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  1. lambretta72

    Tony Middleton Paris blues

    Looking for a original 1966 release on Mala . Your price & condition thanks
  2. Looking for a Tangeers Let your heart & Soul run free on Okeh original only please your price & condition pm me thanks for looking.
  3. lambretta72

    The Isonics / Sugar

    Hi Charlie got one for sale virtual mint if your still interested. Can email you pic's & price Jeff
  4. lambretta72

    Bessie Banks

    I have one for sale if your not sorted? Mines in Same condition.
  5. lambretta72

    Sister Lee - Sam Ward (Groove City)

    Still for sale Neil ? Regards Jeff
  6. lambretta72

    The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Looking forward to return visit & playing some tunes ..
  7. Old post I know don' suppose it is still for sale?
  8. lambretta72


    After the Stemmons express . Cheers Jeff
  9. Wanted if anyone selling Ambassadors -Too much of a good thing on Pee Wee Money waiting thanks for looking
  10. lambretta72

    Soul Communicators-Those Lonely Nights- Fee Bee

    Don't suppose this record still for sale ?
  11. A oh baby on A &M sold 2 yeas ago for £15 & a new breed on sue sold this year for $67 so I don't know? you name your price was thinking between £80- £100 for both ? Jeff
  12. Hi Gazoor not sure of price? You tell me you have in mind definitely interested regards Jeff
  13. Wanted on 7" Ike&Tina Turner - oh baby on A&M or London. Also with the Rhythm kings - new breed part 1&2 on Sue. Thanks for looking ..
  14. lambretta72


    Can't make this will there be other dates this year?
  15. lambretta72

    Aquamen - Line & Track Hiback

    What you after trade wise?


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