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  1. The bands ( both the Sensational Sounds & The Significants) essentially came from Lakewood High School. Joe Nero was Alvin's partner in building the 'record company'/label' Alesver's Records (at Alvin's home). Ervin Little had a 3 piece band The Chosen Few ( note; there are/were dozens of bands called Chosen Few), Some of these;George McIlroy bongo's,Johnny Union guitar, well as those already listed in the Significants line up above, made up the groups.
  2. they are...(L to R picture) Sylvia Robinson Edward Nesbitt Bev Dukes jo Ann Swain trumpet -johnnie Robinson, bass Guitar Hollis Burney. all at Alvin's (Miller) house. co-writer
  3. I was searching for something recently (unconnected to this story, but WCHB related), and realized i had this I then searched and found this thread on SS -Detroit Land Apples By Chalky, June 25, 2011...( and so thought i'd share it
  4. I'm pretty sure this is...his brothers Leonard, and J.C. (they played guitar and base respectively), - and Rudy Alverez drummer (not family). They also went under the heading '...and his Swinging Heavyweights'
  5. yes i know it's a pop tune... Interested in buying Donna Marie ‎– Man Killer / Eddie Wasn't There on Coral STOCK COPY- not promo. thanks ken
  6. Thank you Shufflin’ .Appreciate the heads up and tips. i would probably buy a new one £200.
  7. Hi Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB Any owners have any reviews of this ( for home use). I've seen one for sale on SS (March 2019), but no reviews. thanks in advance
  8. It's always been a music and dance thing for me too. Never been into the 'group friends thing' - Not that, that is bad, just saying it wasn't/isn't me. And, I guess you are right in some is now an oldies led affair (inevitable really) - BUT that doesn't mean you still can't find the music venue, with like minded people. A nod, or a smile to a fellow dancer, that brings that collective consciousness (history) that carries the spirit of NS on without parody. As for progression, i'm not sure where you progress from and to - OR- where we have progressed from and to since '68 (or '73 if you're hung up on the Cathedral timescales). And the 'scene', i agree, is really a thing of the past that can only be timescaled for each individual e.g. some say it ended in '75, some say...etc.
  9. 09:50 ??? Female Group ? - don't recognise It's Peter Jarrett and The Fifth Circle- Run, Run, Baby, Run ( a Tommy James and the Shondells cut also from 1967).
  10. I’m gutted I can’t make this. Only missed a handful in the 3 yrs. Have a great night- congratulations Chris, Brian and the rest of the regular team and visiting D.J’s for making this a brilliant venue. See you in Feb.
  11. You can be over 60 and still a (moderately) good dancer. If you were (moderately)good when in your teens, it’s likely (unless health/mobility prevents) you still are. I am. Once I can’t dance is the day I stop attending.and I’m sure someone would have a quiet word with me before then. don’t make it an age thing.
  12. I’m out of the UK and just logged on to SS and saw this. Feel physically sick (really). god bless.
  13. site note to ken ken had to merge the two topics as one was an article comments it messed your words up so can you edit this and repost cheers mike

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