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  2. Modus the House of Soul present a night of classic Motown, Club Soul and Northern. Guest DJ's :- Hector (of Selectadisc fame) & Mick Bassett Resident DJ's :- Andy Backler, Neill Evans, Tim Finch & Dave Bonsall Admission £4
  3. Spring's in the air and there's music everywhere - come along for a heady mix of classic Motown, Club Soul and Northern courtesy of MODUS - The House of Soul. DJ's on the night Guests :- Phil Wheelhouse & Dave Gascoyne Residents :- Neill Evans, Tim Finch & Dave Bonsall £4 on the door
  4. MODUS are proud to present another night of Classic Club Soul Old Kings Head, 1 Days Lane Belper Derbys DE56 1NP 7:30 - 12pm DJs Hector (ex Selectadisc),Dave Gascoyne, Neill Evans, Dave Bonsall and Tim Finch Admission £4
  5. Graym

    MODUS The House Of Soul

    MODUS are proud to present another night of Classic Club Soul Old Kings Head, 1 Days Lane Belper Derbys DE561NP 7:30 - 12pm DJs Dave Gascoyne, Andy Backler, Mick Shelton, Neill Evans, Dave Bonsall and Tim Finch Admission £4
  6. As there are no local stores in Derby involved I made enquiries at one of the Mansfield stores listed as being involved on the RSD website. I was told under no circumstance could I pre-order the Darrell Banks single and would have to turn up on the day and hope that a) they had decided to order it and b) even if I phoned and they had a copy under no circumstance could I reserve one. Therefore I would have to turn up in person and take a chance. I only want it for the instrumental side and as much as I rate the song I'm not sure a 40 mile round trip up the A38 is worth it. Which leaves me at the mercy of the scalpers or pushes me into the dubious practice of carvers.
  7. Believe she appeared at Clouds in Derby but can't remember the year - wasn't there but the story goes that she collapsed on stage halfway through her second song. Rumours abound regarding cause of said collapse ! Shelly also corroborated the same story
  8. MODUS THE HOUSE OF SOUL invite you to their next Soul Soiree at the Old Kings Head in Belper, nr. Derby. Come along and enjoy great music, good company in a friendly environment. Doors open 7:30pm. Visit our website or call us for further info
  9. Yes it's on page 9 of #53, will check my stock of duplicates
  10. To celebrate the successful book launch of HITSVILLE, and the return of the exhibition of photos recently displayed at the Horse Hospital in London, the team at Modus are presenting a night totally dedicated to all the top Motown sounds. By the way the exhibition re-opens at Belper North Mill on Thursday 2nd March details on the web site www.house-of-soul.co.uk Hope you can make it on the Saturday to the Old Kings Head - it's a great venue, great beer and great company.
  11. Looking forward to next Saturday with Bob Fletcher & Andy Powell guesting for us.
  12. Agree with ThinkSmart - Keith Rylatt's Hitsville ! The Birth of Tamla Motown is a fantastic record of never before seen photos from Clive Stone's estate and the work of Dave Godin and the Tamla Motown Appreciation Society working in the UK in conjunction with Berry Gordy's in his efforts and desire to break Motown into the UK market. Published by Modus The House of Soul and available from their website www.house-of-soul.co.uk
  13. Dramatics Inky Dinky Wang Dang Do at the Torch, and Sweet Sherry JJ Barnes / Everybody Needs a Love in Flaming Ember at VA-VAs.
  14. Graym

    Modus' Motown Extravaganza!

    Really looking forward to this event, for those of you around on Saturday there is a Book Launch and Photography Exhibition, 10.00a.m until 5.00p.m at the North Mill Belper (Continuing until Saturday 26th November). Book signing by Keith Rylatt 1.00pm until 5.00pm See Modus The House of Soul Website for more details: http://www.house-of-soul.co.uk/store/
  15. further to my previous post - more info on the release of the new book that I've copied from their web page Book Update! We are pleased to report 'Hitsville! The Birth of Tamla Motown' is now with the printers and the launch has been set for 12th November (just in time for Santa's sack). This will take place at The House of Soul, Belper, when the book will be on sale for the first time with a signing by the author Keith Rylatt from 1.00p.m. We shall also be staging an exhibition consisting of over 70 of Clive's previously unseen original photographs (currently at the framers) and as a one day only bonus giving 10% discount on all our Motown vinyl. What we are certain is going to be a splendid occasion will be rounded off with a dance in the evening at 'The Old King's Head Belper', with our regular D.J's (Full line-up to be announced). We hope that you can make it on the day, get a first look at this amazing book, Clive Stone's astonishing photographs and see what we are up to at Modus, The House of Soul. Modus House of Soul

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