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  1. Track ID please

    Yes that copy fella, been patiently waiting for one to come up, only 5 or so known and doesn’t change hands.
  2. Track ID please

    That video is taken off my FB homepage, it’s the Shademen on Riot, flip is equally good.
  3. Willie Redding..Down on my knees..Envy.

    You too, excellent taste my man!
  4. Willie Redding..Down on my knees..Envy.

    I've offered a stack more than that to the friend who has one, you likely know him too Neil!
  5. Willie Redding..Down on my knees..Envy.

    There's a few of us looking for this one Neil ;)
  6. saxie russell - thomas **SORTED**

    Have a clean copy buried, feel free to PM
  7. Phillips Sisters After Tonight Swingin'

    Will do Ady, do know not seen another ever as would have snaffled it as a spare pronto, now I'm actually intrigued to hear that side too as only really spun the obvious flip.
  8. Phillips Sisters After Tonight Swingin'

    I have a copy Ady but not seen it in a year or 3, actually played the other side out despite the crap title it’s solid r’n’b with a good piano riff
  9. John St John - you can't mean it

    Yes think can do that Hammie, I'll pull it and ping you a pic here so you can see for yourself, cracking little 45, Best, Michael
  10. The Dynamics Label out of Detroit

    1015 Ace Jones is brutally good uptempo r'n'b, super tough one too, old Finewine spin, JM auctioned a copy, I have one tucked away, too obscure to be popular
  11. long time want

    Have a super clean spare, not rushing to sell either but make an offer by all means.
  12. John St John - you can't mean it

    Have a gorgeous copy of the Italian with PS, shout if a decent offer.
  13. Had 3, pretty sure down to just one so a keeper but if find still have a spare will shout.
  14. LAFITTE (Help Me Find Her) ROSEMONT

    As far as have seen there are 2 known copies on the scene of this so far, one is in the UK and isn't going anywhere, the other is here and would poss let go, shout by all means.

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