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  1. I have a very vague memory of going to the Carlton Club,to see Jackie Wilson,only to get there and find the show cancelled,due to illness.This would have been around 1970/71 .I think this was a Sunday night. The club was a comfortable walk from the railway station and was upstairs,if I remember rightly.I think I went on several more occasions,around that period but never saw any other live acts there.It seems such a long time ago,I hope I haven’t dreamt it all!, Clive.
  2. Apologies in advance if my update is of no interest,on this well-worn topic,but here goes! I have now received both records ,in question.The one at $175-50+$34-50 vat has GB vat no. Paid as part of my address with no further charges.The one at $140-67 with no vat came from Ohio to the eBay hub in Kentucky.That label was covered by one from DeutschePost which came direct to me; there was a customs(USA,I think) on the back,with full amount declared.There were no extra charges.I have since bought another,cheap,record from the States withe same Vat no. as part of the address.This appears to show t
  3. The Realities .....I Feel Teardrops I bought it blind as I couldn’t access the sound file. It arrived yesterday,I was pleasantly surprised ,I think!!
  4. First record £108-23 ,no vat.Second record £160-32 inc.vat.Somebody mentioned £135 cut-off point above and below? I don,t think I’ll be querying the possible ‘error’,just in case!! Clive.
  5. So, I have now purchased two records,from different sellers,since 1/1/21.The first one totalled $140-67,with postage,no vat,the second one was $170-50 plus $34-50 vat. The vat is not only being charged on the purchase cost but on the USA postage cost as well! I used to be registered for vat,a long time ago,then you had to provide an invoice with your vat number displayed and you had to be the seller of the goods.Does this mean that eBay are the sellers and should provide us with a vat number?As boring as all this sounds,things have probably changed since my day and you’d have to imagine thar e
  6. If still avalable,any room to manoeuvre on price? Regards,Clive. Sorry,meant to be a p.m.
  7. Kev, got one, good vg+,plays loud and clear,£90 inc. postage. Regards,Clive.
  8. Would a loan be possible Crogger?



    1. crogger


      Yes.I’ve sent you an email with my ‘phone number.Give me a shout.


    2. Ady Croasdell

      Ady Croasdell

      Sorry it didn’t come through. Check you got all the spelling right or send me yours please 



  9. Ady, do you mean borrow or buy? I have a copy of Esko Wallace,somewhere,which I don,t particularly want to sell but you could borrow it,if you need to. Regards,Clive.
  10. Dean Parrish...Bricks etc....Kent w/sleeve...vg++.....£10 Lynne Randell....Stranger in my arms....CSP....vg++....£10 Johnny Maestro....I’m stepping out etc.....Stardust sol....vg++....£10 Rita Dacosta.....Don’t bring me down.....Mohawk....vg++....£10 Beverly Ann.....You’ve got your mind etc.....uk RCA no centre...vg+....£15 Arin Demain....Silent treatment.....Absolute...vg++....£15 Nolan Chance....Just like the weather....Stardust.....vg++...£15 Teddy Randazzo...You don’t need a heart.....Stardust....vg++ ...£15 The Magnetics....I have a girl....Virtual.
  11. Walking the Dog....Jerry Palmer....Gaiety....vg+....£15 Make my dreams come True...Elmore James....Fire....vg....£25 Marchin’ on ....Kittie Doswell....Donna....vg....£20 Everything I Do....Donnie Murphy....Redbug....w o l...vg-....£50 Lost Love ....Annie Laurie....Deluxe....vg.....£20 All plus £2-50 p&p. PayPal F&F. Any questions ring Clive 07833 934853. Thanks for looking.
  12. Well done everyone ,great night,all sorts of stuff played to an appreciative audience of dancers and listeners.Let’s hope people go away,spread the word and make the next one an even bigger success! Regards,Clive.

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