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    Mike Shawe
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    Family, Friends, Travel, Records, Gigs, Kung Fu!
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    Bristol, UK
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    Flourescent Smog 'All My Life'
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  1. mike shawe

    anyone selling this LP?

    Looking for this LP, pm me if you have one to sell - thanks
  2. Cheapie wanted - Sylvers Stay Away From Me / I'll Never Be Pride 45 drop me a pm if you have one in your sales box - cheers!
  3. three copies to choose from here if you get no takers https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/11298169?ev=rb
  4. UNIVERSAL MINDS A Chance At Love / I Betcha Charles Records 45 Stunning, NM copy of this vocal crossover group soul 45, clean labels, a nice Xmas present to yourself!? £125 + shipping PayPal Gift - thanks for looking!
  5. mike shawe

    IKE STRONG Your Love Keeps Me Dancing MABLE

    here's a clip of the record for sale https://picosong.com/wLauS/
  6. mike shawe

    Master Force ‎– Hey Girl / Don't Fight The Feeling 45

    It’s such a great double-sider, and sure, if I spot a spare I’ll let you know
  7. FOR SALE: IKE STRONG Your Love Keeps Me Dancing MABLE Gutted to have to sell this as I have only recently picked it up, car issues so need some funds. So condition wise it's VG+, does have visible light surface marks which causes some crackle the first part of the track, but it clears up and plays strong through the til the end. Very rare and indemand Modern dancer that I would rather not part with, PM me for details. £450 PayPal Gift. Listen to a Sound clip, link in the comment below
  8. mike shawe

    Master Force ‎– Hey Girl / Don't Fight The Feeling 45

    Did the 45 get a a reissue?
  9. mike shawe

    Uk Street Soul - The Tsr Label

    Happened across this thread. I am interested in the TSR label (also Inteigue to some extent) I wondered if anyone has any deep in their collections they no longer want and would be interested in getting rid of? Send me a message. Cheers
  10. mike shawe

    Eugene Blacknell Holding On

    Some here: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/906321?ev=rb
  11. mike shawe

    Nimbiss 12” (Shye Back)

    Nimbiss ‘Paradise’ / ‘Melodies Of Love’ 12” (Shye Back) after a copy - pm me if you’re selling
  12. mike shawe

    SORTED The Right Combination

    The Right Combination
  13. mike shawe

    Harden Brothers

    Harden Brothers ‘Deep Inside Of You’ H.B.Priductions Ike Strong ‘Boogie Land / Your Love Keeps Me Dancing’ Mable (SORTED) if you are selling drop me a pm - thx (happy to pay the going rate)
  14. mike shawe

    Jewel Paradise Sorted

    Jewel ‘ Paradise’ anyone fancy selling me a copy
  15. mike shawe

    Michael Orr + more Gospel LPs

    wanted Michael Orr ‘Love Will Rise’ Birthright LP Moments Of Faith Singers ‘Miracles’ Chocolate Johnson LP


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