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  1. They should be fanning the flames of tradition, Not pis***g on its ashes.
  2. I’ll be dead when I let go
  3. Kenb


    Steve S 60- please can you check my post in thread “The State..., I think I have a line? if so please auction my Widnes prize to a good cause.
  4. I should probably fill in the blanks. In the late 80’s to late 90’s, My son ( in particular) and daughter were too busy at The Hasienda, Cream Fields(is that correct ?),and waiting on calls to public phone boxes for venue details(an underground scene: I wonder where they got that from) and wouldn’t have gone anywhere near an N.S night. All of this of course I only learned later. Both became returnees to Ibiza and such. And guess what, there reaction about ‘the state’ mirrors most of the posts here. Especially ‘the feeling” Joey expressed on more than one occasion. Tribal Knowledge-can’t be taught, isn’t written down, doesn’t have rules, AND is of Time and Place
  5. My children are the age of at least half the posters on here.
  6. i doesn't answer your question Kegsy...but With the signing of the Music Modernization Act, some royalty disputes might be a thing of the past? Michael Huppe, SoundExchange's president and CEO. "For creators, it means getting paid more fairly. For those who recorded music before 1972, it means assurance you'll get paid for your work. For songwriters, publishers and producers it means making the digital economy work for you”. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8479476/president-trump-signs-music-modernization-act-law-bill-signing P.S. Mary Wilson and others we know and love campaigned hard for this act/bill.
  7. Kenb

    The blurred line...

    the blurred line...moves around a lttle with me. The passage of time, and memory of place, makes the line shift every now and again. Some times i'm more tolerant than others. Some i was reminded of recently...i could see myself dancing to Brothers Guiding Light now-but not then. I still can't get stuff like the Biddu Orchestra, 'Theme from exodus', or Betty Wright, 'Where is the love'.
  8. @chalky Here ya go Chalky, a bit more clarity. The picture caption is Singing Witches. Matt Parsons was a very accomplished promotions man, and maybe this was ‘the last throw of the dice’ to make things happen for the group with this line up -OR – maybe it was the latest piece of promo publicity.
  9. a bottle of rare 1945 Burgundy wine fetched a record £424,000 at auction yesterday
  10. I just followed the story ( press release) from here. https://dsdrums.com/tony-clarke-7-singles
  11. Well it is a valid question Chalky. And I guess without talking to her or someone that knows her we will not know. However...the informal chat by the Afro America editor Al Rutledge (11th Nov 1967 when the picture in my article was published) is real and followed an engagement (gig) in Baltimore.
  12. yes exatly Mike. 3 witches + 1 warlock. whereas the picture in my article has 4 witches + 1 warlock. the addition of the new witch =Marie Hicks.
  13. Kenb

    Shoe Dog -great read

    Just finished reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and can highly recommend it. A memoir by the creator of Nike. Read the reviews, give a try.
  14. the guy (out of shot to the left in the picture-you can see his hands) is Al Rutledge, Afro magazine editor. He did an impromtu interview them following a Baltimore engagement.
  15. Thanks Chalky. The picture is from Afro American. Not any of the sources you identify.


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