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  1. Hi, looking for Le Tre Femme on Uptight -Open Up The Safe. VG or better pls. atb Ken
  2. Delores Howard ‎– My Guy And I / First Time In Love If anyone has/wants so to let go - VG or better please- i'd be grateful. atb ken
  3. ( i was passing today) -What an inspirational sight...i salute you... https://www.itv.com/news/granada/2019-10-08/40-000-toy-soldiers-pay-tribute-to-those-injured-in-military-service/
  4. although i knew Marvin Gaye had tried out for the Detroit Lions, I didn't know (until watching 'The Making of Motown' docu/film 30/9/19) The Lions were backup vocals on 'What's Going On'. BTW-Smokey revealed it was his favourite album he said [Sic]'nothing(no other album) before or since comes close'
  5. I've just spent approx 70 minutes of listening to these blissful sides on the CD...plus reading the great liner notes ( never knew Annabelle Fox's real name before...shame on me).
  6. Not only 2 nice sides, but also a very elegant promo video to go with it.
  7. We’ll his former house on Carrington Rd.Stockport that is (plus heritage plaque) going for that price.
  8. I’m still dancing ( I bet people wish I wasn’t... my wife for one), mostly at Ukrainian soul night Ashton u lyne. BUT unless the tv commercial is some sort of “spin” on home stairlifts then I’m out.
  9. I should probably have said 1st release was Waiting for My Friend(the issue of That’s Not Love has not been seen). Rita Tushingham & Lynn Redgrave release was 1967. Holly St James release Jan 1968. 45-11042
  10. The details Richard may have ( or at least the details covered in his book Setting The Record Straight)...are not as comprehensive as those i have. OK, then, I'll post it.
  11. I’ll send it you on PM- but ask you NOT to post or re-post it’s contents please.
  12. That is definitely Holly St James. I have the photo.
  13. TBH - i'm reluctant to post. I wonder if her mystery should remain? i'm not trying to be enigmatic either - it's just a page of interesting stuff i have, and nothing dubious that would cause any embarrassment...it's just that she, and maybe others that must know this story ( e.g. Richard Searling certainly knows she's Italian, a grandmother, christened Lorraine) may want to keep it that way. I'll have to think about it a bit more

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