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    Stoke-On-Trent,United Kingdom
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    Herb Johnson & The Impacts - I'm So Glad ( I Found You) - Toxsan

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  1. Kev John

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Just a few weeks to go now for our 'debut' in this outstanding new venue... don't forget we can also present this in Aug for those enthusiasts amongst you at the 3 CLUBS cheshire Allnighter
  2. Kev John

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Who remembers these !
  3. Kev John

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Plus a wall to wall oak floor !!!!
  4. Kev John

    Jamaican Soul

    This is one of the BIGGEST in-demanders at the moment !!!
  5. Kev John

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Another 1 on the Cotique label
  6. Ok Mike Just come online Edited now Atb Kev
  7. Kev John

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Flying the flag..for those who like something for the enthusiasts..NOW in a fab new venue !!
  8. Mike As we've upgraded our event this will only be attached to the event header for a month & then Venue Upgrade* will be removed for the next event Hope this is within guidelines & ok with the site Mods Atb kev
  9. Kev John

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    This 1 always gets a reaction from the floor when played out !
  10. Kev John


    A full 8hrs of that a something different FIX !!!!
  11. Kev John

    Jamaican Soul

    This is quite an obscure 1 a great version of the Temptations gets the floor going when played out !
  12. Certainly is Rick Here's the other side just for you matey
  13. Just thought i'd drop in & give you a flip side sound on the funky side, main side played at Stafford Jessie Fisher - Waiting - Way Out My copy came via Dave Evison to Keith Minshull then me !! Atb Kev
  14. Frankie & Johnny gone up a lot over the last 10yrs or so ! Found 1 in Shoot the Moon records in Nantwich , Cheshire at a knock down price of £60 M- Sold it Keith Minshull for £150 then that copy went to Kev Roberts Keith acquired a rare UK Decca test copy
  15. Kev John

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Venue Upgrade but....... Still only a fiver... Still the same adventurous music policy...... Still going strong..... Still aimed at enthusiasts..... Still extending a warm welcome to those who want to try something different..... Still growing to satisfy demand and curiousity.... Still with a top quality sound system ... Still aiming for continuous improvement...... Still aiming to provide a vaiable alternative to the scene in N.Staffs and S.Ches..... Still Following the music and not the crowd..... Still providing a venue where music matters. Still with easy parking both at the venue and adjacent & Still Waters Run Deep Still-ton cheese and Crosby STILLS and Nash Featuring UNDERPLAYED FORGOTTEN TO THE RARE & THE RARELY PLAYED 7.45pm ----- 2am ........ a FIVER gets you in & involved As this is a SOUL EVENT offering something a little different. Working together will be 5 or 6 local collector/DJ's, who rarely play their records out in the N.Staffs/ South Cheshire area, so you're CERTAIN to hear 'Something Different and also those 'Some New to Me Sounds'........ Congleton Cricket Club Booth St CW12 4DG. please share thanks x Find us on facebook hit the link below