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    Lookin' forward to tomorrow always a great crowd in attendance with top quality music played on the decks Atb Kev
  2. twitter events post resolved

    Event issue for Our Time Is Now is resolved just shared & all is ok now Atb Kev
  3. What's your favourite End of Night finisher

    My last record i played @ The 3 Clubs All-Nighter 4/5 November sharing the decks with Danny (Shakey) Paton in the Dolly room it was 05:25 in the morning & i pulled out of the bag Johnny Moore - Lonely Heart In The City - Blue Rock ...

    Hot & Cold drinks available + Hot Food Plenty of FREE parking @ The Venue & surrounding area Top Soul dealers from around the UK sell here & you can find some great bargains !
  5. twitter events post resolved

    Just shared the record fair for the 3rd Dec & there is no issues with the post what so ever Which i entered into events myself in October
  6. What's your favourite End of Night finisher

    One of the stand out enders for me mainly played by Keith Minshull when he did the last spot of the night @ the George Hotel in Burslem ,Stoke-on Trent Timi Yuro - It'll Never Be Over For Me - it was a stampede to the floor ! Atb Kev
  7. twitter events post resolved

    Just checked & shared 3 clubs all nighter from last week & that is fine on twitter NO issues But still have the same issue with OTIN event sharing on twitter So to me the problem is on the SS side of things Atb Kev
  8. twitter events post resolved

    Just done & its still the same as 1st posted
  9. twitter events post resolved

    Still got the same issue with Date showing Fri 8th when shared to twitter when showing with SS logo only when you hit the link & opens to SS the date is correct 9th Dec this is for OUR TIME IS NOW event But as you know Mike some people will not hit ...
  10. Our Time Is Now

    Deffo they will
  11. Our Time Is Now

    Yes sir we can & all other genre's in between !
  12. Our Time Is Now

    Local collector/DJ's coming together........Rarely play out locally.......Full list nearer the event Thanks for your interest Atb Kev
  13. Our Time Is Now

    7pm til 1am ------- £3 otd We're bringing a SOUL EVENT offering something a little different. Quite a few enthusiasts have shown interest in an 'underplayed type' event in the Potteries. With this in mind we have brought together similar concepts of the 'Dolly Parton Room' currently recieving rave reviews at the 3 Clubs Allnighter ..with memories of the popular 'CHANGE' event in Stoke from 5/6 years ago. Those who attended any of these events know the 'concept' already....a varied and wide playlist covering many genres....from Collector/DJ's digging deep This is a ' taster event' in readiness for a 2018 rollout on a regular basis ..bringing you that ....'Something Different and offering those 'Some New to Me Sounds'........ We hope you enjoy...... NB ..this will not be a traditional Northern Soul and Motown event ...this type of event is locally covered very successfully already... https://www.facebook.com/events/311663282642978/

    As i spent most of the night in the Dolly room this will be a review on how i saw it All the DJ's where up for it & all the crowd were up for it & the only way I can put it off the Richter scale The diversity of the music played amazed me & yes i played my part in this 2nd room & its not just a second room it is supported by like-minded people who want something a little bid different @ their nighter We had Xover,Newies,Funk,Latin,R&B,Gospel,Modern,Blue Eyed,Northern All the spinners respected the room & what we are trying to achieve @ the 3 Clubs & they gave us all positive feedback I must give Danny Shakey Paton a special mention he set the equipment up perfectly up for us & also he played both rooms he was knackered at the end of the night & i helped him out towards the end of the night double decking which we both enjoyed Thank you, Danny, from all of us for your hard work No playlist will be posted If you weren't there you missed out! Till next year Atb Kev

    Got me groupies organised ,now chillin' for the afternoon & records at the ready !!!