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  1. soulpw

    Sigs Sales List (11-9 to 11-12 2018)

    Do you still have Gene Anderson? $350 for it? Thanks Patrick
  2. soulpw

    Frank Hutton

    Will pay $500 any reasonable condition. Thanks Patrick
  3. The Precisions -D-Town 1033 any reasonable condition. Thanks, Patrick
  4. soulpw

    Ronnie Love

    She's got love on d-town
  5. soulpw

    Uploaded Wants

    Attached Want List.docx
  6. soulpw

    Soul Record Wants

    J. J. Barnes - Mickay’s 353, 4471/72 Waltiea Maxwell- Goodie Train 020 Effie Smith- Eee Cee 001 Eddie Lang- Seven B 7014 Honey and The Bees- Arctic 152 Eddie Floyd- Safice 336 Frank Hutton- Goodie Train 010 Leona Wyleese- Southern City 280 Winfield Parker- Wand 11218. Thank you- Patrick
  7. soulpw

    Gospel Want List

    J & W Label 107 Paramount Gospel Singers – No Place To Hide/Life Is Wonderful 111-: Bogard Brothers Memphis, Tenn- You Can Depend On Me/ At The End Of The Day 123-: Masonic Travelers of Memphis, Tenn- This Little Light Of Mine/ Ready To Answer The Call 125-: Erwin Sisters of Covington, Tenn- Somebody's Knocking/ You've Got To Have More Love 126 Percy L Boone - Jesus Loves Everybody/I've Got So Much To Look Forward To 127-: The Chicago Travelers, Chicago Illinois- Don't Let The Devil Turn You Around/ God's Love Lifted Me 140-: Miss Cloteal Lewis, Dayton, Ohio- Remember To Tell Them Jesus Died But He Rose Again/ I Cried Unto The Lord (And Got An Answer) 143-: Harmony Echoes of Cleveland, Ohio – Take Your Burden To The Lord/ I Trust In God 155-: Rosemary (Lark) Moore, Cleveland, Ohio- Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow Part I/ Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow Part II 157 Sister Corene Barton - Lord I Need You As I Travel (Through This Land)/You Better Leave Me Alone 161-: Bro. Louis Joseph of Benton Harbor, Mich- His Eye Is On The Sparrow/ I Shall Know Him 162 Dorothy M Pearson - My Prayer/A Rough Road To Travel 164-: Cleveland All Stars of Cleveland, Ohio- I Found Joy (Lead Pete Wilson)/ I'll Fly Away (Lead Pete Wilson). Thanks, Patrick
  8. soulpw

    Soul Want List

    Eddie Floyd- Safice 336 Ann Littles- USA 830. Thanks
  9. soulpw

    Eddie Floyd

    Coming Home for Christmas- Safice 336. Thank you Patrick
  10. soulpw

    Effie Smith

    Laugh and Dance. Will pay $200 for a copy. Thanks Patrick
  11. soulpw

    Fantastic Soul Wants

    J J Barnes- Lonely No More- Mickay's The Heartstoppers- All Platinum 2324 The Legends- Mickay's Barbara Hall- Tuska 106 Eddie Lang- Seven B 7014. Thanks- Patrick S.
  12. soulpw

    New Soul Wants 4/30/18

    J. J. Barnes Mickay's 353 - So Far Away / Love Requires Understanding – 1964 Mickay's 4471/4472 - Lonely No More / Get A Hold Of Yourself - 1964 The Blenders Mar-V-Lus 6010 - Love Is A Good Thing Going / Your Love Has Got Me Down - 1966 Paul Kelly Lloyd (No #) - The Upset / It's My Baby - 1965 (inspired by Cassius Clay's victory over Sonny Liston) The Legends- Mickay’s 3007/08 Eddie Lang- Seven B 7014 Thanks- Patrick S
  13. soulpw

    Jimmy Bishop

    Good Afternoon, Hoping all is well with you. What would you like for Jimmy Bishop? Thank you Patrick
  14. soulpw

    Jimmy Bishop

    Good Afternoon Sir, So what is the good word on Jimmy Bishop? I will gladly pay the top dollar for the record. Thanks Patrick
  15. soulpw

    New Wants

    What is your paypal information? Thanks, and I will send shipping information.


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