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  1. Kenb

    Esther Grant - who is this lady !!!

    I can't help you with the lady herself...and you may already know this...but Don. L. Wilson formed his West Coast label, Wilstone Records. As a piano player in the sixties he crafted some very fine instrumental ballads. and hired singers. This World Is Ours, I'm Coming Home, + 8 or so others, and the two sides of which Esther appears. Apparently the inspiration for all this was Berry Gordy's success.
  2. Kenb

    RIP Aretha

    R.I.P. Aretha (another star that it's enough to know her Christian name to know who is being spoken about) my favourite.
  3. Kenb

    Casino Club advert

    Ironic there was a Police Ball at the Emp.
  4. Kenb

    Casino Club advert

    the building... there was a beautiful stained glass window where the light shone through
  5. Kenb

    Casino Club advert

    I'll see your one ...and raise you two.
  6. Kenb

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    see...Steve S is right! from the Flamingemeralds post: Suffice to say, someone rolled up with talc, shook it all over the floor and a couple of dancers went flying so filming was stopped while the floor was cleaned.
  7. Hi, Ben got back to me via PM, and he's OK that i share that with SS.
  8. Kenb

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    yes but maybe worse still...dancing scene's.
  9. i'm not sure i can watch it!
  10. Kenb

    I Hate Northern Soul

    I wasn't a member of SS the first time this topic came around... so i know it's an old topic recently resurrected by Paul. I can't explain what Northern Soul is - but for me -You know it's Northern Soul when... When you wait eagerly to greet the postman to deliver the import record you won on bid. Because you don’t want him to drop it through the letterbox in case he damages it. When you’re in a supermarket or elevator and ‘a tune’ comes on -and you look around to see who else ‘gets it’ - and you spot someone who has, and you both smile. When you go to a N.S. venue and you are on your own – but you are not lonely. When you hear a stranger say to you... “you into Northern Soul then” - and you just want to run away.Or When someone you don’t know starts talking about Frank Wilson “DILYIID”. When it makes you cringe when someone says “yeah Northern Soul, 4 beats to the bar,repeated”. When it doesn’t have to be a way of life – but it’s OK if it is your way of life. When you know the difference between SKF’s and KFC...but these days you’d sooner have the latter. When your partner says “so you’ve not bought another record, have you”? When every pub that advertises a “Northern Soul" night AND also advertises it along with an accompanying Motown night is to be avoided. And you have to be restrained from having a word with the licensee. When you listen to “that record” and you’re fighting back the tears of emotion. Or “that record” comes on and you just have to dash to dance (if it’s a dance floor – so much the better). When you’re asked to describe a NS record -and you can’t- but you just know when you’ve heard one...even if it’s for the first time.
  11. Northern Connections #16 Benjamin and the... There’s been many a thread about the ‘survival’ of the NS scene on SS. 'A youth culture left in the hands of old men' to name just one. Well... if these guys have anything to do with it, it will flourish. (This sentiment also extends to the likes of Secret Stash, Hayley Records, Diggin’ Deep, Timmion, and others who are making ‘new’ N.S. music ). Ben Pirani “It’s Understanding” b side. Wouldn’t have been out of place had it been spun at a 1970’s Mecca night. Note : I did leave messages for Ben Pirani at Soul Source and Bandcamp – but hey he’s a busy guy, right? added by site to accompany the above....
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: There’s been many a thread about the ‘survival’ of the NS scene on SS. 'A youth culture left in the hands of old men' to name just one. Well... if these guys have anything to do with it, it will... View full article
  13. Kenb

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    My ‘evil’ mother-in-law ran that ward at Salford Infirmary, Joey. You’ll know her...Sister Kathleen Flanningan.
  14. Kenb

    Soul Fanzines

    thanks for sharing-
  15. Kenb

    The Ster-phonics on Mas-Tok

    I know it doesn’t help find the record, and I guess you might know all of this already...but ...when i researching Northern Connections #4 (soul source article March 21, 2017) my conclusion was The Ster-phonics and The Sterophonics was one in the same. And that Charles Stokes ex wife Connie(?), + Marlen (?) and Charlette(?) made up the group.


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