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  1. Kenb

    1974 top soul

    First appearance on Ed Sullivan show, March 1968. Singing 'The End Of The Road' and ' I Heard It Through The Grapevine'.
  2. Kenb

    Non Vinyl

    A truly wonderful response by you. Yes, good advice you gave to the OP. You are right to say “Don't feel disheartened that you weren't there at the beginning” - and it got me thinking... Everyone’s beginning starts at a different point. For instance, (and you could pick TW, Va Va's ,Torch,etc) i wonder how many are still around [and i hope it's many] who heard the first play of The Sherrys -Put Your Arms Around Me ( BTW: i think you’d need to be born at least before 1960). So the scene's history is fantastic- but don't let it hold you back.
  3. So have we got Dave Moore and Steve Smith boots now aswell, or are they re-presses, licenced, re-issues?
  4. Unfortunately, if there is money to be made, some will take a short cut. Similar was going on some 60 years ago, also. One of the most [THEN] flagrant cases of record bootlegging was uncovered in Feb 1958 when the office of the Illinois state’s attorney uncovered a distribution set up in Chicago and a pressing arrangement in Cincinnati. Records, plates and masters were confiscated at the Cincinnati pressing plant by Cincinnati police on information supplied by Chicago’s state’s attorney. Estimates of records produced and sold throughout the United States ranged from 100,000 since Christmas (1957) to several millions since the operation’s inception. Proof that the bootlegging was in operation before Christmas was the discovery of “The Joker” by Billy Myles on Ember.
  5. There was a club that ran for 8yrs that didn’t have alcohol.
  6. Kenb

    Temptations & Four Tops

    Also, many of the battles over naming came from other quarters than B.G./Motown. Otis Williams owns the Temptations name. So in the past for instance, when Dennis Edwards was putting on a concert he called it The Tempatations Revue featuring Dennis Edwards ( a name sanctioned by a 1998 court order).
  7. Kenb

    Bluetooth to analogue Amp device

    this kind gesture has made my day
  8. Greetings We’re The Monitors - Tamla Motown ‎– STML 11108 £50 ex delivery Edge wear to Front Sleeve (see picture) Wear to Back Sleeve and Red Marker over STML (see picture) Record (see picture) Plain inner sleeve. Delivery Options: Free Delivery (in person) for Tameside/East Manchester locations. £4.50 Royal Mail – signed for and £50 insurance. Payment PayPal Friends and Family. Thanks Ken n.b. Pictures taken straight from an IPhone.
  9. Kenb

    Can anyone help identify this band?

    George Clinton/Funkadelic type thing...i'm sure you'll get a more positive ID.
  10. Kenb

    Sample from a french song

    Sorry I don’t ...but the 1 second clip of The Warriors brings back memories. Good luck
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed Setting The Record Straight. There was no ‘kiss and tell’ which i think is of great credit. I thought i’d read Richard’s book whilst playing each of the tracks at the same time. I’m glad i did... comments such as the one he made about “School of Life” p 216 was so touching, especially as the record plays. And there were many more. How many of us over 60yrs of age (now) would have thought (back then) we would be able to listen to all these records in our own homes? I then thought...how much would these all cost to own today? So i gave it a go - here’s the results. Value, price, cost, rarirty, obscurity, fashion, and availability all have their own individual charachteristics. Put subjectivity, rareity, obscurity, fashion, condition and which sources you use to make ‘value’ judgements into the mix, and you get a heady combination when trying to figure out ‘how much you might have to pay for a particular 45 listed in the book’ in today’s market. Notes: Data collected from 4th Nov 2018 to 13th Nov 2018 Data Collected on: From page 26 The Admirations - TO - page 234 Z.Z. AND Company Data Collected on 154 Records = £139,367 Some are just priceless! So add your ‘value’ for these. EXCLUDED are: All Acetates (p33, 37,38, 52, p82-83, p144-145, 161, 174, 217, p219-220), Big Bee 778 and Tie 101. Data= Sold or for Sale (no guesswork as such): 1st Call on Discogs, then checks on Soulsource,Popsike, and others. So for example, Approx 84 from Discogs entries used and checked elswhere, 2 from Richard’s book itself, 28 from Soul Source and checked elswhere, and so on. Only a minority of the data (rarer issues e.g. Sussex 213,Peaches 6271, Awake 502,) came from years prior to 2016. For Discogs data the HIGHEST sold figure was taken, and in fact the MEDIAN was not that much different (at the top end). The Highest 10 = £49,894 The Lowest 10 = £216 LP’s =7 Along the way, going back and forth, i did notice some anomolies. Mostly to do with Labels. But this wasn’t ever meant to be a reference book, and i’m thankful for that. Again...great read.
  12. Kenb

    Many happy returns Joey!

    All the best ace
  13. Kenb

    Happy Birthday Steve S 60

    Happy Birthday - go easy on the Talc!
  14. [Candi Staton] “has overcome childhood trauma, domestic violence and label woes. Now, 65 years into her career, she’s facing her toughest challenge yet” -so writes Jonathan Bernstein in Rolling Stone. Sometimes uplifting...sometimes sad. link to article. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/candi-staton-unstoppable-interview-745657/?fbclid=IwAR0MYCMfHtLo-x8eq1GPDBD8JEo1fX3O8RVfQ2nDn4do28y6Nx-zG4H1JIw and something we most remember her for...


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