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  • Birthday 25/10/1964

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    Mike Shawe
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    Family, Friends, Travel, Records, Gigs, Kung Fu!
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    Bristol, UK
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    Flourescent Smog 'All My Life'
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  1. mike shawe

    Uk Street Soul - The Tsr Label

    Happened across this thread. I am interested in the TSR label (also Inteigue to some extent) I wondered if anyone has any deep in their collections they no longer want and would be interested in getting rid of? Send me a message. Cheers
  2. mike shawe

    Eugene Blacknell Holding On

    Some here: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/906321?ev=rb
  3. mike shawe

    Nimbiss 12” (Shye Back)

    Nimbiss ‘Paradise’ / ‘Melodies Of Love’ 12” (Shye Back) after a copy - pm me if you’re selling
  4. mike shawe

    SORTED The Right Combination

    The Right Combination
  5. mike shawe

    Harden Brothers

    Harden Brothers ‘Deep Inside Of You’ H.B.Priductions Ike Strong ‘Boogie Land / Your Love Keeps Me Dancing’ Mable (SORTED) if you are selling drop me a pm - thx (happy to pay the going rate)
  6. mike shawe

    Jewel Paradise Sorted

    Jewel ‘ Paradise’ anyone fancy selling me a copy
  7. mike shawe

    Michael Orr + more Gospel LPs

    wanted Michael Orr ‘Love Will Rise’ Birthright LP Moments Of Faith Singers ‘Miracles’ Chocolate Johnson LP
  8. mike shawe

    Network & Co

    NETWORK & CO Spirit of the Boogie looking for a competitively priced copy, must be clean. pm only thanks
  9. mike shawe


    Mandisa Summer Love El-Leo 45 pm’s only
  10. mike shawe

    Cheap Motown 80s 12”

    wanted: Finis Henderson ‘Skip To My Lou’ Motown 12” - pm me (no links pls thx)
  11. mike shawe

    Betty Griffin Free Spirit Mopres

    pm if you have a copy you'd like to sell
  12. mike shawe

    Terri Wells Who’s That Stranger

    I have the LP...but need the 45
  13. mike shawe

    Doris Duke The Feeling Is Right Canyon + 1

    A few Doris Duke’s here for ya >>>https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4060667?ev=rb
  14. mike shawe

    Terri Wells Who’s That Stranger

    Terri Wells ‘Who’s That Stranger’ Philly World 45 (on the B side of Just Like Dreamin) pm if you have one - thx
  15. mike shawe

    5th Dimension

    any sellers have this in their sales box, Excellent condition or above please ABC-12181


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