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  1. 40 years since Soace Invaders
  2. Yup-I think we’re on the same page.
  3. thanks-yeah got that. maths not my strong point. It's what happens ( to me anyway) when you're a dodding 'ol bugger.
  4. What’s on my mind is this: in not so many years from now anyone that went to WC 1973 (say as a 15 yrs old) will be less and less in terms of first hand. (i think...maths is not my big point). I can’t believe i’m calling it a journey... but for me, my journey is a personal thing. I don’t feel the need to talk about it a lot, like badges/credentials at an interview (that would have been so funny back then, what could we h..
  5. There is also the The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) system. It's less useful for originals-oldies but very useful for Rights Owners on anything that's used for comps, etc Go to FAQ on-!/search
  6. I find this a bit harsh from a moderator- but OK i'm off.
  7. the strange world of Northern Soul... NF Porter is married to Frank Zappa's sister, Patrice.
  8. I can see Paul Von Mertens has influence...but i’d still like to know why they picked The Devonns as their name?
  9. Kenb

    John Abbey

    So there i was reading John Lias vol 2 Spinning Around -and John Abbey pops up as one of the producers on a Tami Lynn -'Love Is here and now you're gone'(LP). Others in the producer line-up were Jerry Wexler, Wardell Q, Brad Shapiro,and Bert Berns. and i quote ( from the book) "John Abbey is in exalted producer company on Lynn's one proper album, whch came about as a result of her surprise Northern Soul driven UK hit 'I'm gonna ..
  10. Kenb

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    I asked Pete Roberts a few years back ( i was a few years back anyway) if The Equals- 'Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys' was played? I had vivid memories of the song-and the throng- but not the venue. If it was played, It would have been at the 'knockings of the club's final throw of the dice' late 70? “OK, I’m loosened up now, children" - was it just a faded memory of a different venue?
  11. Kenb

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    summer sound...
  12. Kenb

    Hey Girl on Arlen

    cheers-appreciated cheers, appreciated
  13. Kenb

    Hey Girl on Arlen

    Is it Hooky?
  14. Dave i find something new each time I read it. I think that’s the power of the article, rather than my age. so glad Mike’s is rotating the articles around. cheers to both you and Mike