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  1. L.V. Johnson- Palos 1203 Johnnie Taylor- Sar 156 (Keep on Lovin' You) James McMurry- Southern City 1112 The Heartstoppers- All Platinum 2324 Barrett Strong- Tamla 54043 (misery). Thanks Patrick
  2. Love's Burning Fire. Thanks Patrick
  3. You still have the Mel-O-Tones? Thanks
  4. Brenda & The Afroettes on Raynard (Color Me Black). Will pay big for this record. Thanks Patrick
  5. My list is attached. Thanks Patrick want list 071320.docx
  6. Gloryland (Goodness of the Lord). Thanks Patrick S.
  7. Vantage label (Lorraine and I'm Not Ashamed). Thanks Patrick
  8. Soulpw


    The Satintones- Angel Motown 1006. Thanks Patrick
  9. Sensational Wileys Special- Psalms 1586 Beatrice Brown Singers- Sensational Sound 3010 Biblical Aires- Staff 176 Friendly Six- Staff 185 The Religious Souls- H & M 02 (Colorado gospel) Erwin Sisters of Covington, TN- J & W 125 Paramount Gospel Singers- J & W 108 Masonic Travelers of Memphis, Tenn. – J & W 123 The Weary Travelers- Bird Dog 01001 Rev. Jerry Smith- Bird Dog 01005 Soul Revivals- Burning Bush 109 Gospel Six of Gadsden, S.C.- Richland Custom Recording 360 Bro. Huggins & The Heavenly Echoes- JAS 523
  10. Anyone have this record? Thanks Patrick S.
  11. Soulpw


    Angel- The Satintones Motown 1006 the genuine copy. Fortson and Scott- pzazz 002 Buddy and Stacey- Raid 1001 The Heartstoppers- All Platinum 2324 Big Charles Smith- Dottie 188 Krystal Generation- Twinight 137 Melvin Moroson- Drake Kenneth Carr- Solo. Thanks Patrick
  12. Thanks. This is Parlo 104 and not Parlo 105? Patrick How much do you want? Thanks
  13. You Think You're So Smart/ Hard Nut to Crack- Par-lo 104. Please let me know. Thanks Patrick S.

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