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  1. I suspect a lot of that is true. You still can find records in the US but you have to get off the beaten track or go to places wheres a large stash I built up a relationship with about 10 record stores in the US but they now sell directly via Ebay or elsewher...
  2. Refurbished IPhones ?

    Thanks for the tip, I didn't really look deep into who was selling them, will do.
  3. Refurbished IPhones ?

    Does anyone have any experience with refurbished IPhones, new ones are costing here about £700, a refurbished at about £350 - 400. Are they any good ?
  4. Gloria Jones Ebay Madness!

    I would have said £250.00 but not £650.00
  5. value please on these two

    Those Ideals go for all sorts of money I've sold 5 the last 14 months and they went from £60 - 130
  6. Patti & The Emblems

    Oh my!!! more than £1000, wotz a mint worth then ?
  7. Patti & The Emblems

    What condition was it ?
  8. If you go onto Youtube there is a recording made at the Torch circa 1973, The Catwalk is played you can hear it.
  9. Patti & The Emblems

    I would have thought about £350 - 450, they don't come up much, would depend on how much a VG it is.
  10. No, but because of the reverse label thing many people thought it had been.
  11. This was the side played at the Torch, for me it's the Catwalk.
  12. Finishing tomorrow.....................
  13. Just a bit more than 2 days to go and some more stuff................