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  1. Was your Soul Partners group the same group that recorded the Hot Mama/Watch Me Now 45 on Sa-Mo & related to the group that became Al Hudson & The Soul Partners/One Way?
  2. Greenville & Beyond is my website, let me know if you have any other questions. The radio station call sign is indeed shown on the flyer posted up on the Vicki Williams page. I spent 10 years trying to piece it all together. I never paid attention to any radio station involvement because it didn't really come up. Last year I finally spoke to several remaining family members, 2 branches resulting from Mr Hines' indiscretions which did not know of the existence of each other. I have one more artist, label & record to add but at this stage I consider my work on the project to be done. It's an insane story, most of which I haven't added to the site but the release, artist, historical & locale info is all there. I talked to John Anderson regarding it all a few years back too, he helped tell the story of what happened to the stock & how he got into it. He also had some related paperwork which was added to the site. I'd take any credits of Hines songwriting etc with a grain of salt, he was an expert at taking credit where it wasn't due.
  3. https://www.discogs.com/Syndicate-Of-Sound-Inc-Make-Believe-You-Love-Me/release/12146207 Great 45 very rare
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytzybl2uxtv58iy/my life.MOV?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR1uCBnU0HXul2hv9DDmhG7k-FT67OGieFR9sJqrbmUL-Xck7qjLr3ieix0
  5. I tracked Syndicate of Sound Inc, it’s my copy on eBay, definitely not the same guy.
  6. Exactly. More eyes, partly because of threads like this even.
  7. As a consignee you have to sign a legal agreement/contract to not bid on your own stuff or instruct third parties to with the express intention of only driving the price up & not winning. Yes their grading is visual based & conservative. Soundclips are included for full transparency. I have four things up this round: Lively Set Syndicate Of Sound Inc Elder William Smith Protein Bros I will 100% not be bidding on my own stuff!!
  8. For Sale. The Lively Set - Blues Get Off My Shoulder/Soul Diggin on Satin in VG+ condition, plays great. One of only 5 known copies of this legitimately & mythically rare San Antonio Northern Soul 45. $5000US
  9. OK, as far as I can figure, please correct me though..... Revilot 201 White label promo styrene stamped - legit White label promo styrene scratched - legit Grey label styrene stamped - legit Grey label styrene scratched - legit Grey label vinyl scratched - uncertain but probably legit Pink label styrene stamped - legit Pink label styrene scratched - legit Pink label styrene one side scratched & one side stamped - legit Pink (darker) label vinyl scratched (small letters) - uncertain but probably legit Pink (lighter) label vinyl scratched (large letters) - counterfeit I think where everyone is getting messed up is the two pink vinyl scratched variants are not the same. On the prob legit one the label is an even slightly darker pink that the styrenes & the number is scratched very small in the runout. On the counterfeit the label is a lighter pink than the styrenes & the number is scratched very large.
  10. Yes. Unissued from 1970. First release was the Complete Mythology box set & then the accompanying Mythical 45s box set.

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