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  1. LAFITTE (Help Me Find Her) ROSEMONT

    As far as have seen there are 2 known copies on the scene of this so far, one is in the UK and isn't going anywhere, the other is here and would poss let go, shout by all means.

    I sold a clean one recently and your price is way out of date fella.
  3. Gatur label listing

    Those were Capitol recordings from his lp obviously which had various publishing credits for the respective songs but do not believe these included any mention at all of Gatur.
  4. Don Carol - You want no one, but me - DonCar 305

    Every popcorn guy in Christendom wants one of these.
  5. Lysett _ It's The Little Things

    Ps = picture sleeve, it's her looking up at the camera
  6. WANTED ... El Paso Drifters

    Had two, kept one, never heard of any copy ever making it to a box in Europe, have chatted about it with folks local to the band and it's a ghost there too.
  7. Lysett _ It's The Little Things

    Have it in the PS, will shout next time pops up in the boxes but it's pretty buried in the old 60's Euro releases that rarely touch these days, great little 45.
  8. Vaqueros Vaqueros beat

    Hi Richard, if spot it in a box here then happy to sell, will see you in Austin in a few days btw, best, Michael
  9. Vaqueros Vaqueros beat

    One of the innumerable novelty Kim Fowley 45s, shamefully have a copy here somewhere but not sure why!
  10. Mary Clark - Miss Dynamite on Action

    You're not the only one! Local to here but darn tough to find.
  11. Chuck Cornish - A Tribute To Mohammed Ali

    This has been a regular spin over here for over 20 years since Finewine put people onto it back then and clean copies weren't too hard to find and still in the $50-$75 range, that said as soon as picked up the Senator Jones DYLM this version became an also-ra...
  12. Anglo American Auction Results: 26/01/2017

    The nuance that screws this up is that the price immediately jumps to the top of your bid amount even if 2nd place is a country mile behind, other auction sites don't do that as it actually then becomes a different economic model which from a buyer's perspect...
  13. Anglo American Auction Results: 26/01/2017

    In that case it's my bad for not knowing that!! Seems an outdated way to do it, mostly as the price immediately jumps up to your full bid amount, so all anyone needs to do then is bid just over it right at the end, if so rather takes away any reason to do an...
  14. Found it for you fella, drop me a line, nice and clean copy obv.
  15. Anglo American Auction Results: 26/01/2017

    Not really doing themselves any favours with their auction system, was high bidder on one of these then got no message on being outbid or any other kind of update, meant that the 45 sold for far less than would have gone up to so not in their interest really.