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  1. Main Ingredient Instant Love

    Main Ingredient Instant Love promo 45 not interested in over priced copies elsewhere, if you have one for sale at a reasonable price please pm
  2. Anderson Brothers price?

    Anderson Brothers styrene copy, assuming it's the boot...GSFM1179 on the run out both sides ideas of a price please? Excellent cond, a couple of light marks nap, looking to sell this one on
  3. LJ Reynolds LP wanted

    LJ Reynolds Travelin Capitol LP 1982 shouldn't be expensive, need a UK seller please - pm if you'd like to sell
  4. Blue Note LP wanted

    Gene Harris Tone Tantrum Blue Note LP apologies if it's a little off-topic 😊 Loads on Discogs, just none in the UK! Looking to pay between £10-15 for a Minter. pm me if you're selling - thanks
  5. Barbados record shops

    Clarence Thompson yes, I'll keep my eye out for that 😎
  6. Barbados record shops

    hey mate, thanks for the heads up, I'll throw those in the pot, also spotted this place hoping they are open https://www.facebook.com/Barbados-Old-Vinyl-45s-Records-914058348731113/
  7. Barbados record shops

    Currently in Barbados, anyone know of any record shops worth checking out?
  8. One here but overpriced https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/459764352
  9. Joubert Singers Stand on the world 45 anyone selling a U.K. pressing on Ten records, pm me
  10. pm if you have one - thanks
  11. U.S. Originals, all types.

    Ady check your pm
  12. Hi Chris I think I may have pm'd you at the time, but if not apologies. You have these??
  13. Linda Evans cheapy LP wanted

    Linda Evans You Control Me Ariola LP shouldn't be expensive, ideally looking at ten pounds in NM condition - from a UK seller, pm please
  14. [SOLD] Direct Pressure Let Me Love You / Direct Flight

    Still sounds great!
  15. £99 + shipping NM clean labels as per the photo, £50 cheaper than Discogs (my spare) this version has the indemand Boogie/Modern Soul flip 'Let Me Love You'. Don't sleep - great price on this