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  1. We are in Serbia, and we advertise on .com and .co.uk as well. I would gladly contact ebay to explain but not sure how could i reach them? It's always that loop where you can't contact anyone directly.
  2. Hi people, need to ask you in the name of my friend who is not to good with english. It's mainly his account but i do sell some stuff through him there. All was fine until the invoice from February, and now March. Ok, we are aware of that they implemented VAT, but what is making the bigest difference is the: "Subscription and onetime fees" The invoice itself is this: New fees Final value fees$13.35 Subscription and onetime fees$43.90 Subtotal excludes tax$57.25 Taxes Total Non-Taxable amount$0.00 Total Taxable amount$57.25
  3. Thanks for that info John. Yeah, pretty sure "quite a few" are using paypal this way. I just find it funny that with me problem occured only with the transactions that actually were not selling, but just transfering the money, which is, as you said, perfectly legal. It wouldn't be flaged if there was an F&F option. This is obviously a very touchy subject. I just needed some kind of advice.
  4. Yeah i hear you. I knew it will probably be difficult to get any info. The thing is that i didn't have an option other than to use her account. It was that or to quit buying records, and the other definitely wasn't an option. So i had to use it, and used it, like i said, for over 10 years. The info i was hoping to get is - are there are any new norms present, and if anyone also had something similiar going on.
  5. Ok people i really need your advice on this one. This migt be more towards a USA folks, but maybe it's the similiar situation in Europe and other places... To make the story short as possible - i'm from Serbia, and i have been using my sister's paypal (she is based in USA) for over 10 years. Never had a problem. Meanwhile, Serbia got paypal... first you could only send money, some time after you could also receive it. One thing that Serbian paypal can't do is send money as F&F. For all these reasons i've stuck with my sister's account... sending direct payments and using ebay quite a
  6. Looking for this one on Castanet Records Backed with "Come Let Me Love You"
  7. Aha. It seemed rather odd. Why are you UK chaps using ton for 100?
  8. Super surprised this is still here Tremendous tune on Jachelle Records, and so rare! Let alone in this condition... NM, gorgeous copy 925$, includes free registered worldwide shipping Paypal as a gift or please cover the fees check audio and picture from copy for sale: https://voca.ro/1m4IN1pvHjmw
  9. EX condition 149.99$ FREE registered worldwide shipping Paypal as a gift or please cover the fees check audio and pictures from copy for sale: https://voca.ro/1o1jpP59Yh5R https://voca.ro/1jw7HDnQPqqN
  10. Promo on Dionn Records, b/w I Can't Get Over You NM, beautiful copy 75$ + shipping Paypal as a gift or please cover the fee audio and pictures from copy for sale: https://voca.ro/1oHAND9da078
  11. Rare piece on HAZE Records NM 350$, includes worldwide registered shipping Paypal as a gift or please cover the fees check audio and picture from copy for sale: https://voca.ro/1iLrSxhZsxxr

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