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  1. Heikki

    Peggy Scott Adams

    Hi! Peggy talks about her latest CD release. Furthermore, there are two excellent books released on our music Best regards Heikki
  2. Heikki

    Eugene Pitt R I P

    RIP Eugene Pitt! Best regards Heikki
  3. Thank you, shufflin! I didn't know - or just don't remember - that he's been discussed here earlier.
  4. Once again:
  5. Hi! A messanger of soul music all over the world, please get to know him: Best regards Heikki
  6. Heikki

    Features: Review: Florida Soul by John Capouya
  7. Heikki

    Thom Bell

    Hi "Manny"... nice hearing from you after a long time. I too have always enjoyed Thom's work, ever since the 60s. The good news is that most probably they'll publish a biography sometime in the future. Best regards Heikki
  8. Heikki

    Thom Bell

    Hi! My recent update with Thom is available, along with an interview with Lavel "Memphis" Jackson, some new CD reviews - including a great retro compilation of Z.Z. Hill - and my top-10 of 2017. Best regards Heikki
  9. Heikki

    Bettye LaVette

    Bettye talks about her upcoming CD, Things Have Changed, Best regards Heikki
  10. Hi! Two new ones from Ace/Kent: Best regards Heikki
  11. Heikki

    Willie Hightower

    Hi! While waiting for his new CD, please read the history with interviews at Best regards Heikki
  12. Heikki

    Nellie Tiger Travis

    Hi! A few words from Nellie and reviews of the CDs by James Carr, Clarence Carter, Will Downing and Uvee Hayes at Best regards Heikki
  13. Heikki

    Ricky Fanté

    Hi! With Ricky we went through his singing and acting career: Best regards Heikki
  14. Heikki

    Falisa Janaye

    She is one "miss firecracker"; please read my interview with her at Best regards Heikki
  15. Hi! Please read my review at There's also a review of the recent Undisputed Truth compilation. Best regards Heikki