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  1. pomonkey

    This guy got about ... By George he did.

    The ep he did that was given away by collecting vouchers from ice cream tubs in Sweden (!) is really stupidly good - there were a series of these, front covers are all identical and not sure if you could choose which one you got when sending in the req'd # of coupons, bit like the old Robertson's jams we had, there's one other killer one in that series too, Souls by Les Fleurs which is insanely good psych of all genres, imagine that must have blown any little flaxen-haired pre-teen's head when that showed up in the mail.
  2. pomonkey

    Edward Earling ?

    Was leafing through some acetates here that had picked up over the last few years and not got round to playing properly and this 8 track one is one of them, yes agree Baby Don't Leave is totally stellar, will definitely play it out at the night doing here in a couple of weeks (along with another dozen+ similar unreleased that have never been heard out before).
  3. It's a good record, copy here, another with a friend.
  4. pomonkey

    Morine & The Zercons

    There's a few of us looking for this one, this is the 5th time have seen it listed here as a want by different folks!
  5. pomonkey

    LJ Mitchell - The Cream - Very rare funk

    I have one, so do at least 2 of my fellow NYC collectors, am sure if you polled the old funkforum alumni you'd get a fair few more positives. Great track regardless of the # out there.
  6. The acetate that just went through ebay was the same recording as the issue.
  7. pomonkey

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Just saw him here in NYC, stellar night, he's still captivating and totally on the money, plus as funny as f***, definitely recommended if you get the chance.
  8. The title is clear as day in the intro, Let your hair down, put that as a search in popsike and multiple copies of Billy Reed show up. Enjoyed the "request" to keep the comments to the artist/title, spoonfeeding is best in private agree.
  9. pomonkey

    Any help identifying this tune please?

    Weird when people post other peoples' playlists and don't ask them directly what something is, simpler surely? Regardless, it's The Push by Jimmy Dee on Palms, like how it uses the Manteca riff, I have a couple of copies but only interested in trades for something equally oddball.
  10. It's good, few around and an acetate of it has been offered too
  11. pomonkey

    jades just sold on ebay! crazy

    If you still have that Dogs then you made out like a bandit, sells for more than even this insane Jades price
  12. pomonkey

    Rare Triode release

    Yes please Graham
  13. pomonkey

    Track ID please

    Yes that copy fella, been patiently waiting for one to come up, only 5 or so known and doesn’t change hands.
  14. pomonkey

    Track ID please

    That video is taken off my FB homepage, it’s the Shademen on Riot, flip is equally good.
  15. pomonkey

    Willie Redding..Down on my knees..Envy.

    You too, excellent taste my man!


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