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  1. Just found the digital formats I still had, quality very good. Yes "semi official" it's a long time ago but ABKCO would let anyone near their tapes, somehow they got round it.
  2. I don't have them anymore, I gave all my CDs away when I moved, I may just have them on a USB stick.
  3. There was 2 sort of semi-official CDs back in the late 90s, I bout them when I was in the US.
  4. Tony Clarke - Landslide also got sort of re released, same vinyl details but the later one in stereo !!
  5. I read an article about this records with the Dells, they didn't like it, they said it sounded too much like a Four Tops tune !
  6. Wonder why/how it got re-released? What would have been the incentive?
  7. I have 2 copies of this, I with the blue Cadet and the other with the yellow label. Both vinyl details are the same as are the label numbers, what can someone tell me about this ? I'm assuming their release dates were different as GRT took over Chess Records in 1969 and originally this was a 1966 release. Answers on a postcard please
  8. Looking for a 1970s Moses Smith - Girl across the street/Hey love. Sensible price please Thanks Chris NOW FOUND
  9. Like all record collectors there will be some records that do have warps, hopefully not affecting play but some that cause jumps and skips making them unplayable. Saw this today, a record flattening machine, has anyone ever used one ? Do they work ? Chris
  10. Any got one of these for sale ? No silly money please, thanks
  11. Still a great everyday watch, sturdy, accurate and doesn't miss a beat.
  12. Very nice perhaps a tad large for me but super in any case.
  13. Generally speaking when you bid at an auction house you'll pay selling fees on top of the purchased/bid price.

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