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  1. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Not even worth 199.00
  2. BBC Pay List

    I don't particularly like the BBC News, I find it mostly comment and speculation but some of the drama & thriller programmes are top notch. We'll watch about 4 or 5 of them a week.
  3. BBC Pay List

    PM me a link.
  4. BBC Pay List

    Not at the taxpayers expense.
  5. BBC Pay List

    If you see that a UK prime minister earns less than £150.000
  6. Use carton record sleeves, put them carton boxes somewhere in a cupboard.
  7. Not Had A Natter About Watches For A While

    Yet another I've just bought.....................must really stop doing this.............
  8. Bulk vinyl shipping from US to UK...

    Yes principles are the same.
  9. Bulk vinyl shipping from US to UK...

    Don't forget there will be lots of add-ons with air freight, you must always ask what they are, such as customs clearance, files costs, pick-up, delivery, consolidation costs, etc.
  10. Bulk vinyl shipping from US to UK...

    You should plan this as carefully as you can. For a couple of singles post is best, for anything from 20 to 100 someone like UPS (NOT USPS) try one of the parcel discount places like ParcelHero or Parcel2Go they'll give best rates. For larger amounts try an air freight forwarder like Ziegler I've shipped thousands of records with them. http://www.ziegler.co.uk/websites/ziegleruk.nsf/pages/2E604E82C5CAF198C1257799002AB11B?OpenDocument# If I were you I'd start weighing lots of singles so you can build up an idea of whom you would ship with so that when you've done your buying you can start the shipping process straight away. I have 35+ years experience of worldwide air & sea freight shipping. There are other things you can do to reduce costs. Good luck.
  11. Tripps there's that mountain

    You're right doesn't come up much but it's very much for a certain type of buyer, an EX should cost about £500/700.
  12. J Manship Auction Results 05/07/2017

    That's twice of the highest I've ever seen sell, well done somebody.
  13. J Manship Auction Results 05/07/2017

    Crikey, that Tempos, that's a lot of money..........................
  14. No it was single sided, I've had both types.
  15. Don't think mine was in such good condition but it did have date stamp on it.