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    Ive been collecting rare soul since the mid 1960,s started going regulary to Blackpools Highland Room around 1970 /71 been to all the major niters ie Manchesters Twisted Wheel 1970, The Torch.. Wigan Casino Stafford T.O.T.W.. Boltons Va Va and nearly every major niters since the early days !!! Ive DJ,d at some great venues over the years my favs being Lowton Civic The Annual Torch / Class of 72 charity reunion The Wilton,, Berlins HIPCITY The Capital Soul Club DOME London.. Middleton Niter, Prestatyn Weekender , United Sounds of Soul Southport Weekender the fabulous GRUMPY SOUL Burnley Niter Ratcliffe niter ect loved my own venues which i did in the late 80,s / 90,s with Keith Brady, Carl Farrington, Kev Appleton Leigh Miners / Legion and Earlstown Irish Club.. Ive met so many wonderful people over the years due to the Soul Scene and become friends with so many ive met many many Artist who where my heroes and what lovely people they are far to many to mention but over the past several years all the Artist ive met at Prestatyn Weekender in Wales have been brilliant lovely soulful people who i could,nt praise enough for their love and kindness. ============================ THIS IS SOUL !!! REMEMBER BUT FOR BLACK AMERICAN SOUL MUSIC WE WOULD,NT HAVE MET SO MANY NICE PEOPLE BECOME FRIENDS WITH SO MANY OR HAD OUR LIFES FULFILLED BY A TYPE OF MUSIC WHICH FOR MANY OF US , IS NOT A HOBBY BUT A WAY OF LIFE... DONT KEEP THE FAITH...SPREAD IT !!! ONE LOVE !!! LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS IAN CUNLIFFE

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    Collecting rare soul records from the 60s /70s SOUL MUSIC ANGLING RUGBY LEAGUE
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    Love them all !!!!

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  1. Looking forward to Saturday night after a hard days work looks like its gonna be a packer
  2. Looking forward to another fab time at the Florrie last one was great
  3. One for Bob Taylor
  4. Happy Birthday Joan Have a Wonderful Day Love, Peace & Happiness Always xxx
  5. Looking forward to seeing in the New Year with some great music and lovely friends over in Burscough That lovely fella and fab DJ Glyn Hanford is giving me a lift so i don't need to sleep in the sheep pen over in the farm


    Looking forward to our first visit Merry Christmas Ian Cunliffe
  7. Looking like this is going to be a packer some fab music for sure x
  8. Its looking like a packer especially with Baz & Les celebrating 60th birthdays great to see all proceeds going to a Wonderful Charity Christie's Really looking forward to seeing lovely friends again Music gonna be off the scale xx

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