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  1. This would make a good 'double headed visit' worthwhile...assuming it happens, and within my lifetime! Founder LaMont Robinson and his board members, have discovered a site that could potentially be the new home for the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame Museum. This site is located less than a half mile away from the Motown Hitsville USA Museum. A city-owned building on West Grand Blvd., which was the site of a former nursing home. Cheryl Ruffin, Vice President of the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame and the daughter of the late great David Ruffin of the Temptations, also chimed in; “this would bring such a major economic boost to Detroit”. Full story-
  2. The Poor Souls-'When My Baby Cries'
  3. hasn't Wayne Cochran got to be int there soewhere? maybe i'm outta date?
  4. I do think Takis became Rafters. And guess what...I think Colin Curtis did a DJ stint for a while?
  5. I'm pretty sure TOTT, Takis and Rowntree's were all owned/run by the same family
  6. i remember 'Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys'- The Equals...shaking the place to pieces about 1971. TOTT- right next door to Spin Inn where i got my B&S mag's from.
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Northern Connections hits #6! Latest in this series of soul infographics from Kenb takes a 2 by 2 connection as its theme View full article
  8. Northern Soul Connections #6 by @Kenb into my ark, 2 by 2... Northern Connections hits issue #6! Latest in this series of soul infographics from Kenb takes a 2 x 2 connection as its theme....
  9. I'm not a long time member on here, but also pass on my best wishes to Rod.
  10. repoted at blimey time flies! read full article
  11. Thanks Nicola, but it's the flip written by Tom DeCillis(I'm the Girl') i'm after.
  12. as you say Martyn...easy. done. many thanks
  13. Martyn, thanks. I'll give that a go
  14. Hi anyone help with a soundfile/youtube of 'I'm the girl', R1514B ( the flip of Marion Stewart's 'The man I love') atb
  15. Does what it says on the tin...Northern.