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  1. Hi Chalky and Dobber, re the Defenders - Sermon FYI 2 of us here in NYC each own a copy, faster sounds like this are more popular here and this one is pretty perfect.
  2. 2 copies of Kitty Lane here, think there's only a few around - although funnily all 4 know of are here in NYC - plus an acetate of it exists, no need to chase as same take, shout on FB if you want to chat. Emma Atkins should be pretty easy, may have a spare of that too but too much hassle to look for it.
  3. Received a great acetate from this auction here in the US, spoke to them directly about how to package as knew they weren't too experienced with vinyl and they did a really solid job of making sure it got here safely, appreciate them listening.
  4. Yes, figured that a far wider audience deserved to learn about John's life so worked quietly to have that published today, a lot of it came from collating reminiscences here and on FB from old friends of this so hope does him some justice, was beyond proud to call John a friend too.
  5. Finally got one of these Nils, did your friend ever get lucky, flip is equally good!!
  6. Not the best copy ever Garethx, got a completely unplayed one a couple of years back, came from an old guy way off the grid via a record buyer down south along with a lot of other primo local 45s in equally amazing shape. Actually bought a different 45 off the current seller in that same batch, obscure but stellar 45, that just arrived today and it’s in great shape and a steal, think the location (France) etc put some bidders off.
  7. Have a copy, could let it go, if we're friends on FB ping me there as not here too often!
  8. I own this acetate now, came from Joe Dutton's good lady after he passed.
  9. I had a copy of it in my apartment when you visited here Henning, yes it’s a rare one.
  10. The ep he did that was given away by collecting vouchers from ice cream tubs in Sweden (!) is really stupidly good - there were a series of these, front covers are all identical and not sure if you could choose which one you got when sending in the req'd # of coupons, bit like the old Robertson's jams we had, there's one other killer one in that series too, Souls by Les Fleurs which is insanely good psych of all genres, imagine that must have blown any little flaxen-haired pre-teen's head when that showed up in the mail.
  11. Was leafing through some acetates here that had picked up over the last few years and not got round to playing properly and this 8 track one is one of them, yes agree Baby Don't Leave is totally stellar, will definitely play it out at the night doing here in a couple of weeks (along with another dozen+ similar unreleased that have never been heard out before).
  12. There's a few of us looking for this one, this is the 5th time have seen it listed here as a want by different folks!
  13. I have one, so do at least 2 of my fellow NYC collectors, am sure if you polled the old funkforum alumni you'd get a fair few more positives. Great track regardless of the # out there.
  14. The acetate that just went through ebay was the same recording as the issue.

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