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  1. Kev John

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    More details to follow
  2. Kev John

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    More details to follow
  3. Kev John

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    More details to follow
  4. Hi Chris Got a grey re-issue Just need to find it I will send it free of charge & i will give the record to the young DJ for nothing Just DM me the info for sending the record ......UPDATE......found it & in lovely condition & plays really well Atb Kev
  5. The Calla release with 1973 @ 6 o'clock is the 1st re-issue
  6. ......from the Follow The Music Not The Crowd team in Congleton......
  7. Hi Seb Discogs NOTE! A lookalike bootleg of this release made in the 1970's for the Dutch/Surinamese soul scene has often wrongly been sold as an original in the past. The ORIGINAL (which this entry is for) has got crisp, well defined print on the labels and MACHINE STAMPED "W4KM" and "A1" info in the deadwax. The "A1" is placed about 1,5 cm after the "W4KM" matrix stamp. The "R" is placed 180 degrees directly opposite the "W4KM" stamp (if you hold the "W4KM" stamp at 6 o'clock, the "R" should be placed at 12 o'clock). The BOOTLEG (see separate entry) has got poorly defined, wa
  8. Asking for a friend Got to be clean copy & centre intact for the buyer Please PM with price & condition
  9. Just had these photos sent to me by James Williams in Congleton he was 1 of his many chauffeurs & friends over the years ! I never took photos but these 3 have got the Minch down to a T Never seen before photos
  10. Keith was taken into Royal Stoke Hospital just short of 8 weeks ago He passed away around 8pm last night My condolences go out to Keith's family & friends at this sad time Keith was a close friend to me & my wife Loads of fond memories in his company being his driver late,late nights Mick The Ferret is already missing you ! R.I..P my friend
  11. This Saturday coming would have been one of my fave events of the year... The annual CO72 charity event Now would have been its 12th year !! This event has ALWAYS been about having some fun ,meeting friends old and new, rekindling memories,listening and dancing to some of the best records ever....in essence a bloody good day/night out........the other side to what we do is raising funds for worthy causes,......... Over the years we have raised over £30000 for a variety of great causes Sadly this year due to the current situation it wont take place... I must have looked depr
  12. Hi @Vinylchaser1 You can bid on one here......! https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/bill-freeman-i-m-not-gonna-lose-it-bad-penny-soland-1000.html Atb Kev

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