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  1. Right got a reply of seller on Ebay run-out reads S7-162-C & S7-163-C (scratched) plus the marking shown in the attached photo (both sides). I'll leave you to decipher what it is. Regards, Paul This is for the real issue https://www.discogs.com/artist/676200-Paul-Richmond-2?anv=MPaul&filter_anv=1
  2. 1 thing i noticed on Nick's record is the runout was smaller than his Demo which looked a standard size if you get my drift ! There is a copy on evil bay where i've tried enlarging the scan i honestly couldn't see any stamped matix in runout or any etched in numbers or markings in the runout Just sent a message to the seller if he's willing to pass any matrix runout info from the record
  3. Nick what i saw of it the record had got some age to it,not a newly pressed
  4. A FREE entry event as a BIG thank you for your support over the past 6yrs.... A celebration of an event that has always endeavoured to put music first....and not who plays it....an event that plays music to challenge' the ear of the listener rather than reinforce rare sounds from the past WE welcome all those that were visiting us when we were 'Our time is now' back at the Sneyd Arms...... Lets get the Vibe !!!! Drop in...the waters warmnd the sounds are cool and the beers are cold Just for an heads up our event in May, it will be a free night starting half an hour earlier, it will be 6 years since we started “Following the music not the crowd” before that some will remember it as “Our time is now” might even do a few CD’s for a small donation to a selected charity.
  5. Hi Nick i did spot this record at the fair Sunday same tune both sides This is 1st issue of the record quite rare https://www.discogs.com/release/9851241-Eddie-Billups-Shake-Off-That-Dream-Try-Something-New with a different flip
  6. This month's guest collector/enthusiast is Johnny Beggs
  7. Thanks for your response Think both print designs look good to me But if I got large print design I would have said the same thing I've got the smaller print design Wots in the groove matters to me
  8. Just a quick one We know this has just gone for £392 on JM's auction I was just wondering about the the other issue variant & how rare it is Not listed on Discogs only video on YT
  9. Hi Dave got a beautiful copy of James Bounty But i can't let it go for your asking price i paid £400 on Manships aucton ATB Kev MY Copy
  10. Kev John


    Last shout up for tomorrow night Thanks for all the views on this event, hope to see some of can join us its gonna be a belter let me tell you........!
  11. Kev John


    Just the ticket for us @Jez Jones & many other like minded souls

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