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  1. You should be proud Richard. A great book, a great cause. best ken
  2. the Inspirations 'thing' threw me right off. And plenty of writers didn't front as artists.
  3. Thanks Steve...yes i've seen this before. Maybe @Garethx can fill the detail in? P.S. obviously v.like both the 45's being discussed.
  4. I'm not doubting this thread...i'd just like to see the documentary evidence that John Hendley was John & The Weirdest. I'm sure it's out there! - anyone wish to share?
  5. Hi Anyone have one of these to sell, please? VG or better. Soulmasters - You Took Away The Sunshine- Raven Records - Hos-45-2020 best ken
  6. Steve, the NEW page isn't up yet. If you pledged last time you'll get an auto email when it is. best ken
  7. It may well already be in the Fav's section but...twice is better than none.Let yourself get past the first few 'talkie' bars.
  8. I'm sure you & Len might be right on this for some...but not for me. I returned and was delighted to find/hear all the 'new stuff' (to me), and was thrilled it wasn't 'exact;y how i left it'.
  9. i did attend a two room club some years back and spent most of the night walking between the 2 trying to catch 'a personal goodie'...so never bothered again and instead i now take my chances of choice & variety at the venue where i know i'll get just that.
  10. the Henri Mancini string section plays (backs) on Jackey's 'Bring Me... recording
  11. RoFran is Roger Francisco's label. ( more accurately Roger was owner chief eng' at the studio. It is possible the label was someone else's)
  12. i thought this must be in this thread or fav's thread from years past but can't find it (it didn't surface until 90's did it?)...so i apologise if it's here somewhere. anyhow, i had it it on the turntable yesterday again.
  13. Marilyn McCoo was Miss Bronze California pagent winner in 1962, and Florence LaRue was the '63 Queen.
  14. arrived today ( sat 13th) - and apart from the joy of the sides...a nice written piece from Melvin on card to keep. thanks Sean best Ken
  15. News/Article/Feature Highlight: First one of 2021. Ken b's latest Northern Soul Connections #25 Northern Soul Connections #25 Lewie & The 7 Days and friends from the Show-Me state Read via... View full article

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