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    Record obsessive, been collecting since the early 80s but starting buying vinyl when a kid in the mid-70s 

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    Family, Friends, Travel, Records, Gigs, Kung Fu!
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    Bristol, UK
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    Flourescent Smog 'All My Life'

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  1. Septimus We Want A Piece Of The Pie / Take Love Where You Find It (Chosen Few) Standing Room Only 'Sacrifice' (Lamar) pm with price.condition
  2. it is in Disco circles, often too much. Check a Theo Parrish set and you’ll see what I mean, love it or hate it! btw track 3 is the Trammps, it came to me the other day✌
  3. A master isolator would affect both channels (assuming he’s running two decks) so your theory is not necessarily correct. Or it could be he made his own edit. Billy is a definite keeper. The sales history shows the last copy purchased was 2013 (me), before that sold in 2010!! Shit is scarce, but hey, I’ll let you know. I’ve asked some people, hoping If I get a lead on this track.
  4. OUI 'Good Times' Reflections 12” pm with price and condition.
  5. Larry Bailey Groove With Me OK & T pm with price and condition.
  6. 3 is the acapella of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ by the Peech Boys over a an instrumental, which frustratingly I can’t quite place at the moment. Sounds like a Chicago DJ-styled set, where are the recordings from? I have that Billy Peterson, great track, sadly pretty rare (not selling). Helpful huh!
  7. plenty on Discogs Mike https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1548027?currency=GBP&ev=rb
  8. Now sorted on this Pictures I'm Gonna See You Through Southwest Experience Records 45 Hello, looking for a clean copy, must be a UK based seller. DM with details thanks
  9. Hi all. I have a question regarding receiving an expensive record from the EU. The seller mentioned declaring a value for insurance, will this be visible to the Post Office and likely to trigger customs charges on arrival? Is there anything else I need to know which could trigger a charge? thanks in advance
  10. For Sale POPCORN Song For You LP Shanell (off pink coloured label) SR 1002 I am selling my copy of this Modern Soul / Boogie grail LP. I purchased it sealed and haven't played it as much as I would have wanted. Includes: Song For You / That Girl / Prime Choice Condition is NM (can send photos on request) (would trade for a copy of K.I.C.) £899 will accept offers
  11. stylus so much love crystal clear Anyone selling a clean copy drop me a pm - thanks
  12. 98.6 'Thanks To You' Mercury 45 pm if you have a clean copy - thanks
  13. Wanted Gene Dunlap ‘Party In Me’ LP Capitol clean copy - dm with price UK seller preferred - thanks
  14. JEROME ROGERS Concerto BLACK GIANT and LARRY BAILEY Groove With Me OK & T dm with price/condition if you have one for sale
  15. Larry Bailey ‘Groove With Me’ OK & T 45 Still looking for a copy, if anyone is selling and can help out dm me

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