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  1. Richard Russell

    Hi Mark i have Kashe issue been looking for the Double R issue only 1 sold 2 years ago on evilbay & missed it Atb Kev
  2. Richard Russell

    Looking for this one PM me if you can help with cost & condition
  3. 1 here Jim £150 m- https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/146864-you-stood-me-up-everybody-say-yea.html
  4. 1st Anniversary All Nighter

  5. Regional Food

    Another food i used to love was a cheesy crumpet !!
  6. Being talked about on FB at the moment, it was an old C/U of Pat Brady Stafford Finnigans Wake - You Blew It - Val I last played this out in Febuary 2010 @ Jct 17 - Sandbach - Cheshire Atb Kev
  7. Regional Food

    PM'd you
  8. Regional Food

    Hi Venus Used to put chopped banana's in to build me up after my cancer treatment but dropped them off after building weight up again don't do berries the get stuck when i swallow
  9. Regional Food

    When i'm down in Pembrokeshire i always look out for the famous Lamb Cawl Pete i'm doing fine m8 Still diggin' for records & hittin' on the decks now & then Atb Kev
  10. Regional Food

    This is my BIG in Stoke every morning food now I'm so boring now !!
  11. Regional Food

    Its not just oatcakes Stokies luv Wrights Pies have been around since 1926 duck
  12. A bit of Ronnie Walker with an early Philly sound from me today The Vid of the tube i the 1st press on Nico i have the W/D on ABC with the Nico N NWA-1 scratched out so its the 1st press with a ABC W/D label Ronnie Walker - Its A Good Feelin' ...

    Some road diversions in Congleton at the moment Jez as asked me to put a map on SS to help get round them
  14. Four Tops is in vogue this 1 gets confused with the Probe 1 Four Tops - Can't Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind - Tamla Motown Atb Kev
  15. Specials - I can't find another

    1 here Will https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/5650028?ev=rb Atb Kev