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  1. LambrettaGP200

    Rugby Soul Club - 15th Anniversary Allniter

    Rugby 15th Anniversary Allnighter 1.40 - 2.30 My playlist, but not in the correct order......I ain’t that organised. Joe Matthews - Ain’t Nothing You Can Do (Kool Kat) The New Wanderers - Let Me Render My Service (Beltone Acetate) The Agents - Trouble (Impact Acetate) Edith Brown - You Did It (4 Brothers) Nabay - Believe It Or Not (Impact) Ray Agee - I’m Losing Again (Soultown) The Just Brothers - Carlena (Garrison) The Cairos - Stop Overlooking Me (Shrine) The Profs - Look At Me (Curr) Dennis Edwards - Johnnie On The Spot (International Soulville) Betti Lou & Bobby Adams - Dr. truelove (Tra-x) Shirley Karol - Just To Make You Happy (Dakar) Chuck Wells - The Love Knot (Goldleaf) Youth Opportunity Program - Of Hopes And Dreans And Tombstones (Columbia) Barbara Lynn - I Don’t Want A Playboy (Tribe) The Appreciations - I Can’t Hide It (Aware) The Conquistadors - Can’t Stop Loving You (Act IV) The Creations - I Wan’na Talk To You (Paul Winley) J.D. Abram - Doctor Of Love (Reena) Monique - I Wouldn’t Believe ((Maurci) Fred And The Turbins - Bernadine (Cenco) It was a fantastic night with fantastic people and a real honour to be asked to play a few records. Thanks again to Sian, Dean, the fellow djs and all the punters who make Rugby such a special place. Hopefully see you all again soon. Best, Alan.
  2. Hi Folks. I’m looking for a nice playing copy of the above. Please PM if you can help out. Thanks for looking. A
  3. I’m looking for a nice playing copy of this. Please PM if you can help out. Thanks, A
  4. LambrettaGP200

    The Valentinos, Marvin Smith, Mamie Lee

    Email sent.
  5. LambrettaGP200

    A Few Wants For The New Year

    Hi folks. I’m looking for a few tunes to start of the New Year. Nice clean condition please James Coit- Black Power.....original issue or demo with the “Ultra Sonic” stamp Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - You Hit The Spot Baby Randolph Walker -Forty Love Street Please PM if you can help out. All the best, A.
  6. Hi. I’m looking for a nice playing copy of either issue. Please PM if you can help out. Best wishes. A
  7. Hi folks. Looking for a nice clean playing copy of the above. Please PM me if you can help out. Thanks for Looking. A
  8. LambrettaGP200

    Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself (King)

    Hi. Looking for a nice playing copy of this.....not fussy if demo or issue. PM me please if you can help out, but no crazy prices thanks. Thanks for looking. A.
  9. LambrettaGP200

    Lucille Mathis - I'm Not Your Regular Woman (A-bet)

    Yes mate....thanks anyway.
  10. hi m8 got a nice wdj for Calvin Arnold - Mama In Law (Venture) £40 E- condition MR Stamp or Wh you trade is welcome thanks regards Gerry

    1. LambrettaGP200


      Hi mate....thanks for your message.

      I should have said it was the issue I was actually looking for.



  11. LambrettaGP200

    List Of Wants Please

    Hi folks. I'm looking for the following records....must play really nice please. Cliff Nobles - This Love Will Last (Phi LA Of Soul) Ruth Davis - I Need Money (Kent) Calvin Arnold - Mama In Law (Venture) Issue Only Randolph Walker - Forty Love Street (Chant) Otis Clay - Hard Working Woman (Cotillion) Larry Reynolds - Sweet Tooth (Tri-Spin) Tommy Bush - Stop And Think! (Speciality) Hank Sou..
  12. I'm looking for a nice playing copy of this. Please PM if you can help out. Thank you, A.
  13. LambrettaGP200

    Looking for this pair...

    King Ernest - I Feel Alright (Barry demo) johnny Ross - Love I Tis (La Cindy) nice playing copies required please. PM if you can help out. Thank you, A.
  14. LambrettaGP200

    Dodgy eBay bidding

    I don't know about dodgy bidding, but that's at least the 5th copy of The Grey Imprint he's sold on eBay & it still made over £2k!
  15. LambrettaGP200

    The Versatones - With A Broken Heart

    Hi. looking for a nice clean copy of the above....must play fine both sides. Please PM if you can help out. Thanks for looking. A.