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  1. Inspirations - You Wish Is My Command (Midas) At least Vg+ Please pm
  2. anyone got a copy??? please let me know
  3. Hi everyone Can anyone help me with the matrix number and stamp info for Stanley Mitchell on Dynamo (Demo). I know there is a look-a-like boot. I have added a pic of the copy Please let me know if You have any info, Cheers!
  4. Two ok records! Please send me a pm if you are interested. Lenny Mcdaniel - Something Out Of Nothing / I Keep Telling Myself (Seven B) A-side visually Vg+ due to a few visual marks as shown in second pic. Soundwise plays close to perfect, no noise! B-side is more like Vg- to start with, clears up though. There is noise in the first 40 seconds because of some kind of a color stain as shown in nr 4 pic. Anyways, that's not the side you wanna play. Fantastic record, maybe the best on Seven B. $650 Yt clip for reference only https://youtu.be/_o75GD8TXJk Gil Blanding - Rule
  5. The Hitchikers - Mr. Fortune/I May Have Been A Fool (Heart Records) NM, taking offers over $900 until sunday 8pm CURRENT HIGH BID $1300 yt clip for reference only: https://youtu.be/y7jSKsVaoow Pm if interested! atb John
  6. great seller! record arrived extremely fast and as described!


  7. Anyone got at Byron Lee on BRA or Kenton? Pm please
  8. Joanie Lyons & Tommy Dodson - Don't Lie To Me (DODSON) Vg+. I am asking for $450. now $400
  9. Danny Cobb - My Isabella (JUBILEE) Strong Vg sounds great! $360 ///// Willie King - Peg Leg Woman (VITA) Vg- to Vg $120 ///// Andre Williams - Don't Touch (FORTUNE) Ex+ $85 SOLD
  10. Page Boys - Barricuda (Hamilton) strong Vg, $250 plus shipping from Copenhagen SOLD
  11. Danny Cobb - My Isabella (Jubilee) NM $425 sold
  12. Mildred Woodard - Don't Let Anyboday Know (Excello PROMO) Vg++. $220 SOLD
  13. Mister Ruffin - Bring It On Back (SPARK) strong Vg+ 170$ Rare R&b!

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