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  1. Driveller

    Songs For The NHS...

    Edwin Starr - 25 Miles (to the nearest A&E)
  2. Driveller

    Songs For The NHS...

    HB Barnum - Oh My Aching Back Huey Smith - Rocking Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu Ethiopians - Hong Kong Flu Joe Simon - The Choking Kind Eric & The Vikings - Hurting The Poets - I've Got Two Hearts
  3. It was a (long) while before I realised Gladys Knight's 'Midnight Train To Georgia' was about this. Her man must have had a really shit time in the North to want to go back to Georgia during that period.
  4. Driveller

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Few more I've remembered: Tommy Navarro - Club Of Broken Hearts (De Jac) Richie Mandell - You Got Me (20th Century) Epsilons - Mad At The World (Shrine) Epsilons - It's All Right (HEM) Stewart Ames - King For A Day (J&W) Jock Mitchell - Nomad Woman (Golden Hit) Mello Souls - We Can Make It (Mello) Lakisha Washington - Just My Dreams (Solid Sound) OK, hands u..
  5. Driveller

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    The Whispers - it Only Hurts For A little While Entertainers IV - My Garden Of Eden Billy Stewart - No Girl Billy Stewart - Look Back and Smile Edwin Starr - Stop Her On Sight/Scotts On Swingers
  6. There's always plenty of interest and appreciative comment about this 1980s London club, so I thought I'd point people towards this clip broadcast on 0-1 For London in 1989 covering two sides of the London Rare Soul scene. Some shaky video quality which I can only blame myself for, but I'm pretty sure this footage has never been up on the web before, so I hope you still think it's worth a look. Obviously, modern fans, there's somet..
  7. Driveller

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    I had one in the 90s which had some kind of discolouration on the label and was decent but not mint. I know it's been suggested from time to time that there is a large-ish stock of uncirculated copies (and maybe there are - or more likely were), but this one had definitely been out and about.
  8. Driveller

    Bobby Smith

    I think that sounds like the magic bullet I was looking for, Mick. Thanks for that, and thanks to all who have helped narrow this down.
  9. Driveller


    Sorry, Tony, neither in at the moment, I'm afraid, but if I pick either of those up I'll let you know. Cheers, Nick
  10. Driveller


    Hi Tony, yes it's on all of them and it's part of the recording. I've always read it as a keyboard. Cheers, Nick
  11. Driveller


    Not showing as cleared in the bank yet but expect it will tomorrow, so if I post tomorrow will likely coincide with clearance anyway. All the best, Nick
  12. Driveller

    Bobby Smith

    Hi Tim, Thanks for this, always wanted to pinpoint the origins of this one. Two things to say - 1) does this mean it was definitely never played at Wigan - accounts are all saying 'early 80's' etc, just around the boundary between Wigan and post-Wigan but nobody's stated firmly - was this in time to scrape in at the end of Wigan or just after? and 2) I always enjoyed being the beneficiary of your 'shit' box - I'm..
  13. Driveller


    Hi Tony, Thanks - cheque received yesterday, put in today, will pack record up ready to post as soon as cleared - Many thanks, Nick
  14. Driveller


    Tony, PMd you - Nick
  15. All US originals. Paypal (F&F or add 4%, your choice) or bank transfer. Everything sent Special Delivery, please add £7 for postage in UK or £10 overseas. 7-day full refund for misdescription only – no part-refunds. Vinyl graded according to Soul Source site definitions, please see scans for label condition. SANDRA STEPHENS: Do You Really Love Me (DARAN demo) VG++- £370. Very clean copy with promo stamp. On..