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  1. Kirsty- definately double pointer though for Audrey Akins
  2. Hi Kirsty- i didn't want to "make any rules". Just let folks come to it as they want e.g. first name ,last name, etc. As long as everyone enjoys the uploads to the music. I do think mybe it's time to move onto the girls/girl group "B's"- do you want to s...
  3. Another cracking nights plays from residents, stand in , and guests. Been to all but one... and they’ve all been top class. Thanks to all the DJ’s
  4. It’s the way the commentator calls them “ball kids” that grates with me
  5. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    yes . the client codes you are referring to are i believe those of NRP inc not Nashville Matrix. The Nashville Matrix "5" is NRP's number for Southern (who eventually changed their name to United and were in the same street as Nashville Matrix). I'm not sure ...
  6. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    sometime the SO code doesn't appear on the label( when there is one) or in the deadwax. that's when the 5 and Nashville Matrix appear instead.
  7. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    just trying to add to MGM1251 questions and Chalky's answers. So...Forgive me if i'm behind the thread somewhat or the bit below is meaningless to the debate. I have a scribbled note (and given time will find the source of the note to give due credit) t...
  8. Billy Nicks Passed recently Nicks and “The Rhythm Rockers” came into their own on the summer of 1954 (still existing and lead by Nicks). The original Rhythm Rockers line up consisted of: Billy “Stix” Nicks (drums, vocals, band leader), Junior Walker (sax...
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: never received documented credits or royalties from Motown for “Roadrunner” release. View full article
  10. i've danced to NS for 45 years ( last night the latest at The Ukrainian Club, ashton u lyne. I've also ballroom and latin danced for nearly 20 yrs. I never mix the two up- and neither should the BBC.
  11. Trying to identify this track...............

    nah..it's not them. just listened again.( they did do it though)
  12. Trying to identify this track...............

    the osmonds ( yup them) covered it? could be??
  13. Trying to identify this track...............

    it doesn't sound like Billy Joe Royal /Yo-Yo (Columbia). but it's the words and music. maybe it's just the repro on the vid?
  14. Chuck’s is like drinking honey with a touch of brandy. Golden and powerful. The Moments is like drinking chocolate. Smooth and rich. Spooky & Sue’s is like drinking champagne with a splash of vodka. Refreshing and tingling. today...Spooky &...