copy&past-myths of the internet that everyybody took for granted. It might date back from that quite unspecific Guardian article/ interview from 2004 which was then cited on wikipedia, probably allmusic and so on. Or am I wrong? Does anybody actually own or know an original CHESS single by Terry Callier? What are the other 3 tracks from that session? I'm sure Ady Croasdell could help to clear this case as KENT did reissue Callier's recordings and had access to the tapes as far as I know.
  4. Fact check: Would you share the view that "I Can't Break The News To Myself" only broke on the Northern dancefloors as late as the mid Eighties? That's what I understood from Richard Searling's liner notes to the "After Hours" compilation where the track is featured. How come? It was not that rare or unknown before, was it?
  5. Sebastian, I totally agree. "Where's The Girl", a 45 from '68, keeps puzzling me. A beautiful production by Leiber & Stoller, more sophisticated pop than soul. I wonder when this was recorded, as Leiber/Stoller had left Atlantic as early as '63. So far, I couldn't find any session information about this particular take.Probably a left over from the ATCO vaults, but it doesn't sound like early 60s at all to my ears - more like later Bacharach/David-productions.
  6. Ok, sorry, somehow I got the notion you're waiting for the real life shopping experience with that 45, like Ebay is just too easy.;-)
  7. Kris, you don't use Ebay, at all? Got my copy from Craig Moerer, I think. "Stand by Me" is one of my all time faves since I discovered it as the soundtrack to that Rob Reiner film in the mid 80s. Back then I thought King was a "one hit wonder". Like that guy from the Jeans commercial with "Wonderful World", Sam Cooke.;-) .
  8. Thanks, jocko. "Forgive this fool" should definitely appear in my list of recommended 45s. And I will look for his 70s LPs (only know "I Can't Take It Like A Man" and "Supernatural Thing" so far). For the article, though, I will have to stick to the classic ATCO years. It's embedded into a broader New York special covering different genres and decades. I chose King not only because I like his recordings but also because he's linked to the Brill Building sound, Leiber & Stoller, Doc Pomus, Spector etc., so one can give a bigger picture of what happened there in the 60s.
  9. Hi, I'm currently writting an article on Ben E. King's 60s output for a German independent pop culture magazine: http://gethappymag.de/?q=en If you have interesting personal experiences (meetings, shows...) or views on his recordings (also beyond the 60s), I'd be curious to hear. I'm especially looking for interesting photos, picture sleeves etc. I could use. (I already have the ATCO-LPs and the French PS of "I Can't Take It Anymore".) During the course of research, I've discovered his late 60s Southern Soul sessions in Muscle Shoals and Memphis and am quite excited by the quality of "She Knows What To Do For Me", "Hey Little One" and "It Ain't Fair". I wish Atlantic had had recorded much more "deep soul" with Ben in those years. Cheers Frank
  10. Ooh, I just paid 90 € for the Dee Dee Gartrell on another platform. So, yes, bargains here.
  11. Hi Phil, two beautiful sides! As a newby on this board I have to ask: where can I order the 7" once it's ready? And are there other releases from you still available? Frank

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