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  1. Kenb

    Members of Young Ladies ?

    @Kev John there are a number of connections to Kenneth Ruffin (obviously Sylvia is Robinson is -All Platinum, etc). theses are (were) at 57 S. Walnut and include; Quasar, Alakazam, Eclipse Record Co/Soundscape Record Co/Eclipse Artist Mgmt Co - and Creative Dynamics. There is also an LA Branch/connection run by Jean Birk and Moses Ensley. over a (approx) 5 yr period '70-to '75 AT THIS ADDRESS, The 'players' for all these are-John T. Byrd, Bernice O. Johnson, Albert Boyce, Richard Harvest, Charles Adell, Henry Kates. and yes @Blackpoolsoul: Cry, Cry, Cry is the same Kenneth Ruffin If you get 'line of sight' across any of this you might get the Young Ladies member names ( but i've never managed it in the few years i followed it up!)
  2. Kenb

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    Akira Kurosawa the opening scene of what we know as The Magnificent Seven. I can’t remember the proper title.
  3. Kenb

    News: Soul Up North 100th Issue

    congratulations - 100 issues takes some doing.
  4. there is also this... Bert Berns (Bang/Shout) was an influence on Freddie. paraphrase from Joel Selvin's book Here Comes The Night - Berns always spoke about plans to reach the Spanish market. He signed Arsenio Rodriguez. Rodriguez always seemed to say he "invented" Mambo, and left Cuba for Miami in the early 50’s, and then moved to the Sth Bronx. They recorded shout LP501 at Century Sound Studio, NJ. and interestingly it's listed as 'Open The Door To Your Heart' (no Up in the title). One other thing that springs to mind- there is (now) well documented evidence of 'Organized Crime' involvement which surrounding Berns. So 'the sales of records' especially via disties outside the U.S. might be less important than you think (think of the tax scam labels)
  5. Kenb

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    after some time...i've started playing The Light Drivers 'Dreams of a Shoeshine Boy', (instead of) rather than the c/w 'Operator' and i'm wearing it out.
  6. i think the point i was (badly) trying to make was about writers credits on 'the original' versus the UK imprint. When (and by the time) it got to Edward Kassner's label ( Jay Boy, President, etc) a. he wasn't that bothered, b. more info was available. There are many examples across these labels where those credited differ from the original.
  7. There are lots of sides where writers, artists, arrangers, family and friends, etc, - who have nothing to do with the actual recording, get put on or share credits. In many cases, everybody knew everybody else in a certain ‘music town’ (so to speak), and this was a way of looking after each other as “Brothers & “ Sisters”.
  8. Kenb

    Any railway memorabilia collectors on here

    Julian it’s not a collectors response as such...but if you haven’t already, then call in at Stalybridge buffet bar and have a gander at the memorabilia.
  9. Kenb


    you are unlikely to find any of my 400+ post replies that don't do that.
  10. Kenb


    I keep seeing references to 'full dance floors'. When did rammed dance floors equate to anything? I've never been a DJ, no intention of starting...but i've always been a dancer since '69, and still quite happy to dance on my own at venues where the DJ plays my thing. I choose to go to venues that play original, rare and underplayed.
  11. Kenb

    What's the chance of this !!!!!

    I told my wife this when she came back home from shopping today. Quick as a flash she said “well at least it wasn’t ‘Unwanted Love’ Montclair’s.
  12. Kenb

    What's the chance of this !!!!!

    whenever i can... and usually Friday afternoon, i turn the volume up and pull from my boxes completely randomly. This Friday ( today)...i noticed back-to-back came; "Take Me To Paradise" - The Cheers followed by; "Stop" -Five keys feat..
  13. Kenb

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    @Dave Moore a lovely tribute Dave
  14. Kenb

    Silky Hargraves - Sidras Theme.

    The Copyright Catalog entry for Sidra’s Theme is 15th Dec 1966. ( 29th Sept 1966 for As long As You Love Me). Since Silky Hargraves is also 1966, it's a pretty good bet that this is earlier. PS. i don't hear the similarity snippets you do.


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