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  1. Visiting for my yearly visit to play some records. see you soon
  2. Any one got for sale: Betty Everett - My love Eddie Chamblee - Big bamboo Nina Simone - Gal from Jo Thanks
  3. Coming down again to spin a few tunes hopefully to please the floor. See you all soon
  4. Times change some things up something's down
  5. Pageboys - Baracuda Pete Terrace -. No no no Little Jo and the Mustangs - Peachseeds Delrays - My babe Romeos - Mon petit choi Originals only PM Cheers
  6. Dsoulie

    Soul on the Tweed

    Can I come Dekka ? i am on before you
  7. Dsoulie

    Soul on the Tweed

    Cheers Brian
  8. Barracuda Thanks for looking
  9. Downstairs cheers
  10. Looking for a copy of No no no cheers
  11. Ed and Ernie Sold Betty Lavette Sold
  12. Freddie Houstan - Soft Walkin Ex Competition sleeve £100 Calvin Williams - Lonely you'll be Ex vinyl label two places marked by felt pen £50 Betty Lavette - I'm holding on Ex vinyl label small x felt pen £65 Sold The Royal Esquires - Ain't gonna run Ex £160 The Stingers - I refuse to be lonely Ex £70 The Four Voices - Your love is getting stronger Gold Label Ex £55 Ernie & Ed - Indication Ex £130 Sold The Legends - Fear not Ex £40 Money refund if not happy Postage £3.50 recorded Thank you for looking pm for any other information
  13. My playlist from the The Horse and Jockey Doncaster 5th November 2016. Thank you John John Moffatt and Joe Lakin for the invite. 11.00-12.00pm In order of play Jo Ann Henderson - Baby please don't go Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie Betty O'Brien - She'll be gone Helen Troy - I think I love you Cookie Jackson - Do you still love me Sherri Taylor - He's the one that rings my bell Tiny Topsy - Just a little bit Buddy Ace - Screaming please Ann Caudell - Longing for you Patience Valentine - If you don't come Willie Jones - Where's my money Manny Conchardo - Pow Wow Ray Barretto - Soul drummer Boots Brown - Cerveza Perry and The Harmonics - Do the monkey with James Bo. Jr. - Coffee pot pt1 Willie Mitchell - Thirty Five Thirty Jackie Edwards - Sea cruise Tony Gala - In love Danny Woods - You had me fooled Curtis Lee - Is she in your town Mickle Champion - What good am I The Volumes - Ain't gonna give you up Otis Lee - Hard row to hoe Barry White - Tracy Roy Hamilton - And I love her. Once again thank you for the invite will gladly come back.

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