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  1. Kev John


    NEWS...coming soon of our planned Our Time is Now....Follow the music....Allnighter ....
  2. Kev John


    Well put Jez
  3. Kev John


    ......just a few reviews from our enthusiasts who attended OTIN....... Well, they didn't let us down,we said we would give this venue a go,and glad we did,Thanks to jez Jones,Kev John,and the the rest who spun the vinyl,a great night had by us all,if you want a rest from the weekly run a the mill stuff,give your ears a taste of the music this crew has to offer,see you at the next one, Mat jon Quote from Vanda -Soul Source What a great night!! It was a musically enthralling education; every record except 2 was new to my ears and the night was sublime. Thank you guys you work so hard to bring this night together, it was worth putting my big coat on and braving the weather. See you all soon. XX Quote from Si Robinson - Facebook Fantastic evening, cracking tunes a real education Shute Well what can one say, this venue gets better and better. The night started slow then loads of soulies came from out of nowhere and the atmosphere started to buzz with the best soul/R&B and crossover you can hear. Big hats off to the promotors they have got this right and if you have not experienced these nights, then you're missing out big time. Thanks Kev & Jez for asking me to play a few tunes that never gets an airing and I really enjoyed it, as some of you know that there will be no play lists posted as you would need to go and here for yourself. I for one cannot wait for the next night The Sneyd Arms Hotel, Tower Square, Stoke-on-Trent, These guys are putting Tunstall on the map again and it's been a long time since the The Torch closed its doors. Keep up the good work guys and keep the scene fresh, see you all next time. .......a quote from Skippy Sue Our time is now.... Yet again a different set of music It's absolutely fantastic, Why listen to the same ones over and over again when there is so many good records simply NOT being played! Great sets by all the DJ's XX
  4. Kev John


    Interest is building nicely We've had a few questions from people who are thinking of attending...SO YES we will play a broad range of soul music YES we will play some Northern Soul YES we will play some you may know YES we will play some you may have forgotten YES we will play some you may not know YES our DJ's are very handsome and approachable and will talk to you about the music, football, weather etc ...but NO we won't play Frank and Al Wilson ...sorry !
  5. Kev John

    Members of Young Ladies ?

    Madlad!.....as been in touch & after several e.mails he has not come up with any names or pointers to where we could get any the info we are asking for He said he had never heard the record tracks before today & knew nothing about the group ! So i'm sure someone will come along & give us some pointers or answers to the question
  6. Kev John


    My vote was less than 5 new records bought ! I'm very selective in my buys & i only get what i like To my ears there are to many mediocre sounds coming out That's only my opinion
  7. Kev John

    Members of Young Ladies ?

    Thanks for the contact iv'e just E.mailed him so all we can do wait to see if we get more info on the group
  8. Kev John


    Customer Guarantee : As you are aware..recent events have highlighted the illegal manufacture and distribution of 'bootleg' records We feel it incumbent upon us to offer you ..the customer ..our pledge On the evening...if any of our Collector/Dj's are seen/heard to play bootleg records then we will unequivocally refund your entrance fee forthwith. We feel strongly that you, the paying customer, can attend,enjoy and participate.. confident and safe in the knowledge that bootlegs will NOT be played Thanks for your understanding in this matter. Enjoy !!
  9. Kev John


    ....will do Dave ......
  10. Just arrived bagged me & mate 1 each of Kitch @Manfromsoul45s 2 great sides Atb Kev
  11. Kev John


    No wories Dave Enjoy your Anniversary mate we got cover for you another nice chap with some great tunes
  12. Kev John


    ....we will have a few Soul Up North magazines issue 100 on sale £3 each.... !
  13. Kev John

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Yes only the issues have this funkier flipside Pt.2 ...& yes i can say its 1 of my current fave spins...!
  14. Kev John


    ......no restrictions by nostalgic playlists...an enthusiasts night out !! We flip them @ OTIN...... Crystal Motion - You're My Main Squeeze,Pt.2
  15. Hi Ricky no response on here so i opened a new thread here lets see if we get any info !


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