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  1. The various posts about record prices/values/collectors (e.g. subject: JM auction results) prompted me to kick this off. Posts about collectors are like posts about mythical creatures to me. I don't know any. And only know i'm not one, and just have/buy records to keep & play. I did note in JM 6th edition (2013) it says over 6K collectors had been added since edition 5 and there are about 700 pages of tightly listed 45's. So...What's the definition of a NS vinyl collectors? Is there one? I don't know, but am genuinely interested (no other motive here). I know some
  2. Feature: i did think maybe a chat ( chat now) feature might be useful, For logged in members. But i’m Not sure if it could be moderated? Or whether it may be mis-used. i guess the slow response from members on this topic suggests you and your team have features well covered Mike.
  3. We’ll I do know that Chino Feaster was billed as trio when ‘gigging’ in 1967.
  4. http://www.sirshambling.com/artists_2012/F/chino_feaster/index.php hope it helps
  5. i enjoyed reading this, and i'm glad you went with your option to post "incomplete" as you say. I'm not of the caliber of your authorship but have and do face the same dilemma. In that, when researching, i end up with interesting morsels and a potpourri. Mostly on scraps of paper, a dozen notebooks, jottings, and so on. And i wonder whether to wait and develop them, or 'publish'/post. I'm gettin' on (in age) which also means i make mistakes, so i guess at some stage i'm just going to put it all out there for someone else to take on maybe. yours was a nice read, cheers.
  6. does anybody know if there is there any family connection between Alice Ossman (Miss Ray's sister) and Al Abrams ( aka Stanley Ossman)?
  7. i think...that's a patent for the image
  8. Stephen Stevlor's book Dave Godin a northern Soul was both a highlight and a revelation
  9. Martha & The Vandellas - Vandella...part of the name Della Reese and part of the name Van Dyke St (a street in their neighbourhood)
  10. @Flamingemeralds thanks for the quiz. obviously a lot of hard work on your part. i do however think you tricked 'an ol timer' like me with No 62, but sixth place...hey.

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