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  1. I’d let the Aaron go, drop me a line on FB, easier as we’re already friends there
  2. I sent the Chuck Kenwood to a friend as a gift recently, it's not a duet, you can probably hear it on an old Finewine show as have heard him spin it live a few times too
  3. Yes, own one of the Aaron Taylor also, it's not the one that went through ebay. Both sides of the other are knockout, really unique sound - know of 3 copies, all are here in the US and were found together. There's a couple of related 45's, but those are annoyingly obscure too. ps pro-tip - if you have a Starbucks barista in Brooklyn with Tasha on her nametag and tell her about this label you get a free coffee, true!
  4. I put this on a JesterWild mix and a DigDeeper cd years back, had 2 clean copies, not sure if kept the spare, love it to death
  5. Just pulling your leg dear fella!!! Best new find heard in a good while.
  6. Oh really, that Leon Gibson is your "longtime want"? Hahahaha, 7 days tops. There's a VG copy of the Maebar on ebay though and seller isn't the worst grader.
  7. Hi Chalky and Dobber, re the Defenders - Sermon FYI 2 of us here in NYC each own a copy, faster sounds like this are more popular here and this one is pretty perfect.
  8. 2 copies of Kitty Lane here, think there's only a few around - although funnily all 4 know of are here in NYC - plus an acetate of it exists, no need to chase as same take, shout on FB if you want to chat. Emma Atkins should be pretty easy, may have a spare of that too but too much hassle to look for it.
  9. Received a great acetate from this auction here in the US, spoke to them directly about how to package as knew they weren't too experienced with vinyl and they did a really solid job of making sure it got here safely, appreciate them listening.
  10. Yes, figured that a far wider audience deserved to learn about John's life so worked quietly to have that published today, a lot of it came from collating reminiscences here and on FB from old friends of this so hope does him some justice, was beyond proud to call John a friend too.
  11. Finally got one of these Nils, did your friend ever get lucky, flip is equally good!!
  12. Not the best copy ever Garethx, got a completely unplayed one a couple of years back, came from an old guy way off the grid via a record buyer down south along with a lot of other primo local 45s in equally amazing shape. Actually bought a different 45 off the current seller in that same batch, obscure but stellar 45, that just arrived today and it’s in great shape and a steal, think the location (France) etc put some bidders off.
  13. Have a copy, could let it go, if we're friends on FB ping me there as not here too often!
  14. I own this acetate now, came from Joe Dutton's good lady after he passed.

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