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  1. Johnny Gibson: Beachcomber. Twirl. vg++ £20 Ike & Tina Turner: Finger Poppin'/Tell her I'm not home. Warner Bros.vg++ £20 Thelma Jones: Souvenirs of a heartbreak. Barry. ex £25 Dells: Thinkin' about you. Cadet vg £30 Volcanos: Storm Warning. Arctic. vg++ £30 Robert Walker & the Soul Strings: Stick to me/The Blizzard. RCA Victor promo (labels reversed) ex £30 Four Sonics: Where are you. Triple 'B' ex £40 Valerie & Nick: I'll find you. Glover ex £40 Shirley & Jessie: You can't fight love. Wand. ex £40 Please add £2.50 p&p
  2. Lou Roberts & the Marks: You fooled me. MGM. ex £50 Willie Hightower: Because I love you. Capitol. ex £50 Don Gardner: My baby likes to boogaloo. Tru-Glo-Town. ex £50 Patti Drew: Stop & listen. Capitol ex £50 Judy Clay: You busted my mind. Scepter(promo) ex £50 Clifford Binns: You've got to help me. Carrie(legit 2nd issue) ex £50 Gloria Lynne: You don't have to be a tower of strength. Everest. ex £45 Kent Meade: Funky to me/The bad one. Magic Carpet. ex £45 Tyrone(the wonder boy): Please consider me/you made me suffer. Four Brothers. ex £40
  3. Fabulettes: Money. Sound Stage 7. vg++ £50 Amanda Love: You keep calling me by her name: Starville. vg++ £40 Carol Fran: I'm gonna try. Port. ex £40. Susan King: Building a wall around my heart. Toy. ex £20 Johnny Copeland: I ain't gonna take it. Atlantic. ex £20 Clovers: One more time: Porwin. ex £20 Ernie Fields: Workin' out. Rendezvous. ex £20 Little Richard: It ain't watcha do. Vee Jay. ex £20 Jo Ann Garrett: Sting me baby. Duke. ex £10 Jimmy McCracklin: Steppin' up in class. Imperial. ex £10 Please add £2.50 p&p.
  4. Hi Its still available. Can you send me a pm please Cheers Ann
  5. Presentations: Call on me. American Music Makers. ex £75 Little Edith: I couldn't take it. Jessica. ex £70 Brenda Lee Jones: You're the love of my life. Rust ex. £70 Incredibles: There's nothing else to say. Audio Arts. vg++ £60 Denise Lasalle: The right track. Parka. ex £50 Sandy Wynns: Quicksand. Canterbury. ex £50 Celestrials: Chain Reaction/Keep your hands off my baby. RCA Victor(promo) vg++ £45 Irma & the Fascinators: Lost love/just a feeling. Sceptre(promo) vg++ £40 Fred Hughes: Walk on back to you. Exodus. ex. £40 Please add £3.50 p&am
  6. Hi So sorry but its gone now Cheers Ann
  7. Billy Joe Royal: Hearts Desire. Columbia promo. vg++ £60 Joe Tex: Old time lover. Dial. ex £60 United Four: She's putting you on. Harthon. vg++ £60 Nabay: Believe it or not. Grapevine demo. ex £60 Spindles: Ten shades of blue. abc. ex £50 John Williams & the Tick Tocks: Do me like you do me: Sansu promo. ex. £45 Juanita Williams: Baby Boy. Golden World. ex £45 Please add £3.50
  8. David & Ruben: (I love her so much)It hurts me. WB white promo. vg++ £220 The Sweet Things: I'm in a world of trouble: Date white promo. ex £150 Pat Powdrill: Do it. Downey. ex £125 Cre-shendoes: You're still on my mind. Aquarius. ex £100 Lorraine Rudolph: Keep coming back for more. Jet Stream. ex £100 Bobby Wells: Be's that way sometimes. Romur. vg++ £110 Z.Z.& Company: Gettin' ready for the get down. Columbus. ex £100 please add £8.00 p&p (special delivery)
  9. Spidells: If it ain't one thing. Coral(yellow promo). ex £70 Difosco: Sunshine love. Earthquake(promo) ex £75 Mack Rice: Baby I'm coming home. Lu Pine ex £75 Irma Thomas: What are you trying to do. Imperial. vg++ £70 Jackie Paine: Puppy Love. Jet Stream. vg++ £70 Tammy Wayne: Have a good time. Boom(promo) vg++(initial on label) £70 Jay & the Shufflers: Always be mine. Crackerjack. vg++(name on label) £70 Please add £3.50 p&p
  10. Hi Danny I'll send it you on a nessage Cheers Ann
  11. Hi Danny I'll send it you on a nessage Cheers Ann
  12. Hi. Yes it's still available and it plays excellent Cheers Ann
  13. Robert Thomas: Salvation. Charay. ex £150 Entertainers: Love in my heart. Symbol. ex £120 Edward Hamilton: I'm gonna love you. Jameco. ex £100 Dee Clark: Thats my girl. Constellation. ex. £90 Marv Johnson: Come on & stop. United Artists ex £90 Dottie Cambridge: Cry your eyes out. MGM. ex £90 The Chalfontes: He loves me. Mercury. vg++ £90 please add £7.50 p&p.
  14. Larry Williams: Shake your body girl. MGM(beautiful demo) mint-. £40 Ortheia Barnes: Take my heart & soul. Coral. ex. £40 Four Sonics: Where are you. Triple'B' . ex £40 Eddie Holman: Eddies my name. Parkway. vg++. £40 Reggie Lamont: How Lonely. Blue Rock(demo) vg++ £45 Rivingtons: I love you always. Vee Jay(white promo) ex. £50 Judy Clay: You busted my mind. Scepter (white promo) ex £50 Blossoms: Thats when the tears start. Reprise. ex £50 The Tripps: Give it back. Victoria. ex £50 Please add £3.50 p&p.

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